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JACKS  Ben   Pg: 326A (ALL)
JACKS  Carolinne   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JACKS  Hannah   Pg: 326A (ALL)
JACKS  John W.   Pg: 326A (ALL)
JACKS  Mae   Pg: 326A (ALL)
JACKS  Morris   Pg: 326A (ALL)
JACKS  Phineas   Pg: 326A (ALL)
JACKS  Trephenia Johnson   Pg: 326A (ALL)
JACKSON  Abraham   Pg: 130 (ALL)
(b. 1820)
JACKSON  Abraham   Pg: 130 (ALL)
(b. 1825)
JACKSON  Abraham   Pg: 119 (ALL)
JACKSON  Abraham I.   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Abraham J.   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Abraham W.   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Abram Eugene   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Ada   Pg: 130 (ALL) Pg: 202 (ALL)
JACKSON  Adele R.   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Alice   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Amelia   Pg: 130 (ALL)
(b. 1830)
JACKSON  Anna   Pg: 130 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
JACKSON  Annie Josephine   Pg: 8 (ALL) Pg: 130 (ALL) Pg: 171 (ALL)
(b. 1850)
JACKSON  Annie Miller (see Jackson, Helen ('Annie') Miller)  
JACKSON  Benjamin   Pg: 129 (ALL)
(b. 1861)
JACKSON  Benjamin (m. Eleanor S. Solomons)   Pg: 276 (ALL)
JACKSON  Bertha   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Blanche J.   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Caroline H.   Pg: 130 (ALL)
(b. 1875)
JACKSON  Caroline Herz   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Caroline Seixas   Pg: 264 (ALL)
JACKSON  Cecil   Pg: 122 (ALL)
JACKSON  Charlotte Louise   Pg: 220 (ALL)
JACKSON  Charlotte Myers   Pg: 220 (ALL)
JACKSON  Clifford   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Corinna Florance   Pg: 74 (ALL) Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Corinne   Pg: 129 (ALL)
(b. 1866)
JACKSON  Daniel   Pg: 129 (ALL)
(d. 1906)
JACKSON  Daniel (Gedalya)   Pg: 129 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(ca. 1780-1841)
JACKSON  David   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Delia   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Eleanor   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Eleanor Alexander   Pg: 8 (ALL)
JACKSON  Eleanor Susan (Toni) Solomons   Pg: 276 (ALL)
JACKSON  Eleazer   Pg: 130 (ALL)
(b. 1834)
JACKSON  Elias   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Eliza   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Eliza (see also Jackson, Lydia ('Eliza'))  
JACKSON  Elizabeth (dau. of John Joseph)   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Elizabeth (m. Louis A.)   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Ellen ('Nellie')   Pg: 34 (ALL) Pg: 130 (ALL) Pg: 171 (ALL)
JACKSON  Emily P. Goodman   Pg: 254 (ALL)
JACKSON  Esther   Pg: 125 (ALL)
(b. 1861)
JACKSON  Ethel   Pg: 129 (ALL)
(b. 1877)
JACKSON  Eugene   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Eugene J.   Pg: 32 (ALL) Pg: 74 (ALL) Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Eva Maria   Pg: 129 (ALL)
(d. 1888)
JACKSON  Eva Rachel   Pg: 129 (ALL)
(b. 1838)
JACKSON  Evelyn   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Fannie Coddington   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Fanny   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Frances Alice   Pg: 220 (ALL)
JACKSON  Gedalya (see Jackson, Daniel (Gedelya))  
JACKSON  George B.   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Gladys Helen   Pg: 199 (ALL)
JACKSON  Hanah Abrahams   Pg: 130 (ALL)
(b. 1797)
JACKSON  Hannah (m. Joseph)   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Hannah (m. Washington)   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Hannah Hyams   Pg: 119 (ALL)
JACKSON  Harold Benjamin   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Harriet   Pg: 129 (ALL) Pg: 243 (ALL)
JACKSON  Harriet Cohen   Pg: 129 (ALL)
(b. 1872)
JACKSON  Helen ('Annie') Miller   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Henry   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Henry W.   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Irene   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Irma Weinstock   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Isaac M.   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Isabella Block   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Isidore   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Jean   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Jessica   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Jessica D.   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  John   Pg: 130 (ALL)
(b. 1796)
JACKSON  John (son of Leopold)   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  John Daniel   Pg: 129 (ALL) Pg: 257 (ALL)
JACKSON  John Daniel (son of William Ward)   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  John Joseph   Pg: 130 (ALL)
(b. 1815)
JACKSON  John Miller   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Joseph   Pg: 130 (ALL)
(b. 1791/2)
JACKSON  Joseph   Pg: 130 (ALL)
(b. 1853)
JACKSON  Joseph (son of John Joseph)   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Joseph (son of Leopold)   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Joseph A.   Pg: 129 (ALL) Pg: 137 (ALL)
JACKSON  Joseph Jacob   Pg: 130 (ALL) Pg: 171 (ALL)
(b. 1825)
JACKSON  Judah   Pg: 130 (ALL)
(b. 1824)
JACKSON  Kate B.   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Katherine   Pg: 276 (ALL)
JACKSON  L. W.   Pg: 219 (ALL)
JACKSON  Leah   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Leonora Myers   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Leopold   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Lillie Finestone   Pg: 122 (ALL)
JACKSON  Lloyd   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Louis A.   Pg: 129 (ALL)
(d 1917)
JACKSON  Louisa   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Lydia ('Eliza')   Pg: 130 (ALL) Pg: 257 (ALL)
JACKSON  Major Noah   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Manuella   Pg: 13 (ALL) Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Maria   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Mariam ('Mary')   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Martha   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Mary   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Mary (see also Jackson, Mariam ('Mary'))  
JACKSON  Mary Aaron   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Mary Constance   Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Mary Miller   Pg: 114 (ALL)
JACKSON  Mary Phillips   Pg: 129 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
JACKSON  Maurice (see Jackson, Morris (Maurice))  
JACKSON  May C.   Pg: 129 (ALL)
(b. 1867)
JACKSON  May Inman   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Maybelle   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Melba   Pg: 15 (ALL)
JACKSON  Michael   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Miriam   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Montague   Pg: 119 (ALL)
JACKSON  Morris   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Morris (Maurice)   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Muriel   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Myrtilla Florance   Pg: 98 (ALL) Pg: 129 (ALL)
(b. 1860)
JACKSON  Naphtali Hart   Pg: 129 (ALL)
(d. 1882)
JACKSON  Nellie (dau. of Daniel)   Pg: 34 (ALL) Pg: 130 (ALL) Pg: 171 (ALL)
JACKSON  Nellie (dau. of Joseph J.)   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Nellie (see also Jackson, Ellen ('Nellie'))  
JACKSON  Nigel   Pg: 122 (ALL)
JACKSON  Orton P.   Pg: 254 (ALL)
JACKSON  Percival Ephrates   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Percy Florance   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Philip N.   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Rachel   Pg: 13 (ALL) Pg: 130 (ALL)
(b. 1851)
JACKSON  Rachel Rosalie   Pg: 13 (ALL) Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Rebecca   Pg: 130 (ALL)
(b. 1866)
JACKSON  Rebecca   Pg: 129 (ALL) Pg: 210 (ALL)
JACKSON  Rebecca (dau. of Joseph J.)   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Rebecca Cohen   Pg: 32 (ALL) Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Rebecca E.   Pg: 129 (ALL) Pg: 232 (ALL)
JACKSON  Rosetta Lewis   Pg: 130 (ALL) Pg: 171 (ALL)
JACKSON  Rosette Ritterband   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Samson   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Samuel   Pg: 130 (ALL)
(b. 1837)
JACKSON  Samuel   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Sarah Louisa Salomon   Pg: 129 (ALL) Pg: 158 (ALL)
JACKSON  Sarah Rebecca Jones   Pg: 129 (ALL) Pg: 137 (ALL)
JACKSON  Sarah Waldman   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Serena Mendez   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Simeon   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Solomon   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACKSON  Solomon Henry   Pg: 130 (ALL)
(b. 1865)
JACKSON  Solomon Henry   Pg: 130 (ALL)
(d. 1846)
JACKSON  Susanna   Pg: 120 (ALL)
JACKSON  Sylvia N.   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Thomas Reed   Pg: 220 (ALL)
JACKSON  Washington   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  Wellington   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  William H.   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  William Noble   Pg: 264 (ALL)
JACKSON  William S.   Pg: 130 (ALL)
JACKSON  William Ward   Pg: 129 (ALL)
(d. 1922)
JACKSON  William Ward, Jr.   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACOB  Alfred   Pg: 13 (ALL)
(b. 1846)
JACOB  Bertha Frances   Pg: 13 (ALL)
(b. 1844)
JACOB  Ephraim   Pg: 13 (ALL)
(b. 1845)
JACOB  Famelia Arnold   Pg: 13 (ALL)
JACOB  Grace Augusta Zuntz   Pg: 308 (ALL)
JACOB  Jemima Lindo De Sola   Pg: 115 (ALL)
JACOB  Julia Ann Seixas   Pg: 264 (ALL)
JACOB  Julius   Pg: 13 (ALL)
JACOB  Laurence   Pg: 115 (ALL)
JACOB  Magdalene   Pg: 329A (ALL)
JACOB  Marcus   Pg: 308 (ALL)
JACOB  Miriam Alexander   Pg: 122 (ALL)
JACOB  Moritz   Pg: 264 (ALL)
(b. 1824)
JACOB  Nathan   Pg: 122 (ALL)
JACOB  Zipporah   Pg: 121 (ALL) Pg: 122 (ALL)
JACOBI  Abraham   Pg: 58 (ALL)
JACOBI  Alice   Pg: 311A (ALL)
JACOBI  Edward Jacob   Pg: 117 (ALL)
JACOBI  Edyth   Pg: 311A (ALL)
JACOBI  Elizabeth Elenor   Pg: 117 (ALL)
JACOBI  Emile   Pg: 310B (ALL)
JACOBI  Georgiana Sarah   Pg: 117 (ALL)
JACOBI  Hester Eger Hertz   Pg: 117 (ALL)
JACOBI  Lester   Pg: 311A (ALL)
JACOBI  Louis   Pg: 117 (ALL)
JACOBI  Mathilda Adelaide   Pg: 117 (ALL)
JACOBI  Nathaniel   Pg: 117 (ALL)
JACOBI  Priscilla Rebecca Barnet   Pg: 117 (ALL)
JACOBI  Sadie   Pg: 311A (ALL)
JACOBI  Samueline Heydenfeldt   Pg: 58 (ALL)
JACOBI  Sanford   Pg: 311A (ALL)
JACOBI  Sarah Simon   Pg: 148 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
JACOBI  Wolf Jacob   Pg: 117 (ALL)
JACOBOWITZ  Lois Clarice Levy   Pg: 167 (ALL)
JACOBOWITZ  Theodore J.   Pg: 167 (ALL)
JACOBS  (Menachem) Manis   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JACOBS  Abigail   Pg: 131 (ALL)
(d. 1847)
JACOBS  Abigail (sister of J. L. Levy)   Pg: 170 (ALL)
JACOBS  Abraham   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Abraham (Abram)   Pg: 98 (ALL) Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Abraham (Alfred)   Pg: 132 (ALL)
JACOBS  Abraham (son of Simon)   Pg: 309B (ALL)
JACOBS  Ada   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Adelaide   Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Adele Anspacher   Pg: 22 (ALL)
JACOBS  Adeline (dau. of Samuel)   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Adeline H.   Pg: 134 (ALL)
(b. 1896)
JACOBS  Adeline H.   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Adeline Hyneman   Pg: 134 (ALL)
(d. 1959)
JACOBS  Adeline Hyneman Levy   Pg: 134 (ALL) Pg: 162 (ALL)
