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Bertram W. Korn Papers

Manuscript Collection No. 99

1938-1979. 19.2 Linear ft.

The BERTRAM W. KORN PAPERS were donated to the American Jewish Archives 
by the Estate of Bertram W. Korn in November, 1980.

Property rights have been assigned to the American Jewish Archives. All 
literary rights to materials authored by Bertram Korn are held by the 
Korn heirs. Literary rights to materials authored by others are held by the 
individual author or his/her heirs. Questions concerning rights should 
be addressed to the Director of the American Jewish Archives.

The BERTRAM W. KORN PAPERS are open to all users. The original manuscript 
collection is available in the reading room of the American Jewish 


Bertram Wallace Korn was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October
6, 1918 to Manuel and Blanche (Bergman) Korn. He attended the University of
Pennsylvania and Cornell University prior to earning his A.B. degree, with
honors, from the University of Cincinnati in 1936. In 1943, Korn received an
M.H.L. degree from and was ordained rabbi by the Hebrew Union College-Jewish
Institute of Religion in Cincinnati. In 1949 he earned a D.H.L. degree from
the College-Institute.

Following his ordination, Korn became rabbi at the Government Street
Temple in Mobile, Alabama. he remained there until the next year, 1944, when
he entered the U.S. Navy as a lieutenant in the chaplaincy. He served first at
Marine Corps bases in California then was assigned to the China theatre with
the 1st and 6th Marine Divisions.

Korn's entrance into the chaplaincy began a long involvement with the
military that culminated on July 1, 1975 when he was promoted to Rear Admiral
in the Chaplains Corps, U.S. Naval Reserve. He was the first Jewish chaplain
to obtain flag rank in any of the United States armed forces.

Following his return from overseas duty, Korn, in 1946, returned to HUC-JIR 
in Cincinnati to work on his doctorate and serve as assistant professor of
American Jewish history from 1948-1949.

In 1949 Korn became the senior rabbi at Reform Congregation Keneseth
Israel in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, the same congregation where he was
confirmed. He remained there as senior rabbi until his death in 1979.

Korn remained active as a historian throughout his rabbinical career. In
1962 he was named visiting professor of American Jewish history at HUC-JIR,
New York and was named to the same position in 1970 at Dropsie University in
Philadelphia. He authored 12 books on American Jewish History, the most known
of which was his 1951 work, American Jewry and the Civil War, acclaimed as the
definitive work on the subject.

Other books by Korn include: The Jews of Mobile, Alabama, 1763-1841
(1971); Benjamin Levy: New Orleans Printer and Publisher (1961); Jews and
Negro Slavery in the Old South, 1789-1865 (1961); The American Reaction to the
Mortara Case: 1858-1859 (1957); and The Early Jews of New Orleans (1969).

Korn was also active in communal and organizational affairs. Some of his
activities included being a president of the American Historical Society, a
board member of the Federation of Jewish Agencies of Greater Philadelphia, a
member of the board of governors of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
in Philadelphia, a member of the President's Commission on the Observance of
the 25th Anniversary of the United Nations, and a member of the executive
board of the Central Conference of American Rabbis.

Korn received many awards and honors during his lifetime. He received
honorary degrees from Temple University, Delaware Valley College, HUC-JIR and
Dropsie University. His military awards included the China Service Medal,
American Theatre Ribbon, World War II Victory Medal, Naval Reserve Medal and
Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal.

Dr. Korn had two children: Judith Carole and Bertram Wallace, Jr. He died
in New Orleans, on December 11, 1979 at the age of 61.


The BERTRAM W. KORN PAPERS describe the dual careers of Dr. Bertram W.
Korn as rabbi and historian. The collection consists mainly of research
materials and notes of Korn, plus some correspondence, sermons, and personal
items. The Papers are divided into two series: 

			   Sub-Series 1. Correspondence
			   Sub-Series 2. Writings
			   Sub-Series 3. General

The RESEARCH MATERIALS series consists of thirty-nine Hollinger boxes of
documents, notes, correspondence, photographs, clippings and miscellaneous
items used by Korn in the research and writing of his many books and articles.
The materials are arranged alphabetically by the headings given them by Korn.
The materials within each folder are not necessarily arranged in any specific
order. Due to the nature of this series, no span dates have been assigned.
Access to some of the more important subjects and individuals may be made
through the Box and Folder List.

