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MAAS  Agnes   Pg: 89 (ALL)
MAAS  Amie T.   Pg: 5 (ALL)
MAAS  Barbara   Pg: 5 (ALL)
MAAS  Bill   Pg: 5 (ALL)
MAAS  Edward L.   Pg: 5 (ALL)
MAAS  Eva   Pg: 84 (ALL)
MAAS  Fannie Abrahams   Pg: 5 (ALL)
MAAS  Helen McKenna   Pg: 5 (ALL)
MAAS  Jeannette   Pg: 5 (ALL)
MAAS  Lillian   Pg: 84 (ALL)
MAAS  Robert   Pg: 5 (ALL)
MAAS  Tarris   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MAAS  Ted   Pg: 5 (ALL)
MAC BRIDE  Thais   Pg: 285 (ALL)
MAC DONALD  Clotilda Florence Cohen   Pg: 30 (ALL)
MAC DONALD  Cynthia Lee   Pg: 296 (ALL)
MAC DONALD  Elmer Cranston   Pg: 296 (ALL)
MAC DONALD  Jennifer Tim   Pg: 296 (ALL)
MAC DONALD  John W.   Pg: 30 (ALL)
MAC DONALD  Scott Thurston   Pg: 296 (ALL)
MAC DONOUGH  Clara H. Hackstaff   Pg: 158 (ALL)
MAC DOUGALL  Caroline A.   Pg: 203 (ALL)
MAC DOWELL  Don   Pg: 13 (ALL)
MAC DOWELL  Suzanne Steiner   Pg: 13 (ALL)
MAC FARLAND  Clarissa C.   Pg: 65 (ALL)
MAC GRUDER  George   Pg: 129 (ALL)
MAC GRUDER  Leah Jackson Hertz Hart   Pg: 129 (ALL)
MAC KENDREE  Daisy Mary Jane Sheftall   Pg: 267 (ALL)
MAC KENDREE  Seaborne Marshall   Pg: 267 (ALL)
MAC KENZIE  Mabel   Pg: 331A (ALL)
MAC KUBBIN  D. N.   Pg: 332B (ALL)
MAC LACHLIN  J. Kevin   Pg: 265 (ALL)
MAC LACHLIN  John T.   Pg: 265 (ALL)
MAC LACHLIN  Victoria Fauth Sutton   Pg: 265 (ALL)
MAC LACHLIN  Victoria Lauren   Pg: 265 (ALL)
MAC LENNAN  Frank   Pg: 241 (ALL)
MAC LENNAN  Mary C. Morningstar   Pg: 241 (ALL)
MAC PIKE  Linda   Pg: 321A (ALL)
MACBETH  Charles Lyons   Pg: 183 (ALL)
MACBETH  Charles William   Pg: 183 (ALL)
MACBETH  Claudia W. Coristine   Pg: 183 (ALL)
MACBETH  John Douglas   Pg: 183 (ALL)
MACBETH  Madge Hamilton Lyons   Pg: 183 (ALL)
MACBETH  Millicent Ann Gilmour   Pg: 183 (ALL)
MACHADO  David Mendes   Pg: 234 (ALL)
(d. 1747)
MACHADO  Rebecca   Pg: 234 (ALL) Pg: 243 (ALL)
MACHADO  Sarah   Pg: 212 (ALL) Pg: 234 (ALL)
MACHADO  Zipporah Nunez   Pg: 234 (ALL)
MACHLER  Harry   Pg: 22 (ALL)
MACHLER  Miriam Eger   Pg: 22 (ALL)
MACHOL  Alice   Pg: 282 (ALL)
MACK  Amy   Pg: 21 (ALL)
MACK  Celia Kraus   Pg: 145 (ALL)
MACK  Hermann   Pg: 145 (ALL)
MACK  John   Pg: 135 (ALL)
MACK  Louise Emily Johnson   Pg: 135 (ALL)
MACKAY  Alice Myers Guggenheimer   Pg: 90 (ALL)
MACKAY  Bessie Mordecai (see Mackay, Elizabeth Davis (Bessie) Mordecai)  
MACKAY  Catherine Johnston Devereux   Pg: 200 (ALL)
MACKAY  Catherine Josephine   Pg: 200 (ALL)
MACKAY  Charles De Saussare   Pg: 200 (ALL) Pg: 201 (ALL)
MACKAY  Daniel R.   Pg: 90 (ALL)
MACKAY  Elizabeth Davis (Bessie) Mordecai   Pg: 200 (ALL) Pg: 201 (ALL)
MACKAY  Joseph   Pg: 200 (ALL)
(b. 1891)
MACKAY  Joseph Jenkins   Pg: 200 (ALL)
MACKAY  Margaret   Pg: 200 (ALL)
MACKAY  Roger D.   Pg: 90 (ALL)
MACKAY  Susan Anderson   Pg: 90 (ALL)
MACKAY  Thomas Pollock   Pg: 200 (ALL)
MACKENZIE  Donald G.   Pg: 157 (ALL)
MACKENZIE  Kenneth Campbell Beveridge   Pg: 49 (ALL)
MACKENZIE  Marian Nahl   Pg: 49 (ALL)
MACKENZIE  Mary   Pg: 49 (ALL)
MACKENZIE  Robert   Pg: 49 (ALL)
MACKENZIE  Roberta Johnson Nicholas   Pg: 157 (ALL)
MACKEY  Margaret Sturgis   Pg: 52 (ALL)
MACKIEWICZ  Marie ThFrTse   Pg: 143 (ALL)
MACKLER  Natalie Stem De Lee   Pg: 282 (ALL)
MACKLER  Saul Allen   Pg: 282 (ALL)
MACLEOD  Gwendolyn   Pg: 305 (ALL)
MACNAMEE  Holly Ann Ehrich Ochs   Pg: 253 (ALL)
MACNAMEE  Robert   Pg: 253 (ALL)
MACY  Julia K.   Pg: 157 (ALL)
MADDEN  Elizabeth   Pg: 337A (ALL)
MADEIRA  Maria Walsh   Pg: 68 (ALL)
MADURO  Abraham de Selomoh Samuel Levy Maduro   Pg: 185 (ALL)
MADURO  Esther   Pg: 241 (ALL)
MADURO  Esther de Salomon Levy   Pg: 185 (ALL)
MADURO  Esther de Solomon Levy   Pg: 240 (ALL)
MADURO  Esther Vieyra   Pg: 241 (ALL)
MADURO  Grace Levy   Pg: 241 (ALL)
MADURO  Jacob de Solomon Levy   Pg: 240 (ALL)
MADURO  Leah Cohen Peixotto   Pg: 240 (ALL) Pg: 241 (ALL)
MADURO  Moses de Samuel Levy   Pg: 178 (ALL)
MADURO  Moses Levy   Pg: 241 (ALL)
(d. 1766)
MADURO  Rachel Levy   Pg: 240 (ALL) Pg: 241 (ALL)
MADURO  Rachel Lopes   Pg: 241 (ALL)
MADURO  Rachel Lopez Da Fonseca   Pg: 178 (ALL)
MADURO  Rachel Marques   Pg: 185 (ALL)
MADURO  Rachel Rodrigues   Pg: 241 (ALL)
MADURO  Ribca de Jacob de Solomon Levy   Pg: 240 (ALL)
MADURO  Samuel Levy   Pg: 241 (ALL)
(m. bef. 1706)
MADURO  Samuel Levy   Pg: 240 (ALL) Pg: 241 (ALL)
MADURO  Sarah de Mordecai L.   Pg: 62 (ALL)
MADURO  Selomoh de Samuel Levy   Pg: 178 (ALL)
MADURO  Shirley Brandon   Pg: 209 (ALL)
MADURO  Solomon Levy   Pg: 240 (ALL)
MAFFITT  Ann Elizabeth ('Bessie')   Pg: 183 (ALL)
MAGEE  Julia H.   Pg: 80 (ALL)
MAGGS  Anne   Pg: 154 (ALL)
MAGINNS  Eugene Joseph   Pg: 238 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Abraham (Edward)   Pg: 239 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Alexander   Pg: 8 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Belle Platzner   Pg: 239 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Edith Metzger   Pg: 8 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Edward (see Magnus, Abraham (Edward))  
MAGNUS  Eleanor (Ellen) Oppenheim   Pg: 8 (ALL) Pg: 235 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Eleazer (see Magnus, Louis (Eleazer)  
MAGNUS  Elizabeth Bilha   Pg: 331B (ALL)
MAGNUS  Ellen Oppenheim (see Magnus, Eleanor (Ellen) Oppenheim)  
MAGNUS  Esther   Pg: 239 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Esther Cohen   Pg: 239 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Harriet Fries   Pg: 8 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Herman   Pg: 8 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Jean   Pg: 8 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Joan   Pg: 8 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Joseph A.   Pg: 8 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Joseph Alexander   Pg: 8 (ALL) Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 235 (ALL)
(d. 1927)
MAGNUS  Julian A.   Pg: 8 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Julian, Jr.   Pg: 8 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Kate   Pg: 8 (ALL)
(d. 1927)
MAGNUS  Louis (Eleazer)   Pg: 239 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Lucille   Pg: 239 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Marcus   Pg: 239 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Marcus (m. Esther Cohen)   Pg: 239 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Marian   Pg: 8 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Marjorie   Pg: 8 (ALL) Pg: 306 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Matilda Finsie   Pg: 239 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Moses (Murray)   Pg: 239 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Rachel Oppenheimer   Pg: 239 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Rebecca Alexander   Pg: 8 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Rose   Pg: 8 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Ruth   Pg: 239 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Saul   Pg: 8 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Simon   Pg: 331B (ALL)
MAGNUS  Sol   Pg: 8 (ALL)
MAGNUS  William S.   Pg: 8 (ALL)
MAGRISH  Edith Krohn   Pg: 306 (ALL)
MAGRISH  James L   Pg: 306 (ALL)
MAGRISH  Kate   Pg: 306 (ALL)
MAGRISH  Mary   Pg: 306 (ALL)
MAGUIRE  Carter   Pg: 117 (ALL)
MAGUIRE  Frances   Pg: 117 (ALL)
MAGUIRE  Frances Ashton Moore   Pg: 117 (ALL)
MAGUIRE  Judith   Pg: 117 (ALL)
MAGUIRE  Margaret Elizabeth   Pg: 237 (ALL)
MAHAN  Alfred T.   Pg: 80 (ALL)
MAHAN  Alfred Thayer   Pg: 80 (ALL)
MAHAN  Ellen Kuhn   Pg: 80 (ALL)
MAHAN  Ellen Lyle Evans   Pg: 80 (ALL)
MAHAN  Helen Evans   Pg: 80 (ALL)
MAHAN  Lyle Evans   Pg: 80 (ALL)
MAHAN  Madeline Johnson   Pg: 80 (ALL)
MAHLKE  Eleanor   Pg: 282 (ALL)
MAHNKEN  Anne   Pg: 115 (ALL)
(b. 1929)
MAHNKEN  Charles Henry   Pg: 115 (ALL)
(b. 1931)
MAHNKEN  Harold J.   Pg: 115 (ALL)
MAHNKEN  Lavinia Minis Henry   Pg: 115 (ALL)
MAHON  Charlotte Virginia   Pg: 206 (ALL)
MAHON  John M., Jr.   Pg: 206 (ALL)
MAHON  John Mattison   Pg: 206 (ALL)
MAHON  Mary Octavia Moses   Pg: 206 (ALL)
MAHON  Richard Mattison   Pg: 206 (ALL)
MAHON  Susan Gray   Pg: 206 (ALL)
MAHONEY  Margaret   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MAIER  Lena   Pg: 89 (ALL)
MAILERT  Adeline Goldsmit   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MAILERT  Augustus   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MAILHES  Mary Lillian   Pg: 199 (ALL)
MAILMAN  Frederick F.   Pg: 339B (ALL)
MAILMAN  Jodi Sue Kramer   Pg: 339B (ALL)
MAIRS  Elizabeth   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MAIRS  Fanny   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MAIRS  Levy   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MAIRS  Seligman   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MAIRS  Simon   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MAITLAND  Alfred Henry   Pg: 79 (ALL)
MAITLAND  Edith Charlotte   Pg: 79 (ALL)
MAITLAND  Edith Scobell   Pg: 79 (ALL)
MAITLAND  Henry   Pg: 79 (ALL)
MAITLAND  Nora Beatrice   Pg: 79 (ALL)
MAJESKA  Mme. (see Stern, Henrietta Mary (Mme. Majeska"))"  
MAJOR  Anna Serena McCauley   Pg: 256 (ALL)
MAJOR  John   Pg: 256 (ALL)
MALBRON  Rosalie   Pg: 93 (ALL)
MALEY  Caroline Dittmar   Pg: 146 (ALL)
MALFIATRE  Ruth Mitchell   Pg: 129 (ALL)
MALINA  Luba   Pg: 290 (ALL)
MALITSON  Harriet Hutzler   Pg: 162 (ALL)
MALITSON  Helen Gail   Pg: 162 (ALL)
MALITSON  Irving H.   Pg: 162 (ALL)
MALITSON  Paul Henry   Pg: 162 (ALL)
MALL  Florance Minis   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MALL  Leonard   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MALL  Leonard Walter Isaac   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1953)
MALLERY  Rosemary   Pg: 24 (ALL)
MALLON  Kate Noble   Pg: 141 (ALL)
MALLON  U. C.   Pg: 141 (ALL)
MALNICK  Winifred   Pg: 122 (ALL)
MALONE  Ella Moses   Pg: 209 (ALL)
MALONE  Louis   Pg: 209 (ALL)
MALUENDA  Angela Maria (see Maluenda, Anna Phillipa or Angela Maria (Judith Maluenda))  
MALUENDA  Anna Phillipa or Angela Maria (Judith Maluenda)   Pg: 273 (ALL)
MALUENDA  Judith (see Maluenda, Anna Phillipa or Angela Maria (Judith Maluenda))  
MALUENDA Y BARBARON  Antonia De Paz Coronel Y Fonseca   Pg: 273 (ALL)
MAMBER  Beulah Catharine (see Kramer, Beulah Catharine (Mamber))  
MAMBER  Frank   Pg: 238 (ALL)
MAMBER  Mabel Oppenheimer   Pg: 238 (ALL)
MANCHESTER  Eleanor Gummey   Pg: 67 (ALL)
MANDEL  Alfred   Pg: 274 (ALL)
MANDEL  Alice Solis   Pg: 274 (ALL)
MANDEL  Eric   Pg: 274 (ALL)
MANDELICK  Adelina   Pg: 16 (ALL)
(b. 1870)
MANDELICK  Clara Cecilia   Pg: 16 (ALL)
(b. 1870)
MANDELICK  Elizabeth Catherine Barnett   Pg: 16 (ALL)
MANDELICK  Joseph   Pg: 16 (ALL)
MANER  Lula F.   Pg: 269 (ALL)
MANFORD  Guy   Pg: 237 (ALL)
MANFORD  Rose ('La Velle') Rothgeiser Jones   Pg: 237 (ALL)
MANGET  Eliza De Pass   Pg: 58 (ALL)
MANGET  Victor   Pg: 58 (ALL)
MANGIER  Lottie C   Pg: 230 (ALL)
MANKIEWICZ  Rose   Pg: 193 (ALL)
MANN  Adrian J.   Pg: 285 (ALL)
(b. 1907)
MANN  Albert   Pg: 180 (ALL)
MANN  Anne Paine   Pg: 168 (ALL)
MANN  Beatrice   Pg: 17 (ALL)
MANN  Carola   Pg: 340A (ALL)
MANN  Clara Font   Pg: 180 (ALL)
MANN  Dorothy Gudrune   Pg: 285 (ALL)
(b. 1895)
MANN  Edna Rosenthal   Pg: 340A (ALL)
MANN  Ernest   Pg: 168 (ALL)
MANN  Ethel   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MANN  Frances (Frankie) Stix   Pg: 288 (ALL)
MANN  Harvey   Pg: 340A (ALL)
MANN  John   Pg: 340A (ALL)
MANN  Jonas F.   Pg: 285 (ALL)
MANN  Leah Forst   Pg: 180 (ALL)
MANN  Lewis T.   Pg: 261 (ALL)
MANN  Lewis, Jr.   Pg: 261 (ALL)
MANN  Lillian   Pg: 171 (ALL)
MANN  Lily   Pg: 180 (ALL)
MANN  Lisa   Pg: 340A (ALL)
MANN  Margaret (Percy) Lebair   Pg: 174 (ALL)
MANN  Morris B.   Pg: 180 (ALL)
MANN  Nellie   Pg: 180 (ALL)
MANN  Peggy   Pg: 340A (ALL)
MANN  Percy Lebair (see Mann, Margaret (Percy) Lebair)  
MANN  Philip   Pg: 180 (ALL)
MANN  Robert   Pg: 340A (ALL)
MANN  Ruth Fidone   Pg: 285 (ALL)
