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KAAN  Harriet B.   Pg: 237 (ALL)
KAGAN  See Kagen  
KAGEN  Carol Dene Goldsmith   Pg: 282 (ALL) Pg: 313B (ALL) Pg: 339B (ALL)
KAGEN  Judith Frances   Pg: 282 (ALL) Pg: 339B (ALL)
(b. 1939)
KAGEN  Kenneth   Pg: 282 (ALL) Pg: 313B (ALL) Pg: 339B (ALL)
KAHN  Adeline Feidelson   Pg: 5 (ALL)
KAHN  Albert M., Jr.   Pg: 286 (ALL)
(b. & d. 1916)
KAHN  Albert Michael   Pg: 286 (ALL)
KAHN  Alberts   Pg: 15 (ALL)
KAHN  Alphonse   Pg: 6 (ALL)
KAHN  Anne De Leon Levin   Pg: 18 (ALL)
KAHN  Arthur (m. Jessica A. Springer)   Pg: 137 (ALL)
KAHN  Arthur (son of James)   Pg: 6 (ALL)
KAHN  Beatrice Block   Pg: 135 (ALL)
KAHN  Beatrice Josephi Sulzberger   Pg: 291 (ALL)
KAHN  Belle   Pg: 6 (ALL)
KAHN  Bertha   Pg: 275 (ALL)
KAHN  Bina   Pg: 236 (ALL)
KAHN  Carl   Pg: 285 (ALL)
KAHN  Claire   Pg: 70 (ALL)
KAHN  Clara   Pg: 320B (ALL)
KAHN  Clara   Pg: 6 (ALL)
KAHN  Clarence B.   Pg: 309A (ALL)
KAHN  Corinne   Pg: 309A (ALL)
KAHN  Cornelia Binswanger   Pg: 23 (ALL)
KAHN  David   Pg: 236 (ALL)
KAHN  Delia Bitterman   Pg: 11 (ALL) Pg: 309A (ALL)
KAHN  Edgar   Pg: 190 (ALL)
KAHN  Edgar Myron   Pg: 18 (ALL)
KAHN  Edgar Myron II   Pg: 18 (ALL)
KAHN  Edgar, Jr.   Pg: 190 (ALL)
KAHN  Edwin   Pg: 137 (ALL)
KAHN  Eleanor   Pg: 190 (ALL)
KAHN  Eli Jacques   Pg: 291 (ALL)
KAHN  Elizabeth   Pg: 285 (ALL)
KAHN  Elizabeth Stix   Pg: 286 (ALL)
KAHN  Elliott   Pg: 135 (ALL)
KAHN  Emmanuel   Pg: 320B (ALL)
KAHN  Eva Pool   Pg: 60 (ALL)
KAHN  Eva Prager   Pg: 60 (ALL)
KAHN  Fanny   Pg: 186 (ALL)
KAHN  Fanny Arnold   Pg: 320B (ALL)
KAHN  Felix Louis   Pg: 286 (ALL)
(b. 1918)
KAHN  Flora   Pg: 239 (ALL)
KAHN  Frances   Pg: 137 (ALL)
KAHN  George   Pg: 6 (ALL)
KAHN  Gertrude   Pg: 86 (ALL)
KAHN  Gertrude Workum   Pg: 306 (ALL)
KAHN  Gidele Marx (see Kahn, Klara (Gidele) Marx)  
KAHN  Herman (see Cone, Herman)  
KAHN  Hugo   Pg: 6 (ALL)
KAHN  Ida Marie Fleisher Becker   Pg: 72 (ALL)
KAHN  Inge Schleier   Pg: 18 (ALL)
KAHN  Jacob   Pg: 23 (ALL)
KAHN  James   Pg: 6 (ALL)
(b. 1827)
KAHN  James   Pg: 5 (ALL)
KAHN  Janet   Pg: 229 (ALL)
KAHN  Jean   Pg: 6 (ALL)
KAHN  Jonathan   Pg: 288 (ALL)
KAHN  Journet   Pg: 285 (ALL)
KAHN  Judith   Pg: 285 (ALL)
KAHN  Julia Abraham (see Kahn, Scheila (Sheina. (Julia) Abraham)   Pg: B308 (ALL)
KAHN  Julia Simon   Pg: 135 (ALL)
KAHN  Katherine   Pg: 6 (ALL)
KAHN  Kenneth E., Jr.   Pg: 18 (ALL)
KAHN  Kenneth Edgar   Pg: 18 (ALL)
KAHN  Klara (Gidele) Marx   Pg: 91 (ALL)
KAHN  Lena Kuttnauer   Pg: 239 (ALL)
KAHN  Leon   Pg: 72 (ALL)
KAHN  Lisa Ann   Pg: 18 (ALL)
KAHN  Louis   Pg: 6 (ALL)
KAHN  Magda (see Kahn, Mohla (Magda))  
KAHN  Maomi   Pg: 137 (ALL)
KAHN  Margaret   Pg: 285 (ALL)
KAHN  Margaret (Peg) Stern   Pg: 288 (ALL)
KAHN  Margery   Pg: 309A (ALL)
KAHN  Marion Holman   Pg: 307 (ALL)
KAHN  Marjorie Anne   Pg: 18 (ALL)
KAHN  Maurice   Pg: 135 (ALL)
KAHN  Michael   Pg: 307 (ALL)
KAHN  Mike   Pg: 306 (ALL)
KAHN  Miriam   Pg: 13 (ALL)
KAHN  Miriam Silver   Pg: 6 (ALL)
KAHN  Mohla (Magda)   Pg: 236 (ALL)
KAHN  Moses   Pg: 91 (ALL)
KAHN  Myron   Pg: 307 (ALL)
KAHN  Nannette   Pg: 16 (ALL)
KAHN  Naphtali   Pg: 236 (ALL)
(d. 1833)
KAHN  Paul (son of James)   Pg: 6 (ALL)
KAHN  Paul (son of Ulysses)   Pg: 6 (ALL)
KAHN  Peg Stern (see Kahn, Margaret (Peg) Stern)  
KAHN  Polly   Pg: 307 (ALL)
KAHN  RenTe Olson   Pg: 18 (ALL)
KAHN  Sara Mayer   Pg: 190 (ALL)
KAHN  Sarah   Pg: 11 (ALL)
(b. 1865)
KAHN  Sarah (m. AndrT Daniel Gomez)   Pg: 86 (ALL)
KAHN  Scheila (Sheina, Julia) Abraham   Pg: 236 (ALL)
KAHN  See also Cahn  
KAHN  Sheina Abraham (see Kahn, Scheila (Sheina, Julia) Abraham)  
KAHN  Simone   Pg: 6 (ALL)
KAHN  Stanley   Pg: 5 (ALL)
KAHN  Stephen   Pg: 285 (ALL)
KAHN  Ulysses   Pg: 6 (ALL)
KAHN  William   Pg: 239 (ALL)
KAHN/COHEN  Jacob   Pg: 127 (ALL)
KAHN/COHEN  Sarah   Pg: 127 (ALL)
KAISER  Rosa   Pg: 311B (ALL)
KALISHER  Edward   Pg: 323A (ALL)
KALISHER  Theresa Dinkelspiel   Pg: 323A (ALL)
KALMAN  Calvin   Pg: 191 (ALL)
KALMAN  Judith Matilda Miller   Pg: 191 (ALL)
KALMAN  Samuel Adam De Sola   Pg: 191 (ALL)
KAMER  Cecelia   Pg: 311 (ALL)
KAMHOLZ  Babette Sondheim   Pg: 271 (ALL)
KAMHOLZ  Barbara   Pg: 271 (ALL)
KAMHOLZ  Jack   Pg: 271 (ALL)
KAMHOLZ  John   Pg: 271 (ALL)
KAMINS  Jean   Pg: 8 (ALL)
KAMINS  Marian Magnus   Pg: 8 (ALL)
KAMINS  Maurice   Pg: 8 (ALL)
KAMINS  Maurice, Jr.   Pg: 8 (ALL)
KAMINS  Paul   Pg: 8 (ALL)
KAMINSKI  Charlotte Virginia Emanuel   Pg: 66 (ALL)
KAMINSKI  Cleo Ford   Pg: 102 (ALL)
KAMINSKI  Edwin Washington   Pg: 66 (ALL)
(b. 1868)
KAMINSKI  Esther Sampson   Pg: 66 (ALL) Pg: 259 (ALL)
KAMINSKI  Heiman   Pg: 66 (ALL)
(m. 1867)
KAMINSKI  Heiman (m. Rose Baum)   Pg: 34 (ALL)
KAMINSKI  Joseph   Pg: 66 (ALL) Pg: 259 (ALL)
(b. 1874)
KAMINSKI  Julia Baum   Pg: 102 (ALL)
KAMINSKI  Linah Charlotte   Pg: 66 (ALL)
(b. 1870)
KAMINSKI  Nathan (m. Julia Baum)   Pg: 102 (ALL)
KAMINSKI  Nathan Emanuel   Pg: 66 (ALL)
(b. 1871)
KAMINSKI  Nathan III   Pg: 102 (ALL)
KAMINSKI  Nathan, Jr.   Pg: 102 (ALL)
KAMINSKI  Nora Morgan   Pg: 102 (ALL)
KAMINSKI  Richard   Pg: 102 (ALL)
KAMINSKI  Rosalie Baum   Pg: 34 (ALL)
KAMM  Amy Yates   Pg: 308 (ALL)
KAMM  Edward   Pg: 308 (ALL)
KAMM  Emil   Pg: 308 (ALL)
KAMM  George Emil   Pg: 308 (ALL)
KAMM  Josephine   Pg: 308 (ALL)
KANE  Amelia Seixas   Pg: 264 (ALL)
KANE  Eliza Henriques   Pg: 112 (ALL)
KANE  Elizabeth   Pg: 255 (ALL)
(b. 1905)
KANE  John B.   Pg: 264 (ALL)
KANE  John C.   Pg: 112 (ALL)
KANN  Elizabeth   Pg: 310B (ALL)
KAPLAN  Rose   Pg: 11 (ALL)
KAPLAN  Sophia   Pg: 16 (ALL)
KARAGORY  Carol Beulah Anderson   Pg: 238 (ALL)
KARAGORY  Craig John   Pg: 238 (ALL)
KARAGORY  John   Pg: 238 (ALL)
KARAGORY  Kevin George   Pg: 238 (ALL)
KARFORD  Blanche Levy   Pg: 166 (ALL)
KARFORD  William K.   Pg: 166 (ALL)
KARGER  Ann P.   Pg: 253 (ALL)
KARGER  Eleanor Price Goldsmith   Pg: 253 (ALL)
KARGER  John   Pg: 253 (ALL)
KARGER  Thomas S.   Pg: 253 (ALL)
KARLSRUHR  Bercie   Pg: 15 (ALL)
KARPE  Charles   Pg: 108 (ALL)
KARPE  Eleanor   Pg: 108 (ALL)
KARPE  Eleanor Pincus   Pg: 108 (ALL)
KARPE  Sol   Pg: 108 (ALL)
KARSMAN  Rae   Pg: 268 (ALL)
KARSTENDIEK  Adelaide Anna   Pg: 257 (ALL)
KARSTENDIEK  Adele Delilah   Pg: 257 (ALL)
KARSTENDIEK  Delia Cecilia Salomon   Pg: 257 (ALL)
KARSTENDIEK  Delia Helen   Pg: 257 (ALL)
KARSTENDIEK  Edward F.   Pg: 257 (ALL)
(b. 1888)
KARSTENDIEK  Freda Dorfer Thebault   Pg: 257 (ALL)
KARSTENDIEK  Georgiana Magdalene Hoffman   Pg: 257 (ALL)
KARSTENDIEK  Harry Schommer   Pg: 257 (ALL)
KARSTENDIEK  Henry (see Karstendiek, Lewis Hunteman (Henry))  
KARSTENDIEK  Henry Salomon   Pg: 257 (ALL)
KARSTENDIEK  Irene Trondale   Pg: 257 (ALL)
KARSTENDIEK  Jeanette Hortense   Pg: 257 (ALL)
(b. 1892)
KARSTENDIEK  Lewis Henry, Jr.   Pg: 257 (ALL)
(b. 1906)
KARSTENDIEK  Lewis Hunteman (Henry)   Pg: 257 (ALL)
KARSTENDIEK  Lillie Hatties   Pg: 257 (ALL)
(b. 1898)
KARSTENDIEK  Lucille Helen   Pg: 257 (ALL)
KARSTENDIEK  Marguerite Lionne   Pg: 257 (ALL)
(b. 1885)
KARSTENDIEK  Marian Delia   Pg: 257 (ALL)
KARSTENDIEK  Marjorie Clare   Pg: 257 (ALL)
(b. 1923)
KARSTENDIEK  Mary Elizabeth Craig   Pg: 257 (ALL)
KARSTENDIEK  Mary Lorraine   Pg: 257 (ALL)
(b. 1925)
KARSTENDIEK  Mary M. Schommer   Pg: 257 (ALL)
KARSTENDIEK  Otto Haym   Pg: 257 (ALL)
KARSTENDIEK  Otto Henry   Pg: 257 (ALL)
KARSTENDIEK  Pearl Celia   Pg: 257 (ALL)
(b. 1895)
KARSTENDIEK  Violet C.   Pg: 257 (ALL)
KARTSHER  Miriam Louisa E.   Pg: 335A (ALL)
KASSLER  Norma   Pg: 268 (ALL)
KATON  Mary Ellen (see Kayton, Mary Ellen)  
KATSKY  Aileen Jaffa   Pg: 276 (ALL)
KATSKY  Jarmila   Pg: 276 (ALL)
KATSKY  Joan   Pg: 276 (ALL)
KATSKY  Lawrence M.   Pg: 276 (ALL)
KATSKY  Milton   Pg: 276 (ALL)
KATSKY  Thomas Emerson   Pg: 276 (ALL)
KATZ  Andrew   Pg: 333A (ALL)
KATZ  AndrT Daniel   Pg: 86 (ALL)
KATZ  Barbara Hurwitz   Pg: 333A (ALL)
KATZ  Bernard   Pg: 237 (ALL)
KATZ  Bess Walker   Pg: 86 (ALL)
KATZ  Cynthia Nusbaum   Pg: 301 (ALL)
KATZ  Emily Frances Oppenheim   Pg: 237 (ALL)
KATZ  Ester   Pg: 293 (ALL)
KATZ  Ethel Porcelo   Pg: 22 (ALL)
KATZ  Florence Selman   Pg: 293 (ALL)
KATZ  Grete   Pg: 235 (ALL)
KATZ  Harold   Pg: 86 (ALL)
KATZ  Helen Anspacher   Pg: 22 (ALL)