The PERSONAL (1938-1979) series Sub-Series 1. Correspondence consists of
two Hollinger boxes of correspondence arranged alphabetically by the name of
the person or organization. Letters are arranged chronologically within the
each folder. Sub-Series 2. Writings consists of two and one-half Hollinger
boxes of manuscripts. Sub-Series 3. General consists of four Hollinger boxes 
and one oversize box of appointment books, financial papers, notes and miscellaneous
items. This Sub-Series also contains six files of correspondence dealing with a
bicentennial festschrift for Dr. Jacob R. Marcus that was planned, compiled
and edited by Korn. The oversize box contains diplomas and awards of Korn.


Box  Folder    Contents


1    1         Aaron, Samuel
     2         Abolitionism
     3         Adersbach, Gerson
     4         Adler Family (Jews of New Orleans)
     5         Aereon Corp. 1964-70
     6         Alabama: Encyclopedia article
     7         Albany, N.Y.: History of Reform Judaism in Albany
     8         Allen, Michael: Diary and Sermons
     9         Alschuler, Samuel 1961-1978, n.d.
     10        American Jewish Archives: Also see Marcus, Jacob R.
                    in Series B; Sub-Series 1.
     11        American Jewish Committee
     12        American Jewish Congress: Korn's articles on Jewish
                    Contributions to American Life
     13        "American Jewish History": Korn's lecture notes for
                    Ministers' Institute
     14        "American Jewish Life in 1849"
     15        "American Jewish Life A Century Ago-1849"
     16        "American Jewish Local History: Retrospect and Prospect"
     17        American Jewish Tercentary (1954)

2    1         American Jewry and the Civil War-Personal Correspondence
     2         American Jewry and the Civil War-Reviews
     3         American Religious History-Notes and articles
     4         Andrews and Brothers
     5         Anti-Semitism: General
     6         Arias, David Dias
     7         Association for the Relief of Jewish Widows and Orphans
     8         Baldwin, Roger
     9         Baltimore Hebrew College Convocation, 1972
     10        Baltimore, Maryland-History of Organized Judaism
                    in Baltimore
     11        "Barbadian Jewish Wills-1676-1740"-Korn
     12        Barbados: A History of Jewish Colonization of Barbados
     13        Baron, Salo
     14        Belisario, Isaac Mendez (Jamaica)
     15        Belmonte, Don Manuel (Slavery)

3    1         Benjamin, Judah P.
     2         Benjamin, Judah P.-Speeches in the U.S. Senate
     3         Benjamin, Judah P.-As a Jew
     4         Benjamin, Judah P.-Letters
     5         Berkowitz, Henry
     6         Berman, Myron
     7         Bernfeld, Simeon
     8         Bettan, Simeon
     9         Bibliography (American-Jewish)
     10        Bicentennial: Jewish Contributions and Achievements
     11        Black Code: Jewish Persecution in Louisiana
     12        Blacks: Jewish Blacks in the Caribbean
     13        Blacks: Jewish Relations (Contemporary)
     14        Blacks: Slavery
     15        Bloch, Joseph
     16        Blumenberg, Leopold
     17        Blumenthal, Walter
     18        B'nai B'rith Activities

4    1         Boatner Family
     2         Bodenheim, Jonas
     3         Bodenheimer, E.M.
     4         Bondi, August (Involvement in Slavery)
     5         Bondi, Jonas
     6         Book Reviews
     7         Bookplate
     8         Boston, Mass.: "The American Scene in 1854." Article
                    written in Honor of Centennial of Temple Israel-Korn
     9         Boston, Mass.: The Jewish Community 1840-1870
     10        Brandeis, Louis D.
     11        Brov Family
     12        Bush (Busch), Isidor
     13        Calder, William
     14        Cardozo Family
     15        Carvalho, Solomon Nunes: Korn's Revised Introduction
                    to Incidents of Travel and Adventure in the Far West
     16        Carvalho, Solomon Nunes (Private Correspondence and
     17        Carvalho, Solomon Nunes (Research Correspondence and
                    Miscellaneous Notes)
     18        Cass, Lewis: Department of State: Mortara Case
     19        Chandler, Robert J.