JACOBS  Adeline M.   Pg: 66 (ALL) Pg: 132 (ALL)
JACOBS  Albert   Pg: 125 (ALL)
JACOBS  Alexander E.   Pg: 107 (ALL)
JACOBS  Alexena   Pg: 107 (ALL)
JACOBS  Alfred   Pg: 132 (ALL)
JACOBS  Alfred (see also Jacobs, Abraham (Alfred))  
JACOBS  Alfred (son of Ephriam)   Pg: 107 (ALL)
JACOBS  Alice Arnold   Pg: 13 (ALL)
JACOBS  Amanda Isabel   Pg: 132 (ALL) Pg: 196 (ALL)
JACOBS  Angel   Pg: 98 (ALL) Pg: 132 (ALL)
JACOBS  Angel Phillip   Pg: 132 (ALL)
JACOBS  Angelique Charlotte Jacinthe Verneville   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JACOBS  Angelique Masse   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JACOBS  Anna Richie   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Annie Cass   Pg: 107 (ALL)
JACOBS  Annie Virginia   Pg: 133 (ALL)
JACOBS  Augusta   Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Barbara E.   Pg: 285 (ALL)
(b. 1939)
JACOBS  Barent (see Jacobs, Bernard (Barent, Bear))  
JACOBS  Bear (see Jacobs, Bernard (Barent, Bear))  
JACOBS  Benjamin   Pg: 131 (ALL)
(b. 1786)
JACOBS  Benjamin   Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Benjamin   Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Benjamin   Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Benjamin (brother of J. I. Levy)   Pg: 170 (ALL)
JACOBS  Benjamin (son of Moses)   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JACOBS  Benjamin (son of Rosey Israel Levy)   Pg: 170 (ALL)
JACOBS  Benjamin, Jr. (son of Jacob)   Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Bernard (Barent, Bear)   Pg: 132 (ALL)
JACOBS  Bernard (son of Solomon)   Pg: 133 (ALL)
JACOBS  Bernard Marshall   Pg: 133 (ALL)
JACOBS  Bernice   Pg: 313A (ALL)
JACOBS  Bertha   Pg: 215 (ALL) Pg: 253 (ALL)
JACOBS  Bilhah Polock   Pg: 131 (ALL) Pg: 252 (ALL)
JACOBS  Birdye   Pg: 107 (ALL)
JACOBS  Blanche Marguerite Joel   Pg: 189 (ALL)
JACOBS  Carol   Pg: 296 (ALL)
JACOBS  Caroline   Pg: 132 (ALL)
JACOBS  Caroline Jay   Pg: 132 (ALL) Pg: 151 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
JACOBS  Catherine   Pg: 119 (ALL) Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Catherine (m. Joseph)   Pg: 132 (ALL)
JACOBS  Catherine (m. Lewis Samuel)   Pg: 261 (ALL)
JACOBS  Catherine Lewis   Pg: 172 (ALL)
JACOBS  Cathy Dianne   Pg: 189 (ALL)
JACOBS  Caty Hays Sarzedas   Pg: 104 (ALL) Pg: 131 (ALL) Pg: 262 (ALL)
JACOBS  Charlotte (dau. of Moses)   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JACOBS  Charlotte (m. Herbert Berrent)   Pg: 107 (ALL)
JACOBS  Clara C.   Pg: 132 (ALL)
JACOBS  Coleman R.   Pg: 75 (ALL)
JACOBS  Constance   Pg: 132 (ALL) Pg: 186 (ALL)
(b. 1861)
JACOBS  Corinna Phillips   Pg: 132 (ALL) Pg: 245 (ALL)
JACOBS  Cornelia Ann   Pg: 39 (ALL) Pg: 132 (ALL)
JACOBS  Daniel (son of Benjamin)   Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Dasha S.   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  David   Pg: 131 (ALL) Pg: 272 (ALL)
(d. 1771)
JACOBS  David   Pg: 195 (ALL)
(m. 1916)
JACOBS  Deborah Bonitto   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Dora Herz   Pg: 107 (ALL)
JACOBS  Dora Lichtenstein   Pg: 174 (ALL)
JACOBS  Dorothy   Pg: 125 (ALL)
JACOBS  Edwin Mervin   Pg: 189 (ALL)
JACOBS  Elaine Gropper   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Elda   Pg: 8 (ALL)
JACOBS  Eliza Emma   Pg: 132 (ALL) Pg: 234 (ALL)
JACOBS  Eliza Hecht   Pg: 107 (ALL)
JACOBS  Elizabeth   Pg: 132 (ALL)
JACOBS  Elizabeth (Bessie) Lewis   Pg: 134 (ALL) Pg: 171 (ALL)
JACOBS  Elizabeth (m. Philip)   Pg: 309B (ALL)
JACOBS  Elizabeth G. Gombos   Pg: 22 (ALL)
JACOBS  Elizabeth Lansberg   Pg: 107 (ALL)
JACOBS  Elizabeth R Weil   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Ella   Pg: 134 (ALL)
(d. 1917)
JACOBS  Emilie Van Beil   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Emma Bloomquist   Pg: 189 (ALL)
JACOBS  Emma H. Moss   Pg: 215 (ALL)
JACOBS  Ephraim   Pg: 107 (ALL)
(b. 1873)
JACOBS  Esther   Pg: 119 (ALL)
JACOBS  Esther (Hetty) Nones   Pg: 132 (ALL) Pg: 133 (ALL) Pg: 233 (ALL)
JACOBS  Esther (m. Moses)   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JACOBS  Ethel   Pg: 107 (ALL)
JACOBS  Eugenie Joseph   Pg: 107 (ALL)
JACOBS  Eva   Pg: 132 (ALL) Pg: 274 (ALL)
JACOBS  Eva (m. Louis Trager)   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Felix   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JACOBS  Flora Bochroch   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Frances   Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Frances Nathan   Pg: 285 (ALL)
JACOBS  Frances Nathan Cullman   Pg: 285 (ALL)
JACOBS  Frances Polock   Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Francis Boykin   Pg: 133 (ALL)
JACOBS  Francis Marion Marks   Pg: 186 (ALL) Pg: 132 (ALL)
JACOBS  Frederick C.   Pg: 132 (ALL) Pg: 183 (ALL)
JACOBS  Frederick, Jr.   Pg: 132 (ALL)
JACOBS  George   Pg: 134 (ALL) Pg: 162 (ALL)
JACOBS  George   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  George (son of Samuel)   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  George B.   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  George Washington   Pg: 7 (ALL) Pg: 132 (ALL)
JACOBS  Georgiana (Judith)   Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Hannah Israel   Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Harry   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Helen (dau. of George)   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Helen (dau. of Henry)   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Helen Carney Winsor   Pg: 158 (ALL)
JACOBS  Helen Sperling   Pg: 125 (ALL)
JACOBS  Helen W.   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Helene B. Brandstatter   Pg: 22 (ALL)
JACOBS  Henrietta   Pg: 132 (ALL)
JACOBS  Henrietta (Tony)   Pg: 107 (ALL)
JACOBS  Henry (Jamaica)   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Henry (m. Rachael Mesquitta)   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Henry (son of Catherine)   Pg: 172 (ALL)
JACOBS  Henry (son of George)   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Henry Harold (see Russell, Henry Harold)  
JACOBS  Henry Hart   Pg: 84 (ALL)
JACOBS  Henry S.   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Henry Samuel   Pg: 134 (ALL)
(b. 1827)
JACOBS  Herman   Pg: 189 (ALL)
(b. 1926)
JACOBS  Irma   Pg: 97 (ALL) Pg: 135 (ALL)
JACOBS  Isaac   Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Isabel   Pg: 132 (ALL) Pg: 250 (ALL)
(m. 1849)
JACOBS  Isabel De Leon   Pg: 133 (ALL)
JACOBS  Isabel Maude   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Isabell (dau. of George)   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Israel   Pg: 234 (ALL)
JACOBS  Israel (Son of Rosey Israel Levy)  
JACOBS  Israel Benjamin   Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Jacob   Pg: 104 (ALL) Pg: 131 (ALL) Pg: 262 (ALL)
(b. 1742)
JACOBS  Jacob   Pg: 131 (ALL)
(b. 1764)
JACOBS  Jacob   Pg: 104 (ALL) Pg: 131 (ALL)
(d. 1797)
JACOBS  Jacob   Pg: 309B (ALL)
(to N. Y. 1808)
JACOBS  Jacob (Naphtaly)   Pg: 132 (ALL) Pg: 244 (ALL)
JACOBS  Jacob (son of Benjamin)   Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Jacob (son of Moses)   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JACOBS  James Levy   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JACOBS  Jean Baptiste   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JACOBS  Jennie   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  John (son of Moses)   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JACOBS  Jonas   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Joseph   Pg: 132 (ALL)
(b. 1770)
JACOBS  Joseph   Pg: 215 (ALL)
(d. 1867)
JACOBS  Joseph   Pg: 131 (ALL) Pg: 252 (ALL)
JACOBS  Joseph (son of Myer)   Pg: 125 (ALL)
JACOBS  Josephine   Pg: 8 (ALL) Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Judica Levy   Pg: 132 (ALL)
(ca. 1732-1815)
JACOBS  Judith (see Jacobs, Georgiana (Judith))  
JACOBS  Judith Hadassah   Pg: 131 (ALL) Pg: 221 (ALL)
JACOBS  Julia Abrahams   Pg: 7 (ALL) Pg: 132 (ALL)
JACOBS  Julia Matilda Lyon   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Juliet   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JACOBS  Katherine   Pg: 261 (ALL)
JACOBS  Katherine Alexander Goldsmith   Pg: 84 (ALL)
JACOBS  Laura Louise   Pg: 132 (ALL)
JACOBS  Leah   Pg: 132 (ALL) Pg: 250 (ALL)
(b. 1857)
JACOBS  Leah (dau. of Philip)   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Leah Catherine   Pg: 261 (ALL)
JACOBS  Leopold   Pg: 134 (ALL) Pg: 171 (ALL)
JACOBS  Levi   Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Lewis (son of Leopold)   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Lewis (son of Philip)   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Lisette B.   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Louisa   Pg: 64 (ALL) Pg: 132 (ALL)
(b. 1835)
JACOBS  Louisa Elizabeth Lyons   Pg: 132 (ALL)
(b. 1842)
JACOBS  Mae W.   Pg: 125 (ALL)
JACOBS  Margaret Eleanor   Pg: 189 (ALL)
JACOBS  Maria (Ritcha)   Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Marianne (Marie Anne)   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JACOBS  Marie   Pg: 132 (ALL)
JACOBS  Marie Anne (see Jacobs, Marianne(Marie Anne))  
JACOBS  Marie Genevieve (Polly)   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JACOBS  Marie Josette Audet Lapoint   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JACOBS  Marjorie   Pg: 162 (ALL)
JACOBS  Martha   Pg: 108 (ALL) Pg: 325A (ALL)
JACOBS  Martha J.   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Mary Franks   Pg: 75 (ALL)
JACOBS  Maud Eleanor   Pg: 189 (ALL)
JACOBS  May   Pg: 104 (ALL)
JACOBS  Menachem (see Jacobs, (Menachem)Manis)  
JACOBS  Michael   Pg: 13 (ALL)
(m. 1864)
JACOBS  Michael   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JACOBS  Mildred   Pg: 22 (ALL)
(b. 1902)
JACOBS  Mildred Pfaelzer   Pg: 296 (ALL)
JACOBS  Mina Margaret Wheeler   Pg: 189 (ALL)
JACOBS  Minnie   Pg: 107 (ALL)
JACOBS  Miriam Nones   Pg: 133 (ALL)
JACOBS  Montefiore   Pg: 125 (ALL)
JACOBS  Morris   Pg: 174 (ALL)
JACOBS  Mortimer   Pg: 132 (ALL)
JACOBS  Moses   Pg: 135 (ALL)
(b. 1749)
JACOBS  Moses (son of Alexander E.)   Pg: 107 (ALL)
JACOBS  Myer   Pg: 132 (ALL) Pg: 151 (ALL)
JACOBS  Myer (m. Rebecca Isaacs)   Pg: 125 (ALL)
JACOBS  Myron (son of Montefiore)   Pg: 125 (ALL)
JACOBS  Naphtaly (see Jacobs, Jacob (Naphtaly))  
JACOBS  Nathan   Pg: 132 (ALL)
JACOBS  Norma Jean Parker   Pg: 189 (ALL)
JACOBS  Octavia Virginia Boykin   Pg: 133 (ALL)
JACOBS  Percy   Pg: 132 (ALL)
(b. 1866)
JACOBS  Perla   Pg: 131 (ALL)
(b. 1798)
JACOBS  Philip   Pg: 309B (ALL)
(d. 1818)
JACOBS  Philip   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Polly (see Jacobs, Marie Genevieve (Polly))  
JACOBS  Rachael E.   Pg: 125 (ALL)
JACOBS  Rachel   Pg: 32 (ALL) Pg: 234 (ALL)
JACOBS  Rachel   Pg: 16 (ALL) Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Rachel (dau. of Benjamin)   Pg: 67 (ALL) Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Rachel (dau. of David)   Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Rachel (dau. of Moses)   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JACOBS  Rachel Hart   Pg: 98 (ALL) Pg: 132 (ALL)
JACOBS  Rachel Mesquita   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Ralph   Pg: 125 (ALL)
JACOBS  Ralph (see Jacobs, Raphael (Ralph))  
JACOBS  Ralph I., Jr.   Pg: 189 (ALL)
JACOBS  Ralph Isaac (see Jacobs, Raphael (Ralph) Isaac)  
JACOBS  Ralph J.   Pg: 22 (ALL) Pg: 144 (ALL)
JACOBS  Raphael   Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Raphael (Ralph)   Pg: 131 (ALL) Pg: 272 (ALL)
JACOBS  Raphael (Ralph)   Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Raphael (Ralph) Isaac   Pg: 189 (ALL)
JACOBS  Rebecca   Pg: 132 (ALL)
(b. 1868)
JACOBS  Rebecca   Pg: 134 (ALL)
(d. 1858)