(b. 1898)
MANN  Susan   Pg: 340A (ALL)
MANN  Sybil Elzas   Pg: 261 (ALL)
MANNAHAN  Esther DesirFe De Pass Heydenfeldt   Pg: 58 (ALL)
MANNAHAN  Henrietta   Pg: 58 (ALL)
MANNAHAN  Rebecca   Pg: 58 (ALL)
(b. 1832)
MANNERING  Harriot Judith Hart Dreaper   Pg: 95 (ALL)
MANNERING  James   Pg: 95 (ALL)
MANNING  Virginia Dorothy Brown   Pg: 239 (ALL)
MANSBACH  Marian   Pg: 275 (ALL)
(b. 1893)
MANSOOR  Behjar (Joy)   Pg: 268 (ALL)
MANTEL  Caroline Judah   Pg: 141 (ALL)
MANTEL  Harriet   Pg: 141 (ALL)
MANTEL  John R   Pg: 141 (ALL)
MANTELL  Silma   Pg: 215 (ALL)
MANUEL  Catherine   Pg: 141 (ALL) Pg: 276 (ALL)
MANUEL  David   Pg: 141 (ALL)
MANUEL  Dorothea   Pg: 141 (ALL)
MANUEL  Hannah (Annie/Nancy)   Pg: 141 (ALL) Pg: 263 (ALL) Pg: 264 (ALL)
MANUEL  Marian (Miriam/May) Judah   Pg: 141 (ALL)
MARACH+  Benjamin   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARACH+  Esther (see also MarachT, Hetty (Esther))  
MARACH+  Esther de Jacob   Pg: 61 (ALL)
MARACH+  Hannah   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARACH+  Henrietta J.   Pg: 184 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
(m. 1806)
MARACH+  Hetty (Esther)   Pg: 184 (ALL) Pg: 200 (ALL)
MARACH+  Jacob   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARACH+  Jahacob   Pg: 184 (ALL)
(d. 1735)
MARACH+  Judith   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARACH+  Mary   Pg: 184 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARACH+  Meers (see MarachT, Mosseh (Meers))  
MARACH+  Moses   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARACH+  Mosseh   Pg: 184 (ALL)
(d. 1761)
MARACH+  Mosseh (Meers)   Pg: 184 (ALL)
(d. 1750)
MARACH+  Nichelson   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARACH+  Raquel   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARACH+  Rebecca Myers   Pg: 184 (ALL) Pg: 217 (ALL)
MARACH+  Ribca   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARACH+  Solomon   Pg: 184 (ALL) Pg: 217 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARCHANT  Edward H.   Pg: 184 (ALL)
(b. 1860)
MARCHANT  George   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARCHANT  Henry   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARCHANT  Lester   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARCHANT  Louise Jeremiah   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARCHANT  Nancy Wilkerson   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARCHANT  Rachel Phillips   Pg: 184 (ALL) Pg: 244 (ALL)
MARCHANT  Sophie   Pg: 184 (ALL) Pg: 244 (ALL)
MARCHANT  William   Pg: 184 (ALL) Pg: 244 (ALL)
MARCHAZE  Esther (see Marques (Marchaze), Esther)  
MARCHESANI  June Virginia Sheftall   Pg: 270 (ALL)
MARCHESANI  Louis   Pg: 270 (ALL)
MARCUS  Abram Solomon   Pg: 330B (ALL)
MARCUS  Adrienne   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARCUS  Alice Levy   Pg: 167 (ALL) Pg: 330B (ALL)
MARCUS  Asher Joseph   Pg: 330B (ALL)
MARCUS  Bessie Hoffman Palmbaum Waldorf   Pg: 339B (ALL)
MARCUS  Cecile L. Heller   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARCUS  Clarence   Pg: 330B (ALL)
MARCUS  Donald Clarence   Pg: 330B (ALL)
MARCUS  Donald James   Pg: 330B (ALL)
MARCUS  Gerrie   Pg: 330B (ALL)
MARCUS  Gwen Elizabeth Foy   Pg: 330B (ALL)
MARCUS  Jacqueline   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARCUS  Jennie Y. Stein Levin   Pg: 330B (ALL)
MARCUS  Madison   Pg: 330B (ALL)
MARCUS  Madison Joseph   Pg: 167 (ALL) Pg: 330B (ALL)
MARCUS  Madison Joseph   Pg: 330B (ALL)
MARCUS  Marilyn Alice   Pg: 330B (ALL)
MARCUS  Marion Brooks   Pg: 167 (ALL)
MARCUS  Matthew (see Marcus, Madison Joseph)  
MARCUS  Melvin O.   Pg: 339B (ALL)
MARCUS  Rosina   Pg: 167 (ALL) Pg: 330B (ALL)
MARCUS  Simmie   Pg: 167 (ALL) Pg: 330B (ALL)
MARCUS  Theodor R.   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARCUS  Treva Jo Hatchett   Pg: 330B (ALL)
MARCUSE  Santa H.   Pg: 324A (ALL)
MAREI  Julia Smith   Pg: 163 (ALL)
MARELLI  Joan Romilda   Pg: 216 (ALL)
MARET  Charlotte Murray Cheston   Pg: 80 (ALL)
MARET  Hermann   Pg: 80 (ALL)
MARGOLIES  Bernard   Pg: 71 (ALL)
MARGOLIES  James Teller   Pg: 71 (ALL)
(b. 1948)
MARGOLIES  Janet   Pg: 71 (ALL)
MARGOLIES  Jean Fleisher   Pg: 71 (ALL)
MARGOLIES  Linda   Pg: 149 (ALL)
MARGOLIES  Lynn Hurwitz   Pg: 71 (ALL)
MARGOLIES  Peggy Fleisher   Pg: 71 (ALL)
(b. 1944)
MARGOLIES  Robert Fleisher   Pg: 71 (ALL)
(b. 1942)
MARGOLIN  Esther   Pg: 2 (ALL)
MARGOLIUS  Benjamin   Pg: 107 (ALL)
MARGOLIUS  Benjamin Wallace   Pg: 107 (ALL)
MARGOLIUS  Elsie   Pg: 107 (ALL)
MARGOLIUS  Elsie F. Weill   Pg: 107 (ALL)
MARGOLIUS  Elsie Lee   Pg: 107 (ALL)
MARGOLIUS  Ida   Pg: 101 (ALL)
MARGOLIUS  Leroy Hecht   Pg: 107 (ALL)
MARGOLIUS  Maud Estelle Hecht   Pg: 107 (ALL)
MARGOLIUS  Russ Wade   Pg: 107 (ALL)
MARGOLIUS  Scott Benjamin   Pg: 107 (ALL)
MARGOLIUS  Susan Straus Oberndorfer   Pg: 107 (ALL)
MARIS  Jack   Pg: 208 (ALL)
MARIS  Virginia Phelps   Pg: 208 (ALL)
MARIS  Virginia Williams   Pg: 208 (ALL)
MARK  Carolyn Kahn   Pg: 86 (ALL)
MARK  Gloria Louise   Pg: 86 (ALL)
MARK  Hetty Cohen   Pg: 33 (ALL)
MARK  Isaac C.   Pg: 165 (ALL)
MARK  Juliet Ruth   Pg: 86 (ALL)
MARK  Mildred P.   Pg: 86 (ALL)
MARK  Miriam Gross Lehman   Pg: 86 (ALL)
MARK  Muriel   Pg: 33 (ALL)
MARK  Sarah Edwitha Bonita   Pg: 165 (ALL)
MARK  Solomon   Pg: 33 (ALL)
MARKENS  Anna Weiskopf   Pg: 181 (ALL)
MARKENS  Charles   Pg: 181 (ALL)
(b. 1853)
MARKENS  Elias   Pg: 181 (ALL)
MARKENS  George Washington   Pg: 128 (ALL)
(b. 1855)
MARKENS  Henry   Pg: 181 (ALL)
(b. 1857)
MARKENS  Isaac   Pg: 181 (ALL)
MARKENS  Rachel Benjamin   Pg: 181 (ALL)
MARKENS  Rosetta Friedlander Winter   Pg: 181 (ALL)
MARKENS  Zipporah   Pg: 128 (ALL)
MARKENS  Zipporah Lyon   Pg: 181 (ALL)
MARKHAM  Algernon Augustus   Pg: 77 (ALL)
MARKHAM  Anne Winifred   Pg: 77 (ALL)
MARKHAM  Constance Margaret   Pg: 77 (ALL)
MARKHAM  Gervase William   Pg: 77 (ALL)
MARKHAM  Hope Seymour Dorothy   Pg: 77 (ALL)
MARKHAM  Katherine Mary   Pg: 77 (ALL)
MARKHAM  Winifred Edith Barne   Pg: 77 (ALL)
MARKHEIM  Elizabeth Israel   Pg: 121 (ALL)
MARKHEIM  Joseph   Pg: 121 (ALL)
MARKHEIM  Leon   Pg: 121 (ALL)
MARKS  Abigail   Pg: 185 (ALL) Pg: 231 (ALL)
MARKS  Abraham   Pg: 184 (ALL)
(b. 1765)
MARKS  Abraham   Pg: 185 (ALL)
(b. 1792)
MARKS  Abraham   Pg: 187 (ALL)
MARKS  Ada Emanuel   Pg: 64 (ALL) Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Adah Esther   Pg: 150 (ALL)
MARKS  Adelaide   Pg: 15 (ALL)
MARKS  Agnes Lazarus   Pg: 150 (ALL) Pg: 328B (ALL)
MARKS  Alexander   Pg: 98 (ALL) Pg: 186 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  Alexander   Pg: 186 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  Alfred   Pg: 185 (ALL)
(b. 1803)
MARKS  Alfred Jacobs   Pg: 64 (ALL) Pg: 186 (ALL)
(b. 1853)
MARKS  Alma Vendig   Pg: 83 (ALL)
MARKS  Amelia (Minky)   Pg: 148 (ALL) Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Ann (Esther) Liberman   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Ann L.   Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  Anna   Pg: 10 (ALL) Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Anna Fenn   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARKS  Arthur Eliot (see Marsh, Arthur Eliot)  
MARKS  Barbara   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Belle Hays   Pg: 293 (ALL)
MARKS  Bertha   Pg: 187 (ALL)
MARKS  Blanche   Pg: 83 (ALL)
MARKS  Carolyn Cummins   Pg: 83 (ALL)
MARKS  Carrie   Pg: 125 (ALL)
MARKS  Carrie Gans   Pg: 83 (ALL)
MARKS  Cecil   Pg: 186 (ALL)
(b. 1857)
MARKS  Cecile Abrams   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Celia   Pg: 187 (ALL)
MARKS  Charles   Pg: 187 (ALL)
(b. 1869)
MARKS  Charles   Pg: 83 (ALL)
(b. 1915)
MARKS  Charles, Jr.   Pg: 83 (ALL)
MARKS  Clara   Pg: 103 (ALL) Pg: 242 (ALL)
MARKS  Clara Sugarman   Pg: 187 (ALL)
MARKS  Clarence   Pg: 83 (ALL)
MARKS  Clarence, Jr.   Pg: 83 (ALL)
MARKS  Clarissa Palmiter   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARKS  Comfort   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARKS  Constance Jacobs   Pg: 132 (ALL) Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Constance Pyke   Pg: 308 (ALL)
MARKS  Content   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARKS  Content (dau. of Zachariah)   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARKS  Content Merwin   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARKS  Cynthia White   Pg: 150 (ALL)
MARKS  David (b. 1818)   Pg: 187 (ALL)
MARKS  David (son of Alexander)   Pg: 186 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  Deborah   Pg: 34 (ALL) Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Dorothy Brandon   Pg: 102 (ALL)
MARKS  Eda   Pg: 187 (ALL)
MARKS  Edith   Pg: 335B (ALL)
MARKS  Edward   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARKS  Edward (son of Frederick)   Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  Edward B.   Pg: 161 (ALL)
MARKS  Edward F.   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Edwin   Pg: 186 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
(b. 1838)
MARKS  Edwin I.   Pg: 187 (ALL)
MARKS  Eileen Alice   Pg: 308 (ALL)
MARKS  Elias   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Eliza (see also Marks, Elizabeth (Eliza))  
MARKS  Eliza Hyams   Pg: 19 (ALL) Pg: 119 (ALL)
MARKS  Eliza Levy   Pg: 183 (ALL)
MARKS  Elizabeth   Pg: 184 (ALL)
(bapt. 1730)
MARKS  Elizabeth   Pg: 184 (ALL)
(bapt. 1742)
MARKS  Elizabeth (dau. of Frederick)   Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  Elizabeth (Eliza)   Pg: 186 (ALL) Pg: 332A (ALL)
(m. 1844)
MARKS  Elizabeth Hawkins   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARKS  Elizabeth Yorieu   Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Ella   Pg: 187 (ALL)
MARKS  Emanuel   Pg: 183 (ALL)
MARKS  Emogene   Pg: 19 (ALL)
MARKS  Estelle   Pg: 264 (ALL)
MARKS  Esther   Pg: 186 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  Esther (Hetty) Hart   Pg: 103 (ALL)
(b. 1766)
MARKS  Esther (Hetty) Hart   Pg: 98 (ALL) Pg: 186 (ALL)
(m. 1816)
MARKS  Esther H. Seixas   Pg: 264 (ALL)
MARKS  Esther Tolles Tuttle   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARKS  Ethel   Pg: 293 (ALL)
MARKS  Fanny   Pg: 186 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  Ferdinand   Pg: 171 (ALL)
MARKS  Florence   Pg: 293 (ALL)
MARKS  Frances   Pg: 186 (ALL)
(b. & d. 1817)
MARKS  Frances   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Frances (dau. of Frederick)   Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  Francis Marion   Pg: 132 (ALL) Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Frederick   Pg: 186 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  Frederick H.   Pg: 186 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  Frederick Humphrey   Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  George   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Geraldine   Pg: 282 (ALL) Pg: 339B (ALL)
MARKS  Godwin   Pg: 19 (ALL)
MARKS  Grace   Pg: 123 (ALL) Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Grace Seixas Judah Myers   Pg: 140 (ALL) Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Guy   Pg: 264 (ALL)
MARKS  Hannah   Pg: 276 (ALL)
MARKS  Harold   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Harriet Mitchell   Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Harry   Pg: 182 (ALL)
MARKS  Hart   Pg: 103 (ALL)
MARKS  Hayman (Hyman)   Pg: 140 (ALL) Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Helen Loeb   Pg: 187 (ALL)
MARKS  Helene   Pg: 83 (ALL)
MARKS  Henrietta   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Henry   Pg: 187 (ALL)
MARKS  Henry (Z'vi Hirsch)   Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Henry Hyman   Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Herbert E.   Pg: 161 (ALL)
MARKS  Herbert J.   Pg: 102 (ALL)
MARKS  Hettie Cohen   Pg: 33 (ALL)
MARKS  Hetty Hart (see Marks, Esther (Hetty) Hart)  
