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IBN DAUD  Aaron   Pg: 59 (ALL)
IBN DAUD  Baruch   Pg: 59 (ALL)
IBN DAUD  Shalom   Pg: 59 (ALL)
ICKELHEIMER  Gussie   Pg: 295 (ALL)
ICKELHEIMER  Jennie   Pg: 144 (ALL)
IDANHA  Samuel   Pg: 240 (ALL)
IDANHA  Simhah Brown   Pg: 240 (ALL)
IFFLA  Rachel Henriques   Pg: 113 (ALL)
IGLAUER  Arnold   Pg: 306 (ALL)
IGLAUER  Bruce Harry   Pg: 306 (ALL)
IGLAUER  Carl   Pg: 285 (ALL)
IGLAUER  Carol   Pg: 306 (ALL)
IGLAUER  Charles Arnold   Pg: 307 (ALL)
IGLAUER  Charles Sumner   Pg: 306 (ALL)
IGLAUER  Clara M. Senior   Pg: 306 (ALL)
IGLAUER  Delia   Pg: 306 (ALL)
IGLAUER  Florence   Pg: 285 (ALL)
(b. 1881)
IGLAUER  Gail   Pg: 306 (ALL)
IGLAUER  Harriett Susan Salinger   Pg: 306 (ALL)
IGLAUER  Helen   Pg: 307 (ALL)
IGLAUER  Helen Sara Ransohoff   Pg: 307 (ALL)
IGLAUER  John   Pg: 306 (ALL)
IGLAUER  Josephine   Pg: 307 (ALL)
IGLAUER  Laura   Pg: 306 (ALL)
IGLAUER  Richa   Pg: 285 (ALL) Pg: 286 (ALL)
IGLAUER  Rosa Stix   Pg: 285 (ALL)
IGLAUER  Ruth   Pg: 306 (ALL)
IGLAUER  Samuel   Pg: 307 (ALL)
IGLAUER  Virginia Dunn   Pg: 306 (ALL)
IGLAUER  Zillah   Pg: 285 (ALL)
(b. 1877)
IGSTADTER  Blanche Guggenheimer   Pg: 89 (ALL)
IGSTADTER  Sidney   Pg: 89 (ALL)
ILBERG  John   Pg: 191 (ALL)
ILBERG  Karen   Pg: 191 (ALL)
ILBERG  Penelope (Penny) Dale   Pg: 191 (ALL)
ILBERG  Penny Dale (see Ilberg, Penelope (Penny) Dale)  
ILBERG  Stephanie   Pg: 191 (ALL)
ILLAVA  Joseph (see Morningstar, Joseph (Illava))  
ILLAVA  Mary B.   Pg: 241 (ALL)
ILLOWAY  Miriam Ruth   Pg: 244 (ALL)
IMBURG  Catherine   Pg: 29 (ALL)
IMBURG  Clare Cardozo   Pg: 29 (ALL)
IMBURG  Irving   Pg: 29 (ALL)
IMBURG  Nancy Elizabeth   Pg: 29 (ALL)
IMBURG  Susan   Pg: 29 (ALL)
INGERSOLL  Susan B.   Pg: 118 (ALL)
INGLEDEW  Gwen Ellen   Pg: 82 (ALL)
INGRAM  Ada Gabriel   Pg: 122 (ALL)
INGRAM  Elizabeth Jacobs   Pg: 107 (ALL)
INGRAM  Howard   Pg: 107 (ALL)
INGRAM  Jonathan   Pg: 122 (ALL)
INGRAM  Sadie   Pg: 122 (ALL)
INGRAM  Susan   Pg: 122 (ALL)
INGRAM  Walter   Pg: 122 (ALL)
INGRAM (ISAACS)  Sidney   Pg: 122 (ALL)
INKSON  Mary   Pg: 81 (ALL)
INMAN  Cornelia Barrett   Pg: 39 (ALL)
INMAN  George, Jr.   Pg: 39 (ALL)
IONS  Cecile Goodman Nevins   Pg: 94 (ALL)
IONS  Clarendon   Pg: 94 (ALL)
IONS  Robert N.   Pg: 94 (ALL)
IONS  Willoughby   Pg: 94 (ALL)
IORNS  Lepha   Pg: 172 (ALL)
IRBY  Ann Sarah Huguenin   Pg: 8 (ALL)
IRBY  Mary K.   Pg: 260 (ALL)
IRVIN  Esther Ritzwoller   Pg: 125 (ALL)
IRVIN  Irving C.   Pg: 125 (ALL)
IRVIN  See Isaacs  
IRVING  Amy Davis   Pg: 37 (ALL)
IRVING  David Kenneth   Pg: 37 (ALL)
IRVING  Grace Judith Naar   Pg: 225 (ALL)
IRVING  Harry   Pg: 145 (ALL)
IRVING  James   Pg: 225 (ALL)
IRVING  Jules   Pg: 37 (ALL)
IRVING  Katherine Marie   Pg: 37 (ALL)
IRVING  Maude Rosalie Kraus Sloan Pach   Pg: 145 (ALL)
IRVING  Priscilla Marie Pointer   Pg: 37 (ALL)
IRWIN  Elizabeth Gallardo   Pg: 336B (ALL)
IRWIN  Jeffrey Lynn   Pg: 336B (ALL)
IRWIN  Norma Nones   Pg: 336B (ALL)
IRWIN  Richard Porter   Pg: 336B (ALL)
IRWIN  Robert Bruce   Pg: 336B (ALL)
IRWIN  William Porter   Pg: 336B (ALL)
ISAAC  Ben Elijah   Pg: 59 (ALL)
(d. 1216)
ISAAC  Benjamin Richard   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ISAAC  Blanche Elizabeth   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ISAAC  Edith Rose   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ISAAC  Effie Robson   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ISAAC  Ellen Moses   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ISAAC  Esther Flora   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ISAAC  Feist Dinkelspiel   Pg: 323A (ALL)
ISAAC  Flora Yates   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ISAAC  Florence Maud   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ISAAC  Frederick   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ISAAC  Georgina Eugenia   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ISAAC  Gladys   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ISAAC  Isaac Ibn Daud   Pg: 59 (ALL)
ISAAC  Isaac Ibn Giat   Pg: 59 (ALL)
ISAAC  John Raphael   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ISAAC  John Robert   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ISAAC  Marjorie   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ISAAC  Moerle   Pg: 323A (ALL)