JACOBS  Rebecca   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Rebecca (dau. of Leopold)   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Rebecca Garsia   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Rebecca Hadassah   Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Rebecca Isaacs   Pg: 125 (ALL)
JACOBS  Rebecca Lazarus   Pg: 132 (ALL) Pg: 151 (ALL)
JACOBS  Reed   Pg: 132 (ALL)
JACOBS  Regenia Marx   Pg: 189 (ALL)
JACOBS  Richa (m. Daniel)   Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Richa (m. David)   Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Richa Simson   Pg: 131 (ALL) Pg: 272 (ALL)
JACOBS  Richard   Pg: 296 (ALL)
JACOBS  Ritcha (see Jacobs, Maria (Ritcha))  
JACOBS  Robert   Pg: 296 (ALL)
JACOBS  Robert Al., Jr.   Pg: 285 (ALL)
JACOBS  Robert Allan   Pg: 285 (ALL)
JACOBS  Robert Allen   Pg: 189 (ALL)
JACOBS  Robert H. B., Jr.   Pg: 158 (ALL)
JACOBS  Rose (dau. of Leopold)   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Rose (m. Victor Lewin)   Pg: 2 (ALL)
JACOBS  Sadie   Pg: 237 (ALL)
JACOBS  Samuel   Pg: 134 (ALL)
(b. 1864)
JACOBS  Samuel   Pg: 119 (ALL) Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Samuel (m. Jennie)   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JACOBS  Samuel (son of George & Elizabeth)   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Samuel (son of George)   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Samuel, Jr.   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JACOBS  Sarah   Pg: 31 (ALL)
(b. 1762)
JACOBS  Sarah   Pg: 131 (ALL)
(d. 1849)
JACOBS  Sarah   Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Sarah   Pg: 234 (ALL)
JACOBS  Sarah   Pg: 143 (ALL)
JACOBS  Sarah (dau. of Moses)   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JACOBS  Sarah Simson   Pg: 131 (ALL) Pg: 272 (ALL)
JACOBS  Shankey Hart   Pg: 98 (ALL) Pg: 131 (ALL)
JACOBS  Shirley   Pg: 107 (ALL)
JACOBS  Shirley Hofstadler   Pg: 189 (ALL)
JACOBS  Simon   Pg: 174 (ALL)
(b. 1888)
JACOBS  Simon   Pg: 309B (ALL)
(d. 1807)
JACOBS  Sipporah   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Solomon   Pg: 132 (ALL) Pg: 233 (ALL)
JACOBS  Solomon Bernard   Pg: 133 (ALL)
(b. 1828)
JACOBS  Stanley Ralph   Pg: 22 (ALL) Pg: 309A (ALL)
(b. 1898)
JACOBS  Stella   Pg: 132 (ALL)
JACOBS  Susan Elizabeth Moise   Pg: 195 (ALL)
JACOBS  Suzanne   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1909)
JACOBS  Thelma   Pg: 107 (ALL)
JACOBS  Therese   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JACOBS  Thomas   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JACOBS  Thomas Matthew   Pg: 158 (ALL)
JACOBS  Tony (see Jacobs, Henrietta (Tony))  
JACOBS  Trisha Marie   Pg: 158 (ALL)
JACOBS  Victoria   Pg: 132 (ALL) Pg: 250 (ALL)
(b. 1837)
JACOBS  Virginia   Pg: 133 (ALL)
(d. 1827)
JACOBS  Virginia (dau. of George)   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Virginia Brandon   Pg: 134 (ALL)
JACOBS  Washington   Pg: 132 (ALL)
JACOBS  William Charles   Pg: 189 (ALL)
JACOBS  Yitlah   Pg: 131 (ALL)
(b. 1769)
JACOBS  Zillah   Pg: 132 (ALL)
(b. 1873)
JACOBS  Zipporah Nunez Machado   Pg: 234 (ALL)
JACOBSEN  Jane Ellen Rothschild Ferguson   Pg: 334B (ALL)
JACOBSEN  Robert   Pg: 334B (ALL)
JACOBSON  Arthur   Pg: 100 (ALL)
JACOBSON  Edna Hart   Pg: 100 (ALL)
JACOBSON  Joan   Pg: 296 (ALL)
JACOBSON  Martin (Moses) Lazarus   Pg: 69 (ALL)
JACOBSON  Moses Lazarus (see Jacobson, Martin (Moses) Lazarus)  
JACOBSON  Rebecca De Castro   Pg: 69 (ALL)
JACOBUS  Hester   Pg: 92 (ALL) Pg: 221 (ALL)
JACOBUS  Rebecca Hart   Pg: 92 (ALL)
JACOBUS  Rebecca Mannahan   Pg: 58 (ALL)
JACOBUS  Simon Moses   Pg: 92 (ALL)
JACOBUS  Susannah Moses Hamburger   Pg: 92 (ALL)
JACOBWITZ  Ann Claire   Pg: 167 (ALL)
JACOBWITZ  Charles   Pg: 167 (ALL)
JACOBWITZ  Ellen Sue   Pg: 167 (ALL)
JACOBY  Alice Louise   Pg: 275 (ALL)
(b. 1952)
JACOBY  David Alexander   Pg: 275 (ALL)
(b. 1948)
JACOBY  Deborah Davidson   Pg: 215 (ALL)
JACOBY  Donald L.   Pg: 215 (ALL)
JACOBY  Edith Sharon   Pg: 275 (ALL)
(b. 1950)
JACOBY  Eva Maria Jackson   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACOBY  George Washington   Pg: 215 (ALL)
JACOBY  Geppy   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACOBY  Helen Moss Lowengrund   Pg: 215 (ALL)
JACOBY  Kathe Solis-Cohen   Pg: 275 (ALL)
JACOBY  Kathryn Moss   Pg: 215 (ALL)
JACOBY  Levi Harold   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACOBY  Marvin E.   Pg: 275 (ALL)
JACOBY  Max   Pg: 129 (ALL)
(d. 1910)
JACOBY  Miriam   Pg: 327A (ALL)
JACOBY  Oswald N.   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JACQUES  Harriet   Pg: 233 (ALL)
JADD  Phyllis Lefcowitz   Pg: 236 (ALL)
JAFFA  Adele Rosa Solomons   Pg: 276 (ALL)
JAFFA  Aileen   Pg: 276 (ALL)
(b. 1900)
JAFFA  Edward Moss   Pg: 276 (ALL)
(b. 1896)
JAFFA  Myer E.   Pg: 276 (ALL)
JAFFA  Robert   Pg: 276 (ALL)
JAFFA  Sylvia Roberts   Pg: 276 (ALL)
JAFFE  Alex   Pg: 43 (ALL)
(b. 1911)
JAFFE  Henrietta Marks   Pg: 186 (ALL)
JAFFE  Ludwig   Pg: 186 (ALL)
(b. 1844)
JAFFE  Melanie Friedman   Pg: 43 (ALL)
(b. 1913)
JAFFER  Adah Virginia   Pg: 162 (ALL) Pg: 329B (ALL)
JAFFER  Aubrey   Pg: 162 (ALL) Pg: 329B (ALL)
JAFFER  Harold   Pg: 162 (ALL) Pg: 329B (ALL)
JAFFER  Joel   Pg: 162 (ALL) Pg: 329B (ALL)
JAFFER  Martin Samuel   Pg: 329B (ALL)
JAFFER  Roberta Mills   Pg: 329B (ALL)
JAFHA  Dora Guggenheimer   Pg: 89 (ALL)
JAFHA  Edna May   Pg: 89 (ALL)
JAFHA  Frank   Pg: 89 (ALL)
JAFHA  Solomon   Pg: 89 (ALL)
JAFHA  Suzanne   Pg: 89 (ALL)
JAMES  Eliza Frances   Pg: 11 (ALL)
JAMES  Janice   Pg: 309A (ALL)
JANDORF  Blanche   Pg: 160 (ALL)
JANDORF  Clarence   Pg: 160 (ALL)
JANDORF  Elsie   Pg: 160 (ALL)
JANDORF  Grace   Pg: 160 (ALL)
JANDORF  Harry   Pg: 160 (ALL)
JANDORF  Louis   Pg: 160 (ALL)
JANDORF  Pfeiffer   Pg: 160 (ALL)
JANDORF  Rachel Shneberg   Pg: 160 (ALL)
JANDORF  Sadie   Pg: 160 (ALL)
JANDORF  Sidney   Pg: 160 (ALL)
JANNEY  Joan   Pg: 104 (ALL)
JANNEY  Maud Hays   Pg: 104 (ALL)
JANNEY  Nelson   Pg: 104 (ALL)
JAPETH  Minnie   Pg: 51 (ALL)
JAPHA  Ephraim   Pg: 160 (ALL)
JAPHA  Samuel   Pg: 160 (ALL)
JARVIS  Fannie E   Pg: 336B (ALL)
JECHIEL  Noah Moses   Pg: 324B (ALL)
JEDDIS  Constance   Pg: 22 (ALL)
JEDDIS  Constance Floersheimer   Pg: 22 (ALL)
JEDELIS  Constance   Pg: 22 (ALL)
JELENKO  Minna Rosenheim   Pg: 255 (ALL)
JELENKO  Nanette   Pg: 255 (ALL)
JELENKO  Victor   Pg: 255 (ALL)
JELINEK  Heloise   Pg: 327B (ALL)
JENKINS  Cheryl Jean Rubenstein   Pg: 311B (ALL)
JENKINS  David Nunez   Pg: 213 (ALL)
JENKINS  Edgar M.   Pg: 220 (ALL)
JENKINS  Elizabeth   Pg: 298 (ALL)
JENKINS  Elizabeth Dicena Smith   Pg: 298 (ALL)
JENKINS  Elizabeth Tobias   Pg: 298 (ALL)
JENKINS  Emelie Elizabeth   Pg: 298 (ALL)
JENKINS  Frances Myers   Pg: 220 (ALL)
JENKINS  Kelli Dee Ann   Pg: 311B (ALL)
JENKINS  Louisa E.   Pg: 117 (ALL)
JENKINS  Mary Anne   Pg: 298 (ALL)
JENKINS  Nelda Margaret   Pg: 164 (ALL)
JENKINS  Raphael Henry   Pg: 213 (ALL)
JENKINS  Reon I. Nunez   Pg: 213 (ALL)
JENKINS  Sophie   Pg: 298 (ALL)
JENKINS  W. Leslie   Pg: 213 (ALL)
JENKINS  W. Leslie, Jr.   Pg: 213 (ALL)
JENKINS  Willaim E.   Pg: 298 (ALL)
JENKINS  William E. III   Pg: 298 (ALL)
JENKINS  William E. Jr.   Pg: 298 (ALL)
JENKINS  William McKenzie III   Pg: 311B (ALL)
JENKINS  William McKenzie IV   Pg: 311B (ALL)
JENNINGS  Anne   Pg: 208 (ALL)
JENNINGS  Armida Moses   Pg: 206 (ALL)
JENNINGS  Arthur   Pg: 206 (ALL)
JENNINGS  Chester   Pg: 25 (ALL)
JENNINGS  Claudia Wannamaker   Pg: 208 (ALL)
JENNINGS  Clem Buchanan   Pg: 208 (ALL)
JENNINGS  Dell H.   Pg: 208 (ALL)
JENNINGS  E. B   Pg: 25 (ALL)
JENNINGS  Earnest   Pg: 25 (ALL)
JENNINGS  Frances Dell Hartt   Pg: 208 (ALL)
JENNINGS  Frederick   Pg: 88 (ALL)
JENNINGS  Gertrude Olivia   Pg: 168 (ALL) Pg: 311B (ALL)
(b. 1813)
JENNINGS  Jean Cole   Pg: 88 (ALL)
JENNINGS  Jean Harvey Stroman   Pg: 208 (ALL)
JENNINGS  Juliet Pauline Block   Pg: 25 (ALL)
JENNINGS  Katherine Armida   Pg: 206 (ALL)
JENNINGS  Octavia Harby Moses   Pg: 208 (ALL)
JENNINGS  Orville   Pg: 25 (ALL)
JENNINGS  Robert H. III   Pg: 208 (ALL)
JENNINGS  Robert H. IV   Pg: 208 (ALL)
JENNINGS  Robert Hastine   Pg: 208 (ALL)
JENNINGS  Robert Hastine, Jr.   Pg: 208 (ALL)
JENSEN  Barbara Judah   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JENSEN  Frederick   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JEREMIAH  Louise   Pg: 184 (ALL)
JESSEL  Fannie   Pg: 220 (ALL)
(b. 1859)
JESSEL  Hattie   Pg: 172 (ALL) Pg: 220 (ALL)
JESSEL  John   Pg: 220 (ALL)
JESSEL  Rosina Le Jeune   Pg: 220 (ALL)
JESSILSON  Florence   Pg: 253 (ALL)
(b. 1880)
JESSUP  Charlotte   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JESSUP  Edward   Pg: 140 (ALL)
(d. 1808)
JESSUP  Edward Conroy   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JESSUP  Esther Judah   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JESSUP  Mary   Pg: 265 (ALL)
JESSURUN (JESURUN)  Francis   Pg: 241 (ALL)
JESSURUN (JESURUN)  Jacob   Pg: 241 (ALL)
JESSURUN (JESURUN)  Leah Peixotto   Pg: 241 (ALL)
JESSURUN (JESURUN)  Levine   Pg: 241 (ALL)
(b. 1863)
JESSURUN (JESURUN)  Moses de Jacob   Pg: 241 (ALL)
JESSURUN (JESURUN)  Moses de Moses   Pg: 241 (ALL)
JESSURUN (JESURUN)  Ribca de Jacob de David   Pg: 85 (ALL)
JESSURUN (JESURUN)  Rosalvina   Pg: 59 (ALL)
JESSURUN (JESURUN)  Solomon   Pg: 16 (ALL)
JESSURUN RODRIGUES  Joseph (see Salvador (or Jessurun Rodrigues), Joseph)  
JESURUN  Edward   Pg: 241 (ALL) Pg: 338A (ALL)
JESURUN  Leonie   Pg: 241 (ALL) Pg: 338A (ALL)
JESURUN  Luna (Lunita) Peixotto   Pg: 241 (ALL) Pg: 338A (ALL)
JESURUN  Mortimer   Pg: 241 (ALL) Pg: 338A (ALL)
JESURUN  Moses de Moses   Pg: 241 (ALL) Pg: 338A (ALL)
JETT  Almedia   Pg: 25 (ALL)
JETT  Benjamin J.   Pg: 25 (ALL)
JETT  Benjamin P.   Pg: 25 (ALL)
JETT  Charles   Pg: 25 (ALL)
JETT  Edwin D.   Pg: 25 (ALL)
JETT  Emma   Pg: 25 (ALL)
JETT  Eugene   Pg: 25 (ALL)
JETT  Hester Block   Pg: 25 (ALL)
JETT  Irene Royston   Pg: 25 (ALL)
JETT  Kate Green   Pg: 25 (ALL)
JETT  Lula Brooks   Pg: 25 (ALL)
JETT  Lulie Wright Belt   Pg: 25 (ALL)
JETT  Mary   Pg: 25 (ALL)
JETT  Rose   Pg: 25 (ALL)
JETT  Sevier   Pg: 25 (ALL)
JETT  William Augustus   Pg: 25 (ALL)
JEWEL (OR JUHEL)  Elizabeth   Pg: 300 (ALL)
JEWELL  Rachel Lyons   Pg: 183 (ALL)
JEWELL  Wilson   Pg: 183 (ALL)
JEWETT  Helen   Pg: 155 (ALL)
JOACHIMSEN  Caroline Cohen   Pg: 35 (ALL)
JOACHIMSEN  Joseph P.   Pg: 35 (ALL)
JOACHIMSSEN  Adelaide   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JOACHIMSSEN  Bertha   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JOACHIMSSEN  Eleazer (see Joachimssen, Henry (Eleazer))  
JOACHIMSSEN  Hannah   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JOACHIMSSEN  Henry (Eleazer)   Pg: 136 (ALL)
(b. 1833)
JOACHIMSSEN  Johanna Goldsmid   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JOACHIMSSEN  Louis   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JOACHIMSSEN  Luisa   Pg: 47 (ALL) Pg: 136 (ALL)
JOACHIMSSEN  Phillip Joseph   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JOACHIMSSEN  Priscilla Godfrey   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JOACHIMSSEN  Rachel   Pg: 136 (ALL)
(d. 1832)
JOACHIMSSEN  Sarah   Pg: 136 (ALL)
(d. 1855)
JOACHIMSSEN  Ternina Pinsk   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JOCHANAN  Rachel   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOCHEM  Charles   Pg: 166 (ALL)
JOCHEM  Dorothy Levy McCloud Pitts   Pg: 166 (ALL)
JOEL  Betsy Vaa Ronkel   Pg: 189 (ALL)
JOEL  Blanche Marguerite   Pg: 189 (ALL)
JOEL  Caroline   Pg: 121 (ALL)
JOEL  Edwin Mandel   Pg: 189 (ALL)
JOEL  Elbert   Pg: 189 (ALL)
JOEL  Elbert, Jr.   Pg: 189 (ALL)
JOEL  Elizabeth   Pg: 121 (ALL)
JOEL  Esaac   Pg: 64 (ALL)
JOEL  Esther   Pg: 64 (ALL)
JOEL  Isabella   Pg: 121 (ALL)
JOEL  Isaiah   Pg: 64 (ALL)
JOEL  Joseph   Pg: 121 (ALL)
JOEL  Lazarus   Pg: 1 (ALL)
JOEL  Lena Ehlbert (see Joel, Pauline (Lena) Ehlbert)  
JOEL  Mariana Aarons   Pg: 1 (ALL)
JOEL  Moses   Pg: 189 (ALL)
JOEL  Natalie   Pg: 189 (ALL)
JOEL  Pauline (Lens) Ehlbert   Pg: 189 (ALL)
JOEL  Polly Davids   Pg: 50 (ALL)
JOEL  Rachel   Pg: 16 (ALL)
JOEL  Rosina Hyman   Pg: 121 (ALL)