MARKS  Hetty or Kitty Benzaken   Pg: 19 (ALL)
MARKS  Hezekiah   Pg: 184 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  Hillel   Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Humphrey (Mordecai)   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Hyman (see Marks, Hayman (Hyman))  
MARKS  Ida   Pg: 186 (ALL)
(b. 1865)
MARKS  Isaac   Pg: 185 (ALL)
(b. 1732/41)
MARKS  Isaac   Pg: 103 (ALL)
(m. 1797)
MARKS  Isaac   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Isaac (son of Alexander)   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Isaac D.   Pg: 187 (ALL)
MARKS  Isaac Judah   Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Isaac N.   Pg: 186 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  Isabel   Pg: 186 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  J. Stephen II   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Jacob   Pg: 187 (ALL)
MARKS  Jacob Washington   Pg: 186 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  Jane Barham   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Jennie   Pg: 187 (ALL)
MARKS  Jochabed (Johavith) Isaacs   Pg: 120 (ALL) Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  John (son of Abraham)   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARKS  John (son of Julian David)   Pg: 150 (ALL)
MARKS  John B.   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  John Herbert   Pg: 105 (ALL)
MARKS  Joseph   Pg: 187 (ALL)
MARKS  Joseph Benzaken   Pg: 19 (ALL) Pg: 119 (ALL)
MARKS  Joseph Harrod   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Joseph Hart   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 186 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  Josephine   Pg: 19 (ALL)
MARKS  Julia   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Julia Ann   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARKS  Julia Esther   Pg: 64 (ALL) Pg: 186 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  Julia Pierpont Warne   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Julian David   Pg: 150 (ALL)
MARKS  Juliet   Pg: 133 (ALL)
MARKS  Kate   Pg: 150 (ALL) Pg: 328B (ALL)
MARKS  Katherine   Pg: 186 (ALL) Pg: 202 (ALL)
MARKS  Laura Epstein   Pg: 187 (ALL)
MARKS  Leah   Pg: 185 (ALL)
(b. 1806/8)
MARKS  Leah   Pg: 103 (ALL) Pg: 185 (ALL) Pg: 324B (ALL)
MARKS  Leah (dan. of Mayer)   Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Leonora   Pg: 186 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
(b. 1831)
MARKS  Levi   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARKS  Levy   Pg: 185 (ALL)
(b. 1797)
MARKS  Levy (Lipman)   Pg: 185 (ALL) Pg: 223 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  Lipman (see Marks, Levy (Lipman))  
MARKS  Mabel Edna   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Margaret Gladys   Pg: 150 (ALL) Pg: 311A (ALL) Pg: 328B (ALL)
MARKS  Maria (see Marks, Miriam (Maria))  
MARKS  Marion   Pg: 186 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  Marjorie   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Mark   Pg: 19 (ALL)
MARKS  Martin A.   Pg: 293 (ALL)
MARKS  Mary   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARKS  Mary Bryan   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARKS  Mary Burwell   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARKS  Matilda   Pg: 187 (ALL)
(b. 1850)
MARKS  Matilda   Pg: 103 (ALL)
MARKS  Mayer   Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Meyer Hart   Pg: 103 (ALL) Pg: 324B (ALL)
MARKS  Michael   Pg: 120 (ALL) Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Minky (see Marks, Amelia (Minky))  
MARKS  Miriam   Pg: 102 (ALL) Pg: 185 (ALL)
(b. 1846)
MARKS  Miriam   Pg: 185 (ALL) Pg: 233 (ALL)
MARKS  Miriam   Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Miriam   Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Miriam   Pg: 102 (ALL) Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Miriam (Maria)   Pg: 16 (ALL) Pg: 137 (ALL) Pg: 185 (ALL) Pg: 321A (ALL)
MARKS  Miriam Chuck   Pg: 161 (ALL)
MARKS  Miriam Simpson (or Simons)   Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Montague   Pg: 150 (ALL) Pg: 328B (ALL)
MARKS  Mordecai   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARKS  Mordecai (see also (Marks, Humphrey (Mordecai))  
MARKS  Mordecai, Jr.   Pg: 184 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  Moses   Pg: 185 (ALL)
(b. 1790)
MARKS  Muriel   Pg: 285 (ALL)
MARKS  Myer   Pg: 185 (ALL)
(b. 1772)
MARKS  Nancy Jean   Pg: 150 (ALL)
MARKS  Nancy P. Hollingsworth   Pg: 150 (ALL)
MARKS  Nehemiah   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARKS  Olivia Polock   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Oscar   Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  Paul   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Peggy Ann   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Philip   Pg: 150 (ALL)
(d. 1915)
MARKS  Philip, Jr.   Pg: 150 (ALL)
MARKS  Rachel   Pg: 185 (ALL)
(ca. 1747-1797)
MARKS  Rachel (dau. of Isaac)   Pg: 103 (ALL)
MARKS  Rachel Polak   Pg: 182 (ALL)
MARKS  Rachel Solomon   Pg: 185 (ALL) Pg: 223 (ALL)
MARKS  Rai Fox   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Rebecca   Pg: 48 (ALL) Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Rebecca (dau. of Fredericks)   Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  Rebecca (dau. of Isaac)   Pg: 103 (ALL)
MARKS  Rebecca H. (see Marks, Ann L.)  
MARKS  Rebecca M.   Pg: 186 (ALL)
(d. 1855)
MARKS  Robert   Pg: 187 (ALL)
MARKS  Rose Lewis Goldberg   Pg: 171 (ALL)
MARKS  Sally Bethia   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARKS  Samson   Pg: 185 (ALL)
(b. 1794)
MARKS  Samuel Mandel   Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Samuel Tobias   Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Sarah   Pg: 182 (ALL) Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Sarah Anne   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARKS  Sarah Cohen   Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Sarah Edwitha   Pg: 165 (ALL) Pg: 185 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  Sarah Elizabeth Godwin   Pg: 19 (ALL)
MARKS  Sarah Harris   Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  See also Marx  
MARKS  Solomon   Pg: 185 (ALL)
(b. 1774)
MARKS  Solomon   Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Solomon, Jr.   Pg: 185 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
(d. 1827)
MARKS  Sophie (dau. of Isaac D.)   Pg: 187 (ALL)
MARKS  Sophie Wertheimer   Pg: 187 (ALL)
MARKS  Stephen III   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Susan   Pg: 150 (ALL)
MARKS  Susan Joan   Pg: 102 (ALL)
MARKS  Suzanne   Pg: 83 (ALL)
MARKS  Theodore   Pg: 186 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  Thomas Humphrey   Pg: 332B (ALL)
MARKS  Vera   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARKS  Walter   Pg: 308 (ALL)
MARKS  Warrick   Pg: 264 (ALL)
(b. 1857)
MARKS  Washington (see Marks, Jacob Washington)  
MARKS  William   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARKS  Z'vi Hirsch (see Marks, Henry (Zvi Hirsch))  
MARKS  Zachariah   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARKS  Zanvil   Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARKS  Zephaniah   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MARKS (MARX)  Abraham   Pg: 264 (ALL)
MARKSTEIN  Fannie   Pg: 295 (ALL)
MARLOW  Nettie   Pg: 206 (ALL)
MARONI  Maria Lumbroso   Pg: 246 (ALL)
MARONI  Palo   Pg: 246 (ALL)
MARQUES  (Jacob?) Rodriguez   Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARQUES  Esther   Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARQUES  Esther de Salomon Levy Maduro   Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARQUES  Isaac Rodriguez   Pg: 185 (ALL)
(d. 1706/7)
MARQUES  Jacob Rodriguez   Pg: 185 (ALL)
MARQUES  Rachel   Pg: 185 (ALL)
(b. 1677)
MARQUES  Rachel   Pg: 185 (ALL)
(d. 1733)
MARQUES  Rachel   Pg: 185 (ALL)
(m. 1743)
MARQUES  Rebecca   Pg: 185 (ALL)
(d. 1697)
MARQUES (MARCHAZE)  Esther   Pg: 85 (ALL) Pg: 185 (ALL)
(ca. 1689-1718)
MARQUIS  Gladys   Pg: 107 (ALL)
MARRITS  Joyce I.   Pg: 235 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
MARROW  Lillian   Pg: 113 (ALL)
MARSDEN  Herbert P.   Pg: 331B (ALL)
MARSDEN  Winfred Claire   Pg: 331B (ALL)
MARSH  Arthur Eliot   Pg: 186 (ALL)
MARSH  Margaret   Pg: 117 (ALL)
MARSHALL  (Nancy) Ann   Pg: 58 (ALL)
MARSHALL  Ann   Pg: 28 (ALL)
MARSHALL  Armina   Pg: 60 (ALL)
MARSHALL  Ella Gratz   Pg: 87 (ALL)
MARSHALL  Flora   Pg: 25 (ALL)
MARSHALL  Henry Clay   Pg: 87 (ALL)
MARSHALL  Mamie   Pg: 25 (ALL)
MARSHALL  Maria   Pg: 251 (ALL)
MARSHALL  Mary Louise   Pg: 336B (ALL)
MARSHALL  Rose   Pg: 25 (ALL)
MARSHUETZ  Adolph   Pg: 30 (ALL)
(b. 1840)
MARSHUETZ  Adolph G.   Pg: 30 (ALL)
(b. 1908)
MARSHUETZ  Charity Solis Carvalho   Pg: 30 (ALL)
MARSHUETZ  Ethel   Pg: 30 (ALL)
MARSHUETZ  Isabel Baird   Pg: 30 (ALL)
MARSHUETZ  Jules Carvalho   Pg: 30 (ALL)
MARSHUETZ  Richard Jones   Pg: 30 (ALL)
(b. 1942)
MARSHUETZ  Rita J.   Pg: 30 (ALL)
(b. 1916)
MARSHUETZ  Rosemary Stanislaus Murray   Pg: 24 (ALL)
MARSHUETZ  Sarah Nunes   Pg: 30 (ALL)
MARSHUETZ  Solomon Nunes Carvalho   Pg: 30 (ALL)
MARSHUETZ  Sophie   Pg: 30 (ALL)
MARSHUETZ  William Baird   Pg: 30 (ALL)
(b. 1936)
MARTIN  Abigail   Pg: 220 (ALL) Pg: 277 (ALL)
MARTIN  Abigail   Pg: 277 (ALL)
MARTIN  Alicia   Pg: 330A (ALL)
MARTIN  Anna Serena   Pg: 256 (ALL)
MARTIN  Beryl   Pg: 18 (ALL)
MARTIN  Betty Lou Polis   Pg: 283 (ALL)
MARTIN  Carl   Pg: 283 (ALL)
MARTIN  Cecilia Blanche Moise Brink   Pg: 196 (ALL)
MARTIN  Clifton Joseph   Pg: 196 (ALL)
MARTIN  Elsa Rosenberg   Pg: 277 (ALL)
MARTIN  Emanuel   Pg: 277 (ALL)
MARTIN  Esther (Hester) Solomons   Pg: 277 (ALL)
MARTIN  Florence   Pg: 277 (ALL)
(b. 1889)
MARTIN  Florence Evangeline Colete Northey Clowes   Pg: 78 (ALL)
MARTIN  Frederick L.   Pg: 123 (ALL) Pg: 277 (ALL)
MARTIN  Harold   Pg: 277 (ALL)
(b. 1886)
MARTIN  Henry   Pg: 277 (ALL)
(b. 1842)
MARTIN  Humphrey Trice   Pg: 78 (ALL)
MARTIN  Jemima Anne Frances   Pg: 81 (ALL)
MARTIN  Lazarus Y.   Pg: 277 (ALL)
MARTIN  Marie Louise (Minnie) Hyneman   Pg: 123 (ALL) Pg: 277 (ALL)
MARTIN  Marie Thalie   Pg: 145 (ALL)
MARTIN  Mary Pauline Kreutz   Pg: 277 (ALL)
MARTIN  Morris   Pg: 277 (ALL)
MARTIN  Nancy   Pg: 222 (ALL)
MARTIN  Simon   Pg: 277 (ALL)
MARTIN  Stella   Pg: 277 (ALL)
MARTIN  Stephen   Pg: 299 (ALL)
MARTIN  Susan Elizabeth McKee   Pg: 299 (ALL)
MARTINEZ  Angela Haden-Guest   Pg: 82 (ALL)
MARTINEZ  Maria De Los Angeles   Pg: 336A (ALL)
MARTINEZ  Orlando   Pg: 82 (ALL)
MARVEL  Margaret Porter   Pg: 157 (ALL)
MARX  Adelaide   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MARX  Adelheid   Pg: 282 (ALL) Pg: 283 (ALL)
MARX  Adeline   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MARX  Asher   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MARX  Betty   Pg: 282 (ALL)
MARX  Blanche Hirsch   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MARX  Caroline   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MARX  Catherine Stout   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MARX  Charles   Pg: 106 (ALL) Pg: 188 (ALL)
MARX  D. Harriet   Pg: 67 (ALL) Pg: 188 (ALL)
MARX  Elizabeth Rosa Hays   Pg: 106 (ALL) Pg: 188 (ALL)
MARX  Emma   Pg: 188 (ALL)
(d. 1859)
MARX  Emma   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MARX  Frances   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MARX  Frances   Pg: 67 (ALL) Pg: 188 (ALL)
MARX  Francis (son of George)   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MARX  Frank   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MARX  Frederick   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MARX  Gabriela Whitlock   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MARX  George   Pg: 188 (ALL)
(d. bef. 1858)