5    1         Chaplaincy: Jewish-Civil War
     2         Chaplaincy: Contemporary
     3         Chimenes, H.
     4         China (Jews)
     5         Christian Science
     6         Church and State and American Jews: 18th Century
     7         Civil War: American Jewry and the Civil War
     8         Civil War: Anti-Semitism

6    1         Civil War: Charitable and Philanthropic Enterprises by
                    Jewish Community
     2         Civil War: Jewish Patriotism
     3         Civil War: Jewish Periodicals
     4         Civil War: Jewish Soldiery
     5         Civil War: Jews and General Order No. 11 (12)
     6         Civil War: Rabbis
     7         Claiborne, William C.C.
     8         Cohen, Caroline
     9         Cohen, Elizabeth Magnus
     10        Cohen, Joshua J.
     11        Cohen, Marx E.
     12        Cohen, Myer M. (New Orleans)
     13        Cohen, S.E.
     14        Cohen, Simon M. (Battle of New Orleans)
     15        Cohen, Solomon: (Savannah, Georgia)
     16        Cohn, Joseph
     17        Columbia, South Carolina: History of Judaism
     18        Columbus, Ohio: History of Judaism
     19        Confirmations: Congregation Beth Israel-Hartford, Conn.
     20        Congregationalists
     21        Conservative Judaism
     22        Corner Stone: Solomon Jacobs
     23        Corvo, Baron
     24        Cousins, Norman
     25        Cresson, Warder
     26        Crusade of the Jews
     27        Daroff, Samuel H.
     28        Da Silva, Mendes
     29        Davis, George Sr.

7    1         De Cordova, Aaron
     2         De Cordova Family
     3         De Corcova, Haham: Article by Korn
     4         De Cordova, Jacob
     5         De Cordova, Phineas
     6         De Cordova, Raphael
     7         De Leon, Edwin
     8         De Leon, Perry M.
     9         De Leon, Thomas Cooper
     10        Demographics: American Jewish
     11        Detroit, Michigan: History of Judaism in Detroit
     12        Devall, Richard
     13        Disraeli, Isaac

8    1         Dow, Robert
     2         Dreyfus, A.
     3         Dropsie, Moses
     4         Dropsie University
     5         Dropsie University: Courses taught by Korn
     6         Duels and Dueling
     7         Duvall, Charles
     8         Dyer, Leon
     9         Eckman, Julius
     10        Eckstein, David
     11        Education (Jews in the South)
     12        Einhorn, David
     13        Emanuel, Baruch M.
     14        Emanuel, Jonathan M.
     15        Emanuel, Manley
     16        Entrepaneurships (Jewish)-Mobile, Alabama
     17        Epstein, Isaac
     18        "Fact and Fiction in the American Jewish Experience"
                    Lecture 1974; Hartford, Conn.
     19        Fastio, Isaac
     20        Federation of Jewish Charities
     21        Feibelman, Uriah
     22        Felsenthal, Bernhard
     23        Femmie, Jacob
     24        Fischel, Walter J.
     25        Fleisher Family
     26        Florance Family
     27        Florida Bicentennial Commission Symposium-"Jews in
                    Eighteenth Century West Florida
     28        Fluegel, Maurice
     29        Forsyth, Alice D.
     30        Frankel, Jacob
     31        Franko, Sam
     32        Free Religious Association and Isaac Mayer Wise
     33        Fr‚mont, John Charles
     34        Friede, Meyer
     35        Friedlander, Albert H.
     36        Friedman, Newton J.
     37        Future of American Judaism
     38        Gauss, Isaac
     39        Geiger, Abraham
     40        German Jewry in Philadelphia