JOEL  Samuel   Pg: 121 (ALL)
JOEL  Sol   Pg: 121 (ALL)
JOEL  Tarris   Pg: 189 (ALL)
JOEL  Tarris Maas   Pg: 189 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Abraham   Pg: 64 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Agnes Sarah Browne   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Alice Mitchel   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Allen   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Allen Anthony   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Allen Bayard   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Allen Edwin   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Allen Ralph   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Allen Victor   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Alured Clarke   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Alured Fitzowen   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Angela Mary Hibbert   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Annie   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Archibald Acheson   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Arnold Burgess   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Arthur   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Arthur Acheson   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Arthur Cyril Beaumont   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Augusta Ellis   Pg: 64 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Barbara Patty   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Beatrice   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Belle Levy   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Bertha   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Betsy Milnor   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Blanche Rosenfeld   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Buffy   Pg: 323B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Catherine Delicia Walters   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Cecilia Pollock   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Charles Cooper   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Charles Dwight   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Charles Edward   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Charles Robert   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Charles W.   Pg: 326A (ALL)
JOHNSON  Charlotte   Pg: 76 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Charlotte Elizabeth Phillipse   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Christopher Allen   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Clara   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Clara H.   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Clarissa Harlow Clarke   Pg: 326A (ALL)
JOHNSON  Corinne Jackson   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Cyril Martin Hugh   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Daphne Letitia   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  David   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  David (m. Estella Rosenham)   Pg: 255 (ALL)
JOHNSON  David (m. Fanny Sturm)   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  David I.   Pg: 135 (ALL) Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  David Israel   Pg: 135 (ALL) Pg: 326B (ALL)
(b. 1795)
JOHNSON  David Porter   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Della Bennett   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Diana Evelyn   Pg: 81 (ALL)
(b. 1935)
JOHNSON  Dorothy Nora Gurney   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Edgar M.   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Edgar M. III   Pg: 306 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Edgar N.   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Edward C.   Pg: 326A (ALL)
JOHNSON  Edward I.   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Edward Israel   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Edwin Beaumont   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Eileen Mothersill Johnstone   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Eleanor Leighton   Pg: 311B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Eleanor Marjorie Levy   Pg: 164 (ALL) Pg: 311B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Eleanor Moses   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Eleanor Moses (dau. Edward I. Johnson)   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Eliot Philipse   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Eliza   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Eliza Davis   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Elizabeth   Pg: 128 (ALL)
(m. 1936)
JOHNSON  Elizabeth   Pg: 326A (ALL)
JOHNSON  Elizabeth (m. Baruch Frederick Weber Hart)   Pg: 96 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Elizabeth Alexander   Pg: 8 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Elizabeth Schlesinger   Pg: 8 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Ella Dyson   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Ella Gertrude   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Emma Patty Barclay   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Estella Rosenham   Pg: 255 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Esther Phoebe   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Esther Rosenhaus   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Ethel Dora Row   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Evelyn Leng   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Fanny Sturm   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Fleurette   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Frances   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Frances Block   Pg: 25 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Frances M. Johns   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Frances Ralph   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Frances Rebecca   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Fred L.   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Frederica   Pg: 21 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Frederick   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Frederick A. III   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Frederick Augustus   Pg: 135 (ALL) Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Frederick Augustus, Jr.   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Frederick Pigot   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Frederick Willam   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  George Harris   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  George Pigot (son of Henry)   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  George Pigot (son of Thomas)   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  George Vanderheyden   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  George W.   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  George Washington   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Georgina Orde-Powlett   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Gertrude (Gertie) Cohen   Pg: 135 (ALL) Pg: 306 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Gettie Cohen (see Johnson, Gertrude (Gettie) Cohen)   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Gilbert Ward   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Gordon   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  H. W.   Pg: 8 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Harold Albert   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Harriet Maria   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Harrison William   Pg: 8 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Hart   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Henry   Pg: 75 (ALL) Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Henry Allen   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Henry Allen Beaumont   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Henry Allen William   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Henry Davis   Pg: 135 (ALL) Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Henry Franks Frederick   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Howell Hardin   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Hugh Walters Beaumont   Pg: 81 (ALL)
(b. 1865)
JOHNSON  Isabella   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  James W.   Pg: 135 (ALL) Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Jane (dau. of Frederick)   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Jane (m. Clergue)   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Jane Leake   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Jane Lees   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Jane Webb Rafferty   Pg: 326A (ALL)
JOHNSON  Jemima Anne Frances Martin   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  John S.   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Joseph   Pg: 64 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Joseph Milnor   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Joyce Thais   Pg: 208 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Judith Emily   Pg: 323B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Julia H. Magee   Pg: 80 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Julia Moses   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Kate V. Nelson   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Katherine Avery   Pg: 80 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Laura Benjamin F.,   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Laura Louis   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Lawrence   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Lawrence Edward   Pg: 80 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Leighton   Pg: 164 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Lewis S.   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Lillian Ethel Casse   Pg: 257 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Lionel Pigot   Pg: 81 (ALL)
(b. 1867)
JOHNSON  Louisa Charlotte   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Louisa Davis   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Louisa Mary   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Louise Emily   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Lucinda   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Madeline   Pg: 80 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Margaret   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Margaret Louise   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Margaret Ward Butler   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Maria Jane   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Marie M. Roaney   Pg: 80 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Marion Truslove   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Mary   Pg: 76 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Mary Anne Kelley   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Mary Elizabeth   Pg: 299 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Mary Inkson   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Mary Kay   Pg: 147 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Mary Louise   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Matilda Carnegy-Arbuthnot   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Matilda Marion   Pg: 326A (ALL)
