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O'BEIRNE  Anita   Pg: 310A (ALL)
O'BEIRNE  Armine James   Pg: 79 (ALL)
O'BEIRNE  Charles Burgogne   Pg: 79 (ALL)
O'BEIRNE  Emily   Pg: 79 (ALL)
O'BEIRNE  Eveline Fannie Amelia   Pg: 79 (ALL)
O'BEIRNE  Francis Lewis   Pg: 79 (ALL)
O'BEIRNE  Hamilton Kuhn   Pg: 79 (ALL)
O'BEIRNE  Hearietta Francis   Pg: 79 (ALL)
O'BEIRNE  James Hamilton   Pg: 79 (ALL)
O'BEIRNE  Lewis Ormsby   Pg: 79 (ALL)
O'BEIRNE  Rebecca Hamilton   Pg: 78 (ALL)
O'BEIRNE  Rebecca Jane   Pg: 79 (ALL)
O'BEIRNE  Thomas Ormsby   Pg: 79 (ALL)
O'BEIRNE  William Henry Delancey  
O'BRIEN  Eileen M.   Pg: 169 (ALL)
O'BRIEN  Kathryn Antoinette Peirano   Pg: 238 (ALL)
O'CONNOR  John M.   Pg: 11 (ALL)
O'CONNOR  Marsha Ann Gilinson   Pg: 11 (ALL)
O'DRISCOLL  Aimee   Pg: 35 (ALL)
O'DRISCOLL  Belle   Pg: 35 (ALL)
O'DRISCOLL  Belle Cohen   Pg: 35 (ALL)
O'DRISCOLL  Edith   Pg: 35 (ALL)
O'DRISCOLL  Fanny   Pg: 35 (ALL)
O'DRISCOLL  Francis   Pg: 35 (ALL)
O'FERRAIL  Anne Bullitt Townsend Biddle   Pg: 118 (ALL)
O'FERRAIL  Roderic   Pg: 118 (ALL)
O'MALLEY  Catheryne   Pg: 195 (ALL)
O'MALLEY  Dennis Sean   Pg: 17 (ALL)
O'MALLEY  Rosemary Louise Baruch   Pg: 17 (ALL)
O'NEIL  Amelia   Pg: 199 (ALL)
O'NEIL  Matilda A.   Pg: 266 (ALL)
O'NEILL  Adela Pegram Myers   Pg: 217 (ALL)
O'NEILL  Ella Teresa   Pg: 298 (ALL) Pg: 299 (ALL)
O'NEILL  Richard F., Jr.   Pg: 217 (ALL)
(b. 1903)
O'NEILL  Richard Frothingham   Pg: 217 (ALL)
O'REILLY  Marion   Pg: 77 (ALL)
O'SULLIVAN  Molly   Pg: 123 (ALL)
OAKES  Adelaide Maria   Pg: 76 (ALL)
OAKES  Alison Hartman   Pg: 83 (ALL)
OAKES  Andra   Pg: 83 (ALL)
OAKES  Ann   Pg: 76 (ALL)
OAKES  Cynthia   Pg: 83 (ALL)
OAKES  Eliza Turner   Pg: 76 (ALL)
OAKES  Henry   Pg: 76 (ALL)
OAKES  Isabelle Emma   Pg: 76 (ALL)
OAKES  Israel   Pg: 76 (ALL)
OAKES  John Bertram   Pg: 83 (ALL)
OAKES  John Hartman   Pg: 83 (ALL)
OAKES  John O.   Pg: 76 (ALL)
OAKES  Katherine Isabel   Pg: 76 (ALL)
OAKES  Margery Caroline Hartman   Pg: 83 (ALL)
OAKES  Maria Dickson   Pg: 76 (ALL)
OAKES  Mary   Pg: 76 (ALL)
OAKES  Mary Elizabeth   Pg: 76 (ALL)
OAKES  Milledge   Pg: 76 (ALL)
OAKES  Milledge Aubrey   Pg: 76 (ALL)
OAKES  Robert Dickson   Pg: 76 (ALL)
OAKES  Sibyl Brown   Pg: 76 (ALL)
OAKES  Stephen De Lancey   Pg: 76 (ALL)
OAKES  William Baldwin   Pg: 76 (ALL)
OAKLEY  Alice   Pg: 113 (ALL)
OBERDORFER  Adrienne   Pg: 40 (ALL)
OBERDORFER  David   Pg: 172 (ALL)
OBERDORFER  Elias N.   Pg: 172 (ALL)
OBERDORFER  Elizabeth Arnold   Pg: 42 (ALL)
OBERDORFER  Elizabeth Arnold Weil   Pg: 42 (ALL)
OBERDORFER  Florence   Pg: 231 (ALL)
OBERDORFER  Frances (Fannie) Lewis   Pg: 172 (ALL)
OBERDORFER  Gertrude   Pg: 172 (ALL)
OBERDORFER  Henry   Pg: 172 (ALL)
OBERDORFER  John Louis   Pg: 42 (ALL)
OBERDORFER  Katherine Lee   Pg: 42 (ALL)
OBERDORFER  Louis Faulk   Pg: 42 (ALL)
OBERDORFER  Rose   Pg: 172 (ALL)
OBERDORFER  Thomas Lee   Pg: 42 (ALL)
OBERDORFER  William Louis   Pg: 42 (ALL)
OBERHAUER  Herbert   Pg: 21 (ALL)
OBERHAUER  Rosa Goldsmith Mayer   Pg: 21 (ALL)
OBERLEDER  Howard S.   Pg: 242 (ALL)
(b. 1913)
OBERLEDER  Leslie Pesca   Pg: 242 (ALL)
(b. 1908)
OBERLEDER  Muriel Feldman   Pg: 242 (ALL)
OBERLEDER  Rosalie Pesca   Pg: 242 (ALL)
OBERLEDER  William   Pg: 242 (ALL)
OBERMAYER  Abraham   Pg: 90 (ALL)
OBERMAYER  Henrietta   Pg: 89 (ALL) Pg: 90 (ALL)
OBERMAYER  Leah Kraus   Pg: 290 (ALL)
OBERMAYER  Leonard   Pg: 290 (ALL)
OBERMAYER  Leonard, Jr.   Pg: 290 (ALL)
OBERMAYER  Schonle   Pg: 90 (ALL)
OBERMAYER  Teresa (Tiny)   Pg: 290 (ALL)
OBERNDORFER  Gladys Lowenberg   Pg: 108 (ALL)
OBERNDORFER  Gladys Mae   Pg: 108 (ALL)
OBERNDORFER  Jefferson   Pg: 108 (ALL)
OBERNDORFER  Norma Lee   Pg: 108 (ALL)
OBERNDORFER  Pamela Douglas   Pg: 108 (ALL)
OBERNDORFER  See also Oberon  
OBERNDORFER  Susan Straus   Pg: 107 (ALL)
OBERON  David   Pg: 108 (ALL)
OBERON  Lindi   Pg: 108 (ALL)
OBERON  Mildred   Pg: 108 (ALL)
OBST  Anthony   Pg: 340B (ALL)
OBST  Cynthia   Pg: 340B (ALL)
OBST  Diana   Pg: 340B (ALL)
OBST  Emily Turk   Pg: 340B (ALL)
OBST  Harold A.   Pg: 340B (ALL)
OBST  James   Pg: 340B (ALL)
OBST  Lawrence   Pg: 340B (ALL)
OBST  Mary   Pg: 340B (ALL)
OBST  Patricia Medcalf   Pg: 340B (ALL)
OBST  Suzanne   Pg: 340B (ALL)
OBST  Victoria   Pg: 340B (ALL)
OCHS  David   Pg: 253 (ALL)
OCHS  Holly Ann Ehrich   Pg: 253 (ALL)
OCHS  Iphigene Bertha   Pg: 291 (ALL)
(b. 1892)
OCHS-OAKES  Bertie Gans   Pg: 83 (ALL)
OCHS-OAKES  George Washington   Pg: 83 (ALL)
OCHS-OAKES  George Washington, Jr.   Pg: 83 (ALL)