ISAAC  Nellie Elizabeth   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ISAAC  Percy Lewis   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ISAAC  Rafaelle   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ISAAC  Ralph   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ISAAC  Rose Amelia   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ISAAC  Sarah Amelia Coleman   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ISAAC  Sophie Aaron   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ISAAC  Theresa Sophia   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ISAACKS  (Judith) Rachel Mears   Pg: 120 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
ISAACKS  Abraham   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACKS  Catherine Cohen   Pg: 38 (ALL) Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACKS  Esther   Pg: 127 (ALL)
(m. 1824)
ISAACKS  Fanny Cushell Lazarus   Pg: 120 (ALL) Pg: 150 (ALL)
ISAACKS  Frances (Frumet)   Pg: 120 (ALL) Pg: 272 (ALL)
ISAACKS  Frumet (see Isaacks, Frances (Frumet))  
ISAACKS  Getlah   Pg: 127 (ALL)
(b. 1775/6)
ISAACKS  Hannah   Pg: 69 (ALL) Pg: 70 (ALL) Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACKS  Isaac   Pg: 127 (ALL)
(b. 1774)
ISAACKS  Isaac   Pg: 120 (ALL)
(d. 1839)
ISAACKS  Isabella   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACKS  Isabelle Goodman   Pg: 94 (ALL)
ISAACKS  Jacob   Pg: 120 (ALL)
(b. 1785)
ISAACKS  Jacob   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACKS  Janette   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACKS  Jeanette   Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACKS  Joseph   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACKS  Judah M.   Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACKS  Judith   Pg: 119 (ALL)
ISAACKS  Julian M.   Pg: 94 (ALL)
ISAACKS  Magdalen Sidell   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACKS  Margaret   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACKS  Moses   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACKS  Rachel (see Isaacks, Richea (Rachel))  
ISAACKS  Rebecca Cohen   Pg: 36 (ALL) Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACKS  Rebecca Mears   Pg: 120 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
ISAACKS  Rebecca Simson   Pg: 120 (ALL) Pg: 272 (ALL)
ISAACKS  Richea (Rachel)   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACKS  Sarah Haya   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACKS  See also Isaacs  
ISAACS  (Justina) Brandly Lazarus   Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 151 (ALL)
ISAACS  Aaron   Pg: 126 (ALL)
(b. 1752)
ISAACS  Aaron   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Aaron (d. inf.)   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Aaron Clarence   Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 129 (ALL)
ISAACS  Aaron Lopez   Pg: 120 (ALL)
(b. 1778)
ISAACS  Abigail   Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACS  Abraham   Pg: 125 (ALL)
(b. 1828)
ISAACS  Abraham   Pg: 127 (ALL)
(b. 1840)
ISAACS  Abraham   Pg: 120 (ALL)
(d. 1743)
ISAACS  Abraham   Pg: 36 (ALL) Pg: 120 (ALL)
(d. 1835)
ISAACS  Abraham (son of Aaron)   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Abraham Mears   Pg: 120 (ALL) Pg: 272 (ALL)
ISAACS  Abraham, Jr.   Pg: 120 (ALL)
(d. 1815)
ISAACS  Abram S. (see Isaacs, Abram Samuel)  
ISAACS  Abram Samuel   Pg: 93 (ALL) Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 324A (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Adela   Pg: 38 (ALL) Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACS  Agnes   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Agnes Cohen   Pg: 38 (ALL) Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Albert   Pg: 124 (ALL)
(b. 1876)
ISAACS  Albert   Pg: 124 (ALL)
(b. 1920)
ISAACS  Albert M.   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Alene Parsons   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Alice   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACS  Alice Gabriel   Pg: 122 (ALL)