JOHNSON  Mattie L.   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Maud Taylor   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  May Cunningham   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Michael J.   Pg: 238 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Milicent Hamilton   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Miriani Louise   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Molly Payne   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Monica Lena   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Morris Winder   Pg: 80 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Muriel Charlotte   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Nancy Ann Threlkeld   Pg: 311B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Ned   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Nellita F.   Pg: 258 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Olivia Elizabeth   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Oswald Carnegy   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Patricia Danino   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Paul   Pg: 323B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Percy Eliot   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Phineas   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Phineas I. Jr., M.D.   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Phineas Israel   Pg: 135 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
JOHNSON  Phoebe Wynn Elias   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Phyllis Ida   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Rachel Walton   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Ralph   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Ralph   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Rebecca Franks   Pg: 75 (ALL) Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Richard Cardozo   Pg: 164 (ALL) Pg: 311B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Richard Huston   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Richard W., Jr.   Pg: 164 (ALL) Pg: 311B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Richard Woodhouse   Pg: 164 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Robert W. III   Pg: 80 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Robert W., Jr.   Pg: 80 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Robert Winder   Pg: 80 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Roberta Joanna Portinger   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Roberta Wood   Pg: 157 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Robin Eliot   Pg: 81 (ALL)
(b. 1929)
JOHNSON  Rosalie Eugenia   Pg: 80 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Rosalie Morris   Pg: 80 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Sallie   Pg: 189 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Samuel F.   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Samuel J.   Pg: 135 (ALL) Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Samuel J. III   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Samuel J., Jr.   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Sara L. Avery   Pg: 80 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Sarah   Pg: 121 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Selina   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Selina Emma   Pg: 135 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Simeon Moses   Pg: 135 (ALL) Pg: 306 (ALL) Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Sophia Missouri   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Susan   Pg: 76 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Susan Ellen Ewart   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Susan Marie Stedman   Pg: 238 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Susannah De Lancey   Pg: 76 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Theresa   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Theresa Workum   Pg: 306 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Thomas   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Thomas Robert   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Timothy Ben   Pg: 323B (ALL)
JOHNSON  Victor George Ralph   Pg: 81 (ALL)
(b. 1861)
JOHNSON  Victor Philipse Hill   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Violet Eudaly   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSON  W. P.   Pg: 293 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Walter Pierce   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Wilbur August   Pg: 257 (ALL)
(b. 1920)
JOHNSON  William (m. Susannah De Lancey)   Pg: 76 (ALL)
JOHNSON  William (son of Allen Ralph)   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  William Davies   Pg: 25 (ALL)
JOHNSON  William Victor   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Winifred Mena Hill   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSON  Zanetta Appolina   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOHNSTON  Bertine (Birdie) Thorman   Pg: 293 (ALL)
JOHNSTON  Birdie Thorman (see Johnson, Bertine (Bertha) Thorman)  
JOHNSTON  Dorothy Irene De Leon   Pg: 55 (ALL)
JOHNSTON  Ellen S.   Pg: 336B (ALL)
JOHNSTON  Emily   Pg: 32 (ALL)
JOHNSTON  Jesse Roy, Jr.   Pg: 55 (ALL)
JOHNSTON  Marguerite   Pg: 276 (ALL)
JOHNSTON  Maude   Pg: 49 (ALL)
JOHNSTONE  Annie Lazarus   Pg: 150 (ALL) Pg: 328B (ALL)
JOHNSTONE  Eileen Mothersill   Pg: 81 (ALL)
JOHNSTONE  Hermine Cary   Pg: 88 (ALL)
JOHNSTONE  Hermine Cary Gratz   Pg: 88 (ALL)
JOHNSTONE  John   Pg: 88 (ALL)
JOHNSTONE  John Humphrey   Pg: 150 (ALL) Pg: 328B (ALL)
JOHNSTONE  Juliet Block Carmody   Pg: 24 (ALL)
JONAS  Abraham   Pg: 25 (ALL) Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  Alice Rachel Schwab   Pg: 287 (ALL)
JONAS  Aline Gibbs   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  Alroy   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  Anne Elizabeth   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  Annie   Pg: 136 (ALL) Pg: 209 (ALL) Pg: 211 (ALL)
(b. 1839)
JONAS  Annie Ezekiel   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  Baruh   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  Benjamin   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  Benjamin F.   Pg: 25 (ALL) Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  Benjamin Franklin   Pg: 25 (ALL) Pg: 136 (ALL)
(b. 1834)
JONAS  Benjamin Franklin (son of Benjamin Franklin)   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  Charles Henry   Pg: 25 (ALL)
JONAS  Charles Henry, Jr.   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  Daniel Saal   Pg: 287 (ALL)
JONAS  David Saal   Pg: 287 (ALL)
JONAS  Edward (son of Benjamin)   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  Edwin   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  Ellen M.   Pg: 287 (ALL)
JONAS  Eva   Pg: 183 (ALL)
JONAS  George (son of Abraham)   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  George (son of Benjamin)   Pg: 25 (ALL) Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  Hannah   Pg: 246 (ALL)
JONAS  Harriet   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  Isabelle   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  Jessie   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JONAS  Joseph   Pg: 136 (ALL) Pg: 264 (ALL) Pg: 326B (ALL)
JONAS  Joseph B.   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  Josephine Block   Pg: 25 (ALL) Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  Julian   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  Lee (see Jonas, Leon, Jr. (Lee))  
JONAS  Lee Ann   Pg: 287 (ALL)
(b. 1964)
JONAS  Leon   Pg: 287 (ALL)
(b. 1887)
JONAS  Leon, Jr. (Lee)   Pg: 287 (ALL)
JONAS  Louisa Block   Pg: 25 (ALL) Pg: 136 (ALL)
(m. 1829)
JONAS  Louise   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  Lucia   Pg: 25 (ALL) Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  Lucy Orah Seixas   Pg: 136 (ALL) Pg: 264 (ALL)
JONAS  Martha Oppenheim   Pg: 136 (ALL) Pg: 326B (ALL)
JONAS  Michael Benjamin   Pg: 136 (ALL) Pg: 326B (ALL)
(b. 1843)
JONAS  Millicent Saal   Pg: 287 (ALL)
JONAS  Rachel Seixas   Pg: 136 (ALL) Pg: 264 (ALL)
JONAS  Rosalie (dau. of Abraham)   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  Rosalie Block   Pg: 25 (ALL) Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  Rosetta   Pg: 136 (ALL) Pg: 211 (ALL)
JONAS  Samuel   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  Samuel Alroy   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  Sarah   Pg: 136 (ALL) Pg: 235 (ALL)
(b. 1846)
JONAS  Sarah   Pg: 136 (ALL) Pg: 210 (ALL)
(ca. 1795-1846)
JONAS  Sarah Block   Pg: 25 (ALL) Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  Teresa Barbarin   Pg: 136 (ALL)
JONAS  William Stix   Pg: 287 (ALL)
JONES  'La Velle' Rothgeiser (see Jones, Rose ('La Velle') Rothgeiser)  
JONES  Adelaide   Pg: 120 (ALL) Pg: 137 (ALL)
JONES  Al   Pg: 237 (ALL)
JONES  Alfred Timons   Pg: 137 (ALL) Pg: 182 (ALL) Pg: 326B (ALL)
JONES  Andrew Abner   Pg: 137 (ALL)
(b. 1850)
JONES  Andrew Abner   Pg: 137 (ALL) Pg: 185 (ALL)
JONES  Arabella Levy   Pg: 154 (ALL) Pg: 158 (ALL)
JONES  Benjamin G.   Pg: 166 (ALL)
JONES  Bertha   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JONES  Bobby Jane Stern   Pg: 282 (ALL)
JONES  Charles Nelson   Pg: 112 (ALL)
JONES  Chris William   Pg: 257 (ALL)
(b. 1946)
JONES  Current   Pg: 196 (ALL)
JONES  David   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JONES  Dorothy   Pg: 11 (ALL)
JONES  E. C.   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JONES  E. D.   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JONES  E. Lee   Pg: 158 (ALL)
JONES  Edith   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JONES  Elinor (Nell)   Pg: 55 (ALL)
JONES  Elisha   Pg: 126 (ALL)
JONES  Eliza   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JONES  Elizabeth   Pg: 327B (ALL)
JONES  Elizabeth Issacs   Pg: 126 (ALL)
JONES  Emilie G.   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JONES  Emmaline Levy   Pg: 166 (ALL)
JONES  Esther   Pg: 137 (ALL) Pg: 326B (ALL) Pg: 333B (ALL)
JONES  Florence   Pg: 166 (ALL)
JONES  Florrie Gambatti   Pg: 117 (ALL)
JONES  Floyd   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JONES  Frank   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JONES  George L.   Pg: 200 (ALL)
JONES  Helen Elizabeth   Pg: 33 (ALL)
JONES  Henrietta   Pg: 205 (ALL)
JONES  Henrietta Mikell Brown   Pg: 205 (ALL)
JONES  Ida   Pg: 129 (ALL) Pg: 326B (ALL)
(b. 1853)
JONES  Israel   Pg: 137 (ALL) Pg: 326B (ALL)
JONES  Jack Lee   Pg: 257 (ALL)
(b. 1950)
JONES  Jacqueline Harby Hart   Pg: 98 (ALL)
JONES  James Morris   Pg: 154 (ALL) Pg: 158 (ALL)
JONES  Jessica   Pg: 48 (ALL) Pg: 137 (ALL)
JONES  Jessica Lyons   Pg: 137 (ALL) Pg: 182 (ALL)
JONES  John   Pg: 205 (ALL)
JONES  Julia   Pg: 137 (ALL) Pg: 326B (ALL)
JONES  Kate Mayer   Pg: 20 (ALL)
JONES  Kendall P.   Pg: 336A (ALL)
JONES  Louise (Lula) Moise   Pg: 196 (ALL)
JONES  Margaret   Pg: 121 (ALL)
JONES  Margaret E.   Pg: 156 (ALL)
JONES  Margaret Mackay   Pg: 200 (ALL)
JONES  Marian   Pg: 91 (ALL)
JONES  Marjorie Fletcher Nones   Pg: 336A (ALL)
JONES  Martha Adams Moran   Pg: 158 (ALL)
JONES  Martha Levy   Pg: 158 (ALL)
JONES  Mary A.   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JONES  Mary Hart   Pg: 272 (ALL)
JONES  Miriam (Maria) Marks Barnett   Pg: 16 (ALL) Pg: 137 (ALL) Pg: 185 (ALL)
JONES  Miriam Jessica   Pg: 137 (ALL)
(b. 1878)
JONES  Nell   Pg: 55 (ALL)
JONES  Nell (see Jones, Elinor (Nell))  
JONES  Oscar   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JONES  Peppina Avezzano Silverman   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JONES  Rachel   Pg: 201 (ALL)
JONES  Rachel Gray   Pg: 77 (ALL)
JONES  Rebecca   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JONES  Rebecca Hart   Pg: 137 (ALL) Pg: 243 (ALL) Pg: 326B (ALL)
JONES  Rebecca Touro   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JONES  Rebecca Zellner   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JONES  Robert Alexander   Pg: 98 (ALL)
JONES  Rolly   Pg: 20 (ALL)
JONES  Rose ('La Velle') Rothgeiser   Pg: 237 (ALL)