OCHS-OAKES  See also Oakes  
OCQUIDANT  Marie Josephine   Pg: 214 (ALL)
ODENHEIMER  Babetta   Pg: 290 (ALL)
ODENTZ  Gates   Pg: 15 (ALL)
(b. 1931)
ODENTZ  Lawrence   Pg: 15 (ALL)
(b. 1929)
ODENTZ  Marion Nathan   Pg: 15 (ALL)
ODENTZ  Myer   Pg: 15 (ALL)
ODOM  Clifford   Pg: 326B (ALL)
ODOM  Enid   Pg: 326B (ALL)
ODOM  Garland   Pg: 326B (ALL)
ODOM  Helen   Pg: 326B (ALL)
ODOM  John   Pg: 326B (ALL)
ODOM  Johnnie   Pg: 326B (ALL)
ODOM  Mattie L. Johnson   Pg: 326B (ALL)
ODOM  Mattie Sue   Pg: 326B (ALL)
OETTINGER  Beatrice Hammer   Pg: 89 (ALL)
OETTINGER  Dora Guggenheimer   Pg: 89 (ALL)
OETTINGER  Dorothy   Pg: 10 (ALL)
OETTINGER  Elmer R.   Pg: 174 (ALL)
OETTINGER  Fred   Pg: 89 (ALL)
OETTINGER  Julius   Pg: 89 (ALL)
OETTINGER  Lynn Eve   Pg: 89 (ALL)
OETTINGER  Mildred   Pg: 255 (ALL)
OETTINGER  Pearl Lichtenstein   Pg: 174 (ALL)
OGBURN  Nan   Pg: 285 (ALL)
OGDEN  Addie Beeber Stix   Pg: 285 (ALL)
OGDEN  Birdie Virginia   Pg: 88 (ALL)
OGDEN  Dorothy Hamburger   Pg: 15 (ALL)
OGDEN  Ira C.   Pg: 146 (ALL)
OGDEN  Jane Stix   Pg: 285 (ALL)
(b. 1905)
OGDEN  Margaret   Pg: 146 (ALL)
OGDEN  Margaret Stix   Pg: 285 (ALL)
OGDEN  Margart Kokernot   Pg: 146 (ALL)
OGDEN  Mary Jane   Pg: 15 (ALL)
(b. 1928)
OGDEN  Mary Vance   Pg: 52 (ALL)
OGDEN  Paul   Pg: 285 (ALL)
OGDEN  S. Zachary   Pg: 15 (ALL)
OGG  Frances Hard   Pg: 37 (ALL)
OGG  Marie Young Davis   Pg: 37 (ALL)
OGG  Robert Andrew   Pg: 37 (ALL)
OGG  Roberta Davis   Pg: 37 (ALL)
OGG  Walter Thomas   Pg: 37 (ALL)
OKO  Adolph Siegmund   Pg: 292 (ALL)
OKO  Dorothy Kuhn Minster   Pg: 292 (ALL)
OLDDEN  David   Pg: 170 (ALL)
OLDDEN  George James   Pg: 170 (ALL)
OLDDEN  Susan Levy   Pg: 170 (ALL)
OLIPHANT  Robert   Pg: 277 (ALL) Pg: 278 (ALL)
OLIVA  Stella Ben Simon   Pg: 191 (ALL)
OLLENDORF  Edith   Pg: 46 (ALL)
OLSHO  Edward   Pg: 174 (ALL)
OLSHO  Ethel Lieber   Pg: 174 (ALL)
OLSON  Renee   Pg: 18 (ALL)
ONAN  Elizabeth   Pg: 201 (ALL)
OPDYCKE  John B.   Pg: 281 (ALL)
OPDYCKE  Theresa Helburn   Pg: 281 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Abraham ('Zur Kanne')   Pg: 235 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
(d. 1692)
OPPENHEIM  Adela F. L.   Pg: 337B (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Adeline (dau. of Herman Detmold)   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Alfred Philip   Pg: 235 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
(b. 1922)
OPPENHEIM  Bernard   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Catherine   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Catherine (dau. of Joseph H.)   Pg: 235 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Catherine Moses   Pg: 213 (ALL) Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Charlotte (m. Hellwitz)   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Clarence J.   Pg: 235 (ALL)
(b. 1901)
OPPENHEIM  David   Pg: 235 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Edel Wertheimer   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Edel Zum Drachen   Pg: 337A (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Edith   Pg: 293 (ALL)
(b. 1910)
OPPENHEIM  Edwin Hertz   Pg: 235 (ALL)
(d. 1918)
OPPENHEIM  Eleanor   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Eleanor (Ellen)   Pg: 8 (ALL) Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Ellen (see Oppenheim, Eleanor (Ellen))  
OPPENHEIM  Ellen Sue   Pg: 235 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
(b. 1926)
OPPENHEIM  Emil   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Emily Frances   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Emily Fredericka   Pg: 235 (ALL)
(b. 1837)
OPPENHEIM  Enid Freed   Pg: 337B (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Esther Doris Hirsch   Pg: 235 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Esther Hirsch   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Ferdinand   Pg: 235 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
(b. 1893)
OPPENHEIM  Frances   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Fredericke   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Fritz (see Oppenheim, Hertz Wolff (Fritz))  
OPPENHEIM  Fromet Ballin   Pg: 337A (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Gail Iris   Pg: 235 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
(b. 1947)
OPPENHEIM  Gnendl   Pg: 235 (ALL)
(d. 1734)