9    1         Goldberg, David
     2         Goldsmith, Ferdinand
     3         Goldsmith, Isaac
     4         Goldstein Family
     5         Gomez, Benjamin (and Judah, Naphtali)
     6         Goodman, Daniel
     7         Gottheil, Gustav
     8         Gotthelf, Bernhard
     9         Gottschalk, Louis Moreau
     10        Gradis Family
     11        Grant, Ulysess S.-Article in Judaica by Korn
     12        Gratz, Benjamin: Transylvania University
     13        Gratz College: Hyman Gratz
     14        Gratz, Elizabeth
     15        Gratz, Hyman
     16        Gratz, Jacob
     17        Gratz, Rebecca
     18        Gratz, Robert Henry
     19        "Great Events in American Jewish History"-Korn's address
                    to the Jewish Historical Society of St. Louis, 1970
     20        Greenberg, Leonard A.
     21        Gupp, Samuel
     22        Gutheim, Emilie Jones
     23        Gutheim, James K.
     24        Hakluyt Society
     25        Hall, E.T.
     26        Harby Family
     27        Harby, George Washington
     28        Harby, Levy Charles
     29        Harby, Samuel
     30        Hart, Abraham
     31        Hart, Bernard
     32        Hart, Emanuel B.
     33        Hart, Henry

10   1         Hart, Isaac
     2         Hart, Jacob
     3         Hart, Joselph A.
     4         Hart, Samuel
     5         Hastings, Henry
     6         Hayes, Rutherford B.
     7         Hebrew-American Republican League
     8         Hebrew and Secular Schools
     9         Hebrew Relief Association
     10        Hebrew Union College: Courses Taught by Korn
     11        Hebrew Union College-Department of Human Relations     
     12        Hebrew Union College: Documentation of Its Organization
                    The American Israelite 1975
     13        Hebrew Union College: Korn's class work 1939-1949
     14        Hebrew Union College Monthly: Korn's articles
     15        Hermann, Samuel-and family (research notes and 
     16        Hershman, Morris
     17        Heustis, Rachel Lyon
     18        Hirsch, Samuel
     19        History of American Jewry Pamphlets
     20        History of the Jews in the South-proposal for a book
     21        Hordes, Stanley M.
     22        Hyams, Henry M.
     23        Hyams, Samuel

11   1         Illustrations
     2         Inquirer Column Ideas
     3         Insurance Discrimination (1867)
     4         Isaacs, Myer S.
     5         Israel, John
     6         Israelite The American: Korn's Articles
     7         Jackson, Mississippi: History of Jewry
     8         Jacobs, George
     9         Jacobs, Henry
     10        Jacobs, Manis (New Orleans)
     11        Jacobs, Samuel and Levi
     12        Jaeger, Abraham
     13        Jamaica: History of Judaism in Jamaica
     14        Jamaica: Korn's correspondence

12   1         Jamaican Jewish Wills (A)
     2         Jamaican Jewish Wills (B)
     3         Jewish/Catholic Reparte‚
     4         Jewish Emigration to U.S.
     5         Jewish Exponent
     6         Jewish Historical Dates
     7         Jewish Messenger
     8         "Jewish Nation"-In What Sense?
     9         Jewish Political Power (Jewish Disabilities Talk,
                    March 11, 1973)
     10        Jewish Professions in 19th Century America
     11        Jewish Publication Society

13   1         Jewish Slave Owners in the Old South-last wills of
     2         Jewish Social Studies
     3         Jewish Unity: "The Struggle for American Jewish Unity"
     4         Jews and America: A Bicentennial Perspective
     5         Jews and Blacks (Young Affair, 1979)
     6         Jews and the Know Nothing Movement
     7         Jews and Literary Pursuits in the Old South
     8         Jews and Negro Slavery in the Old South (1789-1865):
     9         Jews and Reconstruction: 1865-1877
     10        Jews (Black)
     11        Jews in the Age of Discovery
     12        Jews of New Orleans (Prior to Judah Touro)
     13        Joachimsen, Philip J.
     14        Joel, Joseph A.
     15        Jonas, Abraham
     16        Jonas, Benjamin
     17        Jonas, Edwin A.
     18        Jonas Family