ISAACS  Allan   Pg: 124 (ALL)
(b. 1918)
ISAACS  Alma Hendricks   Pg: 111 (ALL) Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 325B (ALL)
ISAACS  Amelia   Pg: 277 (ALL)
(b. 1843)
ISAACS  Amelia   Pg: 115 (ALL)
ISAACS  Amelia (m. Julius Hyman)   Pg: 51 (ALL)
ISAACS  Amelia Loeb (see Isaacs, Emilie (Amelia) Loeb)  
ISAACS  Amy   Pg: 246 (ALL)
ISAACS  Amy Hamburger   Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Amy Loeb   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Arthur S. (see Harby, Arthur S.)  
ISAACS  Asher   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Augusta Agnes   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Barbara Ann   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Belle   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Benjamin   Pg: 126 (ALL)
(b. 1737)
ISAACS  Benjamin (son of Benjamin)   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Benjamin Franklin   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Bernard   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Bertha Altheimer   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Bertha Grabenheimer   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Bertha Shucart Schwartz   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Brandly Lazarus   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Brendella   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Brina   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Brindella   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Carol   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACS  Carol Fabricant   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACS  Carol Hermine   Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Caroline Newmark   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Carrie (see also Isaacs, Carol Fabricant)  
ISAACS  Carrie Fabrikant   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACS  Carrie Marks   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Casey (see Isaacs, Helen (Casey)  
ISAACS  Catherine   Pg: 126 (ALL)
(b. 1751)
ISAACS  Catherine   Pg: 127 (ALL)
(b. 1835)
ISAACS  Catherine   Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACS  Catherine Maria   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Cecilia Carolina   Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACS  Charlotte   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Clarence   Pg: 111 (ALL) Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 325B (ALL)
ISAACS  Clarissa   Pg: 125 (ALL)
(b. 1846)
ISAACS  Clifford   Pg: 124 (ALL)
(b. 1879)
ISAACS  Cornelia   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Cornelia Myer   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Cyril   Pg: 93 (ALL)
ISAACS  Cyrilla   Pg: 93 (ALL)
ISAACS  David   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  David Isaiah   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Dawna   Pg: 108 (ALL)
ISAACS  Dorothy   Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 325B (ALL)
(b. 1911)
ISAACS  Edith Juliet Rich   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACS  Edith Somborn   Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Edna   Pg: 124 (ALL)
(b. 1882)
ISAACS  Edwin   Pg: 124 (ALL)
(b. 1913)
ISAACS  Edwin J.   Pg: 73 (ALL)
ISAACS  Elaine   Pg: 124 (ALL)
(b. 1913)
ISAACS  Elizabeth   Pg: 126 (ALL)
(b. 1755)
ISAACS  Elizabeth   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Elizabeth Fossett   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Elizabeth Grover   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Elkaleh Kursheedt   Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 147 (ALL)
ISAACS  Emilie (Amelia) Loeb   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Emily Hannah   Pg: 74 (ALL) Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Ernest R.   Pg: 124 (ALL)
(b. 1883)
ISAACS  Essie   Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Essie Isaacs   Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Estelle   Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Estelle Solomon   Pg: 102 (ALL) Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Esther   Pg: 127 (ALL)