MARX  George (son of Francis)   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MARX  Gidele (see Marx, Klara (Gidele))  
MARX  Hanna   Pg: 293 (ALL)
MARX  Hannah   Pg: 282 (ALL)
MARX  Henrietta   Pg: 188 (ALL)
(d. 1819)
MARX  Henry Carroll   Pg: 188 (ALL)
(d. 1848)
MARX  John L.   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MARX  Joseph   Pg: 188 (ALL) Pg: 217 (ALL)
MARX  Judas   Pg: 282 (ALL)
MARX  Judith   Pg: 188 (ALL) Pg: 218 (ALL)
(m. 1826)
MARX  Klara (Gidele)   Pg: 91 (ALL)
MARX  Louisa   Pg: 188 (ALL) Pg: 218 (ALL)
MARX  Marie Ann Klotz   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MARX  Mary Cox   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MARX  Moses   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MARX  Phillip   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MARX  Pierre   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MARX  Rachel   Pg: 304 (ALL)
MARX  Regenia   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MARX  Richea Myers   Pg: 188 (ALL) Pg: 217 (ALL)
MARX  Sallie Johnson   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MARX  Sally   Pg: 41 (ALL) Pg: 189 (ALL)
MARX  Samuel   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MARX  Samuel   Pg: 236 (ALL)
MARX  See also Marks  
MARX  Selina   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MARX  Simon (Sissel)   Pg: 236 (ALL)
MARX  Sissel (see Marx, Simon (Sissel))  
MARX  Venie Simpson   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MARX  Wilhelmina   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MARX  Wilma   Pg: 162 (ALL)
(b. 1888)
MASELLA  Bartholomew   Pg: 282 (ALL)
MASELLA  Patricia Stern   Pg: 282 (ALL)
MASON  Catalina   Pg: 220 (ALL)
MASON  Frances Colquhoun   Pg: 217 (ALL)
MASON  Frances Colquhoun Wellford   Pg: 217 (ALL)
MASON  John   Pg: 105 (ALL)
MASON  John T. III   Pg: 217 (ALL)
MASON  John Tenney, Jr.   Pg: 217 (ALL)
MASON  Katherine Parke   Pg: 217 (ALL)
MASON  Mary Catherine Hays   Pg: 105 (ALL)
MASON  Mary Denkla   Pg: 80 (ALL)
MASON  Theodorus Bailey Myers   Pg: 220 (ALL)
MASSE  Angelique   Pg: 135 (ALL)
MASSEL  Jean Magnus   Pg: 8 (ALL)
MASSEL  Joan   Pg: 8 (ALL)
MASSEL  Lynann   Pg: 8 (ALL)
MASSEL  Mark   Pg: 8 (ALL)
MASSELL  Shirley   Pg: 278 (ALL)
MASSY  Grace   Pg: 327A (ALL)
MASTERS  Carrie Betts   Pg: 140 (ALL)
MATALES  Jean Leah Phillips   Pg: 244 (ALL)
MATALES  Simon   Pg: 244 (ALL)
MATEMAN  Ella   Pg: 248 (ALL)
MATHEW  Ellen   Pg: 105 (ALL)
MATHEWS  Edel   Pg: 311B (ALL)
MATHEWS  Virginia   Pg: 222 (ALL)
MATHIS  Marion Ronsheim   Pg: 3 (ALL)
MATLACK  Constance R.   Pg: 156 (ALL)
MATSUMOTO  Tsungi Takeuchi   Pg: 2 (ALL)
MATSUOMINA  Maruko   Pg: 2 (ALL)
MATT  Bertha   Pg: 239 (ALL)
MATTHEWES  Adele   Pg: 117 (ALL)
MATTHEWS  Blanche Samuel   Pg: 260 (ALL)
MATTHEWS  Robert Edwin   Pg: 260 (ALL)
(m. 1888)
MAULE  Mae   Pg: 335B (ALL)
MAURY  Beatrice   Pg: 224 (ALL)
MAW  Dorothy   Pg: 46 (ALL)
MAWSON  Carol   Pg: 259 (ALL)
MAWSON  Dinah   Pg: 181 (ALL)
MAXWELL  Charles R.   Pg: 181 (ALL) Pg: 312A (ALL) Pg: 332A (ALL)
MAXWELL  Edward Wesley   Pg: 257 (ALL)
MAXWELL  Elizabeth Emily Scheuer   Pg: 181 (ALL) Pg: 312A (ALL) Pg: 332A (ALL)
MAXWELL  Elizabeth Lynn   Pg: 312A (ALL) Pg: 332A (ALL)
MAXWELL  John Worthen   Pg: 312A (ALL) Pg: 332A (ALL)
MAXWELL  Lynne   Pg: 257 (ALL)
(b. 1946)
MAXWELL  Virginia Newland   Pg: 257 (ALL)
MAXWELL (COONEY)  Virginia Carroll   Pg: 239 (ALL)
MAXWELL (COONEY)  Walter Julian   Pg: 239 (ALL)
MAXWELL (COONEY)  William Patrick   Pg: 239 (ALL)
MAY  Ada (see Schlessinger, Ada May)  
MAY  Charles   Pg: 10 (ALL)
MAY  Emita Wolff   Pg: 305 (ALL)
MAY  Fanny   Pg: 295 (ALL) Pg: 305 (ALL)
MAY  Josephine   Pg: 305 (ALL)
MAY  Lewis   Pg: 305 (ALL)
MAY  Rosalie Allen   Pg: 10 (ALL)
MAY  Sarah   Pg: 75 (ALL)
MAYBAUM  Dorothy   Pg: 295 (ALL)
MAYBAUM  Florence Tim   Pg: 295 (ALL)
MAYBAUM  Jack   Pg: 295 (ALL)
MAYBIN  Margaret   Pg: 93 (ALL)
MAYCOCK  Alan   Pg: 2 (ALL)
MAYCOCK  Enid Lewin   Pg: 2 (ALL)
MAYCOCK  Jill   Pg: 2 (ALL)
MAYER  (Jacob) John   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MAYER  Abby Ancker   Pg: 11 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Adelaide   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MAYER  Adele   Pg: 235 (ALL)
MAYER  Adele Mayer   Pg: 235 (ALL)
MAYER  Adele Wolff   Pg: 8 (ALL)
MAYER  Adeline Hackenburg Teller   Pg: 92 (ALL)
MAYER  Adolph Henry   Pg: 190 (ALL) Pg: 338A (ALL)
MAYER  Alfred   Pg: 92 (ALL)
MAYER  Anne M. (see Mayer, Emma Kass (Anne M.))  
MAYER  Arthur P.   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Augusta Kyle   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Benjamin   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MAYER  Bertha Block   Pg: 25 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Bessie   Pg: 11 (ALL)
MAYER  Bessie Gwendolyn Herzberg   Pg: 229 (ALL) Pg: 335 (ALL)
MAYER  Betty   Pg: 20 (ALL)
MAYER  Carrie (Caroline)   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MAYER  Catherine   Pg: 20 (ALL)
MAYER  Cathy Ann   Pg: 335A (ALL)
MAYER  Charles E.   Pg: 3 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Clara   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Claude   Pg: 2 (ALL)
MAYER  Clementine   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MAYER  Cornelia Poor   Pg: 68 (ALL)
MAYER  David B.   Pg: 282 (ALL) Pg: 339B (ALL)
MAYER  Dene Stern   Pg: 282 (ALL) Pg: 339B (ALL)
MAYER  Edgar S.   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Edmonia   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Edmonia Toney   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Edward (son of Elias)   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Edward (son of Louis H.)   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Edwin   Pg: 249 (ALL)
MAYER  Eleanor Louisa (Ella)   Pg: 189 (ALL) Pg: 312A (ALL)
(b. 1860)
MAYER  Elias   Pg: 11 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Elizabeth   Pg: 171 (ALL)
MAYER  Ella (see Mayer, Eleanor Louisa (Ella))  
MAYER  Emma   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MAYER  Emma Kass (Anne M.)   Pg: 249 (ALL)
MAYER  Emma Roos   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MAYER  Fannie Abrahams   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Fanny Abraham   Pg: 3 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Fanny M.   Pg: 68 (ALL)
(b. & d. 1854)
MAYER  Fanny M.   Pg: 68 (ALL)
MAYER  Felice   Pg: 20 (ALL)
MAYER  Florence Buchanan   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Frances Poor   Pg: 68 (ALL)
MAYER  Frances Solomons   Pg: 247 (ALL) Pg: 277 (ALL)
MAYER  Frieda   Pg: 320B (ALL)
MAYER  Gertrude   Pg: 143 (ALL)
MAYER  Harriet   Pg: 24 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Harry Albert   Pg: 335A (ALL)
MAYER  Hennie   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MAYER  Henry   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Henry Clay   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Herbert   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Herbert J.   Pg: 334B (ALL)
MAYER  Herman   Pg: 22 (ALL)
(d. 1928)
MAYER  Hetty Adelia   Pg: 2 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Hilda Marie   Pg: 261 (ALL)
MAYER  Ida Katherine Beraheim   Pg: 20 (ALL)
MAYER  Ionie Poor   Pg: 68 (ALL)
(b. 1851)
MAYER  Jeanette Reis   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MAYER  Jennie Rosenbach   Pg: 22 (ALL)
MAYER  Joan   Pg: 16 (ALL)
MAYER  John S.   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  John, Jr.   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MAYER  Joseph Eggleston Johnson   Pg: 189 (ALL) Pg: 312A (ALL)
(b. 1822)
MAYER  Josephine Bomeisler   Pg: 26 (ALL)
MAYER  Julia   Pg: 26 (ALL)
MAYER  Julia Moss   Pg: 20 (ALL)
(b. 1876)
MAYER  Juliet   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Kate (dau. of Adolph H.)   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Kate (m. Rolly Jones)   Pg: 20 (ALL)
MAYER  Katharine   Pg: 26 (ALL)
MAYER  Laura Schwed   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Laurence L.   Pg: 247 (ALL)
MAYER  Lazarus   Pg: 26 (ALL)
MAYER  Leo Adolph   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Leonard Bernard   Pg: 20 (ALL)
(b. 1874)
MAYER  Lillian M. Phillips   Pg: 249 (ALL)
MAYER  Linda Gwen   Pg: 335A (ALL)
MAYER  Lisa Dene   Pg: 339B (ALL)
MAYER  Louis Alexander   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Louis H.   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Louise   Pg: 16 (ALL) Pg: 321A (ALL)
MAYER  Mae   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MAYER  Mary Jane   Pg: 247 (ALL)
MAYER  Mary Terry Kyle   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Maurice   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MAYER  Melanie   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MAYER  Milicent   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Minnie   Pg: 26 (ALL)
MAYER  Morris (from Berlin)   Pg: 235 (ALL)
MAYER  Morris (from Hanover)   Pg: 235 (ALL)
MAYER  Morris (son of S. Bernard)   Pg: 20 (ALL)
MAYER  Morris S.   Pg: 9 (ALL)
MAYER  Ophelia (dau. of John)   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MAYER  Ophelia (dau. of Simon)   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MAYER  Oscar Solomon   Pg: 26 (ALL)
MAYER  Peter Lee   Pg: 339B (ALL)
MAYER  Phineas M.   Pg: 25 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Raphael   Pg: 277 (ALL)
MAYER  Rebecca   Pg: 235 (ALL)
MAYER  Rebecca Teller   Pg: 92 (ALL)
(b. 1893)
MAYER  Richard   Pg: 20 (ALL)
MAYER  Richard, Jr.   Pg: 20 (ALL)
MAYER  Rosa   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Rosa Adelaide Philipson   Pg: 190 (ALL) Pg: 338A (ALL)
MAYER  Rosa Goldsmith   Pg: 21 (ALL)
MAYER  Rosalie   Pg: 143 (ALL)
MAYER  Rose Abraham   Pg: 2 (ALL)
MAYER  Roslyne   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  S. Bernard   Pg: 20 (ALL)
(d. 1926)
MAYER  Sandra Goldberg   Pg: 335A (ALL)
MAYER  Sara   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Sarah Gertrude Oppenheim   Pg: 235 (ALL)
MAYER  Sarah Henry Solomon   Pg: 247 (ALL)
MAYER  Simon   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MAYER  Susana   Pg: 16 (ALL)
MAYER  Theresa   Pg: 189 (ALL)
MAYER  Therese   Pg: 306 (ALL)
MAYER  Walter Scott (son of Adolph Henry)   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  Walter Scott (son of Leo Adolph)   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MAYER  William   Pg: 21 (ALL)
MAYERSFIELD  Gail   Pg: 328A (ALL)
MAYERSFIELD  Irving   Pg: 328A (ALL)
MAYERSFIELD  Judith Lee Lechtman   Pg: 328A (ALL)
MAYERSFIELD  Mark   Pg: 328A (ALL)
MAYHOFF  Amelia Levy   Pg: 159 (ALL)
MAYHOFF  Bernard   Pg: 26 (ALL)
MAYHOFF  Charles   Pg: 159 (ALL)
MAYHOFF  Edith Brandon   Pg: 26 (ALL)
MAYHOFF  Monroe   Pg: 159 (ALL)
MAYHOFF  Virginia   Pg: 159 (ALL)
(b. 1892)
MAYNARDIER  Sally Sandford   Pg: 200 (ALL)
MAYO  Adeline   Pg: 188 (ALL)
(b. 1842)
MAYO  Adeline Marx   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MAYO  Arthur R.   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MAYO  Edward   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MAYO  Edward Carrington   Pg: 188 (ALL)
(d. 1852)
MAYO  Edward Carrington (m. Kate Harris)   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MAYO  Emma Carrington   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MAYO  George W., Jr.   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MAYO  George washington   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MAYO  Harriet Etting   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MAYO  John   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MAYO  John W.   Pg: 37 (ALL)
