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AARON  Hannah (see Aaron, Hinda (Hannah))  
AARON  Hinda (Hannah)   Pg: 145 (ALL)
AARON  Lydia   Pg: 11 (ALL)
AARON  See also Aaron(s), Aarons, Arons  
AARON  Sophie   Pg: 308 (ALL)
AARON(S)  Aaron   Pg: 1 (ALL) Pg: 183 (ALL)
(b. 1826)
AARON(S)  Henrietta Levy   Pg: 1 (ALL) Pg: 183 (ALL)
AARON(S)  Jacob   Pg: 1 (ALL)
(m. 1825)
AARON(S)  Rachel Soesman   Pg: 1 (ALL)
AARON(S)  See also Aaron, Aarons, Arons  
AARONS  Aaron   Pg: 1 (ALL)
(b. 1812)
AARONS  Adaline   Pg: 1 (ALL)
AARONS  Eliza (see Aarons, Golah (Eliza))  
AARONS  Emily   Pg: 1 (ALL)
AARONS  Esther   Pg: 1 (ALL)
(b. 1772)
AARONS  Esther   Pg: 1 (ALL)
(d. 1772)
AARONS  Golah (Eliza)   Pg: 1 (ALL)
AARONS  Hannah   Pg: 1 (ALL) Pg: 8 (ALL)
AARONS  Hartog   Pg: 1 (ALL)
AARONS  Jacob of Guadeloupe   Pg: 1 (ALL)
AARONS  Louisa   Pg: 1 (ALL)
AARONS  Mariana   Pg: 1 (ALL)
AARONS  Rachel   Pg: 1 (ALL) Pg: 214 (ALL)
AARONS  Sarah   Pg: 1 (ALL)
AARONS  See also Aaron, Aaron(s), Arons  
ABBCASSIS  Abraham R Brandon   Pg: 27 (ALL)
ABBCASSIS  Judah S.   Pg: 27 (ALL)
ABBCASSIS  Lavinia Brandon   Pg: 27 (ALL)
ABBCASSIS  Rachel Isaacs   Pg: 326A (ALL)
ABBCASSIS  Solomon   Pg: 27 (ALL)
(b. 1855)
ABBCASSIS  Victor Emile   Pg: 27 (ALL) Pg: 326A (ALL)
ABBOT  Ethel Austin   Pg: 199 (ALL)
ABBOTT  Gertrude   Pg: 249 (ALL)
ABDY  Helen Diana Bridgeman   Pg: 79 (ALL)
ABDY  Robert Edward Henry   Pg: 79 (ALL)
ABEKPANONE  Abigail   Pg: 1 (ALL)
(b. 1738)
ABEKPANONE  Abigail (m. Leon)   Pg: 1 (ALL)
ABEKPANONE  Abigail Cohen Delmonte   Pg: 1 (ALL)
ABEKPANONE  Grace   Pg: 1 (ALL) Pg: 320A (ALL)
ABEKPANONE  Grace Abendanone   Pg: 1 (ALL)
ABEKPANONE  Grace Cohen Delmonte   Pg: 1 (ALL)
ABEKPANONE  Hannah   Pg: 178 (ALL)
(ca. 1796-1865)
ABEKPANONE  Haym (see Hyam (Haym))  
ABEKPANONE  Hyam   Pg: 1 (ALL)
(m. 1736)
ABEKPANONE  Hyam (Haym)   Pg: 1 (ALL)
(m. 1807)
ABEKPANONE  Joseph   Pg: 1 (ALL)
(d. 1815)
ABEKPANONE  Rebecca   Pg: 1 (ALL)
ABEKPANONE  Simon   Pg: 1 (ALL)
(m. 1736)
ABEKPANONE  Solomon   Pg: 1 (ALL)
(b. 1737)
ABENATAR  Abigail Lopez (Da Fonseca)   Pg: 178 (ALL)
ABENATAR  Isaac   Pg: 178 (ALL)
ABERCROMBIE  Martha   Pg: 91 (ALL)
ABERCROMBIE  Mary Irene   Pg: 322A (ALL)
ABERDARE  Lord (see Bruce, Henry Campbell, Lord Aberdare)  
ABLE  Eileen   Pg: 147 (ALL) Pg: 328B (ALL)
ABRAHAM  (Avigdor) Victor   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  (Shina) Jane Vogg   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  (Uri) Philip   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Abraham   Pg: 2 (ALL) Pg: 135 (ALL)
(b. 1812)
ABRAHAM  Abraham   Pg: 2 (ALL)
(in London, 1729)
ABRAHAM  Abraham (father of Hezekiel)   Pg: 5 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Abraham (father of Jacob Abrahams)   Pg: 6 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Ada   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Ann Powers   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Benjamin   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Betty' (we Abraham, Elizabeth ('Betty'))  
ABRAHAM  Caleb (Rabbi),   Pg: 324B (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Carol   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Carrie Oppenheimer   Pg: 238 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Chapman (see Chapman, Abraham)  
ABRAHAM  Charles   Pg: 3 (ALL)
(b. 1852)
ABRAHAM  Charles   Pg: 2 (ALL)
(b. 1865)
ABRAHAM  Charles   Pg: 3 (ALL)
(b. 1941)
ABRAHAM  Charles Victor   Pg: 3 (ALL) Pg: 8 (ALL)
(b. 1911)
ABRAHAM  Charlotte   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Clara   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  David   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Dee   Pg: 3 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Dorothy Clair   Pg: 51 (ALL)
(b. 1915)
ABRAHAM  Edith D'Azevedo Daniels   Pg: 51 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Edna Schoenfeld   Pg: 3 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Eliza   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Eliza Judah   Pg: 142 (ALL) Pg: 218 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Elizabeth ('Betty')   Pg: 3 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Emma   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Emma Dreyfoos   Pg: 3 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  EsmT   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Evelyn Nathan   Pg: 2 (ALL) Pg: 3 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Fanny   Pg: 2 (ALL)
(b. 1809)
ABRAHAM  Fanny   Pg: 3 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
(b. 1855)
ABRAHAM  Geoffrey  
ABRAHAM  Hannah   Pg: 3 (ALL)
(b. 1800)
ABRAHAM  Hannah   Pg: 3 (ALL)
(d. at 21/2)
ABRAHAM  Harriet Boss   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Herbert   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Hetty   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Hetty Adelia Mayer   Pg: 2 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Isaac ?   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Isabella   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Jane   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Jeffrey   Pg: 3 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Joan   Pg: 3 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Joel   Pg: 303 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  John D.   Pg: 2 (ALL) Pg: 3 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  John De Young   Pg: 2 (ALL) Pg: 3 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Joseph   Pg: 2 (ALL) Pg: 3 (ALL)
(b. 1817)
ABRAHAM  Joseph C.   Pg: 51 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Judah (see Abraham, Levi (Judah))  
ABRAHAM  Judah or Abraham Judah   Pg: 141 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Kate   Pg: 3 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Kathleen   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Laura Cohen   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Lawrance   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Lawrence (son of Herbert)   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Leonora (see Braham, Leonora (Abraham))  
ABRAHAM  Levi (Judah)   Pg: 115 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Lewis   Pg: 2 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Lily   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Louis   Pg: 303 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Louisa   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Mame   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Marie   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Marion Ronsheim Mathis   Pg: 3 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Mathilda   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Michael H.   Pg: 238 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Mordecai ('Mord')   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Nell   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Ouida   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Philip   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Phoebe   Pg: 2 (ALL)
(b. 1826)
ABRAHAM  Phoebe (ra. Samuel Hollander)   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Rachel Moise   Pg: 163 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Rebecca (dau. of Abraham)   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Rebecca Levy   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Rhoda   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Richard   Pg: 3 (ALL)
(b. 1945)
ABRAHAM  Richard David   Pg: 51 (ALL)
(b. 1910)
ABRAHAM  Rose   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Rose Mosler   Pg: 3 (ALL) Pg: 8 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Rosina Nathan   Pg: 2 (ALL) Pg: 3 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Samuel   Pg: 2 (ALL)
(b. 1827)
ABRAHAM  Samuel   Pg: 3 (ALL)
(b. 1859)
ABRAHAM  Sara H   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Sara H. De Young   Pg: 2 (ALL) Pg: 3 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Sara Phillips   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Sarah   Pg: 229 (ALL)
(m. 1802)
ABRAHAM  Sarah (London)   Pg: 303 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Sarah Van Norden   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Scott   Pg: 3 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  See also Abrahams, Abrams  
ABRAHAM  Selina   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Selina Emma Johnson Ezekiel   Pg: 2 (ALL) Pg: 135 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Shina Vogg (see Abraham, (Shina) Jane Vogg)  
ABRAHAM  Simeon   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Solomon   Pg: 2 (ALL)
(b. 1828)
ABRAHAM  Solomon (son of Philip)   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Stella   Pg: 3 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Takeuchi   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Therese   Pg: 3 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Uri (see (Abraham, (Uri) Philip)  
ABRAHAM  Victor   Pg: 2 (ALL)
(b. 1861)
ABRAHAM  Victor   Pg: 3 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Victor (m. Esme)   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Victor M.   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Walter   Pg: 3 (ALL)
ABRAHAM  Winifred   Pg: 2 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  (Anna) Hannah   Pg: 233 (ALL)
(d. 1832)
ABRAHAMS  Abby Susan   Pg: 296 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Abraham   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Abraham   Pg: 65 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Abraham De Lyon   Pg: 7 (ALL)
(b. 1772)
ABRAHAMS  Abraham Isaac   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 179 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Ada   Pg: 46 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Adolphus Alexander Hezekiel   Pg: 5 (ALL) Pg: 320A (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Adolphus H.   Pg: 5 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Alexander   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Alexander H.   Pg: 5 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Alexander H.   Pg: 5 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Alexander H.   Pg: 5 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Alexander Hezekiel   Pg: 5 (ALL) Pg: 210 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Alice   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 277 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Alma Fox   Pg: 122 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Augusta   Pg: 6 (ALL)
(b. 1820)