OPPENHEIM  Gnendl (dau. of Joseph)   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Gnendl Behrens Cohen   Pg: 235 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Gnendl Lefman Cohen   Pg: 337B (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Grete Katz   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Gutrad   Pg: 235 (ALL)
(d. 1811)
OPPENHEIM  Hale Gumpel   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Hannah A. Goldsmith   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Hannah Joseph   Pg: 235 (ALL)
(d. 1911)
OPPENHEIM  Helen   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Henrietta Schulhofer   Pg: 235 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Henry Ferdinand   Pg: 337B (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Henry Hertz   Pg: 235 (ALL)
(d. 1888)
OPPENHEIM  Herbert   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Herbert Smith   Pg: 235 (ALL)
(b. 1906)
OPPENHEIM  Herman   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Herman Detmold   Pg: 136 (ALL) Pg: 235 (ALL)
(d. 1896)
OPPENHEIM  Hertz   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Hertz W.   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Hertz Wolff (Fritz)   Pg: 213 (ALL) Pg: 235 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Isaac Philip   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Jachet Gumpel   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Jacob   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Janet Sue   Pg: 235 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
(b. 1952)
OPPENHEIM  Jeffrey Sable   Pg: 337B (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Jeute   Pg: 235 (ALL)
(d. 1786)
OPPENHEIM  Joseph   Pg: 235 (ALL)
(d. 1739)
OPPENHEIM  Joseph (Juda)   Pg: 337A (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Joseph (son of Joseph H.)   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Joseph H.   Pg: 235 (ALL)
(d. 1901)
OPPENHEIM  Joyce I. Marrits   Pg: 235 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Juda (see Oppenheim, Joseph (Juda))  
OPPENHEIM  Judith Mears   Pg: 235 (ALL)
(b. 1954)
OPPENHEIM  Judith Nevada   Pg: 235 (ALL)
(b. 1939)
OPPENHEIM  Julia Grace   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Julius Hertz   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Julius Hertz   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Justin Sable   Pg: 235 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
(b. 1923)
OPPENHEIM  Leah Bosing   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Lilian   Pg: 235 (ALL)
(m. 1938)
OPPENHEIM  Lilian (dau. of Julius H.)   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Lisette   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Louis Michael   Pg: 235 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
(b. 1898)
OPPENHEIM  Martha   Pg: 136 (ALL) Pg: 326B (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Mathilda Rebecca   Pg: 17 (ALL) Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Mathilde   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Maude   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Mayer   Pg: 235 (ALL)
(d. 1759)
OPPENHEIM  Michael   Pg: 235 (ALL)
(b. 1942)
OPPENHEIM  Mikell Mears Goldsmith   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Miriel Behrens Cohen   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Mona   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Mona Hirsch   Pg: 235 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
(b. 1925)
OPPENHEIM  Moses   Pg: 235 (ALL)
(d. 1781)
OPPENHEIM  Moses (Lond.)   Pg: 110 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Moses (son of Samuel Hertz)   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Nettie   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Nevada (Vaddie) Smith   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Noah Samuel   Pg: 235 (ALL)
(d. 1721)
OPPENHEIM  Phiilipe   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Phillip   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Phyllis   Pg: 235 (ALL)
(b. 1941)
OPPENHEIM  Rachel   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Rachel (unm.)   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Ralph (see Oppenheim, Raphall (Ralph) Benjamin)  
OPPENHEIM  Raphall (Ralph) Benjamin   Pg: 235 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Rebekka Sheffra Reiningdnum   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Rosy Hendricks (m. Moses)   Pg: 110 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Ruth Mae   Pg: 235 (ALL)