MAYO  Josephine   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MAYO  Julia Cabell   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MAYO  Kate   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MAYO  Kate Harris   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MAYO  Lewis Randolph   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MAYO  Lottie   Pg: 174 (ALL)
MAYO  Louisa   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MAYO  Louisa Allen   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MAYO  Louisa Randolph   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MAYO  Maria   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MAYO  Mary Johnson (Jackie) Stockard   Pg: 333A (ALL)
MAYO  Robert Randolph   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MAYO  Roberta Davis Ogg   Pg: 37 (ALL)
MAYO  Sarah   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MAYO  Sarah Wise   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MAYO  William   Pg: 333A (ALL)
MAYO  William Carrington   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MAYSOR  David   Pg: 44 (ALL)
(d. 1780)
MAYSOR  Rebecca   Pg: 44 (ALL) Pg: 119 (ALL) Pg: 120 (ALL)
MAYSOR  Sarah Da Costa   Pg: 44 (ALL)
MAZERAT  Rita Louise   Pg: 199 (ALL)
MAZONOWICZ  Douglas H.   Pg: 314A (ALL)
MAZONOWICZ  Susan Warms Sulzberger   Pg: 314A (ALL)
MC ALLISTER  Edith   Pg: 116 (ALL)
MC ALLISTER  Hall   Pg: 116 (ALL)
MC ALLISTER  James Ray (Jimmy)   Pg: 173 (ALL)
MC ALLISTER  Louise Hermann   Pg: 116 (ALL)
MC ALLISTER  Mary (Miriam)   Pg: 11 (ALL)
MC ALPIN  Adelaide R.   Pg: 158 (ALL)
MC BEE  Martha Turner   Pg: 333B (ALL)
MC BLAIR  Alexander McDonald   Pg: 156 (ALL)
(b. 1850)
MC BLAIR  Alice   Pg: 156 (ALL)
(b. 1852)
MC BLAIR  Alice (dau. of William)   Pg: 156 (ALL)
MC BLAIR  Alice Switzer   Pg: 156 (ALL)
MC BLAIR  Alicia   Pg: 156 (ALL)
MC BLAIR  Alicia Thompson   Pg: 156 (ALL)
MC BLAIR  Andrew Jackson   Pg: 156 (ALL)
(b. 1852)
MC BLAIR  Augusta Gadsby   Pg: 156 (ALL)
MC BLAIR  Augustus   Pg: 156 (ALL)
MC BLAIR  Caroline   Pg: 156 (ALL)
MC BLAIR  Charles Henry   Pg: 156 (ALL)
MC BLAIR  Charles R., Jr.   Pg: 156 (ALL)
(b. 1888)
MC BLAIR  Charles Ridgely   Pg: 156 (ALL)
(b. 1849)
MC BLAIR  Charles Ridgely   Pg: 156 (ALL)
MC BLAIR  Duncan   Pg: 156 (ALL)
MC BLAIR  Elizabeth Campbell   Pg: 156 (ALL)
(b. 1818)
MC BLAIR  Emily Augusta   Pg: 156 (ALL)
MC BLAIR  Eugenia   Pg: 156 (ALL)
MC BLAIR  Fanny Duncan   Pg: 156 (ALL)
MC BLAIR  Florence Parr   Pg: 156 (ALL)
MC BLAIR  George Myers   Pg: 156 (ALL)
(b. 1850)
MC BLAIR  Harry   Pg: 156 (ALL)
MC BLAIR  John Gadsby   Pg: 156 (ALL)
(b. 1836)
MC BLAIR  John H. Jr.   Pg: 156 (ALL)
(b. 1843)
MC BLAIR  John Hollins   Pg: 156 (ALL)
(b. 1812)
MC BLAIR  Julia Ten Eyck   Pg: 156 (ALL)
(b. 1847)
MC BLAIR  Louisa Pleasance   Pg: 156 (ALL)
(b. 1846)
MC BLAIR  Lyde Goodwin   Pg: 156 (ALL)
(b. 1802)
MC BLAIR  Lyde Goodwin   Pg: 156 (ALL)
MC BLAIR  Margaret   Pg: 156 (ALL)
(b. 1843)
MC BLAIR  Mary Pleasance   Pg: 156 (ALL)
(b. 1849)
MC BLAIR  Mary Walsh   Pg: 156 (ALL)
MC BLAIR  Mathilde Loockerman   Pg: 156 (ALL)
MC BLAIR  Michael   Pg: 155 (ALL) Pg: 156 (ALL)
(ca. 1776-1861)
MC BLAIR  Pleasance Goodwin   Pg: 155 (ALL) Pg: 156 (ALL)
MC BLAIR  Pleasance Maria   Pg: 156 (ALL)
(b. 1819)
MC BLAIR  Robert Walsh   Pg: 156 (ALL)
MC BLAIR  Samuel Marx   Pg: 156 (ALL)
(b. 1856)
MC BLAIR  Thomas Parkin   Pg: 156 (ALL)
MC BLAIR  Virginia   Pg: 156 (ALL)
(m. 1870)
MC BLAIR  Virginia (dau. of William)   Pg: 156 (ALL)
MC BLAIR  Virginia Gadsby   Pg: 156 (ALL)
MC BLAIR  Virginia Hartstone   Pg: 156 (ALL)
(b. 1863)
MC BLAIR  Virginia Myers   Pg: 156 (ALL) Pg: 218 (ALL)
MC BLAIR  William   Pg: 156 (ALL)
(b. 1848)
MC BLAIR  William   Pg: 156 (ALL) Pg: 218 (ALL)
MC BRIDE  Charles   Pg: 26 (ALL)
MC BRIDE  Josephine Bomeisler   Pg: 26 (ALL)
MC BURNEY  Bridget   Pg: 158 (ALL)
MC BURNEY  Helen Dorothy Moran   Pg: 158 (ALL)
MC BURNEY  Malcolm   Pg: 158 (ALL)
MC BURNEY  Norma   Pg: 158 (ALL)
MC CABE  Celene C.   Pg: 230 (ALL)
MC CALLAN  Hannah   Pg: 335B (ALL)
MC CANN  Malta E.   Pg: 174 (ALL)
MC CARTHA  Camille C. Peixotto   Pg: 240 (ALL)
MC CARTHA  Harry   Pg: 240 (ALL)
MC CARTHA  Harry Cohen   Pg: 240 (ALL)
MC CARTHY  Mary Jane Riesenfeld   Pg: 111 (ALL) Pg: 310A (ALL)
MC CARTHY  Vincent P.   Pg: 310A (ALL)
MC CAULEY  Anna Serena   Pg: 256 (ALL)
MC CAULEY  George Marion   Pg: 256 (ALL)
MC CAULEY  Janie Russell Gustin   Pg: 256 (ALL)
MC CAULEY  William Francis   Pg: 256 (ALL)
MC CAUSLAND  Gertrude Fisher   Pg: 168 (ALL)
MC CAUSLAND  Marcus   Pg: 168 (ALL)
MC CAUSLAND  Nellie   Pg: 168 (ALL)
MC CAUSLAND  Ross   Pg: 128 (ALL)
MC CAUSLAND  Ruth Roberta Robinson   Pg: 128 (ALL)
MC CLELLAN  Edith Maud   Pg: 105 (ALL)
MC CLELLAND  Florence   Pg: 188 (ALL)
MC CLENAHAN  Jane Dorcas   Pg: 205 (ALL)
MC CLENAHAN  John L.   Pg: 118 (ALL)
MC CLENAHAN  John S.   Pg: 118 (ALL)
MC CLENAHAN  Rita S. Bullitt   Pg: 118 (ALL)
MC CLENAHAN  Susan S.   Pg: 118 (ALL)
MC CLOUD  Dorothy Levy   Pg: 166 (ALL)
MC CLOUD  William C.   Pg: 166 (ALL)
MC CLURE  Alexander K.   Pg: 87 (ALL)
MC CLURE  Cora Gratz   Pg: 87 (ALL)
MC CLURE  Eliza J.   Pg: 45 (ALL) Pg: 322B (ALL)
MC COMAS  Sarah   Pg: 158 (ALL)
MC COMMON  Mary Nettie Sheftall   Pg: 270 (ALL)
MC COMMON  Thomas Jefferson   Pg: 270 (ALL)
MC CONNICK  Kate   Pg: 70 (ALL)
MC CORD  John   Pg: 276 (ALL)
MC CORD  John Samuel   Pg: 276 (ALL)
MC CORD  Sarah (Sally) Solomons   Pg: 276 (ALL)
MC CORD  Thomas   Pg: 276 (ALL)
MC CORD  William King   Pg: 276 (ALL)
MC CORKLE  Minnie   Pg: 268 (ALL)
MC CORMICK  Elvie Isabell Carson   Pg: 180 (ALL)
MC CORMICK  Gus   Pg: 180 (ALL)
MC COY  Anna Pearl Stone   Pg: 237 (ALL)
MC COY  Dan W.   Pg: 237 (ALL)
MC CRARY  Ruth   Pg: 171 (ALL)
MC CRAY  Sherry Lynn   Pg: 53 (ALL)
MC CULLEY  Florence   Pg: 52 (ALL)
MC CULLOUGH  Mary   Pg: 298 (ALL)
MC CUTCHEON  Betty Elizabeth   Pg: 37 (ALL)
MC DAVID  John Royal   Pg: 4 (ALL)
MC DAVID  Lee Horton   Pg: 4 (ALL)
MC DAVID  Rita Laura Horton   Pg: 4 (ALL)
MC DONALD  Louise   Pg: 196 (ALL)
MC DONALD  Matilda C.   Pg: 157 (ALL)
MC DONNELL  Beverly R.   Pg: 288 (ALL)
MC DONOUGH  Henry   Pg: 140 (ALL)
MC DONOUGH  Julia Raymond   Pg: 140 (ALL)
MC DONOUGH  Louis R.   Pg: 140 (ALL)
MC DOWELL  E.   Pg: 257 (ALL)
MC ELHENEY  Carol Davis   Pg: 48 (ALL)
MC ELHENEY  Eve   Pg: 48 (ALL)
MC ELHENEY  John Vern   Pg: 48 (ALL)
MC ELHENEY  Thomas Owen   Pg: 48 (ALL)
MC ELHENEY  William Alson   Pg: 48 (ALL)
MC ELVEEN  Henry Moody Jr.   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 164 (ALL)
MC ELVEEN  Mary Alice Kohn   Pg: 89 (ALL)
MC GEE  Edward   Pg: 201 (ALL)
MC GEE  Josephine Mordecai   Pg: 201 (ALL)
MC GEE  Ruth   Pg: 48 (ALL)
MC GILL  Alice Hyneman   Pg: 123 (ALL)
MC GILL  William R.   Pg: 123 (ALL)
MC GILVRA  Virginia   Pg: 133 (ALL)
MC GLASHAN  Anne Willis Mendes-Seixas   Pg: 168 (ALL)
MC GLASHAN  Peter   Pg: 168 (ALL)
MC GREGOR  Jessie Louise   Pg: 199 (ALL)
MC GUNAGLE  Edith C. Levin Gant   Pg: 233 (ALL)
MC GUNAGLE  John   Pg: 233 (ALL)
MC HARG  Katherine Van Allen   Pg: 36 (ALL)
MC ILRANEY  Elizabeth   Pg: 206 (ALL)
MC INDOE  Charles   Pg: 195 (ALL)
MC INDOE  Charles Leslie   Pg: 195 (ALL)
MC INDOE  Philah Augusta Moise   Pg: 195 (ALL)
MC INTOSH  Alma De Leon Merrill   Pg: 55 (ALL)
MC INTOSH  Daisy   Pg: 66 (ALL)
MC INTOSH  James Lucas   Pg: 55 (ALL)
MC KAY  Edgeworth   Pg: 195 (ALL)
MC KAY  Josephine Banks   Pg: 270 (ALL)
MC KEE  Annie   Pg: 325B (ALL)
MC KEE  Dorothy M.   Pg: 129 (ALL)
MC KEE  Frances   Pg: 94 (ALL)
MC KEE  Frank   Pg: 129 (ALL)
MC KEE  Jessie Randolph Tobias   Pg: 299 (ALL)
MC KEE  John   Pg: 129 (ALL)
MC KEE  Margaret Eleanor   Pg: 299 (ALL)
MC KEE  Nellie Jackson   Pg: 129 (ALL)
MC KEE  Randolph   Pg: 229 (ALL)
(b. 1944)
MC KEE  Randolph Lowe   Pg: 229 (ALL)
MC KEE  Ruth   Pg: 129 (ALL)
MC KEE  Samuel   Pg: 129 (ALL)
MC KEE  Samuel, Jr.   Pg: 129 (ALL)
MC KEE  Susan Elizabeth   Pg: 299 (ALL)
MC KEE  Thomas   Pg: 299 (ALL)
MC KEE  Thomas Lowe   Pg: 299 (ALL)
MC KENNA  Helen   Pg: 5 (ALL)
MC KENNEY  Arabella D. Wise   Pg: 106 (ALL)
MC KENNEY  Elizabeth   Pg: 106 (ALL)
MC KENNEY  Hays   Pg: 106 (ALL)
MC KENNEY  James   Pg: 106 (ALL)
MC KENNEY  Jane Hays   Pg: 106 (ALL)
MC KENNEY  Marion Sims   Pg: 106 (ALL)
(b. 1877)
MC KENNEY  Richard James   Pg: 106 (ALL)
(b. 1827)
MC KENNEY  Samuel Tompleham   Pg: 106 (ALL)
MC KENZIE  Elain   Pg: 327A (ALL)
MC KESSON  Catherine Lawrence   Pg: 232 (ALL)
MC KIMMIE  Christine Elizabeth   Pg: 138 (ALL)
MC KNIGHT  George   Pg: 133 (ALL)
MC KNIGHT  Isabel Taylor   Pg: 133 (ALL)
MC KNIGHT  Miriam   Pg: 133 (ALL)
MC LAUGHLIN  Jean   Pg: 127 (ALL)
MC LEAN  Frances   Pg: 108 (ALL)
MC LEARY  Hallie   Pg: 180 (ALL)
MC LEARY  Sallie Janette Willis   Pg: 180 (ALL)
MC LEOD  Augusta Samuel   Pg: 261 (ALL)
MC LIED  Madge   Pg: 171 (ALL)
MC LORY  Flora Montefiore   Pg: 115 (ALL)
MC LORY  Sidney   Pg: 115 (ALL)
MC MAHON  Jan Ann Moise   Pg: 196 (ALL)
MC MAHON  John Terence   Pg: 196 (ALL)
MC MAHON  Lorette   Pg: 237 (ALL)
MC MAHON  Muriel   Pg: 192 (ALL)
MC MAHON  Nettie Davis Menken   Pg: 192 (ALL)
MC MANNUS  Augusta Myers Stern   Pg: 281 (ALL)
MC MANNUS  Edward Davenport   Pg: 281 (ALL)
MC MANUS  Berenice Harby   Pg: 207 (ALL)
MC MANUS  Margaret   Pg: 298 (ALL)
MC MANUS  W.   Pg: 207 (ALL)
MC MILLAN  Howard Osgood   Pg: 176 (ALL)
MC MILLAN  Howard, Jr.   Pg: 176 (ALL)
(b. 1919)
MC MILLAN  Irene Lopez   Pg: 176 (ALL)
MC MILLAN  Patricia Anne   Pg: 176 (ALL)
(b. 1923)
MC MILLAN  Virginia   Pg: 176 (ALL)
(b. 1917)
MC NAMARA  Mary Lawe   Pg: 83 (ALL)
MC NAMARA  Thomas M.   Pg: 83 (ALL)
MC NAMEE  Valerie   Pg: 296 (ALL)
MC NEAL  Linda May   Pg: 238 (ALL)
MC NEEL  Lola Kokernot   Pg: 146 (ALL)
MC NEEL  P. J.   Pg: 146 (ALL)
MC NEEL  P. J., Jr.   Pg: 146 (ALL)
MC NULTY  Dora Irene Harper Brown   Pg: 213 (ALL)
MC NULTY  James Martin, Jr.   Pg: 213 (ALL)
MC NUTT  Joan Sturhahn   Pg: 30 (ALL)
MC NUTT  Marshall   Pg: 30 (ALL)
MC SWAIN  Jeannie Baker   Pg: 205 (ALL)
MC SWAIN  Jennie Baker Anderson   Pg: 205 (ALL)
MC SWAIN  Lucy Stone   Pg: 205 (ALL)
MC SWAIN  William Campbell   Pg: 205 (ALL)
MC SWEENY  Mary   Pg: 231 (ALL)
MC VEA  Belle   Pg: 328B (ALL)
MC VEE  Mattie (see McBee, Martha Turner)  
MC WILLIAMS  Arthur E.   Pg: 268 (ALL)
MC WILLIAMS  Georgia Nathans Sheftall   Pg: 268 (ALL)
MEAD  Barbara   Pg: 264 (ALL)
MEAD  Edward W.   Pg: 264 (ALL)
MEAD  Esther Hays   Pg: 325A (ALL)
MEAD  Fanny Florance   Pg: 74 (ALL)
MEAD  Florance   Pg: 74 (ALL)
MEAD  Helen   Pg: 264 (ALL)
MEAD  Hulda   Pg: 325A (ALL)
MEAD  Nehemiah   Pg: 325A (ALL)
MEAD  Selina Brandon Seixas   Pg: 264 (ALL)
MEAD  Spencer   Pg: 74 (ALL)
MEADE  Charlotte Williams   Pg: 201 (ALL)
MEANS  J. D.   Pg: 322B (ALL)
MEANS  Jessie, Davega   Pg: 322B (ALL)
MEARES  Fannie Taylor Boykin   Pg: 133 (ALL)
MEARES  Thomas   Pg: 133 (ALL)
MEARS  (Judith) Rachel   Pg: 120 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
MEARS  Catherine (caty)   Pg: 190 (ALL) Pg: 217 (ALL)
(b. 1735/6)
MEARS  Elkaleh (Joyce)   Pg: 190 (ALL) Pg: 217 (ALL)
MEARS  Grace   Pg: 104 (ALL) Pg: 154 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
MEARS  Grace   Pg: 165 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
MEARS  Hannah   Pg: 120 (ALL)
(d. 1745)
MEARS  Hannah Robles   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MEARS  Jacob   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MEARS  Jochabed Michaels   Pg: 190 (ALL) Pg: 193 (ALL)
MEARS  Joy (Tabitha) Franks   Pg: 190 (ALL)
MEARS  Joyce (Elkaleh)   Pg: 190 (ALL) Pg: 217 (ALL)
MEARS  Judah   Pg: 190 (ALL) Pg: 193 (ALL)
(d. 1762)
MEARS  Rebecca   Pg: 120 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
MEARS  Sampson   Pg: 190 (ALL)
(ca. 1670-Ca. 1711)
MEARS  Samson   Pg: 190 (ALL)
(d. 1786/7)
MEARS  Sarah   Pg: 190 (ALL) Pg: 272 (ALL)
MEARS  Tabitha   Pg: 28 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
MEDCALF  Patricia   Pg: 340B (ALL)
MEGREMIS  David Peter   Pg: 238 (ALL)
MEGREMIS  Joyce Janet Mabel Anderson   Pg: 238 (ALL)
MEGREMIS  Laura Anne   Pg: 238 (ALL)
MEGREMIS  Lydia Key   Pg: 238 (ALL)
MEGREMIS  Peter Lambros   Pg: 238 (ALL)