ABRAHAMS  Barbara Babcock   Pg: 296 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Bella   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Benjamin   Pg: 6 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Blanche Emanuel   Pg: 122 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Caroline   Pg: 65 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Catherine (Gitlah) Eitlah Dyer Polock   Pg: 6 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Catherine (Kate) Abrams   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 5 (ALL) Pg: 320A (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Catherine (Kitty) Polock   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 252 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Cecilia Perla   Pg: 5 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Cecilia Solomons   Pg: 3 (ALL) Pg: 277 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Charles Drayton   Pg: 5 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Charles Joseph   Pg: 3 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Charlotte   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Charmian   Pg: 122 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Deborah   Pg: 4 (ALL)
(d. 1830)
ABRAHAMS  Deborah   Pg: 7 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Dorothea   Pg: 7 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Edmund H.   Pg: 5 (ALL) Pg: 278 (ALL)
(b. 1839)
ABRAHAMS  Edmund H.   Pg: 5 (ALL)
(b. 1881)
ABRAHAMS  Edward S. H.   Pg: 5 (ALL) Pg: 278 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Edward S. H., Jr.   Pg: 5 (ALL)
(d. 1938)
ABRAHAMS  Eglah   Pg: 4 (ALL)
(b. & d. 1771)
ABRAHAMS  Elias   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 333A (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Elizabeth Joseph   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Elizabeth Langford   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Elkaly Esther Louzada   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 179 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Ellen Robin   Pg: 296 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Emanuel   Pg: 4 (ALL)
(m. 1779)
ABRAHAMS  Emanuel   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Emanuel (Menahem Israel)   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Esther   Pg: 6 (ALL)
(b. 1779)
ABRAHAMS  Esther   Pg: 4 (ALL)
(d. 1766)
ABRAHAMS  Eudora R Sampson   Pg: 5 (ALL) Pg: 259 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Evelyn Kaufman   Pg: 5 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Fannie   Pg: 5 (ALL)
(b. ca. 1888)
ABRAHAMS  Fanny (m. C. Mayer)   Pg: 2 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Fanny L. Joseph   Pg: 5 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Florence Kohn   Pg: 296 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Frank   Pg: 122 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Gellah Adolphus   Pg: 7 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Gitlah Dyer Polock (see Abrahams, Catherine (Gitla) Eitlah Dyer Polock)  
ABRAHAMS  Hanah   Pg: 130 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Hannah   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Hannah (see also Abrahams, (Anna) Hannah)  
ABRAHAMS  Hannah Edith   Pg: 5 (ALL)
(b. 1866)
ABRAHAMS  Hannah Moses   Pg: 5 (ALL) Pg: 210 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Henrietta   Pg: 5 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Henry J.   Pg: 7 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Hetty Adelia Mayer   Pg: 2 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Hezekiel   Pg: 5 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Hezekiel Moses   Pg: 5 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Hyam (Hyman)   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Hyman (see Abraham, Hyam (Hyman))  
ABRAHAMS  Isaac   Pg: 6 (ALL) Pg: 227 (ALL) Pg: 309A (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Isaac A.   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 252 (ALL)
(b. 1756)
ABRAHAMS  Isabel (dau. Elias)   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Jack, see Abrams, Jacob M. (Jack)  
ABRAHAMS  Jacob   Pg: 6 (ALL)
(b. 1781)
ABRAHAMS  Jacob   Pg: 7 (ALL)
(d. bef. May, 1825)
ABRAHAMS  Jacob   Pg: 6 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Jacob Levy   Pg: 4 (ALL)
(d. 1829)
ABRAHAMS  Jacob Melvia   Pg: 5 (ALL) Pg: 259 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Jacqueline   Pg: 122 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Jamea Ormstead   Pg: 24 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Jane Linds   Pg: 91 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Jesse Anderson   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Jessica Emannel   Pg: 7 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Joan Jacobson   Pg: 296 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Johanna Lichtenfels   Pg: 91 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  John   Pg: 7 (ALL)
(ca. 1797-1876)
ABRAHAMS  Joseph   Pg: 4 (ALL)
(b. 1768)
ABRAHAMS  Joseph   Pg: 6 (ALL)
(b. 1786)
ABRAHAMS  Joseph   Pg: 7 (ALL) Pg: 57 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Joseph (see also Andrews, Joseph)  
ABRAHAMS  Judith De Lyon Cohen   Pg: 7 (ALL) Pg: 57 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Judith Mordecai   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Juley   Pg: 6 (ALL)
(b. 1811)
ABRAHAMS  Julia   Pg: 7 (ALL) Pg: 132 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Kate A. Abrams (see Abrahams, Catherine (Kate) Abrams)  
ABRAHAMS  Kitty Polock (see Abrahams, Catherine (Kitty) Polock)  
ABRAHAMS  Lawrence Michael   Pg: 91 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Leah   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Leah   Pg: 6 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Lewis   Pg: 2 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Lillian Maud Peusotto   Pg: 241 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Lily   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Lisa   Pg: 296 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Louise   Pg: 5 (ALL)
(b. 1867)
ABRAHAMS  Lyon   Pg: 232 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Marion   Pg: 5 (ALL) Pg: 320A (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Marjorie   Pg: 296 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Marks L.   Pg: 232 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Martha   Pg: 320A (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Martha   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Martha Haynes   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Mary Davis   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 48 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Mary Frances Taylor   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Mary Isabella   Pg: 4 (ALL)
(b. 1846)
ABRAHAMS  Mary Rodman   Pg: 296 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Matilda Isaacs   Pg: 124 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Melvina H.   Pg: 5 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Menahem Israel (see Abrahams, Emanuel (Menahem Israel))  
ABRAHAMS  Mildred   Pg: 5 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Mildred Lee Guckenheimer   Pg: 5 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Mordecai   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 320A (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Mordecai (Va.)   Pg: 5 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Moses   Pg: 124 (ALL)
(m. 1834)
ABRAHAMS  Moses   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Moses (Eng.)   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Naomi   Pg: 6 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Nellie   Pg: 5 (ALL)
(d. 1951)
ABRAHAMS  Nellie L Solomons   Pg: 5 (ALL) Pg: 278 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Olie Ehle   Pg: 5 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Perla S.   Pg: 5 (ALL) Pg: 27 (ALL)
(m. 1903)
ABRAHAMS  Rabbi Isaac ('Isaac Brisker')   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Rachel   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 308 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Rachel   Pg: 7 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Rachel Nathan   Pg: 6 (ALL) Pg: 227 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Rebecca   Pg: 7 (ALL)
(d. 1788)
ABRAHAMS  Rebecca (m. Isaac)   Pg: 7 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Rebecca De Lyoa   Pg: 7 (ALL) Pg: 57 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Rebecca Tucker   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Rebekah   Pg: 6 (ALL)
(b. 1814)
ABRAHAMS  Reginald   Pg: 122 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Richard Irving   Pg: 296 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Rita Haiman   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Robert Brown H.   Pg: 5 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Robert David   Pg: 296 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Rodman David   Pg: 296 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Roger David   Pg: 296 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Rolland Schwartz   Pg: 91 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Rosa Haiman   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Rosalind   Pg: 122 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Roselia   Pg: 6 (ALL) Pg: 144 (ALL)
(b. 1822)
ABRAHAMS  Samuel   Pg: 6 (ALL)
(b. 1784)
ABRAHAMS  Samuel   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Samuel   Pg: 122 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Sanders Long   Pg: 91 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Sarah   Pg: 6 (ALL) Pg: 144 (ALL)
(b. 1816)
ABRAHAMS  Sarah Deborah Morris   Pg: 232 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Sarah Levy   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 320A (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Sarah Tenty Ward   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  See also Abraham, Abrams  
ABRAHAMS  Simeon   Pg: 6 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Solomon   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Theodore   Pg: 5 (ALL)
(d. 1942)
ABRAHAMS  Theodore H.   Pg: 5 (ALL)
(b. 1834)
ABRAHAMS  Theodotia Armistead   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Valerie McNamee   Pg: 296 (ALL)
ABRAHAMS  Zipporah   Pg: 7 (ALL)
(b. 1809)
ABRAMS  Alexander   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL) Pg: 320A (ALL)
(m. 1844)
ABRAMS  Alexander Hamilton   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 320A (ALL)
ABRAMS  Alfred   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Anna   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 48 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Annie   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 30 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Ansley   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Belle (see Isabel (Belle))  