(b. 1935)
OPPENHEIM  Samuel   Pg: 235 (ALL)
(d. 1860)
OPPENHEIM  Samuel (son of Herman)   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Samuel (son of Joseph H.)   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Samuel Hertz   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 235 (ALL)
(d. 1910)
OPPENHEIM  Sarah   Pg: 340B (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Sarah (dau. of Simon Jacob)   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Sarah (dau. of Simon W.)   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Sarah Ann   Pg: 235 (ALL)
(b. 1908)
OPPENHEIM  Sarah Ann Goldsmith   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Sarah Gertrude   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Sarah Jonas   Pg: 136 (ALL) Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Sarah Lewad   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Sarah Miriam Dankwert   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Sarah Rose Blum   Pg: 235 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  See also Ogden, Oppenheimer  
OPPENHEIM  Shifrah Benjamin Wolf Spira   Pg: 337B (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Simon Jacob (son Simon Wolff)   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Simon Wolff   Pg: 235 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Stella (dau. of Herman Detmold)   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Sylvia Kleve   Pg: 235 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Telze Wertheimer   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Wolf   Pg: 235 (ALL)
(b. 1822)
OPPENHEIM  Wolff   Pg: 235 (ALL)
(d. 1797)
OPPENHEIM  Wolff (son of Moses)   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Zur Kanne' (see Oppenheim, Abraham ('Zur Kanne'))  
OPPENHEIMER  (Mrs.) M. L Prescott   Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Abraham   Pg: 237 (ALL)
(b. & d. 1879)
OPPENHEIMER  Abraham   Pg: 236 (ALL)
(b. 1841)
OPPENHEIMER  Abraham   Pg: 238 (ALL)
(b. 1850)
OPPENHEIMER  Abraham   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Abraham   Pg: 239 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Abraham (Abe)   Pg: 237 (ALL)
(b. 1871)
OPPENHEIMER  Abraham B.   Pg: 239 (ALL)
(b. 1877)
OPPENHEIMER  Adele Hofeller   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Adelheid   Pg: 237 (ALL)
(b. 1875)
OPPENHEIMER  Adelheid (Adeline)   Pg: 236 (ALL) Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Adelheid (m. Samuel)   Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Adolph Joseph   Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Alan D., Jr.   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Alan David   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Albert   Pg: 239 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Alex   Pg: 60 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Alfred   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Ann   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Aryeh (see Oppenheimer, Lob (Aryeh, Levi, Leib))   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Babette   Pg: 285 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Beatrice   Pg: 127 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Beatrice (unm.)   Pg: 60 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Beatrice Fannie   Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Bedche Grunebaum (see Oppenheimer, Betty (Bedche) Grunebaum)  
OPPENHEIMER  Benjamin Meyer   Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Berta Weissman   Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Bertha Franziska Meyer   Pg: 238 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Bertha Heineman   Pg: 236 (ALL) Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Bertha Matt   Pg: 239 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Beryl Frances Barnes   Pg: 238 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Betty (Bedche) Grunebaum   Pg: 236 (ALL) Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Betty Lehman Golden   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Beulah Davis   Pg: 50 (ALL) Pg: 238 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Carl Kirby   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Caroline M. Britenstool   Pg: 236 (ALL) Pg: 239 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Carrie   Pg: 238 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Carrie   Pg: 238 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Carrie   Pg: 239 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Cecilia (Cissie)   Pg: 60 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Cilta ChambrT   Pg: 236 (ALL) Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Cissie (see Oppenheimer, Cecilia (Cissie))  