JONES  Roy   Pg: 129 (ALL)
JONES  S. J.   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JONES  S. K.   Pg: 272 (ALL)
JONES  Samuel   Pg: 137 (ALL)
(d. 1809)
JONES  Samuel (son of Elisha)   Pg: 126 (ALL)
JONES  Sarah   Pg: 137 (ALL)
(b. 1835)
JONES  Sarah (m. Solomon Mannahan)   Pg: 58 (ALL)
JONES  Sarah (m. Solomon Weiner)   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JONES  Sarah A. Henry   Pg: 114 (ALL)
JONES  Sarah Amanda   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JONES  Sarah Gutteres Henriques   Pg: 112 (ALL)
JONES  Sarah Rebecca   Pg: 129 (ALL) Pg: 137 (ALL)
JONES  Shirley Mary Schaefer   Pg: 125 (ALL)
JONES  Solomon I.   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JONES  Thomas   Pg: 282 (ALL)
JONES  Una Adelaide Schmidt   Pg: 257 (ALL)
JONES  Walter E., Jr.   Pg: 257 (ALL)
(b. 1944)
JONES  Walter Edwin, Jr.   Pg: 257 (ALL)
JONGH  See De Jongh  
JORDAN  F. Carrick   Pg: 324B (ALL)
JORDAN  Leah Elizabeth Kline   Pg: 324B (ALL)
JORDAN  T. C.   Pg: 103 (ALL)
JORDY  Frederick J.   Pg: 165 (ALL)
JORGE  Catherina Henriques   Pg: 273 (ALL)
JORGE  Fersao   Pg: 273 (ALL)
JORGE  Marquesa Lopes   Pg: 273 (ALL)
JORGENSON  Bettie Ann   Pg: 268 (ALL)
JOSEPH  #NAME?   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  (Agnes) Kathleen (see Joseph, (Agnes) Kathleen Davies)  
JOSEPH  (Agnes) Kathleen Davies   Pg: 13 (ALL)
JOSEPH  (Alfred) Hugh   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Abraham   Pg: 46 (ALL) Pg: 138 (ALL)
(d. 1886)
JOSEPH  Abraham (son of Naphtali)   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Abraham H.   Pg: 46 (ALL) Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Abraham Pinto   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Ada   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Adele   Pg: 294 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Alan   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Alfred (see Joseph, (Alfred) Hugh)  
JOSEPH  Alfrida   Pg: 34 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Alice Falk   Pg: 172 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Amy   Pg: 18 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Andrew   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Andrew Cohen   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Anita Rosner   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Ann Goulding   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Annabel (Isobel)   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Annette Pinto   Pg: 61 (ALL) Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Antony   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Arthur   Pg: 172 (ALL)
(b. 1904)
JOSEPH  Arthur   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Arthur (son of Lizar H.)   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Arthur Wellesley   Pg: 34 (ALL)
(d. 1916)
JOSEPH  Audrey   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Augustus Lazarus   Pg: 137 (ALL)
(b. 1826)
JOSEPH  Avery   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Barbara   Pg: 137 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
JOSEPH  Barbara Moore   Pg: 172 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Benjamin Solomons   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Billy (see Joseph, William Kenneth (Billy))  
JOSEPH  Brian   Pg: 2 (ALL)
(b. 1926)
JOSEPH  Carey Gratz Horace   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Caroline murat   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Caroline Weil   Pg: 294 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Catherine   Pg: 46 (ALL) Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Catherine (dau. of Lizar H.)   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Catherine (dau. of William K.)   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Catherine Lazarus   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOSEPH  Catherine Octavia   Pg: 61 (ALL) Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Cecile   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Cecilia Alice   Pg: 322B (ALL)
JOSEPH  Celine Lyons   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Charles (son of Israel)   Pg: 34 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Charlotte   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Christopher Edward   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Clara   Pg: 321A (ALL)
JOSEPH  Clara   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Clarisse Louise Myers   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Claudine   Pg: 46 (ALL) Pg: 137 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Cornelia   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Crimea Harriet   Pg: 61 (ALL) Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Daniel   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  David   Pg: 21 (ALL)
(m. 1922)
JOSEPH  David (son of William Kenneth)   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  David III   Pg: 307 (ALL)
JOSEPH  David, Jr.   Pg: 307 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Debra Ann   Pg: 275 (ALL)
(b. 1953)
JOSEPH  Delia   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Donald Robert   Pg: 275 (ALL)
(b. 1947)
JOSEPH  Doris   Pg: 294 (ALL)
(b. 1897)
JOSEPH  Doris (m. Montefiore Lyons)   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Dorothy   Pg: 137 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1902)
JOSEPH  Eddie (see Joseph, Edward Cecil (Eddie))  
JOSEPH  Edith   Pg: 294 (ALL)
(b. 1892)
JOSEPH  Edith (m. J. Dudley Phillips)   Pg: 249 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Edward (son of Abraham Pinto)   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Edward (Son of Montefiore)   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Edward Cecil (Eddie)   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Edward David   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Edward Hooper   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Eleanor   Pg: 139 (ALL) Pg: 277 (ALL) Pg: 278 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Eleazer (Lazarus)   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Elizabeth   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Elsie   Pg: 172 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Emily   Pg: 54 (ALL) Pg: 137 (ALL)
(b. 1844)
JOSEPH  Emily   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Emily Cohen   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Emma   Pg: 19 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Enid Beryl   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Esther   Pg: 61 (ALL) Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Esther   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Esther Eudora   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Esther Lindo Henry   Pg: 115 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Ethel Mary Walkem   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Ethel Olive   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Eudora   Pg: 137 (ALL)
(b. 1828)
JOSEPH  Eunice Phillips   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Fannie   Pg: 26 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Fanny (dau. of Israel)   Pg: 34 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Fanny (m. Edward S. Abrahams)   Pg: 5 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Fanny David   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Fanny H.   Pg: 166 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Fanny L.   Pg: 5 (ALL) Pg: 278 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Florence Grace Hart   Pg: 97 (ALL) Pg: 137 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Florence Hyman   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Frances   Pg: 139 (ALL) Pg: 278 (ALL)
(m. 1851)
JOSEPH  Frances Alexander   Pg: 8 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Frances Levy   Pg: 137 (ALL) Pg: 169 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Frank   Pg: 294 (ALL)
(b. 1904)
JOSEPH  Georgina Petteson   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Gershom   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Gershon   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Gershon   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Gertrude   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Gertrude Virginia   Pg: 46 (ALL) Pg: 137 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Gratz   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Hannah   Pg: 235 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Hannah   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOSEPH  Hannah Rosenthal   Pg: 172 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Harriet Bloomfield   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Harriet Crimea   Pg: 61 (ALL) Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Harry   Pg: 172 (ALL)
(b. 1904)
JOSEPH  Harry   Pg: 172 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Harry (see also Joseph, Henry (Harry))  
JOSEPH  Helen   Pg: 307 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Helen Elizabeth   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Helen Isaacs Wurzburger   Pg: 127 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Henrietta   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Henrietta Abrams   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Henry   Pg: 138 (ALL)
(b. 1806)
JOSEPH  Henry   Pg: 138 (ALL)
(b. 1850)
JOSEPH  Henry   Pg: 138 (ALL)
(b. 1856)
JOSEPH  Henry (Harry)   Pg: 138 (ALL) Pg: 276 (ALL) Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOSEPH  Henry (son of H. T. Gratz)   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Henry (son of Joseph L.)   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Henry A   Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOSEPH  Henry Gratz   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Horace   Pg: 138 (ALL)
(b. 1857)
JOSEPH  Horace (son of Abraham Pinto)   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Horace Moses   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Hortense Ury   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Hugh (son of Andrew Cohen)   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Hugh (son of William Kenneth)   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Ira B.   Pg: 275 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Irene Rachel   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Irene Rachel   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Isaac Aron   Pg: 115 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Isabel F. Lindsley   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Isabella Hyman   Pg: 220 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Isabelle   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Isabelle Joseph   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Isobel (see Joseph, Annabel (Isobel))  
JOSEPH  Israel   Pg: 34 (ALL)
(b. 1840)
JOSEPH  Israel   Pg: 98 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL) Pg: 309B (ALL)
JOSEPH  Jacob Francis   Pg: 137 (ALL)
(b. 1836)
JOSEPH  Jacob Henry   Pg: 138 (ALL) Pg: 209 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Jacob Judah   Pg: 139 (ALL)
(d. 1862)
JOSEPH  Jacob Judah (son of Lizer)   Pg: 66 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Jane   Pg: 210 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Jean   Pg: 21 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Jesse   Pg: 138 (ALL)
(b. 1858)
JOSEPH  Jesse   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Joseph   Pg: 8 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
(m. 1822)