ABRAMS  Bertha   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Blanche   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Catherine (Kate)   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 5 (ALL) Pg: 320A (ALL)
ABRAMS  Catherine Cohen   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 333A (ALL)
ABRAMS  Cecile   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 186 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Cecile   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Cecile (Lizzie) Myers   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Corinne   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Edward Sebring   Pg: 5 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Edwin   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Elias   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 333A (ALL)
ABRAMS  Elizabeth   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Elizabeth Joseph   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL) Pg: 320A (ALL)
ABRAMS  Ellen   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 320A (ALL)
ABRAMS  Esther (dau. Alexander)   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Esther (dau. Elias)   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 12 (ALL) Pg: 272 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Florence   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Frances   Pg: 5 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Frances (dau. Alexander)   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 320A (ALL)
ABRAMS  Gertrude   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Henrietta   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
(m. 1853)
ABRAMS  Imogene Hegwood   Pg: 5 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Isaac   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 48 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Isabel (Belle)   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 210 (ALL) Pg: 320A (ALL) Pg: 334A (ALL)
ABRAMS  Jack (see Abrams, Jacob M. (Jack)   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Jacob   Pg: 4 (ALL)
(d. 1918)
ABRAMS  Jacob M. (Jack)   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 320A (ALL)
ABRAMS  James Read   Pg: 5 (ALL) Pg: 247 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Jane   Pg: 5 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Jessie   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 320A (ALL)
ABRAMS  Joseph M.   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 320A (ALL)
ABRAMS  Julian (see Abrams, Moses (Julian))  
ABRAMS  Kate   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Kate A. (see Abrams, Catherine (Kate))  
ABRAMS  Levi   Pg: 320A (ALL)
ABRAMS  Lola   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Lola Melasky   Pg: 5 (ALL) Pg: 247 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Maria Mary   Pg: 320A (ALL)
ABRAMS  Maybelle   Pg: 172 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Miriam   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Mord (see Abrams, Mordecai ('Mord'))  
ABRAMS  Mordecii ('Mord')   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Moses (Julian)   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Nellie Read   Pg: 5 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Read (see Abrams, James Read)  
ABRAMS  Rebecca   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Rita Haiman   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Rosa Haiman   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Rosalie Densel   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ABRAMS  Roseanna Lindennan   Pg: 320A (ALL)
ABRAMS  See also Abraham, Abrahams  
ABRAMS  Victor   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 320A (ALL)
ABRAMS  Waverly   Pg: 4 (ALL)
(b. 1856)
ABT  Barbara   Pg: 293 (ALL)
ABT  David   Pg: 293 (ALL)
ABT  Lois Wiener   Pg: 293 (ALL)
ABT  Norman   Pg: 293 (ALL)
ABT  Raymond   Pg: 293 (ALL)
ABT  Sheryl   Pg: 293 (ALL)
ACH  Carol Workum   Pg: 306 (ALL)
ACH  David   Pg: 306 (ALL)
ACH  David Laurence   Pg: 306 (ALL)
ACH  Ernest M.   Pg: 306 (ALL)
ACH  James Wyckliffe   Pg: 306 (ALL)
ACH  Jane   Pg: 306 (ALL)
ACH  Lawrence   Pg: 306 (ALL)
ACH  Pauline   Pg: 306 (ALL)
ACH  Pauline Workum   Pg: 306 (ALL)
ACH  Roger   Pg: 306 (ALL)
ACH  Roger Workum II   Pg: 306 (ALL)
ACH  Samuel   Pg: 306 (ALL)
ACH  Therese Workum   Pg: 306 (ALL)
ACHESON  Mary Papin   Pg: 209 (ALL)
ACKERMAN  Edward   Pg: 257 (ALL)
ACKERMAN  Ellen   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ACKERMAN  Lucille Helen Karstendiek   Pg: 257 (ALL)
ACKERMAN  Marlene   Pg: 301 (ALL)
AD+S  Ines Heffes   Pg: 145 (ALL)
ADAIR  Mary   Pg: 133 (ALL)
ADAMS  Adeline Mary De Leon   Pg: 55 (ALL)
ADAMS  Anna Wilhelmine Lincke   Pg: 55 (ALL)
ADAMS  Arabella   Pg: 158 (ALL)
ADAMS  Arabella J.   Pg: 158 (ALL)
ADAMS  Arabella Jones   Pg: 158 (ALL)
ADAMS  Arabella Martha De Pau   Pg: 158 (ALL)
(b. 1878)
ADAMS  Blathwaite   Pg: 158 (ALL)
(b. & d. 1848)
ADAMS  Bushrod Washington   Pg: 158 (ALL)
ADAMS  Clara H. Hackstaff Macdonough   Pg: 158 (ALL)
ADAMS  Dorothy Maybin   Pg: 158 (ALL)
(b. 1887)
ADAMS  Drury K.   Pg: 241 (ALL)
ADAMS  Edward   Pg: 29 (ALL)
ADAMS  Elfie Cardozo   Pg: 29 (ALL)
ADAMS  Eliza Hutchinson   Pg: 158 (ALL)
ADAMS  Elizabeth C   Pg: 262 (ALL)
ADAMS  Elizabeth Dawson Morris   Pg: 158 (ALL)
ADAMS  Francis Peters   Pg: 158 (ALL)
(b. 1865)
ADAMS  Grace   Pg: 217 (ALL)
ADAMS  Harry Carlton   Pg: 158 (ALL)
ADAMS  Henry Morris   Pg: 158 (ALL)
(b. 1885)
ADAMS  James   Pg: 158 (ALL)
(b. 1807)
ADAMS  Joseph Henry   Pg: 55 (ALL)
ADAMS  Leah Jacobs   Pg: 134 (ALL)
ADAMS  Louisa Catherine   Pg: 80 (ALL)
ADAMS  Margaret   Pg: 158 (ALL)
ADAMS  Marion   Pg: 55 (ALL)
(b. 1905)
ADAMS  Marion De Leon   Pg: 55 (ALL)
ADAMS  Martha De Pau   Pg: 158 (ALL)
ADAMS  Martha Levy   Pg: 158 (ALL)
ADAMS  Martha Levy Jones   Pg: 158 (ALL)
ADAMS  Martha Morris   Pg: 158 (ALL)
ADAMS  Mary   Pg: 29 (ALL)
ADAMS  Mary Genevieve Griffiths   Pg: 198 (ALL)
ADAMS  Mary Morris   Pg: 158 (ALL)
ADAMS  Matilda Maybin Hart   Pg: 158 (ALL)
(d. 1871)
ADAMS  Nora   Pg: 199 (ALL)
ADAMS  Phoebe J. Hutchinson   Pg: 158 (ALL)
ADAMS  Randolph   Pg: 134 (ALL)
ADAMS  Robert   Pg: 158 (ALL)
(d. 1833)
ADAMS  Robert   Pg: 158 (ALL)
ADAMS  Robert III   Pg: 158 (ALL)
(b. 1884)
ADAMS  Robert, Jr.   Pg: 158 (ALL)
ADAMS  Sarah Hutchinson   Pg: 158 (ALL)
(b. 1852)
ADAMS  Sarah Hutchinson   Pg: 158 (ALL)
(m. 1844)
ADAMS  William Hart   Pg: 158 (ALL)
ADAMS  William Horner   Pg: 158 (ALL)
ADAMSON  Margaret Bennett   Pg: 77 (ALL)
ADDINGTON  Elizabeth Hays   Pg: 325A (ALL)
ADDINGTON  John   Pg: 325A (ALL)
ADDISON  Jonathan Daniel   Pg: 330A (ALL)
ADDISON  Laura Levy   Pg: 330A (ALL)
ADELSDORFER  Fannie   Pg: 42 (ALL)
ADELSHEIMER  Leah   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ADELSON  Julia Chuck   Pg: 161 (ALL)
ADIR  Efram   Pg: 284 (ALL)
ADIR  Henrietta Mary (Mme. Majeska) Stern Dannenbaum Dallett   Pg: 284 (ALL)
ADLER  Alma   Pg: 286 (ALL)
ADLER  Barbara Fineshriber   Pg: 296 (ALL)
ADLER  Belle   Pg: 291 (ALL)
ADLER  Carrie May   Pg: 145 (ALL)
ADLER  Celia   Pg: 291 (ALL)
(d. 1932)
ADLER  Craig Irving   Pg: 296 (ALL)
ADLER  Cyrus   Pg: 291 (ALL)
ADLER  Edna   Pg: 328A (ALL)
ADLER  Elizabeth Sheler Cahn   Pg: 50 (ALL)
ADLER  Gladys   Pg: 327B (ALL)
ADLER  Hattie Livingston   Pg: 145 (ALL) Pg: 327B (ALL)
ADLER  Helen   Pg: 102 (ALL)
ADLER  Henrietta   Pg: 284 (ALL) Pg: 313B (ALL) Pg: 339B (ALL)
ADLER  Herman   Pg: 145 (ALL)
ADLER  Irving   Pg: 328A (ALL)
ADLER  Joseph   Pg: 145 (ALL) Pg: 327B (ALL)
ADLER  Louis J.   Pg: 296 (ALL)
ADLER  Lynne   Pg: 296 (ALL)
ADLER  Marcus S.   Pg: 50 (ALL)
ADLER  Mathilda Kraus   Pg: 145 (ALL)
ADLER  Milton   Pg: 291 (ALL)
(d. 1911)
ADLER  Rachel (Racie) Friedenwald   Pg: 291 (ALL)
ADLER  Racie Friedenwald (see Adler, Rachel (Racie) Friedenwald)  
ADLER  Samuel   Pg: 291 (ALL)
(ca. 1827-1867)
ADLER  Sarah   Pg: 291 (ALL)
ADLER  Sarah Sulzberger   Pg: 291 (ALL)
ADLER  Stella Fox   Pg: 328A (ALL)
ADLER  William Louis   Pg: 296 (ALL)
ADOLPH  Fanny Schloss   Pg: 293 (ALL)
ADOLPH  Jacob   Pg: 293 (ALL)
ADOLPH  Laura   Pg: 293 (ALL)
ADOLPH  Sally Rich Rose   Pg: 255 (ALL)
ADOLPH  William II   Pg: 255 (ALL)
ADOLPHUS  Abigail   Pg: 254 (ALL)
ADOLPHUS  Abigail (Golly) Levy   Pg: 92 (ALL)
ADOLPHUS  Benjamin Reine or Ephraim Reine   Pg: 7 (ALL)
ADOLPHUS  Charity Hays   Pg: 7 (ALL) Pg: 104 (ALL)
ADOLPHUS  Emmeline Gomez   Pg: 85 (ALL)
ADOLPHUS  Ephraim Reine (see Adolphus, Benjamin Reine or Ephraim Reine)  
ADOLPHUS  Esther   Pg: 7 (ALL)
ADOLPHUS  Ezekiel   Pg: 7 (ALL)
ADOLPHUS  Gellah   Pg: 7 (ALL)
ADOLPHUS  Golly Levy (see Adolphus, Abigail (Golly) Levy)  
ADOLPHUS  Hannah   Pg: 7 (ALL)
ADOLPHUS  Hetty   Pg: 7 (ALL) Pg: 104 (ALL)
(d. 1783)
ADOLPHUS  Hetty (dau. Isaac)   Pg: 7 (ALL)
ADOLPHUS  Isabella Hart   Pg: 92 (ALL)
ADOLPHUS  Jacob   Pg: 92 (ALL)
ADOLPHUS  Jacob (son of Benjamin)   Pg: 7 (ALL)
ADOLPHUS  lsaac   Pg: 7 (ALL) Pg: 104 (ALL)
ADOLPHUS  Michael   Pg: 7 (ALL)
ADOLPHUS  Minche   Pg: 7 (ALL)
ADOLPHUS  Nathan   Pg: 85 (ALL)
ADOLPHUS  Philip   Pg: 7 (ALL)
ADOLPHUS  Rachel (see Adolphus, Ritzel Hannah (Rachel))  
ADOLPHUS  Rachel Hart   Pg: 92 (ALL)
ADOLPHUS  Raphael   Pg: 7 (ALL)
ADOLPHUS  Ritzel Hannah (Rachel)   Pg: 7 (ALL) Pg: 58 (ALL)
AFFELDER  Jeanne   Pg: 83 (ALL)
AFFELDER  Lewis   Pg: 83 (ALL)
AFFELDER  Margaret   Pg: 83 (ALL)
AFFELDER  Ruth Steppacber   Pg: 83 (ALL)
AGUILAR  Flora Valery Lindo   Pg: 115 (ALL)
AGUILAR  Harold Felix   Pg: 115 (ALL)
AHEARN  Marian   Pg: 325B (ALL)
AINSWORTH  Albert Childe   Pg: 165 (ALL)
AINSWORTH  Alice Louise   Pg: 165 (ALL)
AINSWORTH  Aline Mary   Pg: 165 (ALL)
AINSWORTH  Amelia Marguerite Rhodes   Pg: 165 (ALL)
AINSWORTH  Anne Corinne   Pg: 165 (ALL)
AINSWORTH  Annie Elizabeth   Pg: 165 (ALL)
AINSWORTH  Harry Martin   Pg: 165 (ALL)
AINSWORTH  Isabel (Mathilda) Levy   Pg: 165 (ALL)
AINSWORTH  Martin Luther   Pg: 165 (ALL)
AINSWORTH  Mathilda Levy (see Ainsworth, Isabel (Mathilda) Levy)  
AIRD  Catherine (Kitty) Solomons   Pg: 276 (ALL)
AIRD  George   Pg: 276 (ALL)
AIRD  William   Pg: 276 (ALL)
ALBERGA  Corinae   Pg: 26 (ALL)
ALBERTS  David Alexander   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALBERTS  David Charles   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALBERTS  Julia Hays   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALBERTS  Sally Alexander   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALBRECHT  Adelaide May   Pg: 257 (ALL)
(b. 1926)
ALBRECHT  Adelaide Schmidt   Pg: 257 (ALL)
ALBRECHT  Althea Rita Rodriquez   Pg: 257 (ALL)
ALBRECHT  Franklin J., Jr.   Pg: 257 (ALL)
(b. 1921)
ALBRECHT  Franklyn J.   Pg: 257 (ALL)
ALBRIGHT  Catherine Marie Moise   Pg: 196 (ALL)
ALBRIGHT  Connie Moise   Pg: 196 (ALL)
ALBRIGHT  Glenn Allen   Pg: 196 (ALL)
ALBRIGHT  James F, Jr.   Pg: 196 (ALL)
ALCUS  Cecilia Scherck   Pg: 186 (ALL)
ALCUS  E Leving   Pg: 186 (ALL)
ALCUS  Ethel Mann   Pg: 186 (ALL)
ALCUS  Fanny Kahn   Pg: 186 (ALL)