OPPENHEIMER  Constance Stevens   Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  David   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  David Doherty   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  David L.   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Deborah   Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Edith Caroline   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Edward D.   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Eileen Ann Cook   Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Eleanor Williams   Pg: 133 (ALL) Pg: 188 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Elias   Pg: 30 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Eliza Pool   Pg: 60 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Ella Freedman   Pg: 22 (ALL) Pg: 321B (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Ellen Wise   Pg: 188 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Elsie   Pg: 22 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Elsie Phyllis   Pg: 238 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Emanuel   Pg: 337B (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Eric   Pg: 60 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Erika   Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Esther Cardozo Cauffman   Pg: 30 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Etta (Louise) Goldberg   Pg: 239 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Fannie   Pg: 238 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Florence   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Florence (dau. Alex)   Pg: 60 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Frances Elizabeth Graves   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Frances Mary Steenbeke   Pg: 238 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Frank   Pg: 22 (ALL) Pg: 321B (ALL)
(b. 1912)
OPPENHEIMER  Frank Weil   Pg: 191 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Gail Kirby   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Gordon   Pg: 60 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Gussie Wolf   Pg: 239 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Harriet R Kaan   Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Harry   Pg: 237 (ALL)
(b. 1946)
OPPENHEIMER  Harry   Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Hattye H.   Pg: 239 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Helen Blackball   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Helena May Shire   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Henrietta (Hester)   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Henry   Pg: 133 (ALL) Pg: 188 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Herman   Pg: 236 (ALL) Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Hester (see Oppenheimer, Henrietta (Hester))  
OPPENHEIMER  Hilda   Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Irene H. Hills   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  J. Robert   Pg: 22 (ALL) Pg: 309A (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Jack Carl   Pg: 125 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Jacquenette Quann   Pg: 22 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  James W., Jr.   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  James Walter   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Janet (see Oppenheimer, Jeanette (Janet))  
OPPENHEIMER  Jean Loeb   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Jeanetta (Sprinz) Goldschmidt   Pg: 236 (ALL) Pg: 238 (ALL) Pg: 239 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Jeanette (Janet)   Pg: 238 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Jeannette Bertha   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Jeannette Loeb   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Jenny Sandel   Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Jesse   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Jesse D.   Pg: 101 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Jesse Davis (see Stedraao, John)  