KATZ  Helen Gomez   Pg: 86 (ALL)
KATZ  Herbert   Pg: 22 (ALL)
(b. & d. 1893)
KATZ  Herman   Pg: 86 (ALL)
KATZ  Jack   Pg: 293 (ALL)
KATZ  Jill Rosenthal   Pg: 15 (ALL)
KATZ  Julian   Pg: 86 (ALL)
KATZ  Lawrence   Pg: 15 (ALL)
(b. 1944)
KATZ  Lincoln   Pg: 293 (ALL)
KATZ  Lotta Gomez   Pg: 86 (ALL)
KATZ  Louis   Pg: 15 (ALL)
KATZ  Margery   Pg: 22 (ALL)
(b. 1899)
KATZ  Molly Wallerstein   Pg: 15 (ALL)
KATZ  Mordecai   Pg: 290 (ALL)
KATZ  Norman   Pg: 293 (ALL)
KATZ  Richard   Pg: 22 (ALL)
(b. 1895)
KATZ  Richard   Pg: 22 (ALL)
(m. 1892)
KATZ  Ruth   Pg: 86 (ALL)
KATZ  Sarah   Pg: 290 (ALL)
KATZ  Sarah Wiener   Pg: 293 (ALL)
KATZ  Thomas Lawrence   Pg: 15 (ALL)
KATZ  Violet Vale   Pg: 22 (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Alice Machol   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Anne Rachel   Pg: 282 (ALL) Pg: 339B (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Audree   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Bessie   Pg: 282 (ALL) Pg: 339B (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Betty   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Carol   Pg: 282 (ALL)
(m. 1967)
KATZENBERG  Caroline Pollack   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Daniel   Pg: 339B (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Denah Stern   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Dene   Pg: 282 (ALL) Pg: 339B (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Dorothy   Pg: 284 (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Edith   Pg: 282 (ALL) Pg: 339B (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Eliza   Pg: 89 (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Elva Stein   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Emilie Rosenbaum   Pg: 282 (ALL) Pg: 339B (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Helen Goldsmith   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Isaac   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Jay   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Linda Prescott   Pg: 339B (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Lucien   Pg: 282 (ALL) Pg: 339B (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Lucien, Jr.   Pg: 282 (ALL) Pg: 339B (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Marc   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Marc Richard   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Marjorie   Pg: 282 (ALL) Pg: 292 (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Michael   Pg: 339B (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Milton   Pg: 282 (ALL) Pg: 339B (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Nancy   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Patricia Aloe   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Richard   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Sue (m. Jay)   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Susan Ellen Schweitzer   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KATZENBERG  Tyler Prescott   Pg: 339B (ALL)
KATZENBERG  William   Pg: 282 (ALL) Pg: 339B (ALL)
KATZENBERGER  Fanny   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KATZENBERGER  Louis   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KATZENBERGER  Michael Cohen   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KATZENBERGER  See also Katzenberg  
KATZENELIENBOGEN  Samuel Judah   Pg: 261 (ALL)
KATZKY  Madelyn   Pg: 255 (ALL)
KAUDERS  James Theodore   Pg: 172 (ALL)
KAUDERS  Jane Newburger   Pg: 172 (ALL)
KAUDERS  Margaret Theresa (Peggy)   Pg: 172 (ALL)
KAUDERS  Peggy (see Kauders, Margaret Theresa (Peggy))  
KAUFFMAN  Ray   Pg: 334B (ALL)
KAUFFMANN  Allan   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
KAUFFMANN  Anne R.   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1971)
KAUFFMANN  Elizabeth   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1973)
KAUFFMANN  Emil   Pg: 152 (ALL) Pg: 303 (ALL)
KAUFFMANN  Jane Shapiro   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1941)
KAUFFMANN  John   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1931)
KAUFFMANN  Karen   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1966)
KAUFFMANN  Ruth Kayton   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Amy Louise Nathan   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 226 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Carrie   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Carrie Kline   Pg: 283 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Clare   Pg: 301 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Clementine Lazaron   Pg: 61 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Deborah Wolfe   Pg: 304 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Edgar J.   Pg: 222 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Edgar J.   Pg: 222 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Edward (Teddy)   Pg: 301 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Edward S.   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 226 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Elizabeth Steiner   Pg: 13 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Emma   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Emma Beatrice   Pg: 102 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Estelle   Pg: 8 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Ethel Pyke   Pg: 308 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Eva Adelaide   Pg: 304 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Evelyn   Pg: 5 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Floribel Rosenbaum   Pg: 222 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Francis Marion   Pg: 304 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Frank   Pg: 61 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Fred, Jr.   Pg: 13 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Frederick   Pg: 13 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  George Mansbach   Pg: 301 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Gerald Lynton   Pg: 143 (ALL)
(b. 1893)
KAUFMAN  Gerald Lynton, Jr.   Pg: 143 (ALL)
(b. 1926)
KAUFMAN  Gladys Ginsburg   Pg: 24 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Hellen   Pg: 281 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Henrietta Spagat   Pg: 174 (ALL)
(b. 1896)
KAUFMAN  Henry Morris   Pg: 174 (ALL)
(b. 1897)
KAUFMAN  Ida-Helen   Pg: 222 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Isabel V. Fischer   Pg: 160 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Jacob   Pg: 281 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Jacob H.   Pg: 304 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Jeanette   Pg: 281 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Jessie   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Joan   Pg: 13 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Julie F.   Pg: 160 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Laura   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Leo   Pg: 24 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Linda Hofheimer   Pg: 301 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Linda Leberman   Pg: 152 (ALL) Pg: 303 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Louis   Pg: 135 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Mamie Sherwood   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Marie ThTrFse Mackiewicz   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Mary Louise Johnson   Pg: 135 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Michael David   Pg: 174 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Michael David, Jr.   Pg: 174 (ALL)
(b. 1907)
KAUFMAN  Pearl Morris   Pg: 174 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Richard S.   Pg: 160 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Rosalie Mayer   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Samuel   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Teddy (see Kaufman, Edward (Teddy))  