MEINEL  Betty Jane   Pg: 72 (ALL)
MEINHARD  Alice   Pg: 255 (ALL)
MEINHARD  Amelia Rosenheim   Pg: 255 (ALL)
MEINHARD  Isaac   Pg: 255 (ALL)
MEIR  Denis, Baron De Vahl   Pg: 261 (ALL)
MEIR  Frank, Baron De Vahl   Pg: 261 (ALL)
MEIR  Henrietta Esther Salomons   Pg: 261 (ALL)
MEIR  Naphtali   Pg: 261 (ALL)
MEIR  Naphtali Hirsch   Pg: 261 (ALL)
MEISTER  Clarance H.   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 327B (ALL)
MEISTER  Jennie Greenebaum   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 327B (ALL)
MEISTER  Lorrain   Pg: 327B (ALL)
MEKKS  Edward, Jr.   Pg: 85 (ALL)
MEKKS  Esther Gomez   Pg: 85 (ALL)
MELASKY  Frances   Pg: 247 (ALL)
MELASKY  Harris   Pg: 247 (ALL)
(m. 1880)
MELASKY  Harris (m. Helen McDonald)   Pg: 247 (ALL)
MELASKY  Helen McDonald   Pg: 247 (ALL)
MELASKY  Lola   Pg: 5 (ALL) Pg: 247 (ALL)
MELASKY  Maude   Pg: 247 (ALL)
MELASKY  Zipporah Henricks   Pg: 247 (ALL)
MELDOLA  Rebecca (Rica)   Pg: 60 (ALL)
MELLOR  Jessica De Sola De Pass   Pg: 60 (ALL)
MELLOR  John   Pg: 60 (ALL)
MELNICOVE  Gertrude   Pg: 63 (ALL)
MELTON  Henrietta   Pg: 84 (ALL)
MELTON  Mary Nel   Pg: 167 (ALL)
MELTON  Netta (Henrietta) Loeb   Pg: 84 (ALL)
MELTON  William D.   Pg: 84 (ALL)
MELTZER  Jean Sulzberger   Pg: 291 (ALL)
MELVORN  Hugh   Pg: 327A (ALL)
MELVORN  Jeffrey   Pg: 327A (ALL)
MELVORN  Lois H.   Pg: 327A (ALL)
MELVORN  Richard   Pg: 327A (ALL)
MEMMERT  Aline   Pg: 310A (ALL)
MEMMERT  Maude Hart   Pg: 97 (ALL) Pg: 310A (ALL)
MEMMERT  Otto   Pg: 97 (ALL) Pg: 310A (ALL)
MENAL  Margaret Priscilla   Pg: 261 (ALL)
MENCKEN  Sally Adela Andrews   Pg: 12 (ALL) Pg: 192 (ALL)
MENDEL  Edith   Pg: 283 (ALL)
MENDEL  Georgia Ann   Pg: 313A (ALL)
MENDEL  Malka Menachem   Pg: 324B (ALL)
MENDEL  Menachem   Pg: 324B (ALL)
MENDEL  Perla Sheftall Russell   Pg: 313A (ALL)
MENDELSOHN  Eileen Brown   Pg: 122 (ALL)
MENDELSOHN  Lionel   Pg: 122 (ALL)
MENDELSOHN  Meta   Pg: 15 (ALL)
MENDELSOHN  Rita Gould   Pg: 122 (ALL)
MENDELSOHN  Sabina   Pg: 125 (ALL)
MENDELSSOHN  Barbara   Pg: 3 (ALL)
MENDELSSOHN  Elizabeth ('Betty') Abraham   Pg: 3 (ALL)
MENDELSSOHN  Gertrude Bloomingdale   Pg: 24 (ALL)
MENDELSSOHN  Harry   Pg: 3 (ALL)
MENDELSSOHN  Steven   Pg: 3 (ALL)
MENDENHALL  Janice Kay   Pg: 333B (ALL)
MENDES  (Samuel) Pereira (m. Leah)   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  A (Braham) Piza   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Abigail   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Abraham (Bram)   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Abraham (son of Jacob P.)   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Abraham (son of Samuel Pereira)   Pg: 175 (ALL) Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Abraham O.   Pg: 191 (ALL)
(nat 1750)
MENDES  Abraham Pereira   Pg: 60 (ALL) Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Abraham Pereira (son of Leah)   Pg: 175 (ALL) Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Adam Piza   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Alix Elizabeth   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Allen   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Alma   Pg: 191 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
MENDES  Alma (dau. of Frederick)   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Alvin Piza, Jr.   Pg: 191 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
MENDES  Ann   Pg: 338B (ALL)
MENDES  Ann Piza   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Arthur   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Babette   Pg: 191 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
MENDES  Barbara   Pg: 60 (ALL)
MENDES  Bram (see Mendes, Abraham (Bram))  
MENDES  Branca (Rachel Da Silva)   Pg: 273 (ALL)
MENDES  Calico   Pg: 333A (ALL)
MENDES  Carol   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Catherine (Sarah) Lopez   Pg: 175 (ALL) Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Daniel   Pg: 191 (ALL)
(b. 1755)
MENDES  Daniel (son of Samuel)   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  David   Pg: 191 (ALL) Pg: 333A (ALL)
(d. 1849)
MENDES  David   Pg: 191 (ALL) Pg: 333A (ALL)
MENDES  David (son of Daniel)   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  David (son of Samuel)   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  David De Sola   Pg: 333A (ALL)
MENDES  David Martin   Pg: 333A (ALL)
MENDES  David Pereira   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Dora   Pg: 191 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
MENDES  Dorothy Belais   Pg: 60 (ALL) Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Edith   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Edith Fidele Wise   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Eliza De Sola   Pg: 60 (ALL) Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Estelle   Pg: 191 (ALL) Pg: 333B (ALL)
MENDES  Esther (dau. of Samuel)   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Esther (m. Jacob P.)   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Eva Levy   Pg: 18 (ALL) Pg: 309A (ALL) Pg: 312A (ALL)
MENDES  Florence   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Francis   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Frank   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Frederick De Sola   Pg: 38 (ALL) Pg: 191 (ALL) Pg: 333A (ALL)
MENDES  Grace   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Grace De Castro   Pg: 61 (ALL) Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Haim   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Hannah   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Harold   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Heber Piza   Pg: 191 (ALL)
(b. 1891)
MENDES  Helen Levy   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Henry   Pg: 191 (ALL) Pg: 333A (ALL)
MENDES  Henry (Hiam) Pereira   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Irma   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Isaac   Pg: 191 (ALL)
(b. 1726)
MENDES  Isaac   Pg: 191 (ALL)
(b. 1750)
MENDES  Isaac   Pg: 191 (ALL)
(b. 1785)
MENDES  Isaac (son of Abraham)   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Isaac (son of Leah)   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Isaac (son of Samuel)   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Isaac Philipe   Pg: 61 (ALL) Pg: 191 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
MENDES  Isabel Cohen   Pg: 38 (ALL) Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Jacob (bro. of Samuel)   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Jacob (son of Abraham)   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Jacob P.   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Jesse   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  John   Pg: 333A (ALL)
MENDES  Jonathan   Pg: 191 (ALL)
(b. 1946)
MENDES  Jonathan   Pg: 191 (ALL) Pg: 333A (ALL)
MENDES  Jonathon   Pg: 60 (ALL)
MENDES  Joseph (son of Isaac P.)   Pg: 191 (ALL) Pg: 333A (ALL)
MENDES  Joseph (son of Isaac)   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Joseph (son of Leah)   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Joseph (son of Samuel Pereira)   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Joy   Pg: 191 (ALL) Pg: 333A (ALL)
MENDES  Judith   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Julia   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Leah   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Leah Chuck   Pg: 191 (ALL) Pg: 333A (ALL)
MENDES  Leonard P.   Pg: 60 (ALL) Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Luna Julia   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Margaret Leland   Pg: 333A (ALL)
MENDES  Margot   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Marguerite Rachel   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Maria   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Marian De Sola Levine   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Marjorie Gang   Pg: 333A (ALL)
MENDES  Mary Ellen Rosenbluth   Pg: 333A (ALL)
MENDES  Meredith   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Mildred Bertuch   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Mildred Straus   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Mina   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Nellie   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Noni Schneider   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Norah Schneider   Pg: 60 (ALL)
MENDES  Patricia   Pg: 333A (ALL)
MENDES  Peggy Dee   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Petra Watson   Pg: 333A (ALL)
MENDES  Rachel   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Raymond   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Rebecca   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Rebecca (m. Philip Benjamin)   Pg: 18 (ALL) Pg: 309A (ALL) Pg: 321A (ALL)
MENDES  Rebecca De Sola (see Mendes, Rica (Rebecca) De Sola)  
MENDES  Rebecca Hannah   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Reva Rothenberg   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Rica   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Rica (Rebecca) De Sola   Pg: 60 (ALL) Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Rica Miriam De Sola   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Richard   Pg: 60 (ALL) Pg: 191 (ALL)
(b. 1921/2)
MENDES  Richard   Pg: 191 (ALL)
(b. 1938)
MENDES  Rosalie Lopez de Samuel Piza   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Rosetta   Pg: 60 (ALL) Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Ruth   Pg: 191 (ALL) Pg: 333A (ALL)
MENDES  Ruth Wasser   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  S(amuel) Pereira (m. Dorothy Belais)   Pg: 60 (ALL) Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Samuel   Pg: 191 (ALL)
(b. 1776)
MENDES  Samuel (son of David)   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Solomon   Pg: 18 (ALL) Pg: 309A (ALL)
MENDES  Stella (dau. of Abraham)   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Stella (dau. of David)   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Susie   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  Suzanne   Pg: 191 (ALL) Pg: 333A (ALL)
MENDES  Vera   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MENDES  William   Pg: 333A (ALL)
MENDES  Zipporah   Pg: 191 (ALL) Pg: 333A (ALL)
MENDES DA COSTA  Jonathan   Pg: 171 (ALL)
MENDES DA COSTA  Moses (Philip)   Pg: 338B (ALL)
MENDES DA COSTA  Rachel   Pg: 338B (ALL)
MENDES-SEIXAS  Adolphus   Pg: 168 (ALL)
MENDES-SEIXAS  Angelina   Pg: 168 (ALL)
MENDES-SEIXAS  Anne Willis   Pg: 168 (ALL)
MENDES-SEIXAS  Benjamin   Pg: 168 (ALL)
MENDES-SEIXAS  Edward   Pg: 168 (ALL)
MENDES-SEIXAS  Edward (son of Edward)   Pg: 168 (ALL)
MENDES-SEIXAS  Huldah S. Smith   Pg: 168 (ALL)
MENDES-SEIXAS  Jacob   Pg: 168 (ALL)
MENDES-SEIXAS  Moise   Pg: 168 (ALL)
MENDES-SEIXAS  Rachel Levy Phillips   Pg: 168 (ALL)
MENDEZ  Anna De Antonio (Rachel Mendez Da Costa)   Pg: 258 (ALL)
MENDEZ  Sarah   Pg: 112 (ALL)
MENDEZ  Serena   Pg: 130 (ALL)
MENDOZA  Florence Myers Hecht   Pg: 107 (ALL) Pg: 222 (ALL)
MENDOZA  Louis D.   Pg: 222 (ALL)
MENKE  Alex   Pg: 17 (ALL)
MENKE  Catherine O. Baruc   Pg: 17 (ALL)
MENKEN  Ada Fuertes   Pg: 192 (ALL)
MENKEN  Adah Theodore (Adah Isaacs)   Pg: 192 (ALL)
MENKEN  Alexander Isaac   Pg: 192 (ALL)
MENKEN  Alice Gertrude Davis   Pg: 48 (ALL) Pg: 192 (ALL)
MENKEN  Amelia   Pg: 192 (ALL)
(b. 1841)
MENKEN  Arthur Von Briesen   Pg: 192 (ALL)
MENKEN  Catherine (Kate)   Pg: 171 (ALL) Pg: 192 (ALL)
MENKEN  Cordelia   Pg: 192 (ALL)
(b. 1850)
MENKEN  Cornelia Rhine   Pg: 192 (ALL)
MENKEN  Galathe   Pg: 171 (ALL) Pg: 192 (ALL)
(b. 1871)
MENKEN  Galathe Morange   Pg: 192 (ALL)
MENKEN  Gertrude Micholl Davies   Pg: 47 (ALL) Pg: 192 (ALL)
MENKEN  Gretchen Von Briesen   Pg: 192 (ALL)