OPPENHEIMER  Jill   Pg: 60 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Johanna Heil   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  John Louis   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Joseph   Pg: 239 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Joseph A.   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Judah the Cohen (see Oppenheimer, Julius (Juda the Cohen)  
OPPENHEIMER  Judith   Pg: 22 (ALL) Pg: 321B (ALL)
(b. 1940)
OPPENHEIMER  Judy Wilson   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Julia   Pg: 236 (ALL)
(b. 1872)
OPPENHEIMER  Julius   Pg: 22 (ALL) Pg: 309A (ALL) Pg: 321B (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Julius (Juda the Cohen)   Pg: 236 (ALL) Pg: 238 (ALL) Pg: 239 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Kate Lownes   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Katherine Harrison   Pg: 22 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Katherine T.   Pg: 22 (ALL)
(b. 1944)
OPPENHEIMER  Kenneth Harold   Pg: 238 (ALL)
(b. 1917)
OPPENHEIMER  Kenneth Howard   Pg: 238 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Kenneth Russell   Pg: 238 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Lazarus   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Leib (see Oppenheimer, Lob (Aryeh, Levi, Leib))  
OPPENHEIMER  Lena Kuttnauer Kahn   Pg: 239 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Levi   Pg: 239 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Levi (see Oppenheimer, Lob (Aryeh, Levi, Leib))  
OPPENHEIMER  Levi B.   Pg: 50 (ALL) Pg: 238 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Lillian   Pg: 239 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Lillie Halff   Pg: 101 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Lob (Aryeh, Levi, Leib)   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Louis (Ludwig)   Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Louise   Pg: 285 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Louise Goldberg (see Oppenheimer, Etta (Louise) Goldberg)  
OPPENHEIMER  Ludwig (see Oppenheimer, Louis (Ludwig))  
OPPENHEIMER  Mabel   Pg: 238 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Margot Baer   Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Margot Mendes   Pg: 191 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Marion (see Oppenheimer, Mary (Marion))  
OPPENHEIMER  Mark   Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Marlene Lois Fox Darlich   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Mary (Marion)   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Mary Ellen Silverstone   Pg: 125 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Max   Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Meyer (see Oppenheimer, Rachel (Meyer))  
OPPENHEIMER  Michael   Pg: 22 (ALL) Pg: 321B (ALL)
(b. 1943)
OPPENHEIMER  Michel   Pg: 60 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Minnie L Stern   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Mollie Meyer   Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Myer (Meier)   Pg: 236 (ALL) Pg: 239 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Nancy Doherty   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Nathan   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Nathan, Jr.   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Paul (see Ogden, Paul)  
OPPENHEIMER  Paul Lownes   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Paulina   Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Peter   Pg: 22 (ALL)
(b. 1941)
OPPENHEIMER  Peter John   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Philip Victor   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Phyllis Lefcowitz Jadd   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Piza   Pg: 191 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Prade Behrens Cohen   Pg: 337B (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Rachel   Pg: 238 (ALL) Pg: 239 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Rachel (Meyer)   Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Rachel (see also Oppenheimer, Regina (Rachel))  
OPPENHEIMER  Rachel (see also Oppenheimer, Reina (Rachel))  
OPPENHEIMER  Rachel Frank   Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Regina   Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Regina (Rachel)   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Regina (see also Oppenheimer, Rosa (Reina, Regina))  