KAUFMAN  Virginia R.   Pg: 275 (ALL)
KAUFMAN  Walter   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAUFMANN  Dorothy Milius   Pg: 287 (ALL)
KAUFMANN  Katherine   Pg: 287 (ALL)
(b. 1920)
KAUFMANN  Sidney Walter   Pg: 287 (ALL)
KAY  Florance Mead   Pg: 74 (ALL)
KAY  James Murray   Pg: 74 (ALL)
KAYSEN  Byron   Pg: 313B (ALL)
KAYSEN  Caroline Samuels   Pg: 313B (ALL)
KAYSEN  Roy   Pg: 313B (ALL)
KAYSER  Nina Myers   Pg: 230 (ALL)
KAYTON  Abe   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  Abraham   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  Abraham H.   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 327B (ALL)
KAYTON  Abraham L.   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  Allan D.   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1900)
KAYTON  Andrew   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1961)
KAYTON  Babette   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 327A (ALL)
KAYTON  Barbara L.   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1935)
KAYTON  Benno   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 327B (ALL)
KAYTON  Bernhard   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  Bernhard (b. Geinhausen, Hesse)   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  Bert (dau. of Lewis)   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL) Pg: 327A (ALL)
KAYTON  Bertha (Bettie)   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 327B (ALL)
KAYTON  Bertha (m. Joel Gutman)   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  Bettie (see Kayton, Bertha (Bettie)  
KAYTON  Betty (Fanny)   Pg: 143 (ALL)
(b. 1858)
KAYTON  Caroline Herzberg   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  Carrie   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 327B (ALL)
KAYTON  Caryl   Pg: 327B (ALL)
KAYTON  Deborah   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1959)
KAYTON  Donald J.   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1931)
KAYTON  Dorothea   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  Edith   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  Elizabeth Kann   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
KAYTON  Emilie   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  Esther (b. Norfolk)   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  Esther Kneip   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  Fanny (see Kayton, Betty (Fanny))  
KAYTON  Fanny Straus   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  Georgette Beach   Pg: 327B (ALL)
KAYTON  Gertrude Mayer   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  Gustav   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 327A (ALL)
KAYTON  Hanna   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 327A (ALL)
(b. 1845)
KAYTON  Hannah (m. Claude E Schools)   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  Harmon   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 327A (ALL)
KAYTON  Harold   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 327B (ALL)
KAYTON  Henrietta   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 327B (ALL)
KAYTON  Henry   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 327A (ALL)
KAYTON  Henry (b. Norfolk)   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  Herbert (son of Lewis)   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL) Pg: 327B (ALL)
KAYTON  Howard   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  Jacob   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  Jacob Lewis   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  James R.   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1946)
KAYTON  Jean A.   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1929)
KAYTON  Jennie Bernard   Pg: 327A (ALL)
KAYTON  John H.   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1906)
KAYTON  Joseph   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  Josephine   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 327B (ALL)
KAYTON  Lewis   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 327B (ALL)
KAYTON  Lewis (son of Henry)   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 327A (ALL)
KAYTON  Lewis Jr.   Pg: 327B (ALL)
KAYTON  Louise Strahl   Pg: 327B (ALL)
KAYTON  Lucile Solomon   Pg: 327B (ALL)
KAYTON  Lucille (dau. of Abraham L.)   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  Madora   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  Margaret   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1909)
KAYTON  Marie Hartung   Pg: 327B (ALL)
KAYTON  Marjorie Klempner   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1935)
KAYTON  Mark   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1967)
KAYTON  Mary   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  Mary Ellen   Pg: 29 (ALL) Pg: 309A (ALL)
KAYTON  Michael Ludlow   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  Pauline   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  Rebecca   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 327B (ALL)
KAYTON  Rebecca Riglander   Pg: 327A (ALL)
KAYTON  Robert   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1904)
KAYTON  Rosa   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 327B (ALL)
KAYTON  Rose   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  Ruth   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL) Pg: 327A (ALL)
KAYTON  Sallie   Pg: 143 (ALL) Pg: 327B (ALL)
KAYTON  Sarah Jacobs   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  See also Rosenheim  
KAYTON  Suzanne Jacobs   Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1909)
KAYTON  Tess R. Rosenheim   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL) Pg: 327B (ALL)
KAYTON  Wilhelm   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAYTON  William   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KAZIS  Joel D.   Pg: 334B (ALL)
KAZIS  Joshua Aaron Nathan   Pg: 334B (ALL)
KAZIS  Sara Nathan   Pg: 334B (ALL)
KEARNEY  Virginia Delancey   Pg: 155 (ALL)
KEELY  Barbara   Pg: 284 (ALL)
KEENE  Grace   Pg: 261 (ALL)
KEENE (KUEHN)  Frederick A.   Pg: 24 (ALL)
KEENE (KUEHN)  Muriel Leslie Carmody   Pg: 24 (ALL)
KEEPERS  Elizabeth   Pg: 251 (ALL)
KEHRER  Theresa   Pg: 11 (ALL)
KEILEY  Anthony M.   Pg: 48 (ALL)
(d. 1905)
KEILEY  Charles   Pg: 48 (ALL)
KEILEY  Gertrude Mary   Pg: 81 (ALL)
KEILEY  Gertrude Shaw   Pg: 81 (ALL)
KEILEY  John D., Jr.   Pg: 81 (ALL)
(d. 1928)
KEILEY  John Denis   Pg: 81 (ALL)
KEILEY  Kate Lathrop Lyon   Pg: 81 (ALL)
KEILEY  Marie   Pg: 48 (ALL)
KEILEY  Marie Lee   Pg: 81 (ALL)
KEILEY  Rebecca Davis   Pg: 48 (ALL)
KEILEY  Stephen Thomas   Pg: 81 (ALL)
KEITH  Athaliah   Pg: 329A (ALL)
KEITH  Margaret   Pg: 339A (ALL)
KELLER  Adam   Pg: 275 (ALL)
(b. 1951)
KELLER  Agnes De Leon   Pg: 56 (ALL)
KELLER  George D.   Pg: 275 (ALL)
KELLER  Jacqueline De Leon   Pg: 55 (ALL) Pg: 56 (ALL)
KELLER  Joseph   Pg: 320B (ALL)
KELLER  Julie Ann   Pg: 275 (ALL)
(b. 1943)
KELLER  Mary Solis-Cohen   Pg: 275 (ALL)
KELLER  Miriam Arnold Hess   Pg: 320B (ALL)
KELLER  Polly Elizabeth   Pg: 275 (ALL)
(b. 1945)
KELLER  Samuel Litt   Pg: 55 (ALL) Pg: 56 (ALL)
KELLEY  Audrey   Pg: 268 (ALL)
KELLEY  Mary Anne   Pg: 326B (ALL)
KELLEY  Myra   Pg: 107 (ALL)
KELLY  Colleen Marie   Pg: 195 (ALL)
KELLY  Dave   Pg: 255 (ALL)
KELLY  David   Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1969)
KELLY  Donna   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1964)
KELLY  Eugene   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1944)
KELLY  Harriet   Pg: 24 (ALL)
KELLY  Helen   Pg: 241 (ALL)
KELLY  Judith Appel   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
KELLY  Julia   Pg: 166 (ALL)
KEMEYS-TYNTE  Anne   Pg: 77 (ALL)
KEMP  Charles Bartlett   Pg: 163 (ALL)
KEMP  Eileen M. O'brien   Pg: 163 (ALL)
KEMP  Frank LaGrange   Pg: 163 (ALL)
KEMP  Frederick N.   Pg: 163 (ALL)
KEMP  Frederick R.   Pg: 163 (ALL)
KEMP  John Randolph   Pg: 163 (ALL)
KEMP  Mary Virginia Levy   Pg: 163 (ALL)
KEMP  Susan Adele   Pg: 163 (ALL)
KEMPER  Alan H. (m. Margaret Loeb)   Pg: 211 (ALL)