(b. 1832)
ISAACS  Esther   Pg: 125 (ALL)
(m. 1824)
ISAACS  Esther   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Esther   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Esther   Pg: 120 (ALL) Pg: 212 (ALL)
ISAACS  Esther   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Esther (dau. of Abraham, Jr.)   Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACS  Esther Levy   Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 162 (ALL)
ISAACS  Esther Mulford   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Ethel   Pg: 160 (ALL)
(b. 1900)
ISAACS  Ethel Miriam   Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 266 (ALL)
ISAACS  Ethelreda Warner   Pg: 93 (ALL)
ISAACS  Eugene   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Eugene Jackson   Pg: 124 (ALL)
(b. 1874)
ISAACS  Eugene Loeb II   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Eugenia Van Duzer   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Eugenie Felbel   Pg: 73 (ALL) Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Fanny (dau. of Abraham)   Pg: 120 (ALL) Pg: 252 (ALL)
ISAACS  Fanny Dennison   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Fay   Pg: 160 (ALL)
ISAACS  Florence   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Florence (m. Jacob L Cohen Souza)   Pg: 280 (ALL)
ISAACS  Frances   Pg: 120 (ALL) Pg: 272 (ALL)
ISAACS  Frances   Pg: 110 (ALL) Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Frances Isaiah   Pg: 25 (ALL) Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACS  Frances Louise   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Frances Pyle   Pg: 125 (ALL) Pg: 162 (ALL)
ISAACS  Frances Zelmira   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Frederick   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Frieda Spiegel   Pg: 160 (ALL)
ISAACS  George   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  George   Pg: 125 (ALL) Pg: 162 (ALL)
ISAACS  Gertrude Adelaide   Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 174 (ALL)
ISAACS  Getlah   Pg: 120 (ALL)
(b. 1776)
ISAACS  Grace   Pg: 126 (ALL)
(b. 1743)
ISAACS  Grace   Pg: 124 (ALL)
(d. 1781)
ISAACS  Grace   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Grace   Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
(d. 1879)
ISAACS  Grace (dau. of Isaac S.)   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACS  Grace (dau. of Jacob)   Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACS  Gustavus Joseph   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Hannah   Pg: 127 (ALL)
(b. 1837)
ISAACS  Hannah   Pg: 120 (ALL) Pg: 247 (ALL)
(d. 1798)
ISAACS  Hannah   Pg: 120 (ALL)
(d. 1870)
ISAACS  Hannah   Pg: 69 (ALL) Pg: 70 (ALL) Pg: 120 (ALL)
(m. 1810)
ISAACS  Hannah   Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACS  Hannah   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Hannah (Hindlah) Levy   Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 154 (ALL)
ISAACS  Hannah Mears   Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACS  Hannah Solomons   Pg: 277 (ALL)
ISAACS  Harriet Maria   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Harry   Pg: 160 (ALL)
ISAACS  Hays   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Hays Isaiah   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Helen (Casey)   Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Helen Rothchild   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Helen Salant   Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Henry   Pg: 126 (ALL)
(b. 1765)
ISAACS  Henry   Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 325B (ALL)
(b. 1909)
ISAACS  Henry (Zeby)   Pg: 120 (ALL)
(b. 1765)
ISAACS  Henry Clay   Pg: 73 (ALL) Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Hermine   Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Hettie   Pg: 121 (ALL) Pg: 277 (ALL)
(b. 1847)
ISAACS  Hetty Hays   Pg: 104 (ALL) Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Hindlah Levy (see Isaacs, Hannah (Hindlah) Levy)  
ISAACS  Horace   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Howard   Pg: 108 (ALL)
ISAACS  Irving C. (see Irwin, Irving C.)  