OPPENHEIMER  Reina (Rachel)   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Reina (see also Oppenheimer, Rosa (Reina, Regina))  
OPPENHEIMER  Robert Stephen, Jr.   Pg: 238 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Rosa   Pg: 239 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Rosa (Reina, Regina)   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Rosalie Oppenheimer (see Oppenheimer, Rose (Rosalie) Oppenheimer)  
OPPENHEIMER  Rose   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Rose   Pg: 236 (ALL) Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Rose (Rosalie)   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Rose (Rosalie) Oppenheimer   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Ruth Saperston   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Ruth Weitzenkorn Ullman   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Sadie   Pg: 239 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Sadie Jacobs   Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Sally   Pg: 237 (ALL)
(b. 1884)
OPPENHEIMER  Sally   Pg: 236 (ALL)
(b. 1930)
OPPENHEIMER  Samuel   Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Samuel Wolff   Pg: 235 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
(d. 1703)
OPPENHEIMER  Sandele Carcassone   Pg: 337B (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Sarah Wise   Pg: 188 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  See also Oppenheim  
OPPENHEIMER  Siegbert   Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Simon Wolff   Pg: 337B (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Sprinz Goldschmidt (see Oppenheimer, Jeanetta (Sprinz)Goldschmidt)  
OPPENHEIMER  St. Julien   Pg: 118 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Stella   Pg: 239 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Stella Baer Kronthal   Pg: 239 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Suzanne   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Suzanne Wendy   Pg: 239 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Violet   Pg: 60 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Walter (Wolf)   Pg: 236 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  William T.   Pg: 188 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Wolf   Pg: 236 (ALL) Pg: 237 (ALL)
OPPENHEIMER  Wolf (see Oppenheimer, Walter (Wolf))  
ORDE-POWLETT  Georgina   Pg: 81 (ALL)
ORGLER  Feigele   Pg: 324B (ALL)
ORGLER  Freidel (Frummet) Bloch   Pg: 324B (ALL)
ORGLER  Jechiel Michael   Pg: 324B (ALL)
ORKIN  Alfred   Pg: 138 (ALL)
ORKIN  Martin   Pg: 138 (ALL)
ORKIN  Philip   Pg: 138 (ALL)
ORKIN  Sarah Florence Wolff   Pg: 138 (ALL)
ORME  Charles   Pg: 39 (ALL)
ORME  Julia C.   Pg: 39 (ALL)
ORME  Mary Clarke Cohen   Pg: 39 (ALL)
ORME  Mary Ellen   Pg: 39 (ALL)
ORNOFF  Helen Schools   Pg: 143 (ALL)
ORNOFF  Jeffrey   Pg: 143 (ALL)
ORNOFF  Michael   Pg: 143 (ALL)
ORNOFF  Robert E.   Pg: 143 (ALL)
ORR-EWING  Viola   Pg: 77 (ALL)
ORSAY  Blanche (Dolly)   Pg: 60 (ALL) Pg: 61 (ALL)
ORSAY  Jennie Langner   Pg: 60 (ALL)
ORSAY  Leopold   Pg: 60 (ALL)
ORSAY  Manuel   Pg: 60 (ALL)
ORSAY  Margharetta   Pg: 60 (ALL)
ORSAY  Pedro   Pg: 60 (ALL)
ORSAY  Stella   Pg: 61 (ALL)
(m. 1910)
ORSAY  Stella (dau. of Leopold)   Pg: 60 (ALL)
ORTMAN  Vita   Pg: 288 (ALL)
ORTON  May   Pg: 307 (ALL)
OSBORN  Gladys Sheftall Neumann   Pg: 270 (ALL)
OSBORN  Joseph   Pg: 270 (ALL)
OSBORNE  Fredda Jean   Pg: 282 (ALL) Pg: 313B (ALL) Pg: 339B (ALL)
OSBORNE  Joseph   Pg: 270 (ALL)
OSBORNE  Neva   Pg: 269 (ALL)
OSENTEN  Edith   Pg: 174 (ALL)
OSHER  Elizabeth Goldsmith   Pg: 294 (ALL)
OSHER  Harold   Pg: 294 (ALL)
OSHER  James   Pg: 294 (ALL)
OSHER  Thomas   Pg: 294 (ALL)
OSHER  William   Pg: 294 (ALL)
OSMOND  Sarah   Pg: 230 (ALL)
OSORIO  Ellen   Pg: 30 (ALL)
(ca. 1870-1954)
OSORIO  Hattie Fuld   Pg: 30 (ALL)
OSORIO  Isador   Pg: 30 (ALL)
OSORIO  J. Newton   Pg: 30 (ALL)
OSORIO  Miriam N. Carvalho   Pg: 30 (ALL)
OSORIO  Rosalfine   Pg: 59 (ALL)
OSTERHOUT  Joseph   Pg: 62 (ALL)
(b. 1799)
OSTERHOUT  Miriam B.   Pg: 254 (ALL)
OSTERHOUT  Rosanna Dyer   Pg: 62 (ALL)
OSTERHOUT  V. H.   Pg: 62 (ALL)
OSTERWEIL  Alice Weichselbaum   Pg: 327B (ALL)
OSTERWEIL  Irving   Pg: 327B (ALL)
OSTERWEIL  John   Pg: 327B (ALL)
OSTERWEIL  Leslie Ann Falk   Pg: 327B (ALL)
OSTLER  Henry Edmund   Pg: 117 (ALL)
OSTLER  Julia Hertz   Pg: 117 (ALL)
OSTRANDER  Elizabeth Rebecca   Pg: 97 (ALL)
OTERA  Eurelia   Pg: 112 (ALL)