KEMPER  Alan H. (son of Alan H.)   Pg: 211 (ALL)
KEMPER  Alan H., Jr.   Pg: 211 (ALL)
KEMPER  Carl   Pg: 211 (ALL)
KEMPER  Carl Loeb   Pg: 211 (ALL)
KEMPER  Doris Coleman   Pg: 211 (ALL)
KEMPER  Elinor   Pg: 23 (ALL)
KEMPER  Kathryn   Pg: 211 (ALL)
KEMPER  Margaret   Pg: 211 (ALL)
KEMPER  Margaret Loeb   Pg: 211 (ALL)
KEMPER  Nan Schlesinger   Pg: 211 (ALL)
KEMPER  Sandra Stark   Pg: 211 (ALL)
KEMPER  Thomas Lenox   Pg: 211 (ALL)
KEMPER  Thomas, Jr.   Pg: 211 (ALL)
KEMPNER  Alan H. III   Pg: 211 (ALL)
KEMPNER  Alan H. Jr.   Pg: 211 (ALL)
KEMPNER  Alan Horace   Pg: 211 (ALL)
KEMPNER  Elizabeth Brody Benjamin   Pg: 160 (ALL)
KEMPNER  Louis   Pg: 160 (ALL)
KEMPNER  Margaret Loeb   Pg: 211 (ALL)
KEMPNER  Murray   Pg: 160 (ALL)
KEMPNER  Rosa Content   Pg: 40 (ALL)
KEMPNER  Ruth   Pg: 160 (ALL)
KENDALL  Elvira Augusta Ellet   Pg: 128 (ALL)
KENDALL  Emma A.   Pg: 336B (ALL)
KENDALL  Leon D.   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KENDALL  Rebecca Kokernot   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KENDIS  Alyn   Pg: 293 (ALL)
KENDIS  Ethel Wiener   Pg: 293 (ALL)
KENDIS  James   Pg: 293 (ALL)
KENDIS  Robert   Pg: 293 (ALL)
KENNEDY  Ann   Pg: 236 (ALL)
KENNEDY  Ann Oppenheimer   Pg: 236 (ALL)
KENNEDY  David D., Jr.   Pg: 236 (ALL)
KENNEDY  David Doherty   Pg: 236 (ALL)
KENNEDY  David Douglas   Pg: 236 (ALL)
KENNEDY  Doris   Pg: 253 (ALL)
KENNEDY  Duncan   Pg: 155 (ALL)
KENNEDY  Duncan, Jr.   Pg: 155 (ALL)
KENNEDY  Elizabeth Augusta Croghan   Pg: 155 (ALL)
KENNEDY  Melissa   Pg: 236 (ALL)
KENNEDY  Suzanne   Pg: 236 (ALL)
KENNETT  Adrienne C. Peixotto   Pg: 240 (ALL)
KENNETT  Isabel   Pg: 240 (ALL)
KENNETT  Scott   Pg: 240 (ALL)
KENNETT  Vestal   Pg: 240 (ALL)
KENT  Anna   Pg: 147 (ALL)
KENT  Clement F.   Pg: 117 (ALL)
KENT  Clement Fisher   Pg: 117 (ALL)
(b. 1927)
KENT  Fannie May Brown   Pg: 117 (ALL)
KENT  Helen De Cordova Brickner   Pg: 27 (ALL)
KENT  James David   Pg: 27 (ALL)
KENT  John Roger   Pg: 27 (ALL)
KENT  Lillian Houldsworth   Pg: 27 (ALL)
KENT  Sallie   Pg: 168 (ALL)
KENT  Stephen Curtis   Pg: 27 (ALL)
KENT (KOHN)  Newton   Pg: 27 (ALL)
KERLEY  See Keiley  
KERN  Barbara   Pg: 301 (ALL)
KERN  Beth Ann   Pg: 237 (ALL)
KERN  Donna   Pg: 237 (ALL)
KERN  Dorothy   Pg: 301 (ALL)
KERN  James   Pg: 237 (ALL)
KERN  James W.   Pg: 237 (ALL)
KERN  Lina Goldsmith   Pg: 301 (ALL)
KERN  Margaret   Pg: 237 (ALL)
KERN  Margaret Theresa Roth   Pg: 237 (ALL)
KERN  Patrice   Pg: 237 (ALL)
KERN  Samuel   Pg: 301 (ALL)
KERR  Anthony Hugh   Pg: 168 (ALL)
KERR  Karen Marshall Rabenhorst   Pg: 168 (ALL)
KERR  Marion J.   Pg: 134 (ALL)
KERSTEIN  Dorothy   Pg: 285 (ALL) Pg: 340A (ALL)
KESLER  Barbara Anne   Pg: 307 (ALL)
KESLER  Deborah Jane   Pg: 307 (ALL)
KESLER  Dorothy Altachul   Pg: 307 (ALL)
KESLER  Robert   Pg: 307 (ALL)
KESSLER  Adolph   Pg: 230 (ALL)
(b. & d. 1870)
KESSLER  Albert   Pg: 230 (ALL)
(b. & d. 1872)
KESSLER  Anna Maria   Pg: 324B (ALL)
KESSLER  Austin Ranier   Pg: 230 (ALL)
KESSLER  Benvenida Valentina   Pg: 230 (ALL)
KESSLER  Birdie Berliner   Pg: 230 (ALL)
KESSLER  Brenda Bergquist   Pg: 230 (ALL)
KESSLER  Charlotte   Pg: 230 (ALL)
KESSLER  Clara   Pg: 230 (ALL)
(b. 1871)
KESSLER  David   Pg: 284 (ALL)
KESSLER  Edwin   Pg: 230 (ALL)
KESSLER  Edwin III   Pg: 230 (ALL)
KESSLER  Edwin, Jr.   Pg: 230 (ALL)
(b. 1903)
KESSLER  Elizabeth   Pg: 284 (ALL)
KESSLER  Elizabeth Goldsmith   Pg: 284 (ALL)
KESSLER  Florence   Pg: 230 (ALL)
KESSLER  Helen Virginia Nathans   Pg: 230 (ALL)
KESSLER  Irene   Pg: 230 (ALL)
(b. & d. 1885)
KESSLER  Jay (see Kessler, Jonas (Jay))  
KESSLER  John Whitlock   Pg: 230 (ALL)
KESSLER  Jonas (Jay)   Pg: 230 (ALL)
KESSLER  Lionel L.   Pg: 230 (ALL)
KESSLER  Lottie C. Mangier   Pg: 230 (ALL)
KESSLER  Mary   Pg: 284 (ALL)
KESSLER  Nell   Pg: 230 (ALL)
KESSLER  Robert   Pg: 284 (ALL)
KESSLER  Rosa Weil   Pg: 230 (ALL)
KESSLER  Samuel   Pg: 230 (ALL)
KESSLER  Susan   Pg: 72 (ALL)
KEY  Alicia   Pg: 156 (ALL)
(b. 1867)
KEY  Beatrice Tiffany   Pg: 156 (ALL)
KEY  Charles   Pg: 156 (ALL)
KEY  Edward   Pg: 118 (ALL)
KEY  Edward Lloyd   Pg: 156 (ALL)
(b. 1853)
KEY  Elizabeth Lloyd   Pg: 156 (ALL)
KEY  Florence Gross Horwitz   Pg: 118 (ALL)
KEY  Francis Scott   Pg: 156 (ALL)
(b. 1861)
KEY  Mary Taylor   Pg: 156 (ALL)
(b. 1855)
KEY  Philip Barton   Pg: 156 (ALL)
KEYS  Abraham Israel   Pg: 27 (ALL)
KEYS  Daniel B.   Pg: 27 (ALL)
KEYS  Jacob   Pg: 27 (ALL)
(b. 1815)
KEYS  Jael Brandon   Pg: 27 (ALL)
KEYS  Joseph   Pg: 27 (ALL)
(b. 1824)
KEYS  Julia   Pg: 27 (ALL)
(b. 1811)
KEYS  Nathaniel   Pg: 27 (ALL)
(b. 1823)
KEYSER  Ainslee H. M.   Pg: 140 (ALL)
KEYSER  Asser   Pg: 260 (ALL)
KEYSER  Augusta Tobias   Pg: 297 (ALL) Pg: 314 (ALL)
KEYSER  Campbell Dirck   Pg: 140 (ALL)
(b. 1926)
KEYSER  Catherine (Frau Getele)   Pg: 69 (ALL)
KEYSER  Charles Ralph   Pg: 297 (ALL) Pg: 314 (ALL)
KEYSER  Chava (Eve)   Pg: 69 (ALL)
KEYSER  Elizabeth (dau. of John)   Pg: 140 (ALL)
KEYSER  Elizabeth (dau. of William)   Pg: 140 (ALL)
KEYSER  Elizabeth Judah   Pg: 140 (ALL)
KEYSER  Eve (see Keyser, Chava (Eve))  
KEYSER  Frau Getele (see Keyser, Catherine (Frau Getele))  
KEYSER  Hannah   Pg: 308 (ALL)
(b. 1840)
KEYSER  Harriet C. Swift   Pg: 140 (ALL)
KEYSER  Isabel Samuel   Pg: 260 (ALL)
KEYSER  Jacob   Pg: 69 (ALL)
KEYSER  Jessie Farquharson   Pg: 140 (ALL)
KEYSER  John   Pg: 297 (ALL) Pg: 314 (ALL)
(b. 1907)
KEYSER  John (of Pensacola)   Pg: 140 (ALL)
KEYSER  John H.   Pg: 140 (ALL)
KEYSER  Katherine Turquand   Pg: 140 (ALL)
KEYSER  Lewis   Pg: 69 (ALL)
KEYSER  Mary Campbell   Pg: 140 (ALL)
KEYSER  Mary Campbell (m. William S.)   Pg: 140 (ALL)
KEYSER  Nathan   Pg: 69 (ALL)
KEYSER  Nelley Atkin   Pg: 140 (ALL)
(b. 1889)
KEYSER  Nelley Everett   Pg: 140 (ALL)
(d. 1914)
KEYSER  Richard L. C.   Pg: 140 (ALL)
(b. 1893)
KEYSER  Solomon   Pg: 69 (ALL)
KEYSER  Stella Brown   Pg: 140 (ALL)
KEYSER  Taegle   Pg: 69 (ALL)
KEYSER  William   Pg: 140 (ALL)
KEYSER  William Judah   Pg: 140 (ALL)
(b. 1891)
KEYSER  William Swift   Pg: 140 (ALL)
KEYSER  William Swift (son of William)   Pg: 140 (ALL)
KIAM  Dorothy   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KIAM  Edward   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KIAM  Fannie Tim   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KIAM  Marjorie   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KICKLIGHTER  Rosemary   Pg: 208 (ALL)
KIEFER  Julia Rosenham   Pg: 255 (ALL)
KIEFER  William   Pg: 255 (ALL)
KIEFOVER  Florence Hays   Pg: 106 (ALL)
KIEFOVER  John, Jr.   Pg: 106 (ALL)
KILHAM  Jeanette   Pg: 310 (ALL)
KILLER  Sophie   Pg: 215 (ALL)
KIMBER  Arline   Pg: 141 (ALL)
KIMBRO  Clariece Elaine De Cordova   Pg: 53 (ALL)
KIMBRO  Gary Wendell   Pg: 53 (ALL)
KIMBRO  Ginger Faye Chance   Pg: 53 (ALL)
KIMBRO  John Michael   Pg: 53 (ALL)
KIMBRO  John Washington   Pg: 53 (ALL)
KIMSEY  Louise Wimberly   Pg: 270 (ALL)
KINCAID  Earle   Pg: 322A (ALL)
KINCAID  Earle, Jr.   Pg: 322A (ALL)
KINCAID  Isabella Jane   Pg: 200 (ALL) Pg: 201 (ALL)
(ca. 1800-1860)
KINCAID  Marilyn Dee Barnbaum   Pg: 237 (ALL)
KINCAID  Robert   Pg: 237 (ALL)
KINCAID  Virginia Earle   Pg: 322A (ALL)
KINCAID  Virginia Morris   Pg: 34 (ALL) Pg: 322A (ALL)
KIND  Andrew Henry   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KIND  Bessie Katzenberg   Pg: 282 (ALL) Pg: 339B (ALL)
KIND  Christina Alicia   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KIND  Constance   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KIND  Dorothy Weinberger   Pg: 282 (ALL) Pg: 339B (ALL)
KIND  Kathryn   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KIND  Kenneth Arnold   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KIND  Laura Beth   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KIND  Milton   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KIND  Patricia Van Ameringen   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KIND  Philip   Pg: 282 (ALL) Pg: 339B (ALL)
KIND  Philip, Jr.   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KIND  Samuel   Pg: 282 (ALL) Pg: 339B (ALL)
KIND  Valerie Kay   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KINDALL  Catherine Wolff   Pg: 102 (ALL)