ALCUS  Isaac   Pg: 186 (ALL)
ALCUS  Lewis   Pg: 186 (ALL)
ALCUS  Louise   Pg: 186 (ALL)
ALCUS  M. Miriam Friedman   Pg: 186 (ALL)
ALCUS  Richard S.   Pg: 186 (ALL)
ALCUS  Suzanne   Pg: 186 (ALL)
ALDEN  Levietta S. Russell Lufburrow   Pg: 256 (ALL)
ALDEN  Lucius D.   Pg: 256 (ALL)
ALDIGE  Virginia Seixas   Pg: 266 (ALL)
ALEVY  Esther De Gabriel   Pg: 85 (ALL)
ALEVY  Sarah Behero   Pg: 331B (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Aaron   Pg: 8 (ALL) Pg: 9 (ALL) Pg: 210 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Aaron, of Hamburg   Pg: 44 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Abraham   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Abraham   Pg: 119 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Abraham, Jr.   Pg: 1 (ALL) Pg: 8 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Abraham, Sr.   Pg: 8 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Alan McFarland   Pg: 9 (ALL)
(b. 1883)
ALEXANDER  Alan, Jr.   Pg: 9 (ALL)
(b. 1914)
ALEXANDER  Alexander   Pg: 9 (ALL) Pg: 94 (ALL)
(b. 1813)
ALEXANDER  Alexander (son of Isaac)   Pg: 9 (ALL) Pg: 134 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Alice   Pg: 115 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Alice Flora   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Alvin   Pg: 107 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Amanda   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Amelia   Pg: 54 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Amelia Hart   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Ann Sarah Huguenin Irby   Pg: 8 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Anna Katherine   Pg: 8 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Anna May   Pg: 8 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Annie Josephine Jackson   Pg: 8 (ALL) Pg: 130 (ALL) Pg: 171 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Arthur (son Eugene W.)   Pg: 8 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Arthur (son Jacob)   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Belviden (Benvenida)   Pg: 54 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Benvenida (see Alexander, Belviden (Benvenida))  
ALEXANDER  Bertie Leinkauf   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Catherine   Pg: 8 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Cecil A., Jr.   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Cecil Abraham   Pg: 9 (ALL) Pg: 211 (ALL)
(b. 1877)
ALEXANDER  Cecilia   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Charles   Pg: 290 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Charlotte   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Diana Pyke   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Dorothy   Pg: 8 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Dorothy Ann   Pg: 330A (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Dorothy Levy   Pg: 330A (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Edith   Pg: 8 (ALL) Pg: 66 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Edward Albert   Pg: 9 (ALL) Pg: 249 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Elda Jacobs   Pg: 8 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Eleanor   Pg: 8 (ALL) Pg: 84 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Eleanor (dau. Jerome)   Pg: 8 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Elise Moeller (see Alexander, Elsie Moeller)  
ALEXANDER  Elizabeth   Pg: 8 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Elsie Moeller   Pg: 9 (ALL) Pg: 249 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Estelle Kaufman   Pg: 8 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Esther   Pg: 9 (ALL) Pg: 66 (ALL)
(b. 1841)
ALEXANDER  Esther   Pg: 9 (ALL)
(b. 1930)
ALEXANDER  Etta   Pg: 119 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Eugene   Pg: 332A (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Eugene Walter   Pg: 8 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Eula Potter   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Fanny Pollock   Pg: 290 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Florence Maud   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Frances   Pg: 8 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
(m. 1822)
ALEXANDER  Frances   Pg: 54 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Fred William   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  George   Pg: 9 (ALL)
(b. 1916)
ALEXANDER  George (son Jacob C.)   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Georgina Eugenia Isaac   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Gertrude   Pg: 107 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Gertrude Eleanor Hammerslough   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Gitla   Pg: 16 (ALL) Pg: 54 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Hannah Aarons   Pg: 1 (ALL) Pg: 8 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Harriet   Pg: 85 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Harry   Pg: 119 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Hays   Pg: 8 (ALL)
(b. 1943)
ALEXANDER  Henrietta   Pg: 8 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Henry A, Jr.   Pg: 9 (ALL)
(b. 1922)
ALEXANDER  Henry Aaron   Pg: 9 (ALL)
(b. 1874)
ALEXANDER  Henry Eugene   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Hermione Weil   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Honey   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Hortense   Pg: 9 (ALL) Pg: 299 (ALL)
(b. 1878)
ALEXANDER  Irma   Pg: 119 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Isaac   Pg: 9 (ALL) Pg: 130 (ALL)
(b. 1843)
ALEXANDER  Isaac   Pg: 107 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Jacob Clarence   Pg: 9 (ALL)
(b. 1841)
ALEXANDER  James   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Jerome   Pg: 8 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  John Bentley   Pg: 330A (ALL)
ALEXANDER  John Frederick   Pg: 9 (ALL) Pg: 299 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  John Philip   Pg: 8 (ALL)
(b. 1951)
ALEXANDER  Joseph   Pg: 162 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Joseph (son of Jacob & Rebecca)   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Joseph Albert   Pg: 9 (ALL) Pg: 277 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Joseph Bentley   Pg: 330A (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Josephine Jacobs   Pg: 6 (ALL) Pg: 134 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Judah   Pg: 8 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Judith   Pg: 9 (ALL)
(b. 1932)
ALEXANDER  Judith Marian   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Julia   Pg: 9 (ALL)
(b. 1850)
ALEXANDER  Julia Moses   Pg: 9 (ALL) Pg: 211 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Julius M, Jr.   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Julius Mortimer   Pg: 9 (ALL) Pg: 278 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Leah   Pg: 9 (ALL)
(b. 1842)
ALEXANDER  Leon   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Leopold   Pg: 8 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Lewis   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Lionel   Pg: 107 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Lucile   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Manya Zelmanova Klinitzkaya   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Mary Ann   Pg: 182 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Mary Elizabeth   Pg: 330A (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Maurice John   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Maybelle   Pg: 9 (ALL)
(b. 1887)
ALEXANDER  Mildred Haskell   Pg: 119 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Minnie Jacobs   Pg: 107 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Miriam   Pg: 122 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Mortimer Joseph   Pg: 119 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Moses   Pg: 8 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Patricia Schoen   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Percival   Pg: 8 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Rachael   Pg: 8 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Rachael   Pg: 290 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Rebecca   Pg: 9 (ALL)
(b. 1926)
ALEXANDER  Rebecca   Pg: 8 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Rebecca (m. Hyman Samuel)   Pg: 44 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Rebecca Ella Solomons   Pg: 9 (ALL) Pg: 278 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Rebecca Levy   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Reuben   Pg: 54 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Rita   Pg: 107 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Rosa Hays Tobias   Pg: 9 (ALL) Pg: 299 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Rose Constance Coleman   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Rose Mosler   Pg: 7 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Sallie Nathans Solomons   Pg: 9 (ALL) Pg: 277 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Sally   Pg: 9 (ALL)
(b. 1939)
ALEXANDER  Sally (see Alexander, Sarah (Sally)  
ALEXANDER  Sarah   Pg: 54 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Sarah (dau. Abraham, Jr.)   Pg: 8 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Sarah (Sally)   Pg: 119 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Sarah Harris Sampson   Pg: 9 (ALL) Pg: 94 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Sarah Moses   Pg: 8 (ALL) Pg: 9 (ALL) Pg: 210 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Solomon   Pg: 308 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Stephanie Harriet   Pg: 119 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Therese Julia   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Walter   Pg: 8 (ALL)
ALEXANDER  Warren   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ALLEN  Adele Strauss   Pg: 10 (ALL)
ALLEN  Alfred Hart   Pg: 10 (ALL)
ALLEN  Alice   Pg: 10 (ALL)
ALLEN  Amelia Johaveth   Pg: 10 (ALL) Pg: 193 (ALL)
ALLEN  Amelia Johaveth   Pg: 10 (ALL)
ALLEN  Amelia Sommers   Pg: 10 (ALL)
ALLEN  Anna   Pg: 10 (ALL)
ALLEN  Anna Florence   Pg: 10 (ALL)
(b. 1882)
ALLEN  Anna Marks   Pg: 10 (ALL) Pg: 185 (ALL)
ALLEN  Benjamin Wolff   Pg: 10 (ALL)
(b. 1833)
ALLEN  Bernadine Hirschfeldt   Pg: 10 (ALL)
ALLEN  Carol Jane   Pg: 295 (ALL)
ALLEN  Caroline   Pg: 10 (ALL)
(b. 1883)
ALLEN  Caroline   Pg: 151 (ALL) Pg: 329A (ALL)
ALLEN  Carolyn Tim Auerbach   Pg: 295 (ALL)
ALLEN  Catherine Cox   Pg: 75 (ALL)
ALLEN  Charles Chauncey   Pg: 10 (ALL) Pg: 279 (ALL)
ALLEN  Charles Craig   Pg: 10 (ALL)
(b. 1921)
ALLEN  Clarence   Pg: 10 (ALL)
ALLEN  Clarence Mitchell   Pg: 10 (ALL)
ALLEN  Claus   Pg: 10 (ALL)
(b. 1927)
ALLEN  Cynthia   Pg: 295 (ALL)
ALLEN  Ellen Lazarus   Pg: 151 (ALL) Pg: 329A (ALL)