OTTENSOSER  Gutta   Pg: 333A (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Abraham   Pg: 234 (ALL)
(b. 1831)
OTTOLENGUI  Abraham   Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Abraham   Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Abraham   Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Amanda Isabel   Pg: 234 (ALL)
(b. & d. 1874)
OTTOLENGUI  Anna S. Childs   Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Benjamin A. Rodriguez   Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Cecile   Pg: 176 (ALL) Pg: 236 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Cornelia Alice   Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Daisy   Pg: 234 (ALL)
(b. & d. 1873)
OTTOLENGUI  Daniel   Pg: 234 (ALL) Pg: 254 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Eliza Emma Jacobs   Pg: 132 (ALL) Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Eliza Enma   Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Ella   Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Esther Sarah   Pg: 234 (ALL) Pg: 277 (ALL) Pg: 278 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Florence Dombey   Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Franklin Moise   Pg: 234 (ALL)
(b. 1871)
OTTOLENGUI  Helen C.   Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Helen Rosalie Rodriguez   Pg: 234 (ALL) Pg: 254 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Hetty J.   Pg: 17 (ALL) Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Isa   Pg: 234 (ALL)
(b. & d. 1865)
OTTOLENGUI  Isaac   Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Israel   Pg: 196 (ALL) Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Israel, Jr.   Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Jacob   Pg: 132 (ALL) Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Jessie   Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Judith A.   Pg: 210 (ALL) Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Mary R. Childs   Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  May Hall   Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Miriam   Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Mordecai   Pg: 234 (ALL)
(d. 1794)
OTTOLENGUI  Mordecai (son of Abraham)   Pg: 169 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Mordecai H.   Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Nina Alice   Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Rachel   Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Rebecca   Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Rebecca Florence   Pg: 36 (ALL) Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Rinah   Pg: 234 (ALL)
(d. 1810)
OTTOLENGUI  Rinah J.   Pg: 210 (ALL) Pg: 211 (ALL) Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Rosalie   Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Rosalie Cecile Moise   Pg: 196 (ALL) Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Rosalie Moise   Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Roy Edward   Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Sarah   Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Sarah   Pg: 176 (ALL) Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Sarah (dau. of Abraham)   Pg: 210 (ALL) Pg: 211 (ALL) Pg: 234 (ALL)
OTTOLENGUI  Sarah Jacobs   Pg: 234 (ALL)
OUCHTERLONEY  Donald   Pg: 109 (ALL)
OUCHTERLONEY  Ethel Heineman   Pg: 109 (ALL)
OUCHTERLONEY  James Delgarens   Pg: 109 (ALL)
OUCHTERLONEY  James F.   Pg: 109 (ALL)
OUCHTERLONEY  Robert   Pg: 109 (ALL)
OUSTA  Charlotte Hyman   Pg: 121 (ALL)
OUTERBRIDGE  Archibald M.   Pg: 134 (ALL)
OUTERBRIDGE  Leah Jacobs Adams   Pg: 134 (ALL)
OVERBECK  Dorothy E.   Pg: 90 (ALL)
OWEN  Barbara M.   Pg: 241 (ALL)
OWEN  Judith P.   Pg: 241 (ALL)
OWEN  Margaret R.   Pg: 241 (ALL)
OWEN  Peggy (Flora) Morningstar   Pg: 241 (ALL)
OWEN  Pual Burry   Pg: 241 (ALL)
OWENS  Benjamin   Pg: 39 (ALL)
OWENS  Catherine   Pg: 39 (ALL)
OWENS  Daniel   Pg: 39 (ALL)
OWENS  Frances   Pg: 39 (ALL)
OWENS  John   Pg: 39 (ALL)
OWENS  Roberta Jean   Pg: 330A (ALL)
OWENS  Sarah (dau. of Benjamin Philip)   Pg: 39 (ALL)
OWSLEY  Albert Eugene   Pg: 269 (ALL)
OWSLEY  Bessie Sheftall   Pg: 269 (ALL)
OXFORD  Earl of (see Asquith, Julian Edward George (1st Earl of Oxford)  
OXHOLM  Carl   Pg: 310A (ALL)
(m. 1922)
OXHOLM  Carl, Jr.   Pg: 310A (ALL)
(b. 1923)
OXHOLM  Dorothy Rebecca Henriques   Pg: 310A (ALL)
(b. 1899)
OXHOLM  Eleanor Cunningham   Pg: 310A (ALL)
OXHOLM  Elizabeth   Pg: 310A (ALL)
(b. 1925)