KINDALL  John   Pg: 102 (ALL)
KINDALL  Nancy   Pg: 102 (ALL)
KINDALL  Steven   Pg: 102 (ALL)
KING  Abigail Seixas   Pg: 265 (ALL)
KING  Ada May Schlessinger   Pg: 102 (ALL)
KING  Adelaide Ballin   Pg: 144 (ALL) Pg: 147 (ALL)
KING  Anna Langtry   Pg: 102 (ALL)
KING  Anthony   Pg: 41 (ALL) Pg: 154 (ALL)
(b. 1834)
KING  Augusta   Pg: 102 (ALL) Pg: 144 (ALL)
KING  Austin A   Pg: 188 (ALL)
KING  Barnet   Pg: 6 (ALL)
KING  Beatrice   Pg: 144 (ALL)
KING  Benjamin   Pg: 6 (ALL) Pg: 144 (ALL)
KING  Bennett J.   Pg: 6 (ALL) Pg: 144 (ALL)
KING  Bertha   Pg: 327B (ALL)
KING  Billy Jack   Pg: 237 (ALL)
KING  Carol Therese Weiss   Pg: 285 (ALL)
KING  Caroline   Pg: 148 (ALL)
KING  Charles (see Kroleck, Charles)  
KING  Clarissa   Pg: 12 (ALL)
KING  Cynthia (TONI) Bregman   Pg: 288 (ALL)
KING  David J.   Pg: 6 (ALL)
KING  David James   Pg: 144 (ALL) Pg: 147 (ALL)
KING  Dorothy Irene De Leon Johnston   Pg: 55 (ALL)
KING  Edward B.   Pg: 144 (ALL)
KING  Edward Judah   Pg: 6 (ALL) Pg: 144 (ALL)
KING  Edward Judah, Jr.   Pg: 144 (ALL)
KING  Edwin William   Pg: 55 (ALL)
KING  Eleanor Moise Levy Levy   Pg: 164 (ALL)
KING  Eliezer   Pg: 145 (ALL)
(b. 1804)
KING  Elizabeth Terry   Pg: 144 (ALL)
KING  Fanny   Pg: 144 (ALL)
KING  Frank (Solomon)   Pg: 102 (ALL)
KING  Fred B.   Pg: 164 (ALL)
KING  Frederick   Pg: 164 (ALL)
KING  Frederick, Jr.   Pg: 164 (ALL)
KING  George   Pg: 13 (ALL)
KING  Geraldine   Pg: 287 (ALL)
KING  Gordon B.   Pg: 288 (ALL)
KING  Gordon Congdon   Pg: 285 (ALL)
KING  Grace   Pg: 144 (ALL)
KING  Hannah   Pg: 144 (ALL)
KING  Harry   Pg: 145 (ALL)
(b. 1872)
KING  Hattie,   Pg: 327B (ALL)
KING  Henrietta   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KING  Henry (m. Abigail Seixas)   Pg: 265 (ALL)
KING  Henry (m. Hinda (Hannah) Aaron)   Pg: 145 (ALL) Pg: 327B (ALL)
KING  Hinda (Hannah) Aaron   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KING  Isaac   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KING  Jacob   Pg: 124 (ALL)
KING  Jay   Pg: 144 (ALL)
KING  Jennie Ickelheimer   Pg: 144 (ALL)
KING  Jonathan   Pg: 285 (ALL)
KING  Judah   Pg: 145 (ALL)
(b. 1805)
KING  Katherine Richardson   Pg: 164 (ALL)
KING  Kathryn Ann   Pg: 55 (ALL)
KING  Kitty   Pg: 144 (ALL)
KING  Lawrence De Leon   Pg: 55 (ALL)
KING  Lemuel   Pg: 265 (ALL)
KING  Leopold   Pg: 145 (ALL) Pg: 327A (ALL)
KING  Lillie S. Brush   Pg: 6 (ALL) Pg: 144 (ALL)
KING  Louise   Pg: 144 (ALL)
(b. 1871)
KING  Mark J.   Pg: 144 (ALL)
KING  Mary Isaacs   Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 145 (ALL)
KING  Miller   Pg: 164 (ALL)
KING  Nathaniel   Pg: 288 (ALL)
KING  Pincus   Pg: 193 (ALL)
KING  Rachel Lyon   Pg: 6 (ALL) Pg: 144 (ALL)
KING  Rebecca Mitchell   Pg: 193 (ALL)
KING  Rosalia Abrahams   Pg: 6 (ALL) Pg: 144 (ALL)
KING  Rosalie Asch   Pg: 13 (ALL)
KING  Rubinstein   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KING  Sarah   Pg: 327B (ALL)
KING  Sarah   Pg: 144 (ALL)
(b. 1850)
KING  Sarah Abrahams   Pg: 6 (ALL) Pg: 144 (ALL)
KING  Sim   Pg: 144 (ALL)
KING  Solomon   Pg: 144 (ALL)
KING  Sophie   Pg: 144 (ALL)
KING  Theresa Friedman   Pg: 41 (ALL) Pg: 257 (ALL)
KING  Toni Bregman (see King, Cynthia (Toni) Bregman)  
KING  Victoria Marie Bambaum   Pg: 237 (ALL)
KING  William   Pg: 265 (ALL)
KING (KROLECK)  Fanny   Pg: 144 (ALL)
KINGSBACHER  Arvin   Pg: 293 (ALL)
KINGSBACHER  Emu   Pg: 287 (ALL)
KINGSBACHER  Ethel Marks Dryfoos   Pg: 293 (ALL)
KINGSBURY  Annie De Cordova   Pg: 52 (ALL)
KINGSBURY  William G.   Pg: 52 (ALL)
KINGSLAND  Jean   Pg: 245 (ALL)
KINGSLAND  Marjorie   Pg: 144 (ALL)
KINLEY  Ida Belle Sheftall   Pg: 269 (ALL)
KINLEY  Max Wilbur   Pg: 269 (ALL)
KINSLER  Agnes De Leon Keller   Pg: 56 (ALL)
KIRBY  Gail   Pg: 236 (ALL)
KIRK  Tessie   Pg: 166 (ALL)
(b. 1884)
KIRKLAND  Jennie Lee   Pg: 36 (ALL)
KIRSCHNER  Phyllis   Pg: 16 (ALL)
KIRSHBAUM  Alan   Pg: 284 (ALL)
KIRSHBAUM  Ana   Pg: 284 (ALL)
KIRSHBAUM  David Alan   Pg: 284 (ALL)
KIRSHBAUM  Emilie   Pg: 284 (ALL)
KIRSHBAUM  Emily   Pg: 284 (ALL)
KIRSHBAUM  Louise Weyl   Pg: 284 (ALL)
KISCH  Jessie   Pg: 115 (ALL)
KISER  Micro   Pg: 272 (ALL)
KISER  Rome Simson   Pg: 272 (ALL)
KISSAM  Mary Elizabeth   Pg: 105 (ALL)
KITCHEN  Dorothy Louise   Pg: 269 (ALL)
KITCHIN  Marion   Pg: 155 (ALL)
KITSON  Olive   Pg: 81 (ALL)
KLARMAN  Mjry Eleanor   Pg: 241 (ALL)
KLARSFELD  Sylvia   Pg: 295 (ALL)
KLAU  James   Pg: 91 (ALL)
KLAU  Michael   Pg: 91 (ALL)
KLAU  Phyllis   Pg: 91 (ALL)
KLAU  Susan Levy   Pg: 91 (ALL)
KLEE  Erna Lillian Hegge   Pg: 236 (ALL)
KLEE  Herbert Abe   Pg: 236 (ALL)
KLEE  Herbert, Jr.   Pg: 236 (ALL)
KLEE  Joan Hofeller   Pg: 236 (ALL)
KLEE  Kevin   Pg: 236 (ALL)
KLEE  Michael   Pg: 236 (ALL)
KLEE  Raili Pohjola   Pg: 236 (ALL)
KLEE  Tracey Alison   Pg: 236 (ALL)
KLEEBERG  Gordon A. P.   Pg: 170 (ALL)
KLEEBERG  Maria H. Levy   Pg: 170 (ALL)
KLEEBERG  Philip   Pg: 170 (ALL)
KLEEBURG  Simon Lucas (see Hyneman (Kleeburg) Simon Lucas)  
KLEEMAN  Betty Adeline Cohen   Pg: 167 (ALL)
KLEEMAN  Hilmar   Pg: 167 (ALL)
KLEIN  Adeline   Pg: 28 (ALL)
KLEIN  Alfred   Pg: 28 (ALL)
KLEIN  Carol Sylva (Haas)   Pg: 125 (ALL)
KLEIN  Clara Potsdamer   Pg: 28 (ALL)
KLEIN  Edward Thorkil   Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1955)
KLEIN  Ella   Pg: 125 (ALL)
KLEIN  Else   Pg: 237 (ALL)
KLEIN  Florence Isaacs Haas   Pg: 125 (ALL)
KLEIN  Frederikke Marjorie Aschehoug   Pg: 310B (ALL)
KLEIN  Henry   Pg: 125 (ALL)
KLEIN  John Arvid   Pg: 310B (ALL)
KLEIN  Katherine Laura   Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1957)
KLEIN  Louise   Pg: 23 (ALL)
KLEIN  Regina   Pg: 239 (ALL)
KLEIN  Wayne Eric   Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1957)
KLEINBERG  Vivianne   Pg: 231 (ALL)
KLEINMAN  Blanche Hoffman   Pg: 283 (ALL) Pg: 339B (ALL)
KLEINMAN  Leonard Bernard   Pg: 339B (ALL)
KLEINMAN  Lisa Dene, Mayer   Pg: 339B (ALL)
KLEINMAN  Sigmund   Pg: 283 (ALL) Pg: 339B (ALL)
KLEMPNER  Marjorie   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1935)
KLETZ  Charles, Jr.   Pg: 237 (ALL)
KLETZ  Lena Rothgeiser Lescor (see Kletz, Lillian (Lena) Rothgeiser Lescor)  
KLETZ  Lillian (Lena) Rothgeiser Lescor   Pg: 237 (ALL)
KLEVE  Sylvia   Pg: 235 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
KLEYKOWSKA  Julie Aimee Delia Eleanore (Nellie)   Pg: 96 (ALL)
KLEYKOWSKA  Nellie (see Kleykowska, Julie Aimee Delia Eleanore (Nellie)  
KLIGERMAN  Louise Minster   Pg: 292 (ALL)
KLINE  C Mahlon   Pg: 103 (ALL) Pg: 324B (ALL)
KLINE  Deborah Lynn   Pg: 219 (ALL)
(b. 1954)
KLINE  Fay Brodsky   Pg: 219 (ALL)
KLINE  Irving B   Pg: 219 (ALL)
KLINE  Isabel Hofflin   Pg: 219 (ALL)
KLINE  Isadore C.,   Pg: 324B (ALL)
KLINE  Isadore Emilie Unger   Pg: 103 (ALL) Pg: 324B (ALL)
KLINE  James   Pg: 219 (ALL)
KLINE  Leah Elizabeth   Pg: 324B (ALL)
KLINE  Norma Gewirz   Pg: 219 (ALL)
KLINE  Richard   Pg: 219 (ALL)
KLINE  Sondra Pilzer   Pg: 219 (ALL)
KLINE  Susan Jennifer   Pg: 219 (ALL)
KLINITZKAYA  Manya Zelmanova   Pg: 9 (ALL)
KLOPFER  Donald   Pg: 22 (ALL)
KLOPFER  Lois   Pg: 22 (ALL)
KLOPFER  Marion Anspacher   Pg: 22 (ALL)
KLOTZ  Marie Ana   Pg: 189 (ALL)
KLYMAN  Abby Ancker   Pg: 11 (ALL)
KLYMAN  Hetty Ancker   Pg: 11 (ALL)
KLYMAN  Julius   Pg: 11 (ALL)
KNAPP  Annette Morris   Pg: 322A (ALL)
KNAPP  Edward S., Jr.   Pg: 158 (ALL)
KNAPP  Edward Spring   Pg: 158 (ALL)
KNAPP  Edyth   Pg: 158 (ALL)
KNAPP  Edyth C Elliman   Pg: 158 (ALL)
KNAPP  Herbert   Pg: 322A (ALL)
KNAPP  Rosalie Emily Moran   Pg: 158 (ALL)
KNAPP  Rosalie M.   Pg: 158 (ALL)
KNAUFFT  Eliza Han   Pg: 97 (ALL)
KNAUFFT  F. F.   Pg: 97 (ALL)
KNEELAND  Helen   Pg: 312B (ALL)
KNEIP  Esther   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KNIFHAUSEN  Count   Pg: 265 (ALL)
KNIFHAUSEN  Judith   Pg: 265 (ALL)
KNIGHT  Emanuel   Pg: 280 (ALL)
KNIGHT  Florence Nightingale   Pg: 280 (ALL)
KNIGHT  Marian   Pg: 208 (ALL)
KNIGHT  Rose Alexis   Pg: 221 (ALL)
KNIGHT  Sarah Micholl   Pg: 280 (ALL)
KNOFF  Irma   Pg: 81 (ALL)
KNORR  Clara Johanna   Pg: 254 (ALL)
KNOTHE  Fnnziska   Pg: 107 (ALL)
KNOWLES  Clarence   Pg: 141 (ALL)
KNOWLES  Clarence, Jr.   Pg: 141 (ALL)