JOSEPH  Joseph (m. Rachel Marks)   Pg: 103 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Joseph (son of Judah)   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Joseph (son of Lizer)   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Joseph Lazarus   Pg: 137 (ALL) Pg: 169 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Josephine   Pg: 119 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Josephine Iglauer   Pg: 307 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Judah (London)   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Judah (son of Naphtali)   Pg: 138 (ALL) Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOSEPH  Karen Peterson   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Karl A.   Pg: 294 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Katey   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Katherine Homeston   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Kathleen Abraham   Pg: 2 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Kathleen Davis   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Kenneth   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Kenneth A.   Pg: 294 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Kenneth De Sola   Pg: 138 (ALL)
(b. 1892)
JOSEPH  Laura   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Laurens   Pg: 97 (ALL) Pg: 137 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Lawrence Kenneth   Pg: 275 (ALL)
(b. 1942)
JOSEPH  Lazarus (see Joseph, Eleazer (Lazarus))  
JOSEPH  Leah   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Leila Muriel   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Leonard   Pg: 18 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Lepha Iorns   Pg: 172 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Leslie   Pg: 2 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Levy   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Levy L.   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Lillian Budwig   Pg: 293 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Linda (dau. of Michael)   Pg: 293 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Linda (dau. of Michael, Jr.)   Pg: 293 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Lizar H.   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Lizer   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Lizette (Lizzie Lee)   Pg: 138 (ALL)
(b. 1851)
JOSEPH  Lizzie Lee (see Joseph, Lizette (Lizzie Lee))  
JOSEPH  Lizzie Samuel   Pg: 260 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Louise   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Lucy Hannah   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Madeleine   Pg: 137 (ALL)
(b. 1834)
JOSEPH  Margaret   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Marguerite Maud   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Marjorie   Pg: 137 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1903)
JOSEPH  Marjorie Grace Solis-Cohen   Pg: 275 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Marjory Low   Pg: 172 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Martha   Pg: 294 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Martha Joseph   Pg: 294 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Martha Maud   Pg: 138 (ALL)
(b. 1965)
JOSEPH  Mary   Pg: 294 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Mary Blanche   Pg: 34 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Mary Clark   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Matilda   Pg: 138 (ALL)
(b. 1807)
JOSEPH  Matilda (Maud)   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Matilda Innis   Pg: 138 (ALL)
(b. 1854)
JOSEPH  Maud (see Joseph, Matilda (Maud))  
JOSEPH  Michael (m. Helen Isaacs)   Pg: 127 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Michael (m. Lillian Budwig)   Pg: 293 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Michael James   Pg: 293 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Michael Morehouse   Pg: 127 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Michael, Jr.   Pg: 293 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Miriam   Pg: 210 (ALL) Pg: 211 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Miriam Levy   Pg: 98 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL) Pg: 309 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Molcie   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Molcie (Molsey)   Pg: 139 (ALL) Pg: 277 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Molsey (see Joseph, Molcie (Molsey))  
JOSEPH  Monte (see Joseph, Montefiore (Monte))  
JOSEPH  Montefiore (Monte)   Pg: 61 (ALL) Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Montefiore Lyons   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Moses   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Muriel   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Myer   Pg: 220 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Naphtali   Pg: 95 (ALL) Pg: 138 (ALL) Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOSEPH  Nathan S.   Pg: 260 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Patricia   Pg: 293 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Patricia Leeds   Pg: 293 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Pauline Evelyn Lyons   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Peggy Sussman   Pg: 18 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Philip   Pg: 172 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Phyllis Annette   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Rachel   Pg: 246 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Rachel Marks   Pg: 103 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Rachel Sarah   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Rachel Solomons   Pg: 138 (ALL) Pg: 276 (ALL) Pg: 326B (ALL)
JOSEPH  Ralph S.   Pg: 294 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Ray Hahn   Pg: 294 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Rebecca   Pg: 138 (ALL)
(b. 1849)
JOSEPH  Rebecca   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Rebecca Gratz (Rhea)   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Rhea Gratz (see Joseph, Rebecca Gratz (Rhea))  
JOSEPH  Robert   Pg: 293 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Rolinda Hays   Pg: 293 (ALL) Pg: 294 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Ronald   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Rosetta   Pg: 138 (ALL)
(b. 1894)
JOSEPH  Rupert Laurens   Pg: 137 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
JOSEPH  Ruth Graff Denzer   Pg: 310B (ALL)
JOSEPH  Samuel   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Samuel (son of Israel)   Pg: 34 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Sarah   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Sarah   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Sarah (dau. of Henry)   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Sarah (dau. of Lizer)   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Sarah Emanuel   Pg: 66 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Sarah Gratz Moses   Pg: 138 (ALL) Pg: 209 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Sarah Henriques   Pg: 137 (ALL) Pg: 265 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Sarah Hyatt Cohen   Pg: 34 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Sarah Judah   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  See also Josephs  
JOSEPH  Serka   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Sigmund   Pg: 293 (ALL) Pg: 294 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Simeon (see Booth, Harold Simeon)  
JOSEPH  Solomon   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Solomon (son of Moses)   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Solomon Arthur   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Solomon I.   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Sophia   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Sophia Celine   Pg: 138 (ALL)
(b. 1860)
JOSEPH  Sophia Celine Joseph   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Sophia David   Pg: 46 (ALL) Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Sophia Lesley   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Sophia Lesley Davis   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Stephen   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Steven W.   Pg: 294 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Stewart Scott   Pg: 138 (ALL)
(b. 1862)
JOSEPH  Susan   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Sybil Matilda   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Sylvia Florence   Pg: 74 (ALL) Pg: 137 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
JOSEPH  Theodore Harold   Pg: 74 (ALL) Pg: 137 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
JOSEPH  Thomas   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Thomas Alan   Pg: 274 (ALL)
(b. 1950)
JOSEPH  Valerie   Pg: 18 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Walter   Pg: 172 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Walter, Jr.   Pg: 172 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Wilfred   Pg: 2 (ALL)
(d 1916)
JOSEPH  Wilfred   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Wilfrid (son of Rupert L.)   Pg: 137 (ALL)
JOSEPH  William Kenneth (Billy)   Pg: 138 (ALL)
JOSEPH  William Ralph   Pg: 294 (ALL)
JOSEPH  Winifred Abraham   Pg: 2 (ALL)
JOSEPHI  Beatrice   Pg: 291 (ALL)
JOSEPHS  Aaron   Pg: 131 (ALL)
(d. 1831)
JOSEPHS  Aaron R.   Pg: 131 (ALL)
JOSEPHS  Amy May   Pg: 21 (ALL)
(b. 1924)
JOSEPHS  David   Pg: 21 (ALL)
JOSEPHS  Elizabeth Nathans   Pg: 231 (ALL)
JOSEPHS  Frances Polock Jacobs   Pg: 131 (ALL)
JOSEPHS  Jean Benswanger   Pg: 21 (ALL)
JOSEPHS  S. J.   Pg: 231 (ALL)
JOSEPHS  Sarah Henriques   Pg: 112 (ALL)
JOSEPHS  Sarah M.   Pg: 231 (ALL)
JOSEPHS  See also Joseph  
JOSEPHS  Walter   Pg: 112 (ALL)
JOSEPHSON  Manuel   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPHSON  Rachel (Ritzel) Judah   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JOSEPHSON  Ritzel Judah (see Josephson, Rachel (Ritzel) Judah)  
JOSHUA  Eva   Pg: 308 (ALL)
JUDAH  (Annie/Nancy))  
JUDAH  (E) Manuel   Pg: 140 (ALL) Pg: 264 (ALL)
JUDAH  Aaron   Pg: 85 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Aaron (son of Baruch)   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Aaron Hart   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Abigail   Pg: 140 (ALL) Pg: 147 (ALL)
JUDAH  Abigail (dau. of Baruch H.)   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Abigail Judah   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Abigail Seixas   Pg: 101 (ALL) Pg: 102 (ALL) Pg: 189 (ALL)
JUDAH  Abraham   Pg: 141 (ALL)
(b. 1781)
JUDAH  Abraham   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Abraham   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Abraham   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Abraham (of Breslau)   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Abraham (see also Abraham, Judah)  
JUDAH  Abraham (son of Samuel)   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Abraham (son of Uriah)   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Adeline   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Alfred N.   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Alice   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Amelia   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Amelia   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Amelia (Emily)   Pg: 41 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Amy S.   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Ann Patterson   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Anna   Pg: 139 (ALL) Pg: 327A (ALL)
JUDAH  Annie (see Judah, Hannah  
JUDAH  Arline Kimber   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Barbara   Pg: 139 (ALL)
(b. 1911)
JUDAH  Barnebas S. (see Judah, Bernard Samuel (Barnebas S.))  
