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Adolphus S. Solomons, Reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln, The American Hebrew 84 (12 February 1909): 386-387, 394.
It is well known how keen was his sense of humor
Adolphus Solomons was a prominent businessman in Washington, D.C., co-owner of the publishing house Philip & Solomons. Additionally, he was one of the founders of the American Jewish Historical Society and cofounder with Clara Barton of the American Association of the Red Cross. Solomons' work in Washington brought him into contact with President Abraham Lincoln, and in 1909 he published his personal recollections of the president in The American Hebrew.

Solomons chose to publish little incidents and anecdotes of his personal experiences with Lincoln as so much of Lincoln's history had already been printed. The majority of the article focused on Lincoln's sense of humor, although Solomons also described Lincoln's compassion for the South after his visit to Richmond after its surrender in 1865. Solomons concluded with a description of the sitting of Lincoln's last photograph, taken a few weeks before his assassination at Solomons' photograph gallery.

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