KNOWLES  Constance (dau. of Clarence)   Pg: 141 (ALL)
KNOWLES  Constance (dau. of Clarence, Jr.)   Pg: 141 (ALL)
KNOWLES  Fanny Judah   Pg: 141 (ALL)
KNOWLES  Marian   Pg: 141 (ALL)
KNOWLES  Mary Helen Woody   Pg: 141 (ALL)
KOBER  Muriel June   Pg: 320B (ALL)
KOBER  Myn Arnold   Pg: 320B (ALL)
KOBER  Samuel   Pg: 320B (ALL)
KOCH  Audrey H. Straus   Pg: 162 (ALL) Pg: 329B (ALL)
KOCH  Deborah   Pg: 162 (ALL) Pg: 329B (ALL)
KOCH  Irene   Pg: 162 (ALL) Pg: 329B (ALL)
KOCH  Nina   Pg: 162 (ALL) Pg: 329B (ALL)
KOCH  Reinhard   Pg: 162 (ALL) Pg: 329B (ALL)
KOCH  Reinhard William   Pg: 329B (ALL)
KOEHLER  Bertha Shalek   Pg: 334A (ALL)
KOEHLER  Herman   Pg: 334A (ALL)
KOENIG  Caroline   Pg: 91 (ALL)
KOENIG  Irene   Pg: 229 (ALL) Pg: 334B (ALL)
KOENIG  Nancy   Pg: 321B (ALL)
KOENIGSWHKIHER  Albert   Pg: 144 (ALL)
KOENIGSWHKIHER  Albert, Jr.   Pg: 144 (ALL)
KOENIGSWHKIHER  Grace Ding   Pg: 144 (ALL)
KOENIGSWHKIHER  Lisette   Pg: 144 (ALL)
KOETHEN  Herz   Pg: 143 (ALL)
KOGAN  Kate Levine   Pg: 191 (ALL)
KOHLEMAN  See Coleman  
KOHLMAN  Marjorie   Pg: 235 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
KOHN  Abigail Sarah Hart   Pg: 254 (ALL) Pg: 312B (ALL)
KOHN  Amelie   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KOHN  Andrew   Pg: 71 (ALL)
KOHN  August   Pg: 84 (ALL)
KOHN  August III   Pg: 84 (ALL)
KOHN  August, Jr.   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 196 (ALL)
KOHN  Bernard   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KOHN  Bernard Abeles   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KOHN  Bernhardt   Pg: 24 (ALL)
KOHN  Bertha   Pg: 24 (ALL)
(b. 1879)
KOHN  Bertha (m. Louis Tim)   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KOHN  Carolyn   Pg: 15 (ALL)
(b. 1914)
KOHN  Cart   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KOHN  Charles C   Pg: 24 (ALL)
KOHN  Clara Elfelt   Pg: 28 (ALL)
KOHN  Clara White   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KOHN  Donald   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KOHN  Dorita Cecilia Moise   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 196 (ALL)
KOHN  Edouard   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KOHN  Eleanor Griffith   Pg: 24 (ALL)
KOHN  Elise   Pg: 296 (ALL) Pg: 340B (ALL)
KOHN  Elizabeth   Pg: 15 (ALL)
(b. 1911)
KOHN  Elizabeth Cohen   Pg: 38 (ALL)
KOHN  Elsa Aufsesser   Pg: 15 (ALL)
KOHN  Elsa Lebennan   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KOHN  Esther Bloomingdale   Pg: 24 (ALL)
KOHN  Eugene   Pg: 24 (ALL)
(b. 1880)
KOHN  Eva (dau. of Bernhardt)   Pg: 24 (ALL) Pg: 215 (ALL)
KOHN  Eva (dau. of Morris)   Pg: 24 (ALL)
KOHN  Florence   Pg: 24 (ALL) Pg: 71 (ALL)
(b. 1884)
KOHN  Florence (dau. of Irving)   Pg: 2 (ALL)
KOHN  Florence Bloomingdale   Pg: 24 (ALL)
KOHN  Florence Carey   Pg: 24 (ALL)
KOHN  Gail Liebensberger   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KOHN  Hannah   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KOHN  Heinrich   Pg: 254 (ALL) Pg: 312B (ALL)
(d. 1911)
KOHN  Helen   Pg: 84 (ALL)
(b. 1896)
KOHN  Helen   Pg: 24 (ALL)
(b. 1907)
KOHN  Helen De Cordova Brickaer   Pg: 27 (ALL)
KOHN  Henrietta Greenebaum   Pg: 84 (ALL)
KOHN  Herbert   Pg: 24 (ALL)
KOHN  Hermann   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KOHN  Irene Mae Goldsmith   Pg: 84 (ALL)
KOHN  Irving   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KOHN  Isaac (see Kuhn, Isaac)  
KOHN  Jane Weil   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KOHN  Janet   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KOHN  Jean   Pg: 24 (ALL)
(b. 1918)
KOHN  Jeffrey Donald   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KOHN  Joachim   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KOHN  Joan Patricia Richmond   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KOHN  Joseph   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KOHN  Joseph Gustave   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KOHN  Judy (see Kohn, Julia (Judy))  
KOHN  Julia (Judy)   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KOHN  Julia Tim   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KOHN  Kiwy/Eva Lobl   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KOHN  Laura   Pg: 296 (ALL)
(b. 1966)
KOHN  Laura   Pg: 296 (ALL)
(b. 1967)
KOHN  Lee   Pg: 28 (ALL)
KOHN  Leonard   Pg: 24 (ALL)
(b. 1878)
KOHN  Leopold (see Cohn, Leopold)  
KOHN  Lewis   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KOHN  Lowy   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KOHN  Marie Louise   Pg: 24 (ALL)
(b. 1920)
KOHN  Marie Thalie Martin   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KOHN  Marion   Pg: 24 (ALL)
(b. 1884)
KOHN  Marion (m. Arthur Hochstadter)   Pg: 89 (ALL)
KOHN  Mary Alice   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 164 (ALL) Pg: 196 (ALL)
KOHN  Max   Pg: 71 (ALL)
KOHN  Michael   Pg: 196 (ALL)
KOHN  Morris   Pg: 24 (ALL)
KOHN  Morris   Pg: 24 (ALL)
KOHN  Nathan (Schimml)   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KOHN  Newton (see Kent (Kohn), Newton)  
KOHN  Patricia Weil   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KOHN  Pauline Weil Myers Bendiner   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KOHN  Rachel Feldstein   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KOHN  Rebekah Liveright   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KOHN  Richard   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KOHN  Robert   Pg: 296 (ALL)
(b. 1935)
KOHN  Ruth   Pg: 24 (ALL)
(b. 1909)
KOHN  Ruth Fleisher   Pg: 71 (ALL)
KOHN  Ruth Miller   Pg: 24 (ALL)
KOHN  Sadie Haschesk (see Kohn, Sarah (Sadie) Hascnesk)  
KOHN  Sally   Pg: 71 (ALL)
(b. 1944)
KOHN  Samuel   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KOHN  Samuel   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KOHN  Samuel Arthur   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KOHN  Sarah (Sadie) Hascoesfc   Pg: 312B (ALL)
(d. 1961)
KOHN  See also Cohen, Cohn  
KOHN  Seligman   Pg: 145 (ALL)
(b. 1786)
KOHN  Simon   Pg: 145 (ALL)
(b. 1781)
KOHN  Simon Isaac   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KOHN  Susan   Pg: 71 (ALL)
(b. 1941)
KOHN  Theodore   Pg: 84 (ALL)
(b. 1902)
KOHN  Timothy Richard   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KOHN  Von Embden   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KOHN  Walter   Pg: 15 (ALL)
(b. 1879)
KOHN  Yetta Tuckner   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KOHNER  Bertha Ezekiel   Pg: 70 (ALL) Pg: 324A (ALL)
KOHNER  Constance   Pg: 70 (ALL)
KOHNER  Josephine   Pg: 70 (ALL) Pg: 324A (ALL)
KOHNER  Maurice   Pg: 70 (ALL) Pg: 324A (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Alma   Pg: 146 (ALL) Pg: 328B (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Betsy Levy   Pg: 101 (ALL) Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Blanche   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Bloomie Amanda   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Caroline Augusta   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Caroline Dittmar Maley   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Clarissa   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  David Crockett   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  David L   Pg: 146 (ALL) Pg: 328A (ALL)
KOKERNOT  David L, Jr.   Pg: 328A (ALL)
KOKERNOT  David L.   Pg: 146 (ALL)
(b. 1805)
KOKERNOT  Edna   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Elizabeth   Pg: 146 (ALL)
(b. 1832)