ISAACS  Isaac   Pg: 126 (ALL)
(b. 1732)
ISAACS  Isaac   Pg: 120 (ALL)
(b. 1774)
ISAACS  Isaac   Pg: 127 (ALL)
(b. 1838)
ISAACS  Isaac   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Isaac (son of Abraham)   Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACS  Isaac A.   Pg: 38 (ALL) Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 162 (ALL)
ISAACS  Isaac S. (son of Solomon)   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Isaac Samuel   Pg: 102 (ALL) Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Isaac Wickham   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Isabel   Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Isabelle   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Isaiah   Pg: 104 (ALL) Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Isobel   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACS  Israel   Pg: 127 (ALL)
(b. 1800)
ISAACS  Jacob   Pg: 127 (ALL)
(b. 1843)
ISAACS  Jacob   Pg: 120 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
(ca. 1718-1798)
ISAACS  Jacob   Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACS  Jacob   Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACS  Jacob (bro. of Isaiah)   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Jacob (Son of Aaron)   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Jacob Levi   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Jacob Loeb   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Jane   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Jane Louis   Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Jane Symmons   Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Jeanne   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Jessie (see Isaacs, Justina Brandly  
ISAACS  Jochabed (Johavith)   Pg: 120 (ALL) Pg: 185 (ALL)
ISAACS  Jochebed (dau. of Abraham Mears)   Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACS  Johavith (see Isaacs, Jochabed (Johavith))  
ISAACS  John   Pg: 126 (ALL)
(b. 1758)
ISAACS  John (son of Aaron)   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  John (son of Myron)   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACS  John David   Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Jonas   Pg: 277 (ALL)
ISAACS  Joseph   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Joseph   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Joseph   Pg: 160 (ALL)
ISAACS  Joseph (son of Isaac)   Pg: 120 (ALL)
(b. 1763)
ISAACS  Joseph (son of Isaiah)   Pg: 126 (ALL)
(b. 1763)
ISAACS  Josey (dau. of Jacob)   Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACS  Joshua   Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 154 (ALL)
(d. 1744)
ISAACS  Joshua   Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 150 (ALL)
ISAACS  Joshua   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Judah   Pg: 120 (ALL)
(b. 1775)
ISAACS  Judah (son of Abraham)   Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACS  Judah M. (son of Jacob)   Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACS  Judith   Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACS  Judith (dau. of Joseph)   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Julia Ann   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Julie Gilden   Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Julien   Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Justina Brandly (Jessie)   Pg: 110 (ALL) Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Kate Havens   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Katherine   Pg: 93 (ALL)
ISAACS  Kitty   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Lena Bishoff   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Leni   Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Lewis   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Lewis (son of Aaron)   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Lewis B.   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACS  Lewis M. Jr.   Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Lewis Myer (Montefiore)   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACS  Lily Lee Harby   Pg: 93 (ALL) Pg: 324B (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Lola Tishman   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Louis William   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Lucretia Wickham   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Marcus Cornelius   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Maria Solomon (see Isaacs, Phoebe Maria Solomon)  