JUDAH  Baruch H. (Bernard H.)   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Bella   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Benjamin   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Benjamin S.   Pg: 114 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Bernard H. (see Judah, Baruch H.)  
JUDAH  Bernard Samuel (Barnebas S.)   Pg: 95 (ALL) Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Bilah   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Caroline   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Carter Marcus   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Cary Jekuthiel   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Cary Jekuthiel   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Catharine Winnifred   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Catherine   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Catherine   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Catherine (Katy) Hart   Pg: 95 (ALL) Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Cecil Floyd   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Celestine   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Charity Bennett   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Charity Bradley   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Charles   Pg: 140 (ALL)
(d. 1829)
JUDAH  Charles B   Pg: 141 (ALL)
(b. 1872)
JUDAH  Charles B., Jr.   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Charles D.   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Charlotte   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Chester   Pg: 140 (ALL)
(b. 1906)
JUDAH  Chester Applegate   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Christine   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Clarisse Vezina   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  David   Pg: 140 (ALL)
(d. 1833)
JUDAH  David (son of Abraham)   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  David (son of David)   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  David Waterford   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  De Witt Clinton   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Doris M. Trotter   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Dorothy Catherine   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Dorothy Hope   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Dorothy Patterson   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Douglas   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Dunlop   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Edward   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Eleanor   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Elinor E. Hays   Pg: 104 (ALL)
JUDAH  Eliza   Pg: 218 (ALL)
JUDAH  Eliza   Pg: 141 (ALL) Pg: 218 (ALL)
JUDAH  Eliza Israel   Pg: 144 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Elizabeth   Pg: 140 (ALL)
(b. 1795)
JUDAH  Elizabeth Ezekiel   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Elmira Elizabeth Smith   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Elodie Campbell   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Emanuel   Pg: 139 (ALL)
(d. 1839)
JUDAH  Emily (see Judah, Amelia (Emily))  
JUDAH  Emily Jane   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Emma C. Burnet   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Ernest Lionel   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Ernest Woodward   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Esther   Pg: 140 (ALL)
(b. 1785)
JUDAH  Esther (Hetty) Hendricks   Pg: 110 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Esther Taylor   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Eva Browman   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  F. R.   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Falk (see Judah, Walter Jonas (Falk))  
JUDAH  Fanny   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Fanny (Frumet)   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Florence   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Floyd Smith   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Francis   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Francis Thomas   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Frederick Thomas   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Frumet (see Judah, Fanny (Frumet))  
JUDAH  Gardner   Pg: 140 (ALL)
(b. 1904)
JUDAH  Gelston Marcus   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  George   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Gershom   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Gershom Seixas   Pg: 140 (ALL)
(b. 1767)
JUDAH  Gertrude Simonson   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Grace Seixas   Pg: 140 (ALL) Pg: 185 (ALL)
JUDAH  Grace Seixas   Pg: 140 (ALL) Pg: 264 (ALL)
JUDAH  Gracia   Pg: 140 (ALL)
(b. 1928)
JUDAH  Gracia Louise Carter   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Hannah (Annie/Nancy)   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Harriet   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Harriet Brandon   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Helen   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Helen Fisher   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Helen M. Campbell   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Henrietta   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Henrietta (dau. of Naphtali Hart)   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Henry   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Henry Hage   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Henry Moses   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Henry R.   Pg: 140 (ALL)
(b. 1794)
JUDAH  Henry Raymond   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Henry Raymond, Jr.   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Hetty   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Hetty Sayres   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Hillel (Hilliard)   Pg: 139 (ALL) Pg: 140 (ALL) Pg: 264 (ALL)
(ca. 1730-1815)
JUDAH  Hilliard (see Judah, Hillel (Hilliard))  
JUDAH  Horatio   Pg: 139 (ALL)
(b. 1837)
JUDAH  Ida   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Imelda Bulger   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Isaac   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Isaac (Brother of Uriah)   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Isaac H.   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Jacob   Pg: 140 (ALL)
(b. 1765)
JUDAH  Jacob   Pg: 139 (ALL)
(d. 1783)
JUDAH  Jacob   Pg: 1 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Jacob Samuel   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Janice   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Jessie Jonas   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Jessy (Simha)   Pg: 12 (ALL) Pg: 117 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  John Jacob   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  John Lionel   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  John M.   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Jonathan   Pg: 141 (ALL)
(b. 1803)
JUDAH  Julia N. Gelston   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Kate Hutchinson   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Katherine Patterson   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Katy Hart (see Judah, Catherine (Katy) Hart)  
JUDAH  Louisa C.   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Louisa C. L.   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Louisa Leah   Pg: 140 (ALL)
(d. 1838)
JUDAH  Mansfield   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Manuel (see also Judah, (E) Manuel)  
JUDAH  Manuel (son of Baruch H. (Bernard H.))  
JUDAH  Maria   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Maria B. Ferguson   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Marian (Miriam/May)   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Marion Wurtell   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Marjorie Carter   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Martha Raymond   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Mary   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Mary Benedicta   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Mary Gelston   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Mary Jane   Pg: 140 (ALL)
(d. 1872)
JUDAH  Mary L.   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  May (see Judah, Marian (Miriam/May))  
JUDAH  Michael   Pg: 140 (ALL)
(d. 1786)
JUDAH  Mildred Savory   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Miriam   Pg: 95 (ALL) Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Miriam (see also Judah, Marian (Miriam/May))  
JUDAH  Miriam Nathan   Pg: 139 (ALL) Pg: 226 (ALL)
JUDAH  Moses   Pg: 140 (ALL)
(d. 1851)
JUDAH  Moses   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Moses H.   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Nancy (see Judah, Hannah (Annie/Nancy))  
JUDAH  Naphtali Hart   Pg: 110 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Nelly   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Noble Brandon   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Noble Brandon, Jr.   Pg: 141 (ALL)
(b. 1884)
JUDAH  Noel Fulton   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Oscar Stewart   Pg: 223 (ALL)
JUDAH  Patty   Pg: 102 (ALL)
(b. 1781)
JUDAH  Philip Norborne   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  R. Rider   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Rachel   Pg: 101 (ALL)
JUDAH  Rachel   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Rachel   Pg: 140 (ALL) Pg: 153 (ALL)
JUDAH  Rachel   Pg: 140 (ALL) Pg: 266 (ALL)
JUDAH  Rachel (Ritzel)   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Rachel Gomez   Pg: 85 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Rachel Jochanan   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Rebecca   Pg: 104 (ALL) Pg: 106 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Rebecca   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Rebecca   Pg: 140 (ALL) Pg: 266 (ALL)
JUDAH  Reinah (see Judah, Ryne (Reinah))  
JUDAH  Reynold S.   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Richea   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Richea Ann   Pg: 139 (ALL) Pg: 264 (ALL)
JUDAH  Ritzel (see Judah, Rachel (Ritzel))  
JUDAH  Ruby Whitham   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Ryne (Reinah)   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Sally (Sarah)   Pg: 58 (ALL) Pg: 140 (ALL) Pg: 327A (ALL)
JUDAH  Samuel   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Samuel   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Samuel   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Samuel B. H.   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Samuel B. Helbert   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Samuel B., Jr.   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Samuel Brandon   Pg: 141 (ALL)
(b. 1845)
JUDAH  Samuel N.   Pg: 139 (ALL) Pg: 226 (ALL)
JUDAH  Sarah   Pg: 139 (ALL)
(b. 1762)
JUDAH  Sarah   Pg: 140 (ALL)
(b. 1794)
JUDAH  Sarah   Pg: 139 (ALL) Pg: 217 (ALL)
JUDAH  Sarah   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Sarah   Pg: 95 (ALL) Pg: 142 (ALL)
JUDAH  Sarah (see also Judah, Sally (Sarah)  
JUDAH  Sarah Cane   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Sarah Eleanor Gardner   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDAH  Sarah Elizabeth Schoyer   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Sarah Helbert   Pg: 114 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Simha (see Judah, Jessy (Simha))  
JUDAH  Sutherland   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Theodore   Pg: 139 (ALL)
(b. 1911)
JUDAH  Theodore D.   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Thomas Storrs   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  Tillie Frank   Pg: 223 (ALL)
JUDAH  Uriah   Pg: 141 (ALL) Pg: 142 (ALL)
(b. 1782)
JUDAH  Uriah   Pg: 141 (ALL) Pg: 142 (ALL)
JUDAH  Uriah (son of Judah Leib of Breslau)   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Uriah Hendricks   Pg: 139 (ALL)
(b. 1810)
JUDAH  Virginia Scarth   Pg: 142 (ALL)
JUDAH  Walter Henry   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Walter Jonas (Falk)   Pg: 139 (ALL)
JUDAH  Washington   Pg: 141 (ALL)
JUDAH  William   Pg: 139 (ALL) Pg: 140 (ALL)
(b. 1797)
JUDAH  William Henry   Pg: 140 (ALL)
JUDELL  Agnes Hendricks Levy   Pg: 159 (ALL)
JUDELL  Andrea   Pg: 83 (ALL)
JUDELL  Barbara   Pg: 159 (ALL)
(b. 1924)
JUDELL  Debra   Pg: 83 (ALL)
JUDELL  Doris Steppacher   Pg: 83 (ALL)
JUDELL  Louis   Pg: 159 (ALL)
JUDELL  Robert   Pg: 83 (ALL)
(m. 1949)
JUDELL  Terry   Pg: 83 (ALL)
JUDSON  Corinne B. Newman   Pg: 160 (ALL)
JUDSON  Corinne J.   Pg: 160 (ALL)
JUHEL  Elizabeth (see Jewel (or Juhel), Elizabeth)  
JULIAN-JAMES  Cassie Mason Myers   Pg: 220 (ALL)
JULIAO  David de David Henriquez   Pg: 241 (ALL)
JULIAO  Esther De Pass   Pg: 58 (ALL)
JULIAO  Esther Maduro   Pg: 241 (ALL)
JULIAO  Moses de Haim David Henriques   Pg: 58 (ALL)
JULLIEN  Caroline   Pg: 245 (ALL)