14   1         Jonas, Joseph
     2         Jonas, Rosalie
     3         Jonas, Sidney Alroy
     4         Jones, Israel I.
     5         Jones, John B.
     6         Joseph, Augustine
     7         Joseph, Philip
     8         Josephs, Peter Colt
     9         Judah, Emanuel
     10        Judah, Naphtali (see also, Gomez, Benjamin)
     11        Judah, Samuel  
     12        Judaica-Ph.D's trained through 1975
     13        Judaism in America: "Foundations of Religious Liberty"
     14        Kabakoff, Jacob
     15        Kakeles, Seligman
     16        Kehilath Anshe Mayriv Community House and Chapel-
                    Chicago, Illinois
     17        Keneseth Israel: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
     18        Knefler Family
     19        Kohn, Carl
     20        Kohn, Joachim and Samuel (New Orleans): Heine
                    Family included

15   1         Kokernot Family
     2         Koppler, Lucas
     3         Korn's University Essays
     4         Krauskopf, Joseph
     5         Krueger, Michael P.
     6         Kursheedt, Gershom
     7         Labatt Family
     8         Ladies Hebrew Benevolent Society
     9         Lafleur, Henrique
     10        Lamm, Maurice
     11        Lange Family (New Orleans)
     12        Lasarus, A.
     13        Lazarus Family
     14        Leavenworth, Kansas (Synagogue Dedication)

16   1         Leeser, Isaac (Personal correspondence)
     2         Leeser, Isaac (Research notes)
     3         Lefkowitz, David
     4         Lejeune, Alexandre
     5         Levy, Benjamin (Research correspondence and notes)
     6         Levy, Benjamin and Alexander (Printing work)
     7         Levy, Chapman
     8         Levy, Cheme E.
     9         Levy, Eugene H.
     10        Levy, I.E.
     11        Levy, Isaac
     12        Levy, Isabel Adeline Moses
     13        Levy, Jacob A.
     14        Levy, Louis
     15        Levy, L. Yates
     16        Levy, Nathan
     17        Levy, Samuel Yates
     18        Levy, Uriah P.
     19        Lewis, David-Family
     20        Liberal Judaism: Korn's Publications
     21        Lincoln, Abraham: Relationshipt with Jews

17   1         Lindo, Abraham Alexander
     2         Lit Family
     3         Littman, Lewis C.
     4         Loeb, Daniel
     5         Long, Carol H.
     6         Lopez, Aaron (Mobile, Alabama)
     7         Lopez, David
     8         Lopez, Duarte
     9         Louisiana: Article for Judaica-Korn
     10        Lowenthal, Henry
     11        Lyon, Peter
     12        Lyon, Robert
     13        Lyons, Isaac M.
     14        Lyons, J.J.
     15        Mahler, Gustav
     16        Maimonides College
     17        Mansfield, Ohio: Temple Emanuel
     18        Marks, Albert J. (New Orleans)
     19        Marks, Elias (South Carolina)
     20        Marks, Isaac N. (New Orleans)
     21        Marks, J.B.
     22        Marx, Henry
     23        Masonry (Jews and)
     24        Mayer, Maurice

18   1         "Meaning of American Jewish Experience"-
                    article by Korn
     2         Medicine and Welfare
     3         Memphis, Tennessee: Jews and the Civil War
     4         Mendelssohn, Moses
     5         Mendelsohn, Samuel
     6         Mendes-France, David
     7         Mendes, Solomons, Israel, Palacios
     8         Mendola, Antoine
     9         Meyer, Isaac
     10        Michelbacher, M.J.
     11        Minis Family
     12        Mississippi: History of Judaism
     13        Mobile, Alabama-Congregations
     14        Mobile, Alabama (Correspondence 1957-1973)
     15        Mobile, Alabama-Jews of, prior to organization of 1st
                    congregation in 1841
     16        Mobile, Alabama-Judaism after 1841