ISAACS  Marian   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACS  Mariene   Pg: 160 (ALL)
ISAACS  Marion Alene   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Marion Harris   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Mary   Pg: 126 (ALL)
(b. 1728)
ISAACS  Mary   Pg: 126 (ALL)
(b. 1754)
ISAACS  Mary   Pg: 126 (ALL)
(b. 1768)
ISAACS  Mary   Pg: 33 (ALL)
(d. 1861)
ISAACS  Mary (m. Solomon)   Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 145 (ALL)
ISAACS  Mary (Molly)   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Mary Bullard   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Mary Constance Jackson   Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 129 (ALL)
ISAACS  Mary Hedges   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Mary Louise   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Mary Pyle   Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 162 (ALL)
ISAACS  Mary Rumsey   Pg: 162 (ALL)
ISAACS  Matilda   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Matilda Einstein   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  May Bernice Meyer   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Michael   Pg: 120 (ALL) Pg: 150 (ALL)
ISAACS  Milton   Pg: 160 (ALL)
ISAACS  Minnie   Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Minnie Newman   Pg: 160 (ALL)
ISAACS  Molly (see Isaacs, Mary (Molly))  
ISAACS  Montefiore (see Isaacs, Lewis Myer Montefiore)  
ISAACS  Moses   Pg: 120 (ALL)
(b. 1807)
ISAACS  Moses   Pg: 120 (ALL)
(d. 1827)
ISAACS  Moses   Pg: 120 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
ISAACS  Moses Montefiore   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Moses S.   Pg: 120 (ALL)
(b. 1810)
ISAACS  Myer Samuel   Pg: 102 (ALL) Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Myer Samuel   Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Myron S.   Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Nancy West   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Newmark   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Ninny   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACS  Olivia   Pg: 125 (ALL)
(b. 1852)
ISAACS  Patricia   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Patricia Bardach   Pg: 108 (ALL)
ISAACS  Patsy Isaiah   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Pauline   Pg: 160 (ALL)
ISAACS  Philip   Pg: 277 (ALL)
(b. 1836)
ISAACS  Phoebe   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Phoebe Maria Solomon   Pg: 102 (ALL) Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Phoebe Miller   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Rachel   Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACS  Rachel   Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Rachel (dau. of Joseph)   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Rachel (m. Solomon Hart)   Pg: 92 (ALL)
ISAACS  Rachel Cornelia   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Rachel Lewis   Pg: 172 (ALL)
ISAACS  Rachel Sarah   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Ralph   Pg: 126 (ALL)
(b. 1741)
ISAACS  Ralph   Pg: 126 (ALL)
(m. 1725)
ISAACS  Raymond   Pg: 160 (ALL)
ISAACS  Rebecca   Pg: 127 (ALL)
(b. 1845)
ISAACS  Rebecca   Pg: 124 (ALL)
(b. 1850)
ISAACS  Rebecca   Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 272 (ALL)
(m. 1722)
ISAACS  Rebecca   Pg: 124 (ALL)
(N. Y., 1695)
ISAACS  Rebecca   Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACS  Rebecca   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Rebecca   Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Rebecca (dau. of Aaron)   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Rebecca Abraham   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ISAACS  Rebecca Cohen   Pg: 99 (ALL) Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACS  Richa   Pg: 120 (ALL)