KOKERNOT  Fannie   Pg: 146 (ALL) Pg: 328A (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Fannie Elam   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Frederick David   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  George W.   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Glenn   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Golda Rixon   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Herbert L, Jr.   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Herbert Lee   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Hulda Jane Carnes   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  John W.   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  John William   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Johnnie   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Johnnie Sue Hix   Pg: 328A (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Josephine   Pg: 146 (ALL) Pg: 328A (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Juliann   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Katherine Webb   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Lee   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Lee Glenn   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Lee M. (Levi Moses)   Pg: 146 (ALL) Pg: 328A (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Lenore (Nora)   Pg: 146 (ALL) Pg: 328A (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Levi Moses   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Levi Moses (see also Kokernot, Lee M. (Levi Moses))  
KOKERNOT  Lola   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Louis   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Lucy Moss   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Margart   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Mary Anne   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Mary Elizabeth Vanham   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Mary Harper   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Mary M.   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Mattie Josephine   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Maud   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Miriam   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Muriel Joy   Pg: 46 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Nancy Van Ostern   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Nora (see Kokernot, Lenore (Nora))  
KOKERNOT  Rebecca   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Robert L  
KOKERNOT  Rubie Stuard   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Ruth   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Ruth Spooner   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Sam Max   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Sarah Littlefield   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Susan K.   Pg: 328A (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Virginia Smith   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Walter Hutson   Pg: 146 (ALL) Pg: 328A (ALL)
KOKERNOT  Walter R, Jr.   Pg: 146 (ALL)
KOLA  See Koehler  
KOLCHIN  Ellen   Pg: 339A (ALL)
KOLCHIN  Ellis   Pg: 339A (ALL)
KOLCHIN  Kate Loeb   Pg: 339A (ALL)
KOLCHIN  Peter   Pg: 339A (ALL)
KOLIN  Essie (see Kolin, Jacqueline (Essie)  
KOLIN  Jacqueline (Essie)   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KOLLER  Nora Rosenthal   Pg: 340A (ALL)
KOLLER  Sidney   Pg: 340A (ALL)
KONIG  Abraham   Pg: 252 (ALL)
KONIG  Gietele Polock   Pg: 252 (ALL)
KONINSKI  Adele Stix   Pg: 286 (ALL)
KONINSKI  Sigfried   Pg: 286 (ALL)
KONZELMAN  Arthur   Pg: 201 (ALL)
KONZELMAN  Ethel Seago   Pg: 201 (ALL)
KOOPMAN  Schontze   Pg: 323B (ALL)
KOOTZ  Jane Stix Ogden   Pg: 285 (ALL)
KOOTZ  Samuel   Pg: 285 (ALL)
KOPPEL  Fannye   Pg: 167 (ALL)
KOPPER  Eliza Caroline   Pg: 264 (ALL)
KORETZ  Mari   Pg: 327B (ALL)
KORMAN  Judith Miriam   Pg: 282 (ALL)
KORN  Carol Simon   Pg: 121 (ALL)
KORN  James Alexander   Pg: 121 (ALL)
KORN  John Raymond   Pg: 121 (ALL)
KORN  Peggy Lashanska Rosenbaum Lehman   Pg: 281 (ALL)
KORN  Richard Kaye   Pg: 281 (ALL)
(b. 1908)
KORN  Robert   Pg: 121 (ALL)
KORNBLUM  Elly Winter   Pg: 10 (ALL)
KORNBLUM  Ernst   Pg: 10 (ALL)
(b. 1918)
KORNBLUM  Hans   Pg: 10 (ALL)
KOSCHERAK  Justine Ellen   Pg: 13 (ALL)
KOSCHERAK  Justine Ellen Bach   Pg: 13 (ALL)
KOSCHERAK  Mildred   Pg: 13 (ALL)
KOSCHERAK  Otto L.   Pg: 13 (ALL)
KOSTER  Adele Hirshler   Pg: 108 (ALL)
KOSTER  Ernestine Hirschler   Pg: 108 (ALL)
KOSTER  Fred   Pg: 108 (ALL)
KOTLER  Lucille   Pg: 5 (ALL)
KOTZEN  Daniel Jacob   Pg: 12 (ALL)
KOTZEN  David Andrews   Pg: 12 (ALL)
KOTZEN  Deborah Kahn   Pg: 12 (ALL)
KOTZEN  Elinor Louise   Pg: 12 (ALL)
KOTZEN  Lynn Frances Andrews   Pg: 12 (ALL)
KOTZEN  Marvin S.   Pg: 12 (ALL)
KRAFT  Aurelia Swarts Friedman   Pg: 292 (ALL)
KRAFT  Doris C.   Pg: 270 (ALL)
KRAFT  Esther   Pg: 15 (ALL)
KRAFT  Hans   Pg: 292 (ALL)
KRAFT  Irma   Pg: 330A (ALL)
KRAGAN  Arthur C.   Pg: 333A (ALL)
KRAGAN  Robert   Pg: 333A (ALL)
KRAGAN  Suzanne Mendes   Pg: 333A (ALL)
KRAMER  Aaron M.   Pg: 339B (ALL)
KRAMER  Albert Frank   Pg: 238 (ALL)
KRAMER  Betsy Lynn   Pg: 339B (ALL)
KRAMER  Beulah Catharine (Mamber)   Pg: 238 (ALL)
KRAMER  Emily R. Feeman   Pg: 339B (ALL)
KRAMER  Jodi Sue   Pg: 339B (ALL)
KRAMER  Lee Hoffman   Pg: 339B (ALL)
KRAMER  Mabel Oppenheimer Mamber   Pg: 238 (ALL)
KRAMER  Marian Hoffman   Pg: 339B (ALL)
KRAUS  Belle   Pg: 145 (ALL)
(b. 1861)
KRAUS  Bessie   Pg: 290 (ALL)
KRAUS  Carrie May Adler   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KRAUS  Carrie Sulzberger   Pg: 290 (ALL)
KRAUS  Celia   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KRAUS  Ethel   Pg: 14 (ALL) Pg: 291 (ALL)
KRAUS  Francis Van Praag   Pg: 145 (ALL)
(b. 1920)
KRAUS  Grace Castleberg   Pg: 290 (ALL)
KRAUS  Harry   Pg: 22 (ALL) Pg: 145 (ALL)
KRAUS  Henrietta   Pg: 145 (ALL)
(b. 1853)
KRAUS  Ines Heffes AdFs   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KRAUS  Jean   Pg: 290 (ALL)
KRAUS  Jean Kraus   Pg: 290 (ALL)
KRAUS  John Walter   Pg: 145 (ALL)
(b. 1918)
KRAUS  Leah   Pg: 290 (ALL)
KRAUS  Lena Stromberg   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KRAUS  Marcus (Max)   Pg: 145 (ALL)
(b. 1829)
KRAUS  Marcus Mordecai   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KRAUS  Marian Florance Nathan   Pg: 145 (ALL) Pg: 227 (ALL)
KRAUS  Mathilda   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KRAUS  Maude Rosalie   Pg: 145 (ALL)
(b. 1887)
KRAUS  Max (see Kraus, Marcus (Max))  
KRAUS  Max William   Pg: 145 (ALL)
(b. 1855)
KRAUS  Minnie Lauer   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KRAUS  Morris   Pg: 290 (ALL)
KRAUS  Rachel Frank   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KRAUS  Rosalie (Rosie) Anspacher   Pg: 22 (ALL) Pg: 145 (ALL)
KRAUS  Sidney   Pg: 290 (ALL)
KRAUS  Sidney A   Pg: 290 (ALL)
(b. 1904)
KRAUS  Sophie Marks   Pg: 187 (ALL)
KRAUS  Walter Max   Pg: 145 (ALL) Pg: 227 (ALL)
KRAUS  William   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KRAUS  William   Pg: 145 (ALL)
KRAUSE  Arlene Eleanor Sheftall   Pg: 270 (ALL)
KRAUSE  Roland Otto   Pg: 270 (ALL)
KRAUSKOPF  Blanche   Pg: 229 (ALL) Pg: 334B (ALL)
KRAUSKOPF  Hettie   Pg: 229 (ALL)
KRAUSKOPF  Levi   Pg: 229 (ALL)
KRAUSKOPF  Rachel Tobias Nathans   Pg: 229 (ALL)
KRAUTH  Hannah Berlin   Pg: 300 (ALL)
KRECHMER  Joan   Pg: 229 (ALL) Pg: 334B (ALL)
KREUTZ  Mary Pauline   Pg: 277 (ALL)
KREVITZ  James Gary   Pg: 125 (ALL)
KREVITZ  Leonard   Pg: 125 (ALL)
KREVITZ  Leonard Charles, Jr.   Pg: 125 (ALL)
KREVITZ  Susan Isaacs   Pg: 125 (ALL)
KREVITZ  Winifred Marion   Pg: 125 (ALL)
KROELER  Cynthia   Pg: 311B (ALL)
(b. 1965)
KROELER  Margery Morgenstern   Pg: 311B (ALL)
KROELER  Roger   Pg: 311B (ALL)
(b. 1939)
KROELER  Sharon   Pg: 311B (ALL)
(b. 1969)
KROHN  Alice   Pg: 306 (ALL)
KROHN  Annette Hagedorn   Pg: 306 (ALL)
KROHN  Arthur   Pg: 23 (ALL)
KROHN  Carrie Monheimer   Pg: 306 (ALL)
KROHN  Charles   Pg: 306 (ALL)
KROHN  Cora Fechheimer   Pg: 306 (ALL)
KROHN  Edith   Pg: 306 (ALL)
KROHN  Erna   Pg: 306 (ALL)
KROHN  Harry   Pg: 306 (ALL)
KROHN  Helen   Pg: 306 (ALL)
KROHN  Irwin M. III   Pg: 306 (ALL)
KROHN  Irwin M., Jr.   Pg: 306 (ALL)
KROHN  Irwin Michael   Pg: 306 (ALL)
KROHN  Kathryn Deborah   Pg: 23 (ALL)
(b. 1951)
KROHN  Laura   Pg: 306 (ALL)
KROHN  Lawrence David   Pg: 23 (ALL)
(b. 1947)
KROHN  Louis   Pg: 306 (ALL)
KROHN  Mary   Pg: 306 (ALL)
KROHN  Miriam Louise Hoffman   Pg: 23 (ALL)
KROHN  Nancy Ann   Pg: 306 (ALL)
KROHN  Richard Daniel   Pg: 23 (ALL)
(b. 1949)