19   1         Mobile, Alabama-Notes and documents
     2         Mobile, Alabama-Miscellaneous
     3         Moise, Edwin Warren (M.D.) of New Orleans
     4         Monsanto, Benjamin (Early Jews of Louisiana)
     5         Monsanto Family of New Orleans (Documents
     6         Monsanto Family of New Orleans (Documents
     7         Monsanto Family of New Orleans (Documents
     8         Monsanto Family of New Orleans (Documents
     9         Monsanto Family of New Orleans (Documents

20   1         Monsanto Family of New Orleans (Documents
     2         Monsanto Family of New Orleans (Documents
                    1800 f.f.)
     3         Monsanto, Gracia (widow of Thomas Topham)
                    (Early Jews of Louisiana)
     4         Monsanto, Isaac (Early Jews of Louisiana)
     5         Monsanto, Jacob and Manuel (Early Jews of Louisiana)
     6         Monsanto, Julien-Dias (Early Jews of Louisiana)
     7         Monsanto, Leonora (Early Jews of Louisiana)
     8         Monsanto, Unclassified additional materials
     9         Monsanto, Urquhart and Dow Branches
                    (Early Jews of Louisiana
     10        Montefiore, Moses (Biographical material)

21   1         Montefiore, Moses (correspondence)
     2         Montefiore, Moses: Korn's correspondence and a 
                    check-list Monograph on Montefiore's Memorials
     3         Montefiore, Moses: Research material
     4         Montefiore (Congregation) Las Vegas, N.M.
     5         Montgomery, Alabama: Earliest Judaism
     6         Morais, Sabato
     7         Mordecai, Abraham M.

22   1         Mordecai, B.-Slaves
     2         Mordecai Family (Mobile, Alabama)
     3         Mordecai Family: Correspondence and documents
                    (Mobile, Alabama)
     4         Mordecai Family: Correspondence (Mobile, Alabama)
     5         Mordecai, Jacob D.
     6         Mordecai, Moses C. (Mobile, Alabama)
     7         Mordecai, Samuel of Mobile, Alabama
     8         Mordecai, Dr. Solomon of Mobile, Alabama
     9         Mortara Case: Catholic Reaction
     10        Mortara, Edgar: Kidnapping Case-1858
     11        Moses, A.J.
     12        Moss, John
     13        Mozan, Louis
     14        Myers, Abraham Charles
     15        Myers, Mordecai

23   1         Myers, Samuel (Pensacola)
     2         Myers Letters (Holmes/Vicars)
     3         Natchez, Mississippi: History of Judaism
     4         Nathan, Asher Moses
     5         Nathan, Rev. M.N.
     6         National Historical Publications Commission
     7         New Orleans: Birth and Death Book Records
     8         New Orleans: Congregations
     9         New Orleans: Contemporary
     10        New Orleans (Early Jews of) (Correspondence 1940-1964)
     11        New Orleans (Early Jews of) (Correspondence 1965)

24   1         New Orleans (Early Jews of) (Correspondence 1966)
     2         New Orleans (Early Jews of) (Correspondence 1967)
     3         New Orleans (Early Jews of) (Correspondence 1968)
     4         New Orleans (Early Jews of) (Correspondence 1969)

25   1         New Orleans (Early Jews of) (Correspondence 1970-1971)
     2         New Orleans (Early Jews of) (Correspondence 1972-1973)
     3         New Orleans (Early Jews of) (Correspondence 1973-1979
                    & undated)
     4         New Orleans (Early Jews of) (Illustrations and photos)
     5         New Orleans (Early Jews of) (Misc. Names, Lists, Documents)