ALLEN  Emma Wetzler   Pg: 10 (ALL)
ALLEN  Ernst   Pg: 10 (ALL)
(b. 1911)
ALLEN  Esther   Pg: 10 (ALL) Pg: 193 (ALL)
ALLEN  Fannie Simon   Pg: 10 (ALL)
ALLEN  Florence   Pg: 10 (ALL)
ALLEN  Florine   Pg: 10 (ALL)
(b. 1881)
ALLEN  Frances   Pg: 10 (ALL)
(b. 1855)
ALLEN  Fred   Pg: 10 (ALL)
(b. 1910)
ALLEN  Fritz   Pg: 10 (ALL)
(b. 1907)
ALLEN  Grace Amelia   Pg: 10 (ALL)
(b. 1867)
ALLEN  Hamilton   Pg: 295 (ALL)
ALLEN  Hamilton, Jr.   Pg: 295 (ALL)
ALLEN  Hannah Emanuel   Pg: 10 (ALL)
ALLEN  Hans Henry   Pg: 10 (ALL)
(b. 1900)
ALLEN  Harriet   Pg: 10 (ALL)
ALLEN  Heary Greer   Pg: 10 (ALL)
(b. 1924)
ALLEN  Henry Nathan   Pg: 10 (ALL)
(b. 1876)
ALLEN  Henry Samson   Pg: 10 (ALL) Pg: 110 (ALL)
ALLEN  Isabel Thorndike   Pg: 295 (ALL)
ALLEN  John   Pg: 151 (ALL) Pg: 329A (ALL)
ALLEN  John Thorndike   Pg: 295 (ALL)
ALLEN  Julia Spanier   Pg: 10 (ALL) Pg: 280 (ALL)
ALLEN  Julius   Pg: 10 (ALL)
(b. 1862)
ALLEN  Kurt   Pg: 10 (ALL)
(b. 1905)
ALLEN  Lena   Pg: 269 (ALL)
ALLEN  Lewis   Pg: 10 (ALL)
ALLEN  Lewis IV   Pg: 10 (ALL)
ALLEN  Lewis Marks   Pg: 10 (ALL) Pg: 13 (ALL)
ALLEN  Lewis S.   Pg: 10 (ALL)
(b. 1872)
ALLEN  Lewis V   Pg: 10 (ALL)
ALLEN  Lewis, Jr.   Pg: 10 (ALL) Pg: 185 (ALL)
ALLEN  Lillian   Pg: 10 (ALL)
ALLEN  Louisa Sondheim   Pg: 10 (ALL) Pg: 279 (ALL)
ALLEN  Maria   Pg: 10 (ALL) Pg: 92 (ALL)
ALLEN  Marie Christina   Pg: 42 (ALL)
ALLEN  Michael   Pg: 10 (ALL)
(b. 1916)
ALLEN  Michael Mitchell   Pg: 10 (ALL) Pg: 280 (ALL)
(b. 1830)
ALLEN  Minna Ruben   Pg: 10 (ALL)
ALLEN  Miriam Arnold   Pg: 10 (ALL) Pg: 13 (ALL)
ALLEN  Mirjam   Pg: 10 (ALL)
(b. 1901)
ALLEN  Rosalie   Pg: 10 (ALL)
(b. 1874)
ALLEN  Rosalie Hendricks   Pg: 10 (ALL) Pg: 110 (ALL)
ALLEN  Rosalie May   Pg: 10 (ALL)
ALLEN  Ruth Evelyn   Pg: 10 (ALL)
(b. 1912)
ALLEN  Urner   Pg: 151 (ALL) Pg: 329A (ALL)
ALLEN  Walter Charles   Pg: 10 (ALL)
(b. 1875)
ALLEN  Winona Wilkins   Pg: 10 (ALL)
ALLEN  Zillah Beatrice   Pg: 10 (ALL)
(b. 1868)
ALLEN (COONEY)  Kevin Richard   Pg: 239 (ALL)
ALLIGER  Celestine Aline Goldschmidt Burchell   Pg: 84 (ALL)
ALLIGER  F. T.   Pg: 84 (ALL)
(d. 1901)
ALLISON  Clara Agusta Unger   Pg: 324B (ALL)
ALLISON  H. Willard   Pg: 324B (ALL)
ALLISON  Rosalie Ottolengui   Pg: 234 (ALL)
ALLISON  Thomas Birch   Pg: 234 (ALL)
ALMAN    Pg: 123 (ALL)
ALMUND  Rosetta   Pg: 165 (ALL)
ALOE  Patricia   Pg: 281 (ALL)
ALOOF  Judah   Pg: 331B (ALL)
ALOOF  Sarah   Pg: 331B (ALL)
ALPERN  Adrian Scott   Pg: 325A (ALL)
ALPERN  Benay Esta   Pg: 325A (ALL)
ALPERN  Darin Mitchell   Pg: 325A (ALL)
ALPERN  Irving   Pg: 325A (ALL)
ALPERN  Jacqueline Lee Hecht   Pg: 325A (ALL)
ALPERT  Hortense Peixotto Blumberg   Pg: 240 (ALL) Pg: 337B (ALL)
ALPERT  Joseph   Pg: 337B (ALL)
ALPORD  Audrey   Pg: 88 (ALL)
ALSCHULER  Ethel   Pg: 327B (ALL)
ALSTEN  Ellen (Nellie) Block   Pg: 25 (ALL)
ALSTEN  George   Pg: 25 (ALL)
ALSTEN  Nellie Block (see Alsten, Ellen (Nellie) Block)  
ALTHEIMER  Bertha   Pg: 125 (ALL)
ALTHEIMER  Tallie   Pg: 186 (ALL)
ALTMAN  Barry   Pg: 134 (ALL)
ALTMAN  Deborah Jean   Pg: 134 (ALL)
ALTMAN  Helen W. Jacobs   Pg: 134 (ALL)
ALTMAN  Iris   Pg: 26 (ALL)
ALTMAN  Isadore   Pg: 229 (ALL)
ALTMAN  Louis Gregory   Pg: 134 (ALL)
ALTMAN  Louise   Pg: 229 (ALL)
ALTMAN  Peter George   Pg: 134 (ALL)
ALTMAN  Victoria Nathans   Pg: 229 (ALL)
ALTOUNIAN  Lyan Diane   Pg: 334B (ALL)
ALTSCHUL  Charles   Pg: 307 (ALL)
ALTSCHUL  Charles, Jr.   Pg: 307 (ALL)
ALTSCHUL  Dorothy   Pg: 307 (ALL)
ALTSCHUL  Frances Hoffheimer   Pg: 307 (ALL)
ALVARENGA  Daniel Da Costa   Pg: 191 (ALL)
ALVARENGA  Rebecca Mendes   Pg: 191 (ALL)
ALVARES  Ester   Pg: 335A (ALL)
ALVAREZ  Andrea Sar   Pg: 215 (ALL)
ALVAREZ  Anita   Pg: 59 (ALL)
ALVAREZ  Clara Jessurun   Pg: 273 (ALL)
(d. 1716)
ALVAREZ  Leona Ransohoff   Pg: 215 (ALL)
ALVAREZ  Maria Harby   Pg: 93 (ALL)
ALVATE  Elizabeth   Pg: 206 (ALL)
AMBERG  Eloise   Pg: 101 (ALL)
AMBERG  Eva (see Correll, Eva (Amberg))  
AMBERG  Fannie Hart   Pg: 101 (ALL)
AMBERG  Florence   Pg: 101 (ALL)
AMBERG  Henrietta Hart   Pg: 101 (ALL)
AMBERG  Irwin   Pg: 101 (ALL)
AMBERG  Lee   Pg: 101 (ALL)
AMBROSE  Brother (see Moise, Charles ('Brother Ambrose'))  
AMICO  Mary   Pg: 293 (ALL)
AMMONS  Ruby L.   Pg: 53 (ALL)
AMRAM  Adam A.   Pg: 340A (ALL)
AMRAM  Adelaide   Pg: 210 (ALL)
AMRAM  Adira Aliza   Pg: 340A (ALL)
AMRAM  Alana Asha   Pg: 340A (ALL)
AMRAM  Bertha   Pg: 210 (ALL)
AMRAM  Beulah Brylawski   Pg: 284 (ALL)
AMRAM  Caroline   Pg: 340A (ALL)
AMRAM  David   Pg: 284 (ALL) Pg: 340A (ALL)
AMRAM  David W. III   Pg: 284 (ALL) Pg: 340A (ALL)
AMRAM  Elinor   Pg: 284 (ALL)
AMRAM  Emile   Pg: 210 (ALL)
AMRAM  Emilie Saller Weyl   Pg: 284 (ALL) Pg: 340A (ALL)
AMRAM  Emily Weyl   Pg: 284 (ALL)
AMRAM  Gale   Pg: 340A (ALL)
AMRAM  Hortense Levy   Pg: 284 (ALL)
AMRAM  Leonora   Pg: 210 (ALL)
AMRAM  Lora Lee Ecobelli   Pg: 340A (ALL)
AMRAM  Mariana   Pg: 284 (ALL)
AMRAM  Philip Werner   Pg: 284 (ALL) Pg: 340A (ALL)
AMRAM  Rosa Rosenfeld   Pg: 210 (ALL)
AMRAM  Werner David   Pg: 284 (ALL) Pg: 340A (ALL)
AMSTERDAM  Andrew   Pg: 290 (ALL)
AMSTERDAM  David   Pg: 290 (ALL)
AMSTERDAM  Rosalind Judith Brav   Pg: 290 (ALL)
AMSTERDAM  Susan   Pg: 290 (ALL)
AMYOT  Colbert   Pg: 276 (ALL)
AMYOT  Jessie Solomons Rousseau   Pg: 276 (ALL)
ANATHAN  Adele   Pg: 229 (ALL) Pg: 334B (ALL)
ANCKER  Abby   Pg: 11 (ALL) Pg: 190 (ALL)
(d. 1888)
ANCKER  Abby (dau. of Hart)   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Abigail   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Abigail Sampson   Pg: 11 (ALL) Pg: 259 (ALL)
ANCKER  Abraham Phillips   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Adele Goodman   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Adelia   Pg: 11 (ALL) Pg: 64 (ALL)
ANCKER  Adelia Phillips   Pg: 11 (ALL) Pg: 243 (ALL)
ANCKER  Adolph   Pg: 11 (ALL)
(b. 1841)
ANCKER  Adolph   Pg: 11 (ALL)
(m. 1869)
ANCKER  Adolph   Pg: 11 (ALL) Pg: 243 (ALL) Pg: 320A (ALL)
ANCKER  Alfred   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Anna Murphy   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Anna Walton   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ANCKER  Arthur   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Bella   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Bessie Mayer   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Brinah De Young   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Caroline   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Caroline Loeb   Pg: 11 (ALL) Pg: 320A (ALL)
ANCKER  Caroline Rose   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Catherine Hyams   Pg: 11 (ALL) Pg: 120 (ALL)
ANCKER  Charles   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Charles (son of Jacob)   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Clara   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Clothilde   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  De Witt Clinton James   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Edward   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Edward (m. Bessie Mayer)   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Elias   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Elias (son of Mitchell)   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Eliza   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Eliza Frances James   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Elizabeth P.   Pg: 11 (ALL) Pg: 256 (ALL) Pg: 338B (ALL)
ANCKER  Eva   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Flora   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Frances Eleanor   Pg: 11 (ALL)
(b. 1894)
ANCKER  George   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Gertrude   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Gustavus (son Samuel P.)   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Gustavus V.   Pg: 11 (ALL) Pg: 120 (ALL) Pg: 259 (ALL)
ANCKER  Gustavus Vasa   Pg: 11 (ALL)
(b. 1888)
ANCKER  Hannah Hyams   Pg: 11 (ALL) Pg: 120 (ALL)
ANCKER  Hart (son of Adolph)   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Hart (son of Hart)   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Henry (son of Hart)   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Henry C.   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Hetty   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ANCKER  Hetty Pettigrew   Pg: 11 (ALL) Pg: 243 (ALL)
ANCKER  Irma   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Isabel (dau. of Adolph)   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Isabel (dau. of Mitchell)   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Jacob   Pg: 11 (ALL) Pg: 243 (ALL)
(b. 1808)
ANCKER  Jacob   Pg: 11 (ALL)
(b. 1834)
ANCKER  Jacob, Jr.   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Jean   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Joseph Theodore   Pg: 9 (ALL)
ANCKER  Judith   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Julia Phillips   Pg: 11 (ALL) Pg: 243 (ALL)
ANCKER  Kate   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Katherine P.   Pg: 11 (ALL)
(b. 1890)
ANCKER  Katie   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Laurence   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Leah Adelsheimer   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Lilian Elizabeth   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Lizzie   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Loris   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Lydia Davis   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Maria   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Mary (Miriam) McAllister   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Mary Adele Goodman   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Mary Magdalene   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Milton   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Miriam McAllister (see Ancker, Mary (Miriam) McAllister)  
ANCKER  Mitchell   Pg: 11 (ALL)
(b. 1863)
ANCKER  Mitchell   Pg: 11 (ALL) Pg: 243 (ALL)
ANCKER  Mitchell (son of Abraham)   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Mitchell (son of Samuel P.)   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Moses   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Pinkney   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Rachel   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Rebecca Emily   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Samuel P, Jr. (son of Mitchell)   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Samuel P.   Pg: 11 (ALL) Pg: 120 (ALL)
ANCKER  Samuel P. (son of Samuel P., Jr.)   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Samuel P., Jr.   Pg: 11 (ALL)
(b. 1857)
ANCKER  Sarah (dau. Adolph)   Pg: 11 (ALL) Pg: 255 (ALL)
ANCKER  Sarah Kahn   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Theodore   Pg: 11 (ALL)
(d. 1855)
ANCKER  Theresa Dorothea   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Theresa Kehrer   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Theresa Rothenburg   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Virginia   Pg: 11 (ALL)