(b. 1784)
ISAACS  Richard   Pg: 108 (ALL)
ISAACS  Richard Mordecai   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Riche   Pg: 63 (ALL) Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACS  Richea   Pg: 120 (ALL)
(m. 1810)
ISAACS  Robert   Pg: 160 (ALL)
ISAACS  Robert Harris   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Robin Ann   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Rosalie Felbel   Pg: 73 (ALL)
ISAACS  Rosalind   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Rose   Pg: 160 (ALL)
ISAACS  Ruth   Pg: 126 (ALL)
(b. 1771)
ISAACS  Ruth (dau. of Samuel)   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Sally Raphael   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Sampson   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Sampson Mears   Pg: 31 (ALL) Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACS  Samson M.   Pg: 120 (ALL)
(b. & d. 1783)
ISAACS  Samson M.   Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACS  Samuel   Pg: 126 (ALL)
(b. 1726/7)
ISAACS  Samuel   Pg: 126 (ALL)
(b. 1766)
ISAACS  Samuel (m. Mary Bullard)   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Samuel (son of Aaron & Esther)   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Samuel (son of Aaron)   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Samuel (son of Samuel)   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Samuel Myer   Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
ISAACS  Sarah   Pg: 126 (ALL)
(b. 1735)
ISAACS  Sarah   Pg: 126 (ALL)
(d. 1872)
ISAACS  Sarah   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Sarah (dau. of Aaron)   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Sarah (dau. of Abraham)   Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACS  Sarah (m. Benjamin)   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Sarah Cohen   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACS  Sarah Haya   Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACS  Sarah Kahn/Cohen   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACS  Sarah Lopez   Pg: 120 (ALL) Pg: 217 (ALL)
ISAACS  Saul   Pg: 160 (ALL)
ISAACS  Sidney (see Ingram (Isaacs), Sidney)  
ISAACS  Solomon   Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 145 (ALL)
(d. 1757)
ISAACS  Solomon   Pg: 124 (ALL)
(d. 1793)
ISAACS  Solomon (m. Hannah Meyers)   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Solomon (son of Asher)   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Solomon J.   Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 147 (ALL)
ISAACS  Sophie Ruth   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  Stanley   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACS  Stanley Myer   Pg: 127 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
(b. 1882)
ISAACS  Stanley Salant   Pg: 127 (ALL)
ISAACS  Susan   Pg: 125 (ALL)
(b. 1921)
ISAACS  Susan   Pg: 126 (ALL)
(m. 1875)
ISAACS  Susan Gassoway   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Theodore Edwin   Pg: 120 (ALL)
(b. 1816)
ISAACS  Thomas (son of David)   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Thomas (son of Samuel)   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Tucker   Pg: 126 (ALL)
ISAACS  Victor   Pg: 73 (ALL)
ISAACS  Virginia Grace   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  Walter   Pg: 122 (ALL)
ISAACS  Walter Scott   Pg: 124 (ALL)
(b. 1857)
ISAACS  Washington   Pg: 120 (ALL)
ISAACS  Washington Samson   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ISAACS  William Bradford   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ISAACS  William E.   Pg: 126 (ALL)
(b. 1809)
ISAACS  Zeby (see Isaacs, Henry (Zeby))  
ISAACS (VAN BRUNT)  Aaron   Pg: 124 (ALL) Pg: 162 (ALL)
ISAACS (VAN BRUNT)  Robert   Pg: 124 (ALL)
(b. 1910)
ISAACSON  Alfred Henry   Pg: 328B (ALL)
ISAACSON  Amie B.   Pg: 328B (ALL)
ISAACSON  Belle McVea   Pg: 328B (ALL)
ISAACSON  Catherine   Pg: 233 (ALL)
ISAACSON  Hannah Caroline   Pg: 233 (ALL)
ISAACSON  Harry (see Isaacson, Henry M.)  
