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About Us

The Ezra Consortium

The Consortium carries the name of Ezra, the biblical scribe and archivist who preserved the historical document of ancient Israel during the Babylonian Exile. In Hebrew, the name Ezra literally means "one who helps." Members of the Ezra consortium directly assist the Marcus Center preserve and protect the recorded history of the American Jewish experience.


Ezra Consortium members play an invaluable role in the identification and acquisition of documentary material that will enhance the broad collections of the American Jewish Archives.


Supporters have the opportunity to meet with fellow Ezra Consortium members to learn about The Marcus Center, its collection, and its most recent accessions. In addition, the AJA is able to share historical treasures (through the use of technology or in person) while members study with leading scholars of American Jewish history.


Ezra members provide needed financial support (a minimum of $2,000 annually) for The Marcus Center. Contributions from the Ezra Consortium have funded educational programs, website initiatives, and special exhibitions.

If you are interested in receiving more information about becoming part of the Ezra Consortium, please e-mail Ms. Lisa Frankel, Director of Programs and Administration.

Members of the Ezra Consortium

Mr. Michael Lorge, Chair
Skokie, Illinois

Dr. Mary Davidson Cohen
Leawood, KS

Ms. Nancy Goldstein Levine
Cincinnati, OH

Ms. Beth & Mr. Rand Curtiss
Shaker Heights, OH

Mr. Millard Mack
Cincinnati, OH

Mr. Bernard Dave
Cincinnati, OH

Ms. Anne Molloy
Pittsburgh, PA

Mr. Jerome Dave
Asheville, NC

Professor Janet Moss
Cherry Hill, NJ

Ms. Susan & Mr. Marvin Dickman
Highland Park, IL

Mrs. Edwin Ornish
Dallas, TX

Mrs. Virginia Felson
Cincinnati, OH

Mr. Gary Perlin
Fairfax Station, VA

Ms. Lori Fenner
Cincinnati, OH

Ms. Joan Porat
Chicago, IL

Ms. Shelly Gerson
Cincinnati, OH

Mr. Dan Randolph
Cincinnati, OH

Mr. Scott Golinkin
Chicago, IL

Ms. Alice & Mr. Elliott Rosenberg
Buffalo Grove, IL

Ms. Judith & Mr. Clive Kamins
Chicago, IL

Ms. Betsy Shapiro
Cincinnati, OH

Ms. Dee & Mr. Arnold Kaplan 
Allentown, PA

Mr. Lawrence Sherman
Chicago, IL

Ms. Nancy & Mr. Jerry Klein 
Cincinnati, OH

Ms. Jean Soman
Miami, FL

Mrs. Roberta & Mr. Marshall Krolick
Northbrook, IL

Dr. David Tucker
Westport, CT

Ms. Debbie Krupp
Northbrook, IL