(m. 1888)
ANCKER  Virginia (dau. of Hart)   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANCKER  Virginia Callanan   Pg: 11 (ALL)
ANDER  Emma P.   Pg: 213 (ALL)
ANDERSON  Ada Hewing   Pg: 335B (ALL)
ANDERSON  Ada Louise   Pg: 335B (ALL)
ANDERSON  Anastasia Sadowsky   Pg: 88 (ALL)
ANDERSON  Beulah Catherine (Mamber) Kramer   Pg: 238 (ALL)
ANDERSON  Carol Beulah   Pg: 238 (ALL)
ANDERSON  Chapman Levy   Pg: 169 (ALL)
ANDERSON  Clarence   Pg: 205 (ALL)
ANDERSON  Clarence, Jr.   Pg: 205 (ALL)
ANDERSON  Corrie   Pg: 313B (ALL)
ANDERSON  Duncan Maxwell   Pg: 88 (ALL)
ANDERSON  Edith Ismay Scobell   Pg: 79 (ALL)
ANDERSON  Edward H.   Pg: 169 (ALL)
ANDERSON  Eleanor Johnston Lopez   Pg: 331B (ALL)
ANDERSON  Emma Baker   Pg: 205 (ALL)
ANDERSON  Flora Eliza Levy   Pg: 169 (ALL)
ANDERSON  Florence Baker   Pg: 205 (ALL)
ANDERSON  Irene Violet Hodgkin   Pg: 201 (ALL)
ANDERSON  Jennie Baker   Pg: 205 (ALL)
ANDERSON  John   Pg: 335B (ALL)
ANDERSON  Joyce Janet Mabel   Pg: 238 (ALL)
ANDERSON  Lucy Ann   Pg: 169 (ALL)
ANDERSON  Minerva Campbell   Pg: 88 (ALL)
ANDERSON  Mollie Wilkes Lopez   Pg: 331B (ALL)
ANDERSON  Robert J.   Pg: 331B (ALL)
ANDERSON  Stanley Henry Walter   Pg: 238 (ALL)
ANDERSON  Terence   Pg: 88 (ALL)
ANDERSON  Terence Robert   Pg: 88 (ALL)
ANDERSON  Thomas Salmond   Pg: 169 (ALL)
ANDERSON  William Allan Campbell   Pg: 79 (ALL)
ANDRADE  David Da Costa   Pg: 191 (ALL)
ANDRADE  Helen Elizabeth Davis   Pg: 138 (ALL)
ANDRADE  Hugh   Pg: 138 (ALL)
ANDRADE  Leah   Pg: 178 (ALL)
ANDRADE  Luna Julia Mendes   Pg: 191 (ALL)
ANDRADE  Reyna   Pg: 147 (ALL)
ANDRADE  Sophia   Pg: 33 (ALL)
(d. 1870)
ANDREWS  (Katherine) Dale   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Abraham   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Adelaide Gottlieb   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Albert Marion   Pg: 163 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Albert Marion, Jr.   Pg: 163 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Alice Mildred   Pg: 199 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Almeta   Pg: 269 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Ann Sherwood   Pg: 12 (ALL)
(b. 1930)
ANDREWS  Carole Prentice   Pg: 238 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Cary Barton   Pg: 218 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Catherine   Pg: 144 (ALL) Pg: 201 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Catherine (Isabel)   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Clarissa King   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  David Curran   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  David Jonathan   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  David Zellner   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Deborah   Pg: 12 (ALL) Pg: 118 (ALL)
(b. 1800)
ANDREWS  Eliezer Lewis   Pg: 12 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Eliza   Pg: 115 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Emily   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Emily Schwartz   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Esther   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Esther Abrams   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 12 (ALL) Pg: 272 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Ethel   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Eve   Pg: 12 (ALL) Pg: 64 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Flora   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Frances Lyon   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Gail Prentice   Pg: 238 (ALL)
ANDREWS  George Levy   Pg: 192 (ALL)
ANDREWS  George Osgood   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Gordon Guelberth   Pg: 163 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Haym M   Pg: 12 (ALL)
(b. 1803)
ANDREWS  Helen Elizabeth   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Helen Legg   Pg: 163 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Helen Rosenberg   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Isabel (see Andrews, Catherine (Isabel))  
ANDREWS  Isabel Weiner   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Jane   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Jane Prentice   Pg: 238 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Jennifer Lynn   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Jessy (Simha) Judah   Pg: 12 (ALL) Pg: 101 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Joan Prentice   Pg: 238 (ALL)
ANDREWS  John L, Jr.   Pg: 218 (ALL)
ANDREWS  John Lowry   Pg: 218 (ALL)
ANDREWS  John S   Pg: 251 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Joseph   Pg: 12 (ALL) Pg: 257 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Joseph Franklin   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Joseph I. (or J.)   Pg: 12 (ALL) Pg: 233 (ALL)
(b. 1801)
ANDREWS  Joseph I., Jr.   Pg: 12 (ALL)
(b. 1938)
ANDREWS  Joseph Lyon   Pg: 12 (ALL)
(b. 1902)
ANDREWS  Joseph Samuel   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Joseph Sven   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Katherine (see Andrews, (Katherine) Dale)  
ANDREWS  Katherine Louise New   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Lelia Abernoon De Lima   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Leonora Louise   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Leroy J.   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Lewis (son of Zalegman)   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Lillian Pinto   Pg: 251 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Louisa   Pg: 12 (ALL)
(b. 1859)
ANDREWS  Lucille Menken Griffith   Pg: 192 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Lynn Francis   Pg: 12 (ALL)
(b. 1932)
ANDREWS  Mabel Zellner   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Margareta Langert   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Mary Ellen   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Mary Graham Myers   Pg: 218 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Miriam   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Miriam   Pg: 12 (ALL) Pg: 272 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Miriam Nones   Pg: 12 (ALL) Pg: 233 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Montefiore J.   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Nellie (Nettie) Solomons Abrahams   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Nettie Solomons Abrahams (see Andrews, Nellie (Nettie)Solomons Abrahams)  
ANDREWS  Paul Revere   Pg: 238 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Paul Richard Prentice   Pg: 238 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Rachel   Pg: 12 (ALL)
(b. 1814)
ANDREWS  Rachel   Pg: 12 (ALL)
(b. 1839)
ANDREWS  Rachel   Pg: 5 (ALL) Pg: 12 (ALL) Pg: 205 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Sallie Salomon   Pg: 12 (ALL) Pg: 257 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Sally Adela   Pg: 12 (ALL) Pg: 192 (ALL)
(b. 1851)
ANDREWS  Salomon   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Samuel Elkin   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Sara Katherine   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Solomon Franklin   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Theresa   Pg: 198 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Theresa Outlaw   Pg: 198 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Virginia Prentice Eltinger   Pg: 238 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Washington   Pg: 12 (ALL)
ANDREWS  Zalegman   Pg: 4 (ALL) Pg: 12 (ALL) Pg: 272 (ALL)
(b. 1805)
ANDREWS (ABRAHAMS)  Joseph   Pg: 4 (ALL)
(b. 1768)
ANGEL  Emanuel Moses   Pg: 303 (ALL)
(b. 1843)
ANGEL  Ida Johanna Wolf   Pg: 303 (ALL)
ANGEL  Maurice   Pg: 303 (ALL)
ANGIER  Caroline   Pg: 206 (ALL)
ANGLE  Charles Cameron   Pg: 269 (ALL)
ANGLE  Elaine Sheftall   Pg: 269 (ALL)
ANGULO  Ana   Pg: 336A (ALL)
ANSBACHER  Adele   Pg: 22 (ALL) Pg: 144 (ALL)
(b. 1877)
ANSBACHER  Adolph B   Pg: 22 (ALL)
ANSBACHER  Alan B   Pg: 22 (ALL)
(b. 1904)
ANSBACHER  Alice   Pg: 22 (ALL)
(b. 1902)
ANSBACHER  Armonis Wilkins   Pg: 22 (ALL)
ANSBACHER  Carolyn Lawsen   Pg: 22 (ALL)
ANSBACHER  Clara Wechsler   Pg: 22 (ALL)
ANSBACHER  David   Pg: 22 (ALL)
(b. 1866)
ANSBACHER  Doris   Pg: 22 (ALL)
(b. 1909)
ANSBACHER  Elsie Oppenheimer   Pg: 22 (ALL)
ANSBACHER  Frances V. Eger   Pg: 22 (ALL)
ANSBACHER  Helen   Pg: 22 (ALL)
(b. 1866)
ANSBACHER  Louis   Pg: 22 (ALL)
ANSBACHER  Marion   Pg: 22 (ALL)
(b. 1903)
ANSBACHER  Maurice   Pg: 22 (ALL)
ANSBACHER  Rosie or Rosalie   Pg: 22 (ALL) Pg: 145 (ALL)
ANSBACHER  Sally Curtis   Pg: 22 (ALL)
ANSFIL  Rebecca Cohen   Pg: 180 (ALL)
ANSFIL  Rev. Myer   Pg: 180 (ALL)
ANSFIL  Sarah   Pg: 180 (ALL)
ANTWERP  See Van Antwerp  
APPEL  Charles L III   Pg: 22 (ALL)
APPEL  Judith   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
APPEL  Karyn Patricia   Pg: 23 (ALL)
APPEL  Kurt   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
APPEL  Margaret Kayton   Pg: 255 (ALL) Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. 1909)
APPEL  Patricia Linburn   Pg: 22 (ALL)
APPLEGATE  Sarah   Pg: 297 (ALL) Pg: 314A (ALL)
APPLETON  Mary   Pg: 216 (ALL)
ARBIB  Edmund (Joseph Edgar)   Pg: 244 (ALL)
ARBIB  Harriet Natalie Brodie   Pg: 244 (ALL)
ARBIB  Joseph Edgar (see Arbib, Edmund (Joseph Edgar))  
ARBIB  Rene   Pg: 244 (ALL)
ARBIB  Solita   Pg: 244 (ALL)
(b. 1916)
ARBIB  Sylvia Phillips   Pg: 244 (ALL)
ARCHER  Caleb   Pg: 329B (ALL)
ARCHER  Fanny Henricks   Pg: 159 (ALL) Pg: 329B (ALL)
ARCHER  Lida Frances   Pg: 329B (ALL)
ARCHER  Morton   Pg: 329B (ALL)
ARIAS  Rahel de Jacob Dias   Pg: 52 (ALL)
ARKINS  Abigail   Pg: 231 (ALL)
(b. 1919)
ARKINS  Alex   Pg: 231 (ALL)
ARKINS  Carolyn Babush   Pg: 231 (ALL)
ARKINS  John   Pg: 231 (ALL)
(b. 1926)
ARKINS  Marguerite Newhouse   Pg: 231 (ALL)
ARKINS  Robert   Pg: 231 (ALL)
(b. 1928)
ARKINS  Rowland   Pg: 231 (ALL)
(b. 1922)
ARKINS  Vivianne Kleinberg   Pg: 231 (ALL)
ARLITZ  Eva Blankenburg   Pg: 129 (ALL)
ARLITZ  W. J.   Pg: 129 (ALL)
ARMISTEAD  Theodotia   Pg: 4 (ALL)
ARMITT  Malvina (Nina) Mapleson   Pg: 226 (ALL)
ARMITT  Nina Mapleson (see Armitt, Malvina (Nina) Mapleson)  
ARMSTRONG  Edward   Pg: 184 (ALL)
ARMSTRONG  Elizabeth Gulick   Pg: 184 (ALL)
ARMSTRONG  Emmeline J.   Pg: 332B (ALL)
ARMSTRONG  Henrietta J. MarachT   Pg: 184 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
ARMSTRONG  Thomas   Pg: 184 (ALL) Pg: 332B (ALL)
ARMSTRONG  Thomas, Jr.   Pg: 332B (ALL)
ARNEY  Anne Caroline Unger   Pg: 324B (ALL)
ARNEY  William H.   Pg: 324B (ALL)
ARNHEIM  Joy Israel   Pg: 121 (ALL)
ARNHEIM  Lucile   Pg: 121 (ALL)
(b. 1904)
ARNHEIM  Noma   Pg: 174 (ALL)
ARNHEIM  William   Pg: 121 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Aaron   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Aaron   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Aaron (of Ibenhausen)   Pg: 13 (ALL) Pg: 320A (ALL)