ISAACSON  Harry Jr.   Pg: 328B (ALL)
ISAACSON  Henry M.   Pg: 150 (ALL) Pg: 328B (ALL)
ISAACSON  Kate Marks   Pg: 150 (ALL) Pg: 328B (ALL)
ISAACSON  L Daniel   Pg: 328B (ALL)
ISAACSON  Morris   Pg: 150 (ALL) Pg: 328B (ALL)
(d. 1839)
ISAACSON  Rebecca Lazarus   Pg: 150 (ALL) Pg: 328B (ALL)
ISAACSON  Victoria   Pg: 328B (ALL)
ISEMAN  Gladys Baruch   Pg: 47 (ALL)
ISEMAN  Lucile   Pg: 207 (ALL) Pg: 333B (ALL)
ISEMAN  Polly Grumble   Pg: 208 (ALL)
ISENBERG  Alma   Pg: 15 (ALL)
(b. 1890)
ISIDRO  Leah Oliveira   Pg: 225 (ALL)
ISRAEL  (Hannah) Rebecca   Pg: 69 (ALL) Pg: 128 (ALL)
(ca. 1788-1818)
ISRAEL  Abigail   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Abraham   Pg: 121 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Abraham Eliezer   Pg: 16 (ALL) Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Arabella   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Carrie   Pg: 39 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Corinna Florance Moses   Pg: 210 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Daisy   Pg: 121 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Eliezer Joseph   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Eliza   Pg: 114 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Eliza Taggert   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Elizabeth (dau. of Leon)   Pg: 121 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Elizabeth (dau. of Samuel)   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Flora   Pg: 215 (ALL)
ISRAEL  George I.   Pg: 134 (ALL)
ISRAEL  George I. III   Pg: 134 (ALL)
ISRAEL  George I., Jr.   Pg: 134 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Gomperts   Pg: 131 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Hannah   Pg: 131 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Hannah (dau. of Israel)   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Hannah (see also Israel, (Hannah) Rebecca)  
ISRAEL  Hannah Erwin   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Hannah H.   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Hannah Helbert   Pg: 114 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Henry   Pg: 121 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Isaac Eliezer   Pg: 128 (ALL)
(d. 1818)
ISRAEL  Isabelle   Pg: 121 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Israel   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Israel (son of Eliezer Joseph)   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Israel (son of Samuel)   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Israel, Jr.   Pg: 128 (ALL)
(d. 1808)
ISRAEL  James Hutchinson   Pg: 128 (ALL)
(d. 1832)
ISRAEL  Jean Lisette   Pg: 134 (ALL)
ISRAEL  John   Pg: 114 (ALL)
ISRAEL  John Samuel   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Joseph   Pg: 128 (ALL)
(d. 1804)
ISRAEL  Joy   Pg: 121 (ALL)
(b. 1860)
ISRAEL  Leah   Pg: 121 (ALL)
(b. 1878)
ISRAEL  Leon   Pg: 121 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Letitia   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Lisette B. Jacobs   Pg: 134 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Mabel   Pg: 121 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Margaret Jones   Pg: 121 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Marion J. Kerr   Pg: 134 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Martha (dau. of Abraham Eliezer)   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Martha (dau. of Eliezer Joseph)   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Martha (m. Eliezer Joseph Israel)   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Mary (dau. of Israel)   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Mary Hartford   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Mary J. Paxton   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Mary L.   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Mary Matilda Hyman   Pg: 121 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Melvin M.   Pg: 210 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Melvin, Jr.   Pg: 210 (ALL)
(d. 1911)
ISRAEL  Menahem (see Abrahams, Emanuel (called Menahem Israel))  
ISRAEL  Michael (in Phila.)   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Michael E.   Pg: 128 (ALL)
(d. 1840)
ISRAEL  Michelle   Pg: 134 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Minnie   Pg: 121 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Miriam   Pg: 121 (ALL)
(b. 1884)
ISRAEL  Morris   Pg: 323B (ALL)
ISRAEL  Phineas (see Johnson, Phineas Israel)  
ISRAEL  Phoebe   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Rachel   Pg: 121 (ALL)
(b. 1882)
ISRAEL  Rachel (dau. of Rosy Israel Levy)   Pg: 170 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Rachel (sister of Joseph I. Levy)   Pg: 170 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Rebecca   Pg: 323B (ALL)
ISRAEL  Rebecca   Pg: 121 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Rosetta   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Rosey   Pg: 170 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Ruth Flora   Pg: 134 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Samuel   Pg: 128 (ALL)
(d. 1835)
ISRAEL  Samuel   Pg: 170 (ALL)
(in N. Y. 1783-1786)
ISRAEL  Samuel (son of Leon)   Pg: 121 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Sarah Barnett   Pg: 16 (ALL) Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Susan (dau. of Samuel)   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  Susan (dau. of William)   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAEL  William   Pg: 128 (ALL)
ISRAELS  Rebecca   Pg: 305 (ALL)
ITTLESON  Rosyln   Pg: 90 (ALL)
IZEMAN  Lucile   Pg: 207 (ALL)
IZEMAN  P. G.   Pg: 208 (ALL)