MENKEN  Harold Davis   Pg: 192 (ALL)
(b. 1895)
MENKEN  Harriet Sinton   Pg: 192 (ALL)
MENKEN  Jacob S.   Pg: 102 (ALL) Pg: 192 (ALL)
MENKEN  Josephine Rosina   Pg: 192 (ALL)
(b. 1875)
MENKEN  Jules A.   Pg: 192 (ALL)
(b. 1899)
MENKEN  Jules A.   Pg: 192 (ALL)
MENKEN  Kate (see Menken, Catherine (Kate))  
MENKEN  Kenneth   Pg: 192 (ALL)
MENKEN  Lucille   Pg: 192 (ALL)
MENKEN  Marilyn   Pg: 192 (ALL)
(b. 1924)
MENKEN  Mary Scott   Pg: 192 (ALL)
MENKEN  Mortimer M.   Pg: 48 (ALL) Pg: 192 (ALL)
MENKEN  Nathan   Pg: 192 (ALL)
MENKEN  Nathan Davis   Pg: 12 (ALL) Pg: 192 (ALL)
MENKEN  Nathan Davis, Jr.   Pg: 192 (ALL)
(d. 1922)
MENKEN  Nattie Davis   Pg: 192 (ALL)
(b. 1880)
MENKEN  Percival Solomon   Pg: 47 (ALL) Pg: 192 (ALL)
MENKEN  Rachel (Ray) Hart   Pg: 102 (ALL) Pg: 192 (ALL)
MENKEN  Ray   Pg: 192 (ALL)
MENKEN  Ray Hart (see Menken, Rachel (Ray) Hart)  
MENKEN  Rosina   Pg: 192 (ALL)
(b. 1824)
MENKEN  Samuel Stanwood   Pg: 192 (ALL)
(b. 1870)
MENKEN (DAVIS)  Solomon   Pg: 192 (ALL)
MERCADO  See De Mercado  
MERCER  Edward Clifford Anderson   Pg: 156 (ALL)
MERCER  Josephine Payton Freeland   Pg: 156 (ALL)
MERCHANT  Ruby   Pg: 208 (ALL)
MERCIER  Caroline Amelia   Pg: 270 (ALL)
MEREDITH  Eva Newhouse   Pg: 231 (ALL) Pg: 335A (ALL)
MEREDITH  Katherine   Pg: 140 (ALL)
(b. 1916)
MEREDITH  Nelley Atkin Keyser   Pg: 140 (ALL)
MEREDITH  Sam   Pg: 231 (ALL) Pg: 335A (ALL)
MEREDITH  William M., Jr.   Pg: 140 (ALL)
(b. 1919)
MEREDITH  William Morris   Pg: 140 (ALL)
MERETINIA  Per Werner Heyman   Pg: 228 (ALL)
MERETINIA  Ripon   Pg: 228 (ALL)
MERETINIA  Tapian   Pg: 228 (ALL)
MERIT  Edna   Pg: 160 (ALL)
MERIT  Grace   Pg: 160 (ALL)
MERIT  John Joseph   Pg: 160 (ALL)
MERIT  Rose Isaacs   Pg: 160 (ALL)
MERIT  Vincent   Pg: 160 (ALL)
MERIT  Vincent, Jr.   Pg: 160 (ALL)
MERRICK  Edwin Thomas   Pg: 329B (ALL)
MERRICK  Edwin Thomas   Pg: 330A (ALL)
MERRICK  Katherine Lewis   Pg: 329B (ALL)
MERRICK  Katherine Lombard   Pg: 330A (ALL)
MERRICK  Laura   Pg: 329B (ALL)
MERRICK  Susan Brewer   Pg: 330A (ALL)
MERRILL  Alma De Leon   Pg: 55 (ALL)
MERRILL  Barbara Weiss   Pg: 288 (ALL)
MERRILL  David R.   Pg: 288 (ALL)
MERRILL  Eleanor Judah   Pg: 140 (ALL)
MERRILL  James V.   Pg: 288 (ALL)
MERRILL  Joseph B.   Pg: 288 (ALL)
MERRILL  Lita Saunders Levy   Pg: 164 (ALL)
MERRILL  Louis   Pg: 140 (ALL)
MERRILL  Nathaniel Jewett   Pg: 248 (ALL)
MERRILL  Ralph Howard   Pg: 55 (ALL)
MERRILL  Robert S.   Pg: 288 (ALL)
MERRILL  Rosina Phillips   Pg: 248 (ALL)
MERRILL  Walter Scott   Pg: 164 (ALL)
MERRIMAN  Sheila Jeanne   Pg: 261 (ALL)
MERRIMON  Augustus Summerfield   Pg: 198 (ALL)
MERRIMON  Jessica Davis Moise   Pg: 198 (ALL)
MERRITT  Fidelia   Pg: 168 (ALL)
MERTON  Amelia Nathan   Pg: 228 (ALL)
MESQUITA  Abigail   Pg: 112 (ALL) Pg: 113 (ALL)
MESQUITA  Rachel   Pg: 134 (ALL)
MESQUITA  See also De Mesquita  
MESSING  Abraham J.   Pg: 11 (ALL)
MESSING  Alan J.   Pg: 11 (ALL)
MESSING  Florence Schwabacher   Pg: 11 (ALL)
METZENBAUM  Louise   Pg: 102 (ALL)
METZGER  Carole Wallack   Pg: 108 (ALL)
METZGER  Edith   Pg: 8 (ALL)
METZGER  Elsa Claire   Pg: 148 (ALL)
METZGER  Jennifer Anne   Pg: 108 (ALL)
METZGER  Lu Ries Lowenberg   Pg: 108 (ALL)
METZGER  Nathan   Pg: 108 (ALL)
METZGER  Nathan III   Pg: 108 (ALL)
METZGER  Nathan, Jr.   Pg: 108 (ALL)
METZGER  Pamela Ries   Pg: 108 (ALL)
METZGER  Rebecca Rea   Pg: 108 (ALL)
METZGER  Susan   Pg: 108 (ALL)
MEUNIER  Vivian Frances   Pg: 196 (ALL)
MEYER  'Bobbie' Wheatley (see Meyer, Esther ('Bobbie') Wheatley)  
MEYER  Adele   Pg: 286 (ALL)
MEYER  Adolph   Pg: 136 (ALL)
MEYER  Alfred   Pg: 227 (ALL)
(b. 1854)
MEYER  Annie Florance Nathan   Pg: 227 (ALL)
MEYER  Bertha Franziska   Pg: 238 (ALL)
MEYER  Camille Pauline   Pg: 236 (ALL)
MEYER  Catherine   Pg: 36 (ALL)
MEYER  Cecilia Marie Russell   Pg: 313A (ALL)
(b. 1929)
MEYER  Clara Phillips   Pg: 249 (ALL)
MEYER  Dene   Pg: 72 (ALL)
MEYER  Eda Hinchfield   Pg: 235 (ALL)
MEYER  Edith   Pg: 235 (ALL)
MEYER  Emil J., III   Pg: 235 (ALL)
MEYER  Emil Joseph   Pg: 235 (ALL)
MEYER  Emil Joseph, Jr.   Pg: 235 (ALL)
(d. 1930)
MEYER  Emily   Pg: 235 (ALL)
MEYER  Emily Frederika Oppenheim   Pg: 235 (ALL)
MEYER  Esther ('Bobbie') Wheatley   Pg: 125 (ALL)
MEYER  Henriette   Pg: 292 (ALL)
MEYER  Isaac   Pg: 249 (ALL)
MEYER  Joan   Pg: 235 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
MEYER  Joan Rosen   Pg: 337B (ALL)
MEYER  Kate   Pg: 149 (ALL)
MEYER  Leonard Julian   Pg: 313A (ALL)
(d. 1949)
MEYER  Lucille   Pg: 286 (ALL)
MEYER  Margaret M.   Pg: 34 (ALL)
MEYER  Marjorie   Pg: 287 (ALL)
MEYER  Mary Phillips   Pg: 249 (ALL)
MEYER  Matilda Rebecca   Pg: 235 (ALL)
MEYER  May Bernice   Pg: 125 (ALL)
MEYER  Miriam Blumenfeld   Pg: 235 (ALL)
MEYER  Mollie   Pg: 237 (ALL)
MEYER  Morris   Pg: 36 (ALL)
MEYER  Priscilla   Pg: 102 (ALL)
MEYER  Robert Allan   Pg: 125 (ALL)
(b. 1954)
MEYER  Rosalie   Pg: 34 (ALL) Pg: 249 (ALL) Pg: 322A (ALL)
MEYER  Rosalie Jonas   Pg: 136 (ALL)
MEYER  Sarah Cohen   Pg: 36 (ALL)
MEYER  Sigmund T.   Pg: 249 (ALL)
MEYER  William J., Jr.   Pg: 125 (ALL)
MEYER  William John   Pg: 125 (ALL)
MEYERS  Andrew Lee   Pg: 202 (ALL)
MEYERS  Catherine Cohen   Pg: 32 (ALL)
MEYERS  Charles D.   Pg: 32 (ALL)
MEYERS  Elizabeth Jones   Pg: 327B (ALL)
MEYERS  Ernest   Pg: 327B (ALL)
MEYERS  Essie Levy   Pg: 167 (ALL)
MEYERS  Ethel Alschuler   Pg: 327B (ALL)
MEYERS  Fredrick   Pg: 327B (ALL)
MEYERS  Gail   Pg: 202 (ALL)
MEYERS  Hannah   Pg: 124 (ALL)
MEYERS  Herbert   Pg: 327B (ALL)
MEYERS  Katherine Lee   Pg: 202 (ALL)
MEYERS  Linda Henly   Pg: 327B (ALL)
MEYERS  Meyer   Pg: 167 (ALL)
MEYERS  Milton   Pg: 327B (ALL)
MEYERS  Miriam C.   Pg: 32 (ALL)
MEYERS  Morton, Jr.   Pg: 202 (ALL)
MEYERS  Rebecca Kayton   Pg: 327B (ALL)
MEYERS  Richard   Pg: 327B (ALL)
MEYERS  Rosalie   Pg: 280 (ALL)
MEYERS  Rose   Pg: 327B (ALL)
MEYERS  See also Myers  
MEYERS  Sigmund   Pg: 327B (ALL)
MEYERS  Simona Baruch   Pg: 17 (ALL)
MEYERS  Thomas   Pg: 202 (ALL)
MEYERSBERG  Adolph   Pg: 236 (ALL)
MEYERSBERG  Regina (Rachel) Oppenheimer   Pg: 236 (ALL)
MEYERSBERG  Rose   Pg: 236 (ALL)
MEYLERT  Amos   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MEYLERT  Charles Lucius   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MEYLERT  Jacob   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MEYLERT  Michael   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MEYLERT  S.   Pg: 184 (ALL)
MEYLERT  See also Mailert  
MICHAEL  Barbara Siegel   Pg: 278 (ALL)
MICHAEL  Cecil   Pg: 278 (ALL)
(b. 1919)
MICHAEL  Cecilia Moses Solomons   Pg: 278 (ALL)
MICHAEL  Elias   Pg: 286 (ALL)
MICHAEL  Isaac   Pg: 174 (ALL)
MICHAEL  Lena   Pg: 174 (ALL)
MICHAEL  Lloyd David   Pg: 278 (ALL)
MICHAEL  Max   Pg: 278 (ALL)
(m. 1911)
MICHAEL  Max III   Pg: 278 (ALL)
MICHAEL  Max, Jr.   Pg: 278 (ALL)
(b. 1916)
MICHAEL  Noma Arnheim   Pg: 174 (ALL)
MICHAEL  Patricia Ann Middlemas   Pg: 208 (ALL)
MICHAEL  Paul Ramsay   Pg: 278 (ALL)
MICHAEL  Rachel Stix   Pg: 286 (ALL)
MICHAEL  Robert Oliphant   Pg: 278 (ALL)
MICHAEL  Robert Steele   Pg: 208 (ALL)
MICHAEL  Selma   Pg: 286 (ALL)
MICHAEL  Simon   Pg: 278 (ALL)
MICHAEL  Thomas D.   Pg: 208 (ALL)
MICHAEL  William   Pg: 174 (ALL)
(b. 1871)
MICHAELIS  Adele   Pg: 136 (ALL)
(b. 1850)
MICHAELIS  Bertha Joachimssen   Pg: 136 (ALL)
MICHAELIS  Branlah   Pg: 136 (ALL)
(b. 1852)
MICHAELIS  Eliezer (Ludwig)   Pg: 136 (ALL)
(b. 1863)
MICHAELIS  Henrietta Julia   Pg: 136 (ALL)
(b. 1845)
MICHAELIS  Isabella   Pg: 136 (ALL)
MICHAELIS  Joanna   Pg: 136 (ALL) Pg: 253 (ALL)
MICHAELIS  Julius   Pg: 136 (ALL)
MICHAELIS  Ludwig (see Michaelis, Eliezer  
MICHAELIS  Morris   Pg: 136 (ALL)
MICHAELIS  Philip   Pg: 136 (ALL)
MICHAELIS  Rebecca Alice   Pg: 136 (ALL)
(b. 1877)
MICHAELIS  Sara Elizabeth   Pg: 136 (ALL)
MICHAELIS  Sara Elizabeth Michaelis   Pg: 136 (ALL)
MICHAELS  Amy Benjamin   Pg: 193 (ALL)
(b. 1913)
MICHAELS  Blume   Pg: 179 (ALL)
MICHAELS  Carol (see Michaels, Emma Caroline (Carol))  
MICHAELS  Catherine Hachar   Pg: 193 (ALL)
MICHAELS  Dorothy   Pg: 227 (ALL)
MICHAELS  Dorothy Rebecca   Pg: 193 (ALL)
(b. 1915)
MICHAELS  Emma Caroline (Carol)   Pg: 19 (ALL)
(b. 1910)
MICHAELS  Ethel Muriel Hart   Pg: 95 (ALL) Pg: 193 (ALL)
MICHAELS  Fayle   Pg: 104 (ALL)
(b. 1762)
MICHAELS  Frances (Fanny) David   Pg: 46 (ALL) Pg: 104 (ALL) Pg: 323A (ALL)
MICHAELS  Jochabed   Pg: 190 (ALL) Pg: 193 (ALL)
MICHAELS  John   Pg: 193 (ALL)
MICHAELS  John Lewis   Pg: 193 (ALL)
MICHAELS  Levy   Pg: 104 (ALL)
MICHAELS  Michael   Pg: 193 (ALL)
(d. 1736/7)
MICHAELS  Michael A.   Pg: 95 (ALL) Pg: 193 (ALL)
(b. 1882)
MICHAELS  Moses   Pg: 193 (ALL)
MICHAELS  Myer   Pg: 46 (ALL) Pg: 104 (ALL) Pg: 323A (ALL)
MICHAELS  Rachel   Pg: 154 (ALL) Pg: 193 (ALL)
MICHAELS  Rachel   Pg: 193 (ALL) Pg: 223 (ALL)
MICHAELS  Rachel Hays   Pg: 104 (ALL)
MICHAELS  Rebecca   Pg: 104 (ALL)
(b. 1766)
MICHAELS  Rebecca   Pg: 104 (ALL) Pg: 193 (ALL)
(d. 1801)
MICHAELS  Richea (Rycha)   Pg: 154 (ALL) Pg: 193 (ALL)
(d. 1716)
MICHAELS  Sarah Misell   Pg: 193 (ALL)
MICHAELSON  Helen Grace   Pg: 65 (ALL) Pg: 323B (ALL)
MICHAL  See Michaels  
MICHOLL  Abraham   Pg: 280 (ALL)
(b. 1837)
MICHOLL  Esther Isaacks   Pg: 127 (ALL)
MICHOLL  Hetty   Pg: 127 (ALL)
MICHOLL  Louisa   Pg: 47 (ALL) Pg: 127 (ALL)
MICHOLL  Maria   Pg: 127 (ALL)
MICHOLL  Morland   Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 280 (ALL)
MICHOLL  Rachel   Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 280 (ALL)
MICHOLL  Rebecca Soria   Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 280 (ALL)
MICHOLL  Sarah   Pg: 280 (ALL)
MICHOLL  Yitta   Pg: 120 (ALL)
MICKLE  Elizabeth   Pg: 68 (ALL)
(b. 1852)
MICKLE  Elizabeth Etting   Pg: 68 (ALL)
MICKLE  Etting   Pg: 68 (ALL)
(b. 1801)
MICKLE  Fanny   Pg: 68 (ALL)
(b. & d. 1854)
MICKLE  John   Pg: 68 (ALL)
MICKLE  Robert   Pg: 68 (ALL)
MICKLE  Robert III   Pg: 68 (ALL)
(b. 1851)
MICKLE  Robert, Jr.   Pg: 68 (ALL)
(b. 1798)
MICKLE  Sally   Pg: 68 (ALL)
(b. 1803)
MICKLE  Shinah   Pg: 68 (ALL)
MICKLE  William   Pg: 68 (ALL)
MIDDLECOFF  Flora Marshall   Pg: 25 (ALL)
MIDDLEMAS  Patricia Ann   Pg: 208 (ALL)
MIDDLEMAS  Robert Steele   Pg: 208 (ALL)
MIDDLEMAS  Rosalie Weinberg   Pg: 208 (ALL)
MIDDLETON  Cora Estelle Nathans   Pg: 230 (ALL)
MIDDLETON  Frank   Pg: 311B (ALL)
MIDDLETON  Mary (Mollie)   Pg: 311B (ALL)
MIDDLETON  Wetherill   Pg: 230 (ALL)
MIERSON  Augustus   Pg: 18 (ALL)
MIERSON  Jane Levin   Pg: 18 (ALL)
MIERSON  Sally   Pg: 18 (ALL)
MIKAL  See Michaels  
MIKELL  Emily   Pg: 205 (ALL)
MIKELL  Frank   Pg: 205 (ALL)
MIKELL  Franklin (son of Franklin)   Pg: 205 (ALL)
MIKELL  Franklin (son of Thomas P.)   Pg: 205 (ALL)
MIKELL  Harry (see Mikell, Henry (Harry) Judah)  
MIKELL  Henrietta (dau. of Franklin)   Pg: 205 (ALL)
MIKELL  Henrietta (dau. of Henry (Harry))   Pg: 205 (ALL) Pg: 333B (ALL)
MIKELL  Henrietta Campbell Bryan   Pg: 205 (ALL) Pg: 333B (ALL)
MIKELL  Henry (Harry) Judah   Pg: 205 (ALL) Pg: 333B (ALL)
MIKELL  Jane   Pg: 205 (ALL) Pg: 333B (ALL)
MIKELL  Lucy Trezvant   Pg: 205 (ALL)
MIKELL  Martha Turner McBee   Pg: 333B (ALL)
MIKELL  Mary   Pg: 205 (ALL) Pg: 333B (ALL)
MIKELL  Mattie McVee   Pg: 205 (ALL)
MIKELL  Nancy   Pg: 205 (ALL)
MIKELL  Nannie Haas   Pg: 205 (ALL)
MIKELL  Rebecca Moses   Pg: 205 (ALL) Pg: 333B (ALL)
MIKELL  Thomas (son of Thomas P.)   Pg: 205 (ALL) Pg: 333B (ALL)
MIKELL  Thomas (son of William E.)   Pg: 205 (ALL)
MIKELL  Thomas P.   Pg: 205 (ALL)
MIKELL  William   Pg: 205 (ALL) Pg: 333B (ALL)
MIKELL  William E.   Pg: 205 (ALL) Pg: 333B (ALL)
MILES  Alice Calder   Pg: 329A (ALL)
MILES  Carabel   Pg: 258 (ALL)
MILES  Charles Edward   Pg: 68 (ALL)
(b. 1837)
MILES  David Rhys   Pg: 329A (ALL)
MILES  Edward Mickle   Pg: 68 (ALL)
(b. 1843)
MILES  Elizabeth   Pg: 68 (ALL)
(b. 1826)
MILES  Elizabeth   Pg: 68 (ALL)
MILES  Fred B.   Pg: 68 (ALL)
(b. 1835)
MILES  George H.   Pg: 68 (ALL)
(b. 1824)
MILES  Joel Edward   Pg: 329A (ALL)
MILES  Josephs Mickle   Pg: 68 (ALL)