ARNOLD  Aaron Edwin   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Abraham   Pg: 320A (ALL)
ARNOLD  Abraham Clark   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Abraham Clark. Jr.   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Alan   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Albert   Pg: 13 (ALL) Pg: 253 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Alexander Duncan   Pg: 157 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Alice   Pg: 13 (ALL)
(b. 1846)
ARNOLD  Amanda   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Amelia   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Amelia Wolff   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Behjar (Joy) Mansoor   Pg: 268 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Blanche H.   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Carrie Stettheimer   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Catherine   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Clara   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Clarissa   Pg: 13 (ALL) Pg: 320A (ALL)
ARNOLD  Edgar M   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Edna   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Edna Schiff   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Edward   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Edwin T.   Pg: 268 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Eli W.   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Elizabeth   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Elizabeth Setaren   Pg: 268 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Emma   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Emma   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Emma   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Ethel Louise Price   Pg: 13 (ALL) Pg: 253 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Evelina Nicholas   Pg: 157 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Ezra   Pg: 13 (ALL) Pg: 320A (ALL)
ARNOLD  Famelia   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Fanny   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Fanny Bernheimer   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Fanny Wolf   Pg: 13 (ALL) Pg: 303 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Fleurette Moran   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Florence   Pg: 13 (ALL) Pg: 174 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Florine   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Frances   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Frances (dau. of Aaron)   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Fred   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Frieda Mayer   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Harry   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Henrietta   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Henrietta (m. A. P. Schoneman)   Pg: 28 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Hester   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Hezekiah   Pg: 13 (ALL) Pg: 83 (ALL) Pg: 320A (ALL)
ARNOLD  Howard   Pg: 13 (ALL)
(d. 1918)
ARNOLD  Isabella   Pg: 13 (ALL) Pg: 320A (ALL)
ARNOLD  Isabella   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Jane   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Joy Mansoor (see Arnold, Behjar (Joy) Mansoor)  
ARNOLD  Julia   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Julia Gans   Pg: 13 (ALL) Pg: 83 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Laura Corinna Sheftall   Pg: 268 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Lavinia   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Lazarus   Pg: 185 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Leah Marks   Pg: 185 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Leon   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Leon (Levi)   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Levi   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Levi (see Arnold, Leon (Levi))  
ARNOLD  Lewis   Pg: 185 (ALL)
(b. 1845)
ARNOLD  Lewis Tracy   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Lillian Goldstein   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Louise Schmidt   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Madeline   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Mamie Goldsmith   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Maria (Mary) Abrams   Pg: 320A (ALL)
ARNOLD  Mary E Frost   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Mary Elizabeth   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Mary Hammett   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Mary Haney   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Mayer   Pg: 13 (ALL) Pg: 303 (ALL) Pg: 320A (ALL)
ARNOLD  Mayer W.   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Miriam   Pg: 10 (ALL) Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Miriam   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Miriam Kahn   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Miriam Levi   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Miriam Louise Johnson   Pg: 326B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Myra   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Myrtle Schere   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Nancy   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Oscar   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Rebecca   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Richard Myrten   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Roger Amir   Pg: 268 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Sadie   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Sandford   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Simon   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Simon J.   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Simon J.   Pg: 320B (ALL) Pg: 326B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Simon J. III   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Simon J., Jr.   Pg: 320B (ALL)
ARNOLD  Suzanne   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Uriah   Pg: 13 (ALL)
(b. 1832)
ARNOLD  Walter V.   Pg: 268 (ALL)
ARNOLD  Walter V., Jr.   Pg: 268 (ALL)
ARNSTEIN  Amy Frances Torrance   Pg: 65 (ALL)
ARNSTEIN  Barbara Louise Torrance   Pg: 65 (ALL)
ARNSTEIN  Frances Theresa   Pg: 65 (ALL)
ARNSTEIN  Gertrude Agnes Sanguinetti   Pg: 65 (ALL)
ARNSTEIN  Isabella Chisbolm Torrance   Pg: 65 (ALL)
ARNSTEIN  Joy Lorraine   Pg: 65 (ALL)
ARNSTEIN  Marion Charlotte Sanguinetti   Pg: 65 (ALL)
ARNSTEIN  Moritz   Pg: 65 (ALL)
ARNSTEIN  Percy Emanuel Sanguinetti   Pg: 65 (ALL)
ARNSTEIN  Rudolph Raphael   Pg: 65 (ALL)
ARNSTHAL  Arthur   Pg: 70 (ALL)
ARNSTHAL  August   Pg: 70 (ALL)
ARNSTHAL  Carrie   Pg: 70 (ALL)
ARNSTHAL  Charles D.   Pg: 70 (ALL)
ARNSTHAL  Evelyn   Pg: 70 (ALL)
ARNSTHAL  Florence   Pg: 70 (ALL)
ARNSTHAL  Frank   Pg: 70 (ALL)
ARNSTHAL  Grace Ezekiel   Pg: 70 (ALL)
ARNSTHAL  Julius   Pg: 70 (ALL)
ARNSTHAL  Kate   Pg: 70 (ALL)
ARNSTHAL  Lion   Pg: 70 (ALL)
ARNSTHAL  Minna Minis   Pg: 70 (ALL)
ARNSTHAL  Murdock   Pg: 70 (ALL)
ARON  Clara   Pg: 293 (ALL)
ARONOVITCH  Carol   Pg: 191 (ALL)
ARONOVITCH  Jane Ellen   Pg: 191 (ALL)
ARONOVITCH  Katherine Louisa Silver   Pg: 191 (ALL)
ARONOVITCH  Lawrence Isaac   Pg: 191 (ALL)
ARONOVITCH  Michael   Pg: 191 (ALL)
ARONOVITCH  Stephen   Pg: 191 (ALL)
ARONOWITZ  Katherine Louisa Silver   Pg: 191 (ALL)
ARONOWITZ  Michael   Pg: 191 (ALL)
ARONS  See also Aaron, Aaron(s), Aarons Elias Levi   Pg: 1 (ALL)
ARONS VAN BLITZ  Belitze   Pg: 1 (ALL)
(d. ca. 1820)
ARONS VAN BLITZ  Emanuel   Pg: 1 (ALL)
(d. 1792)
ARONSON  Augusta Abrahams   Pg: 6 (ALL)
ARONSON  C Minnie   Pg: 6 (ALL)
ARONSON  Frederick H.   Pg: 6 (ALL)
ARONSON  Harris   Pg: 6 (ALL)
ARONSON  Harry   Pg: 6 (ALL)
ARONSON  Julia   Pg: 6 (ALL) Pg: 102 (ALL)
ARONSON  Kitty   Pg: 6 (ALL)
ARONSON  Naomi   Pg: 6 (ALL) Pg: 102 (ALL)
ARONSON  Rosalia   Pg: 6 (ALL) Pg: 102 (ALL)
ASCH  Carol Betty Binswanger   Pg: 23 (ALL)
ASCH  Charles J.   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ASCH  Clarissa Ulman   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ASCH  Essie (Rebecca)   Pg: 13 (ALL) Pg: 28 (ALL) Pg: 271 (ALL)
ASCH  Irma Clara   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ASCH  Jeffrey Leo   Pg: 23 (ALL)
ASCH  Joseph M.   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ASCH  Manuella Jackson Avezzano   Pg: 13 (ALL) Pg: 129 (ALL)
ASCH  Marylon Jean   Pg: 23 (ALL)
(b. 1948)
ASCH  Michael   Pg: 23 (ALL)
ASCH  Mitchell J.   Pg: 13 (ALL) Pg: 129 (ALL)
ASCH  Morris Joseph   Pg: 13 (ALL)
(b. 1833)
ASCH  Moses M.   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ASCH  Myer   Pg: 13 (ALL)
ASCH  Rebecca (see Asch, Essie (Rebecca))  
ASCH  Rosalie   Pg: 13 (ALL)
(m. 1853)
ASCHEHOUG  Frederikke Marjorie   Pg: 310B (ALL)
(b. Apr. 24, 1934)
ASCHEHOUG  Marjorie Joseph   Pg: 310B (ALL)
ASCHEHOUG  Thorkil   Pg: 310B (ALL)
(m. May 23, 1931)
ASCHER  Beatrice   Pg: 60 (ALL)
ASCHER  David   Pg: 60 (ALL)
ASCHER  Ernest   Pg: 60 (ALL)
ASCHER  Gerhart   Pg: 10 (ALL)
(b. 1926)
ASCHER  H.   Pg: 60 (ALL)
ASCHER  Herman S. G.   Pg: 60 (ALL)
ASCHER  Mirjam Allen   Pg: 10 (ALL)
ASCHER  Otto   Pg: 10 (ALL)
ASCHER  Rachel De Sola   Pg: 60 (ALL)
ASCHER  Rachel Judith De Sola   Pg: 60 (ALL)
ASCHER  Violet   Pg: 60 (ALL)
ASCHMAN  Charles   Pg: 46 (ALL)
ASCHMAN  Esther Rosalie David   Pg: 46 (ALL)
ASH  Max   Pg: 253 (ALL)
ASH  Viola Fonseca Da Silva Solis Ritterband Powers   Pg: 253 (ALL) Pg: 277 (ALL)
ASHE  Col. Samuel   Pg: 312A (ALL)
ASHE  Edward Cohen   Pg: 200 (ALL)
ASHE  George Devereux   Pg: 200 (ALL)
ASHE  Hazel Burgwyn   Pg: 200 (ALL)
ASHE  John Devereux   Pg: 200 (ALL)
ASHE  Margaret (Meta) Devereux   Pg: 200 (ALL)
ASHE  Margaret Mordecai   Pg: 200 (ALL) Pg: 333A (ALL)
ASHE  Mary Porter   Pg: 209 (ALL) Pg: 312A (ALL)
ASHE  Meta Devereux (see Ashe, Margaret (Meta) Devereux)  
ASHE  Samuel   Pg: 200 (ALL)
ASHE  Thomas Samuel   Pg: 200 (ALL)
ASHENHEIM  Eliza De Cordova   Pg: 52 (ALL)
ASHENHEIM  Joseph Lewis   Pg: 52 (ALL)
ASHENHEIM  Judith   Pg: 52 (ALL)
ASHENHEIM  Leslie Eric   Pg: 52 (ALL)
ASHENHEIM  Lewis   Pg: 52 (ALL)
ASHENHEIM  Lewis, M. D.   Pg: 52 (ALL)
ASHER  Adelaide Betty Levy   Pg: 167 (ALL)
ASHER  Baron H.   Pg: 167 (ALL)
(b. 1882)
ASHER  Baron Henry   Pg: 167 (ALL)
(b. 1925)
ASHER  Caroline   Pg: 33 (ALL)
ASHER  Erna Fromme   Pg: 167 (ALL)
ASHER  Eugene Samuel   Pg: 167 (ALL)
ASHER  Laura Hope   Pg: 167 (ALL)
ASHER  Laurie Lynn   Pg: 167 (ALL)
ASHER  Louisa   Pg: 147 (ALL)
(b. 1836)
ASHER  Michael   Pg: 170 (ALL)
ASHER  Moses   Pg: 167 (ALL)
ASHER  Rabbi   Pg: 221 (ALL)
ASHER  Rachel   Pg: 154 (ALL) Pg: 170 (ALL) Pg: 223 (ALL)
ASHER  Richea (Rycha)   Pg: 154 (ALL) Pg: 170 (ALL) Pg: 311 (ALL)
(m. 1695, N. Y.)