KROLECK  Charles (see King, Charles)  
KROLECK  David   Pg: 144 (ALL)
KROLECK  Sarah   Pg: 27 (ALL) Pg: 144 (ALL)
KROLECK  Sophia (see Kroleck, Sprinze (Sophia))  
KROLECK  Sprinze (Sophia)   Pg: 144 (ALL)
KRONACHER  Regine J.   Pg: 285 (ALL)
KRONBERG  Caroline   Pg: 116 (ALL)
KRONBERG  Katherine Herzog   Pg: 116 (ALL)
KRONBERG  Sigismund   Pg: 115 (ALL)
KRONHEIMER  Fannie   Pg: 174 (ALL)
KRONTHAL  Stella Baer   Pg: 239 (ALL)
KROPNICK  Gail   Pg: 193 (ALL)
KROUSE  See Kraus  
KRULSCHIK  See Kroleck  
KRUN  Reuben Simon   Pg: 1 (ALL)
KRUPP  Sadie   Pg: 160 (ALL)
KRUTSCHNITT  Ernest   Pg: 18 (ALL)
KRUTSCHNITT  John   Pg: 18 (ALL)
(d. 1892)
KRUTSCHNITT  Julius   Pg: 18 (ALL)
KRUTSCHNITT  Peninah Benjamin   Pg: 18 (ALL)
KRUTSCHNITT  Rebecca De Mendes   Pg: 18 (ALL)
KTNGMAN  Grace   Pg: 84 (ALL)
KUEHN  See Keene (Kuehn)  
KUH  George Edward   Pg: 286 (ALL)
KUH  Helen Stix   Pg: 286 (ALL)
KUHN  Abraham   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KUHN  Bella Lipman   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KUHN  Charles (son of Hartman)   Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHN  Charles (son of Mary)   Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHN  Cornelius Hartman   Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHN  David   Pg: 275 (ALL)
KUHN  Donald   Pg: 72 (ALL)
KUHN  Dorothy   Pg: 292 (ALL)
(b. 1896)
KUHN  Elizabeth (dau. of Hartman)   Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHN  Elizabeth (m. George C. Morris)   Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHN  Elizabeth Ella   Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHN  Ellen (dau. of Hartman)   Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHN  Ellen (dau. of Mary)   Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHN  Ellen Lyle   Pg: 79 (ALL) Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHN  Emma   Pg: 292 (ALL)
(b. 1904)
KUHN  Frederick   Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHN  Gertrude   Pg: 249 (ALL)
KUHN  Grace Morris Cary   Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHN  Hamilton   Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHN  Hartman (m. Ellen Lyle)   Pg: 79 (ALL) Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHN  Hartman (m. Mary)   Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHN  Hartman (son of Hartman)   Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHN  Isaac   Pg: 296 (ALL)
KUHN  Isaac (m. Sarah Phillips)   Pg: 249 (ALL)
KUHN  James Hamilton   Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHN  Jane   Pg: 307 (ALL)
KUHN  Jill   Pg: 72 (ALL)
KUHN  John Charles   Pg: 72 (ALL)
KUHN  Julie Ann Keller   Pg: 275 (ALL)
KUHN  Laura Baker Whelen   Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHN  Louisa Catherine Adams   Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHN  Louise   Pg: 292 (ALL)
KUHN  Mary   Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHN  Mary Denkla Mason   Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHN  Mary Hamilton (dau. of Charles)   Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHN  Mary Hamilton (dau. of Mary)   Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHN  Mary Kuhn   Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHN  Nancy Fleisher Becker   Pg: 72 (ALL)
KUHN  Rosalie   Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHN  Samuel   Pg: 292 (ALL)
(b. 1894)
KUHN  Sarah Phillips   Pg: 249 (ALL)
KUHN  Settie Swarts   Pg: 292 (ALL)
KUHN  Simon   Pg: 292 (ALL)
KUHN  Sophia   Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHN  William   Pg: 80 (ALL)
KUHNE  George   Pg: 176 (ALL)
KUHNE  Rosa Lopez   Pg: 176 (ALL)
KUHR  Mildred Lee Guckenheimer Abrahams   Pg: 5 (ALL)
KUHR  Paul T.   Pg: 5 (ALL)
KULZER  Isabel   Pg: 284 (ALL)
KUMIN  Gershon   Pg: 327A (ALL)
KUMIN  Hazel Goldman   Pg: 327A (ALL)
KUMIN  Howard A.   Pg: 327A (ALL)
KUNZ  Florence Marie Roth   Pg: 237 (ALL)
KUNZ  Walter   Pg: 237 (ALL)
KURLAND  Harold   Pg: 12 (ALL)
KURLAND  Hilda W. Hutkin   Pg: 12 (ALL)
KURLAND  Jerry A.   Pg: 12 (ALL)
KURLAND  Linda Sue   Pg: 12 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Abigail Grace   Pg: 147 (ALL) Pg: 328B (ALL)
(b. 1912)
KURSHEEDT  Abigail Judah   Pg: 140 (ALL) Pg: 147 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Albert Edward   Pg: 147 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1889-1973)
KURSHEEDT  Alexander   Pg: 147 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Alexander E   Pg: 147 (ALL)
(b. 1843)
KURSHEEDT  Alphonse Hart   Pg: 147 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Anna Augusta   Pg: 147 (ALL)
(d. 1876)
KURSHEEDT  Anna Kent   Pg: 147 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Asher   Pg: 140 (ALL) Pg: 147 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Bessie Kurtz Schellenberg Samuels   Pg: 147 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Edith   Pg: 147 (ALL)
(b. 1867)
KURSHEEDT  Edmund Baer   Pg: 147 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Edwin Israel   Pg: 147 (ALL) Pg: 162 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Edwin Mendez   Pg: 147 (ALL)
(b. 1882)
KURSHEEDT  Edwin Mendez, Jr.   Pg: 147 (ALL)
(b. 1913)
KURSHEEDT  Elkaleh   Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 147 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Emma Franzreb   Pg: 147 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Ethel   Pg: 147 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Frederick Adolph   Pg: 147 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Gershom   Pg: 147 (ALL) Pg: 328B (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Gershom Mendes   Pg: 147 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Grace Eloise   Pg: 147 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Grace Guedalla   Pg: 147 (ALL) Pg: 328B (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Grace Guedalla Kursheedt   Pg: 147 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Hannah Duke   Pg: 147 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Helen Maxwell   Pg: 147 (ALL)
(b. 1919)
KURSHEEDT  Hilda   Pg: 147 (ALL)
(b. 1878)
KURSHEEDT  Ida Hess   Pg: 147 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Irma   Pg: 147 (ALL)
(b. 1875)
KURSHEEDT  Isaac Mendes   Pg: 147 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Israel Baer   Pg: 147 (ALL) Pg: 264 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Israel Baer   Pg: 147 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Jeanette  
KURSHEEDT  Jennie De Forest Carpenter   Pg: 147 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Jennie Schellenberg   Pg: 147 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Jessie Constance   Pg: 147 (ALL)
(b. 1881)
KURSHEEDT  Lawrence G.   Pg: 147 (ALL)
(b. 1868)
KURSHEEDT  Lilian   Pg: 147 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Liomel Judah   Pg: 147 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Mae   Pg: 310B (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Manuel Augustus   Pg: 147 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Mary S. Dargan   Pg: 147 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Mary Valiquete   Pg: 147 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Miriam   Pg: 147 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Moses Montefiore   Pg: 147 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Myrtle   Pg: 147 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Rebecca   Pg: 74 (ALL) Pg: 147 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Roland Simeon   Pg: 147 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Sarah Abigail   Pg: 147 (ALL) Pg: 264 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Sarah Levy   Pg: 147 (ALL) Pg: 162 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Serena   Pg: 147 (ALL)
KURSHEEDT  Theresa Seixas   Pg: 147 (ALL)
KUTTNAUER  Caroline Miller   Pg: 239 (ALL)
KUTTNAUER  Samuel   Pg: 239 (ALL)
KYLE  Eliza Mordecai   Pg: 201 (ALL)
KYLE  Elmer   Pg: 201 (ALL)
KYLE  Mary Terry   Pg: 190 (ALL)