26   1         New Orleans (Early Jews of) (Misc. Names, Lists, Documents)
     2         New Orleans (Early Jews of) (Misc. Names, Lists, Personal
     3         New Orleans (Early Jews of) (Promotion)
     4         New Orleans (Early Jews of) (Publication Mechanics and
                    Pre-Publication Criticisms)
     5         New Orleans (Early Jews of) (Reviews)
     6         New Orleans (Early Jews of) (Sales and autograph requests)

27   1         New Orleans (Early Jews of) Slavery Research
     2         New Orleans (Guides, Maps, Pictures)
     3         New Orleans: History of Judaism-Miscellaneous Essays
     4         New Orleans-Vital Statistics (St. Louis, Catheral)
     5         Newton, A. Edward
     6         New York-Temple Emanuel
     7         New York-Temple Emanuel Theological Seminary
     8         Noah, Mordecai M.
     9         Nones, Benjamin
     10        Ohio Biographical Dictionary of Authors
     11        Oppenheim Family
     12        de Paiva, Jaques
     13        Pember, Phoebe Yates
     14        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: "History of Judaism"-by Korn
     15        Philadelphia Rabbinical Conference-1869

28   1         Philipson, David
     2         Phillip, Alexander and Isaac
     3         Phillips, Abraham
     4         Phillips, Alexander (Asher)
     5         Phillips, Eugenia
     6         Phillips, Isaac
     7         Phillips, Naftali
     8         Phillips, Phillip
     9         Phillips, Rachel Rosalie
     10        Picard Family-Alabama
     11        Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: The Role of Jews in Civic Life
     12        Pool, David de Sola
     13        Poznanski, Gustavus
     14        Prayers Offered by Jews in 19th Century Legislatures
     15        Prayers Offered by Rabbis in Contemporary Legislatures
     16        Proffit, George
     17        Proskauer, Adolph
     18        Proskauer, John & Family

29   1         Psychiatry-Child Rearing
     2         Raphael, Samuel
     3         Raphall, Morris
     4         Real Estate, 1805
     5         Reform Judaism
     6         Refugees/Immigration 1938-40/n.d.
     7         Religious Education
     8         Research for German-Jewish Influence in America
     9         Research Projects-Ideas for Studies
     10        Rice, Abraham J.-Baltimore, Maryland
     11        Richmond, Va.: History of Judaism
     12        Richter, John Henry
     13        Rochester, New York: Jewish Community During Civil War
     14        Rodef Shalom Congregation-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
     15        Rose, Herbert A.
     16        Rosenbaum, Jonathan
     17        Rosenthal, Arndt
     18        Rothman, Murray I.
     19        Rudolph Lecture-Syracuse, N.Y.
     20        Rush, Benjamin
     21        Sacerdote Family
     22        Sacramento, California: Early Judaism
     23        St. Louis-Jewish Cemeteries
     24        Salas, Abram E.
     25        Salomon Family

30   1         Salvador, Francis
     2         San Francisco, California: History of Judaism
     3         Sarner, Ferdinand
     4         Schappes, Morris
     5         Schiff, E.L.
     6         Schiff Family
     7         Schinedling, Abraham I.
     8         Schlesinger, Sigmund
     9         Schoyer, Solomon
     10        Schwab, Jacob (Genealogy)
     11        Scott, Edwin J.
     12        Seligman, Joseph and William
     13        Selma, Alabama: Early Jews of
     14        Semenoff, E.: The Russian Government and the Massacres-
                    A Review
     15        Sephardic Studies
     16        Sermons and Address (Miscellaneous)-Korn
     17        Services-Special Themes
     18        "Settlers, Other Jewish Before 1815"-Korn
     19        Shepherd, Rezin D.
     20        Simms, William Gilmore

31   1         Slavery: Jewish Participation in-1450-1860 C.E.-Bibliography
     2         Slavery: Jewish Participation in-1450-2860 C.E.-Correspondence 1970-1975
     3         Slavery: Jewish Participation in-1450-1860 C.E.-Documentation
     4         Slavery: Jewish Participation in-1450-1860 C.E.-Foreign
                    Language Materials
     5         Slavery: Jewish Participation in-1450-1860 C.E. "Jews in the 
                    Slave Trade in the Americas"-Korn
     6         Slavery: Jewish Participation in-1450-1860 C.E.-Korn's notes