ASHER  Rycha (see Asher, Richea (Rycha))  
ASHER  Sarah (Sorlah) Myers   Pg: 221 (ALL)
ASHER  Sophye Davidson   Pg: 71 (ALL)
ASHER  Sorlah Myers (see Asher, Sarah (Sorlah) Myers)  
ASHIM  Mathilda Adelaide Jacobi   Pg: 117 (ALL)
ASHIM  Simon   Pg: 117 (ALL)
ASHMORE  Ruth   Pg: 27 (ALL)
ASHTON  Caroline N.   Pg: 80 (ALL)
ASKEN  Doris   Pg: 90 (ALL)
ASQUITH  Anne Marie Celestine Palairet   Pg: 79 (ALL)
ASQUITH  Clare Herpetoa Frances   Pg: 79 (ALL)
ASQUITH  Julian Edward George (1st Earl of Oxford)   Pg: 79 (ALL)
ASQUITH  Katherine Rose Celestine   Pg: 79 (ALL)
ASQUITH  Mary Annunziata   Pg: 79 (ALL)
ASTOR  Larue   Pg: 335B (ALL)
ATCHISON  Charles   Pg: 37 (ALL)
ATCHISON  Juanita Sallie Davis   Pg: 37 (ALL)
ATCHISON  Sallie   Pg: 37 (ALL)
ATKIN  Alfred   Pg: 15 (ALL)
ATKIN  Alfred, Jr.   Pg: 15 (ALL)
(b. 1949)
ATKIN  Mary Aufsesser   Pg: 15 (ALL)
ATKIN  Michael John   Pg: 15 (ALL)
(b. 1944)
ATKIN  Nelley Everett Keyser   Pg: 140 (ALL)
ATKIN  Peter W.   Pg: 140 (ALL)
ATKIN  Thomas   Pg: 15 (ALL)
(b. 1947)
ATKINS  James   Pg: 237 (ALL)
ATKINS  Johannah Lee Barnbaum Brown   Pg: 237 (ALL)
ATKINS  Susan V.   Pg: 276 (ALL)
ATKINSON  Calder   Pg: 329A (ALL)
ATKINSON  Helen Josephine Phillips   Pg: 245 (ALL)
ATKINSON  Henry Gladstone   Pg: 245 (ALL)
ATKINSON  Jackie Stockard (see Atkinson, Mary Johnson (Jackie) Stockard)  
ATKINSON  Margaret (Margo)   Pg: 329A (ALL)
ATKINSON  Margo (see Atkinson, Margaret (Margo))  
ATKINSON  Mary   Pg: 29 (ALL)
ATKINSON  Mary Calder   Pg: 329A (ALL)
ATKINSON  Mary Fullerton Calder   Pg: 329A (ALL)
ATKINSON  Mary Johnson (Jackie) Stockard   Pg: 329A (ALL)
ATKINSON  William Mayo   Pg: 329A (ALL)
ATKINSON  William Mayo, Jr.   Pg: 329A (ALL)
ATWATER  Susan   Pg: 112 (ALL)
ATWELL  Maude   Pg: 111 (ALL)
AUB  Fannie   Pg: 306 (ALL)
AUBERT  Aristide Louis   Pg: 201 (ALL)
AUBERT  Caroline Alice   Pg: 201 (ALL)
AUBERT  Caroline Gertrude Mordecai   Pg: 201 (ALL)
AUBERT  Edward Randolph Mordecai   Pg: 201 (ALL)
AUBERT  Helen Gertrude   Pg: 201 (ALL)
AUDLER  E. M.   Pg: 74 (ALL)
AUDLER  Helene Barnett   Pg: 74 (ALL)
AUDLER  Rosina Florance   Pg: 74 (ALL)
AUDLER  Sol   Pg: 16 (ALL)
AUDLER  Solomon   Pg: 16 (ALL) Pg: 74 (ALL)
AUERBACH  Benjamin   Pg: 261 (ALL)
AUERBACH  Carolyn Tim   Pg: 295 (ALL)
AUERBACH  Clara   Pg: 89 (ALL)
AUERBACH  Dewey   Pg: 295 (ALL)
AUERBACH  Erwin   Pg: 104 (ALL)
AUERBACH  Helen   Pg: 104 (ALL)
AUERBACH  Helen Hays   Pg: 104 (ALL)
AUERBACH  Patty Pollitz   Pg: 91 (ALL)
AUERBACH  Rita Guggenheimer   Pg: 89 (ALL)
AUERBACH  Robert H.   Pg: 91 (ALL)
AUERBACH  Warren   Pg: 89 (ALL)
AUFSESSER  Adelaide Marks   Pg: 15 (ALL)
AUFSESSER  Alma Isenberg   Pg: 15 (ALL)
AUFSESSER  Bertram   Pg: 15 (ALL)
(b. 1886)
AUFSESSER  Bess De Beer   Pg: 15 (ALL)
AUFSESSER  Dorothy   Pg: 15 (ALL)
(b. 1915)
AUFSESSER  Eleanor Spear   Pg: 15 (ALL)
AUFSESSER  Elizabeth   Pg: 15 (ALL)
(b. 1921)
AUFSESSER  Elsa   Pg: 15 (ALL)
AUFSESSER  Elsa   Pg: 15 (ALL)
AUFSESSER  Ethel Levy   Pg: 15 (ALL)
AUFSESSER  Ferd   Pg: 11 (ALL) Pg: 15 (ALL)
(b. 1914)
AUFSESSER  Ferd M.   Pg: 15 (ALL)
AUFSESSER  Gates   Pg: 15 (ALL)
(b. 1888)
AUFSESSER  Helen   Pg: 15 (ALL)
(b. 1892)
AUFSESSER  Jane   Pg: 15 (ALL)
(b. 1922)
AUFSESSER  Jeanette   Pg: 15 (ALL)
(b. 1882)
AUFSESSER  Kenneth   Pg: 15 (ALL)
(b. 1953)
AUFSESSER  Mary   Pg: 15 (ALL)
(b. 1920)
AUFSESSER  Mollie Barnet   Pg: 15 (ALL)
AUFSESSER  Molly   Pg: 15 (ALL)
(b. 1924)
AUFSESSER  Moses   Pg: 15 (ALL)
AUFSESSER  Nanette Lehman   Pg: 15 (ALL)
AUFSESSER  Paula   Pg: 15 (ALL)
(b. 1943)
AUFSESSER  Peter   Pg: 15 (ALL)
(b. 1947)
AUFSESSER  Rena   Pg: 15 (ALL)
(b. 1880)
AUGUST  Charles   Pg: 292 (ALL)
AUGUST  Madeline Friedman   Pg: 292 (ALL)
AULDJO  Susan Maria   Pg: 96 (ALL)
AURIEMA  Isabella   Pg: 245 (ALL)
AUST  Carrie Oppenheimer   Pg: 239 (ALL)
AUST  John William   Pg: 239 (ALL)
AUSTIN  Catheryn   Pg: 107 (ALL)
AUSTIN  Fannie Wintz   Pg: 52 (ALL)
AVERITT  Henry G.   Pg: 269 (ALL)
AVERITT  Sarah E Sheftall   Pg: 269 (ALL)
AVERY  Elizabeth Harby   Pg: 93 (ALL)
AVERY  Helen   Pg: 176 (ALL)
AVERY  Peter   Pg: 325A (ALL)
AVERY  Rachel Hays   Pg: 325A (ALL)
AVERY  Sara L   Pg: 80 (ALL)
AVERY  Sarah   Pg: 312B (ALL)
(m. Jul. 7, 1927)
AVERY  William   Pg: 93 (ALL)
AVEZZANO  Manuella Jackson   Pg: 13 (ALL) Pg: 129 (ALL)
AVEZZANO  Peppins   Pg: 129 (ALL)
(d. 1926)
AXLER  Anne   Pg: 327B (ALL)
AYERS  Mary   Pg: 313A (ALL)
AYERS  Minnie Hanff   Pg: 313A (ALL)
AYERS  Raymond   Pg: 313A (ALL)
AYERS  Robert   Pg: 313A (ALL)
AYLESWORTH  Andrew J.   Pg: 312B (ALL)
(m. Oct. 14, 1855)
AYLESWORTH  Sarah L Russell   Pg: 312B (ALL)
AYMER  Alexander L   Pg: 227 (ALL)
AYMER  Ann   Pg: 227 (ALL)
AYMER  May Rose Nathan   Pg: 227 (ALL)
AYMOND  Josephine   Pg: 195 (ALL)
AZEVEDO  See D'Azevedo  
AZUBY  Abraham   Pg: 13 (ALL)
AZUBY  Esther   Pg: 13 (ALL)
AZULAY  Rachel   Pg: 51 (ALL)