(b. 1847)
MILES  Mary   Pg: 68 (ALL)
(b. 1839)
MILES  Prudence Ann   Pg: 329A (ALL)
MILES  Robert   Pg: 68 (ALL)
MILES  Robert Edward III   Pg: 329A (ALL)
MILES  Robert Mickle   Pg: 68 (ALL)
(b. 1841)
MILES  Sally Mickle   Pg: 68 (ALL)
MILES  Stuart Calder   Pg: 329A (ALL)
MILES  Ward Qarkson   Pg: 329A (ALL)
MILES  William   Pg: 68 (ALL)
(m. 1823)
MILES  William, Jr.   Pg: 68 (ALL)
MILEY  John David   Pg: 200 (ALL)
MILEY  John David, Jr.   Pg: 200 (ALL)
MILEY  Nancy Condit   Pg: 200 (ALL)
MILEY  Sally Maynadier   Pg: 200 (ALL)
MILEY  Sara Hays Mordecai   Pg: 200 (ALL)
MILEY  William Maynadier   Pg: 200 (ALL)
MILHADO  Benjamin   Pg: 58 (ALL)
MILHADO  Clara   Pg: 53 (ALL)
(d. 1878)
MILHADO  Hannah (Ann De Pass)   Pg: 58 (ALL)
MILHADO  Sarah   Pg: 58 (ALL)
MILIUS  Dorothy   Pg: 287 (ALL)
(b. 1894)
MILIUS  Evelyn   Pg: 287 (ALL)
(b. 1887)
MILIUS  George   Pg: 287 (ALL)
MILIUS  Helen Dinah   Pg: 287 (ALL)
(b. 1896)
MILIUS  Pauline Stix   Pg: 287 (ALL)
MILIUS  William Stix   Pg: 287 (ALL)
(b. 1889)
MILK  Al   Pg: 328A (ALL)
MILK  Benjamin L.   Pg: 328A (ALL)
MILK  Hattie Fuld   Pg: 328A (ALL)
MILK  Henrietta Lechtmao   Pg: 328A (ALL)
MILK  Leslie Berg   Pg: 328A (ALL)
MILK  Richard H.   Pg: 328A (ALL)
MILKMAN  Edith Hirsch   Pg: 245 (ALL)
MILKMAN  Emilie Schiele   Pg: 245 (ALL)
MILKMAN  Evelyn Phillips   Pg: 245 (ALL) Pg: 338A (ALL)
MILKMAN  Howard L., Jr.   Pg: 245 (ALL)
MILKMAN  Howard Louis   Pg: 245 (ALL)
(b. 1911)
MILKMAN  Jean Kingsland   Pg: 245 (ALL)
MILKMAN  Jerome Frederick   Pg: 245 (ALL)
MILKMAN  John   Pg: 245 (ALL)
(b. 1910)
MILKMAN  Linda   Pg: 245 (ALL)
MILLER  Adele Marie Moses   Pg: 207 (ALL) Pg: 333B (ALL)
MILLER  Alice   Pg: 290 (ALL)
MILLER  Alice Meinhard   Pg: 255 (ALL)
MILLER  Allen   Pg: 290 (ALL)
MILLER  Annie' (see Miller, Helen ('Annie'))  
MILLER  Benjamin   Pg: 322B (ALL)
MILLER  Caroline   Pg: 239 (ALL)
MILLER  David Clarence   Pg: 52 (ALL)
MILLER  Dorothy Nones   Pg: 335B (ALL)
MILLER  Ellen Michael   Pg: 207 (ALL) Pg: 333B (ALL)
MILLER  Evelyn Alice Silver   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MILLER  Evelyn Graham   Pg: 245 (ALL)
MILLER  Fannie   Pg: 133 (ALL)
MILLER  Florence   Pg: 293 (ALL)
MILLER  Gilbert H.   Pg: 144 (ALL)
MILLER  Gustave   Pg: 255 (ALL)
MILLER  Harvey E.   Pg: 147 (ALL)
MILLER  Hattie   Pg: 63 (ALL)
MILLER  Helen ('Annie')   Pg: 130 (ALL)
MILLER  Isaac Jay   Pg: 290 (ALL)
MILLER  Jack Kenneth   Pg: 207 (ALL) Pg: 333B (ALL)
MILLER  Jamie Lisa   Pg: 333B (ALL)
MILLER  Jessie Constance Kursheedt   Pg: 147 (ALL)
MILLER  Jonathan Lyon Mendes   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MILLER  Judith Matilda   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MILLER  Katherine Bache   Pg: 144 (ALL)
MILLER  Lois   Pg: 52 (ALL)
MILLER  Lucille   Pg: 255 (ALL)
MILLER  Manuel   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MILLER  Minnie Pernela   Pg: 52 (ALL) Pg: 53 (ALL)
MILLER  Miriam Pollock   Pg: 290 (ALL)
MILLER  Mitchell N.   Pg: 207 (ALL) Pg: 333B (ALL)
MILLER  Mitchell N., Jr.   Pg: 207 (ALL)
MILLER  Nancy Ruth Nunez   Pg: 337A (ALL)
MILLER  Paula Shuchat   Pg: 191 (ALL)
MILLER  Phoebe   Pg: 126 (ALL)
MILLER  Ronita De Cordova   Pg: 52 (ALL)
MILLER  Ruth   Pg: 24 (ALL)
MILLER  Ruth Good   Pg: 290 (ALL)
MILLER  Ruth Margaret   Pg: 118 (ALL)
MILLER  Sally   Pg: 290 (ALL)
MILLER  Shelley Russin   Pg: 333B (ALL)
MILLER  Stephen   Pg: 337A (ALL)
MILLER  Susan Ellen   Pg: 253 (ALL)
MILLER  Susan Seligsberg Galef   Pg: 322B (ALL)
MILLER  Tracy Dawn   Pg: 52 (ALL)
MILLER  Walter Parker   Pg: 335B (ALL)
MILLHISER  Amy Fox   Pg: 27 (ALL)
MILLHISER  Charles II   Pg: 27 (ALL)
MILLHISER  Claire June   Pg: 27 (ALL) Pg: 70 (ALL) Pg: 222 (ALL)
MILLHISER  Joseph   Pg: 27 (ALL)
MILLHISER  Mildred   Pg: 27 (ALL)
MILLIGAN  Darah Gough Carroll   Pg: 158 (ALL)
MILLIGAN  Elise   Pg: 158 (ALL)
MILLIGAN  George Baldwin   Pg: 158 (ALL)
MILLIGAN  John Jones   Pg: 158 (ALL)
(b. 1862)
MILLIGAN  John Jones   Pg: 154 (ALL) Pg: 158 (ALL)
(m. 1820)
MILLIGAN  Katherine   Pg: 158 (ALL)
MILLIGAN  Martha Elizabeth   Pg: 158 (ALL)
MILLIGAN  Martha Mary Ann Levy   Pg: 154 (ALL) Pg: 158 (ALL)
MILLIGAN  Mary Levy   Pg: 158 (ALL)
MILLIGAN  Robert   Pg: 158 (ALL)
MILLIGAN  Sophia Carroll   Pg: 158 (ALL)
(d. 1914)
MILLIKEN  Cecile Isabel Guggenheimer   Pg: 89 (ALL)
MILLIKEN  Edward Fullerton   Pg: 89 (ALL)
MILLIKEN  Martha E.   Pg: 157 (ALL)
MILLIN  Itzick   Pg: 209 (ALL)
MILLINGTON  Gertrude   Pg: 206 (ALL)
MILLS  Anais Gomez   Pg: 86 (ALL)
MILLS  David   Pg: 86 (ALL)
MILLS  Elaine Fay   Pg: 86 (ALL)
MILLS  Juliet Theresa Gottheim   Pg: 331A (ALL)
MILLS  Morton   Pg: 331A (ALL)
MILLS  Roberta   Pg: 329B (ALL)
MILNER  Willis   Pg: 36 (ALL)
MILNOR  Betsy   Pg: 81 (ALL)
MILTENBERGER  Alphonse   Pg: 145 (ALL)
MILTENBERGER  Celeste Dorfeville   Pg: 145 (ALL)
MILTENBERGER  Marie Celeste Amelie   Pg: 145 (ALL)
MIMNAUGH  Ethel G.   Pg: 299 (ALL)
MINDEL  Carolyn   Pg: 340B (ALL)
MINIS  Abigail   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Abigail   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Abraham   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Abraham   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Abram   Pg: 74 (ALL) Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Abram   Pg: 32 (ALL) Pg: 115 (ALL) Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Abram, Jr.   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1903)
MINIS  Alice   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Anna (see Minis, Hannah (Anna))  
MINIS  Anna Maria Cohen   Pg: 32 (ALL) Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Annie   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Augusta Medora   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Carol Edward   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Carol Eugene   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Carolina   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1928)
MINIS  Cecilia   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1832)
MINIS  Charles Spalding   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  David   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Divinah Cohen   Pg: 35 (ALL) Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Dorothea   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1940)
MINIS  Dorothea Herty   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Eleanor   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Eliza   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1809)
MINIS  Ellen   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1849)
MINIS  Emily   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1815)
MINIS  Emily Tobias   Pg: 194 (ALL) Pg: 298 (ALL)
MINIS  Estelle Livingston   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Esther   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(ca. 1731-1793)
MINIS  Esther (Hetty)   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Eugenia   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Eugenia Phillips Myers   Pg: 194 (ALL) Pg: 216 (ALL)
MINIS  Fanny (see Minis, Frances (Fanny))  
MINIS  Florance   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1922)
MINIS  Florence Powell   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Frances   Pg: 194 (ALL) Pg: 216 (ALL)
MINIS  Frances (dau. of Isaac, Jr.)   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Frances (Fanny)   Pg: 194 (ALL) Pg: 216 (ALL)
(b. 1776)
MINIS  Frances (Fanny)   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1822)
MINIS  Hannah (Anna)   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Henrietta   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1807)
MINIS  Henry Holmes   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1946)
MINIS  Henry P., Jr.   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1945)
MINIS  Henry Philip   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1908)
MINIS  Hetty (see Minis, Esther (Hetty))  
MINIS  Isaac   Pg: 35 (ALL) Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Isaac   Pg: 194 (ALL) Pg: 216 (ALL)
MINIS  Isaac Livingston   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Isaac, Jr.   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1887)
MINIS  Jacob Florance   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1852)
MINIS  James   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Janet Davidson   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Joseph   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Judith   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Judith Polock   Pg: 194 (ALL) Pg: 252 (ALL)
MINIS  Kim   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Lavinia Florance   Pg: 115 (ALL) Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1864)
MINIS  Lavinia Florance   Pg: 74 (ALL) Pg: 194 (ALL)
(m. 1851)
MINIS  Leah   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(ca. 1726-1802)
MINIS  Leila Livingston   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Louisa Porter Gilner   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Louise Cohen   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Mabel Amelia Henry   Pg: 115 (ALL) Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Margaret Mahoney   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Marguerite Anne   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1945)
MINIS  Maria   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1853)
MINIS  Maria   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Mary Haskell   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Minis   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Minna (m. August Arnsthal)   Pg: 70 (ALL)
MINIS  Philip   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1805)
MINIS  Philip (Uri)   Pg: 194 (ALL) Pg: 252 (ALL)
MINIS  Philip Henry   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Philip, Jr.   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Philippa   Pg: 67 (ALL) Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Phillipa   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Rebecca Gratz   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1830)
MINIS  Robert B.   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Robert Powell   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1943)
MINIS  Roberta Clark   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Robin Adair Gans   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Rosina Florance   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1855)
MINIS  Sallie   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Sally (see Minis, Sarah (Sally))  
MINIS  Samuel   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1740)
MINIS  Sara Ann   Pg: 106 (ALL) Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1811)
MINIS  Sarah (Sally)   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1748)
MINIS  Sarah A. Livingston   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Sarah Lonsberg   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Simeon   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Simon   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Susan   Pg: 194 (ALL)
(b. 1942)
MINIS  Theodora   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINIS  Theodore   Pg: 194 (ALL) Pg: 298 (ALL)
MINIS  Uri (see Minis, Philip (Uri))  
MINIS  William   Pg: 194 (ALL)
MINSTER  Benjamin K.   Pg: 292 (ALL)
MINSTER  Dorothy Kuhn   Pg: 292 (ALL)
MINSTER  Joe   Pg: 292 (ALL)
MINSTER  Leonard   Pg: 292 (ALL)
MINSTER  Louise   Pg: 292 (ALL)
MINTZ  Harriet Benjamin   Pg: 160 (ALL)
MINTZ  Sylvia   Pg: 40 (ALL)
MINZ  Abraham   Pg: 261 (ALL)
MINZ  Hannah   Pg: 261 (ALL)
(d. 1546)
MINZ  Judah   Pg: 261 (ALL)
MINZESHEIMER  Celia Adler   Pg: 291 (ALL)
MINZHEIMER  Julia   Pg: 49 (ALL)
MIRANDA  Abigail   Pg: 180 (ALL)