32   1         Slavery: Jewish Participation in-1450-1860 C.E.-Korn's notes
     2         "Slavery and Abolitionism"-Korn
     3         Smith, G.W.P.
     4         Society of Concord-Syracuse, N.Y. 1964
     5         Solis, Jacob S.
     6         Solis, Manuel  
     7         Solomon, Adolph
     8         Solomon, Ezekiel
     9         Solomon, Henry
     10        Solomon, Joseph
     11        Solomons, Adolphus S.
     12        Solomons, Samuel
     13        Sonnenschein, Solomon H.
     14        Soria Family (Natchez, Miss.)
     15        Souza Family (New Orleans)
     16        Soviet Jewry
     17        Spanish American War
     18        Spitzer, Benjamin
     19        Stern, Julius
     20        Sterne, Adolphus
     21        Strauss, Isidore

33   1         Tessier, Charles
     2         Texas: Early Jews of
     3         Theater Notices
     4         Tim, B.L. (Philadelphia and Mobile)
     5         Tolstoi, Leo: "A Visit to Tolstoi at Yasnaya Polyana"
                    -L. Bramson
     6         Tombstones
     7         Touro, Judah
     8-9       Unidentified Materials
     10        Unidentified Non-English Notes and Documents
     11        "Union of American Hebrew Congregations"
                    Encyclopedia Judaica-Korn
     12        Universal Jewish Encyclopedia
     13        Vicksburg, Mississippi: History of Judaism
     14        Virgin Islands: History of Judaism
     15        Vorspan, Max
     16        Wachs, Saul

34   1         Warburg, Eugene and Daniel
     2         Washington, D.C.: History of Judaism
     3         Weil, Louis
     4         Wells, Ken
     5         Wise, Isaac Mayer
     6         Wolf, Arnold J.
     7         Wood, John: History of the Administration of John Adams,
                    New York 1802
     8         Yulee, David Levy
     9         Zacharie, Samuel Issachar
     10        Zedek, Dorshay
     11        Zimmerman, Solomon
     12        Zionism

35   1         Nearprint
     2-4       Notes (miscellaneous)
     5-6       Reference cards

36   1-6       Reference cards

37   1-6       Reference cards

38   1-6       Reference cards

39   1-6       Reference cards


Sub-Series 1. Correspondence

40   1-5       American Jewish Historical Society 1963-1980

     6         Central Conference of American Rabbis 1945-1971
     7         Chaplaincy 1944-1960
     8         Correspondence-Miscellaneous
     9         Encyclopedia Judaica 1966-1970-n.d.

41   1         Korn Family/Children/Parents/Wife
     2         Korn, Manuel (Bertram Korn's father)
     3         Marcus, Jacob R., 1945-1978, n.d.
     4         Mobile, Ala.-Personal Correspondence
     5         Morgenstern, Julian, 1944-1945
     6         Snow, Lord Charles P., 1959-1970, n.d.

Sub-Series 2. Writings

42   1-4       American Jewry: The Formative Years (manuscript)

43   1-3       Eventful Years and Experiences (manuscript)
     4-9       Louisiana, Early Jews of (manuscript)

44   1-5       New Orleans, Early Jews of (manuscript)

Sub-Series 3. General

45   1-15      Appointment Books 1948-Sept. 1961

46   1-14      Appointment Books 1961-Oct. 1974

47   1-5       Appointment Books 1974-1979
     6         Appointment Schedules 1978-1979
     7         Address Books
     8         Day Book
     9         Financial Papers 1945-1970
     10        Lectures, Bertram W. Korn

48   1-5       Marcus, Jacob R.-Festschrift-contributors
     6         Marcus, Jacob R.-Festschrift-miscellaneous
     7         Travel notes, 1970 Summer
     8         Personal miscellaneous

Oversize Box No. X-187        Diplomas, awards